Top 10 Elton John Songs

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He’s been a cultural icon for as long as we care to remember; his flamboyance is legendary, and his costume designers are modern-day artists! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Elton John songs.Check us out at for more info. WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about.We update DAILY with 2-3 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!

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Number 1 should have been Someone Saved My Life Tonight which is an epic masterpiece of music...and that's really saying something for Elton John.
Elton john is such an amazing artist
Air tempest
This is my top ten. Hope you like it!:\n10: Philadelphia Freedom {Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy}\n9: Levon {Madman Across The Water}\n8: Rocket Man {Honky Chateau}\n7: Empty Sky {Empty Sky}\n6: Madman Across The Water {Madman Across The Water}\n5: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues {Too Low For Zero}\n4: Bennie And The Jets {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\n3: Candle In The Wind {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\n2: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\nHonourable Mentions: \nBallad Of A Well Known Gun {Tumbleweed Connection}\nSixty Years On {Elton John}\nThis Song Has No Title {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\nHoliday Inn {Madman Across The Water}\nYour Song {Elton John}\nHonky Cat {Honky Chateau}\nDaniel {Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player}\nFuneral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding) {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\nDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me {Caribou}\nThe ******* Is Back {Caribou}\nSaturday Night's Alright For Fighting {Goodbye Yellow Brick Road}\nSad Songs (Say So Much) {Breaking Hearts}\nI'm Still Standing {Too Low For Zero}\n1: Tiny Dancer {Madman Across The Water}
Allie Powell
I clicked this list thinking Your Song better be #1, it's so simple and yet beautiful. I get chills when I listen to it. You probably could've made a top 20 list for Elton John, he's had so many great songs.
Aramis Athos
How about top ten billy joel songs please watchmojo
Don't Go Breaking My Heart and Someone Saved My Life Tonight are missing..
Damn............where is Sacrifice? :'(
His name is Sir Elton John
Bob Schneider
Now, THIS is the REAL Top 10 Elton John Songs list:\n\n10) Tiny Dancer\n9) Madman Across The Water\n8) Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting\n7) All The Girls Love Alice\n6) Where To Now, St. Peter?\n5) Burn Down The Mission\n4) Take Me To The Pilot\n3) Levon\n2) Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me\n1) Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding\n\nBOOM.
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Bryce Birkinbine
Saturday Night's..... is his best song!
C. Dawg Knight
I wouldn't say I'm any huge Elton fan, but I do appreciate that he has some excellent talent. That said, I'd go with Rocket Man for #1.
Churned Clown
@7:25 That was when Elton swore to never sing Candle in the Wind Again.
Colton Phillips
Top 10 The Eagles songs.\n\nTop 10 Billy Joel songs.
Are You Ready For Love
#7 is in GTA 5.
Dan Halen
Don’t let the sun go down on me is my favorite, George Michael + Elton John = Perfection
Daniel Mart
What about \
Dinastía Chow Fan
I should kill Elton for I'm Still Standing, I use to listen to that everyday when I worked at TJ Maxx.
Dirty Bubble Eats Ass
Nah, Goodbye Yellow Brick takes the cake.
Discord Club
Top 10 Billy Joel songs?
Douglas Roth
I love, love, LOVE Elton John.
Dylan Ruddy
Top 10 Billy Joel Songs
E Brodsky
No I’m Still Standing?!
El Ghaly
Tiny Dancer \u003e Your Song, just sayin'.
Eric DeMarbre
Knew it wouldn't make the top 10 but glad to see \
Evan Schelling
My list:\n#10: Bennie and the Jets\n#9: Rocket Man\n#8: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road\n#7: I Guess That's Why They Call iT tHE BLues\n#6: Philidelphia Freedom\n#5: Sad Songs\n#4: Levon\n#3: Saturday Night's Alright\n#2: Honky Cat\n#1: The Bitch Is Back
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Grassy Gnomes
honky cat should've had at least an honorable mention
Gregory House
I hope that 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' is on this list. (Written before listening to the whole list).
Gregory Krug
Two Elton John songs stand above all others IMO: \
Why no \
Jacoby Nixon
Not a mention to Philadelphia Freedom?
Jason Thornton
Great list. Now you must do the Top 10 Billy Joel songs.
Jasper Yangchareon
Elton has had such a diverse career I tend to compartmentalize his work. Can You Feel the Love Tonight is good and nostalgic, but along with some other picks here, it doesn't quite stack up to his early '70s work like Mona Lisas and Mad Matters, Someone Saved My Life Tonight, etc. Unlike the Bowie list, this one definitely seems to factor in the commercial appeal a bit more.
John Harrington
Where the shit is Levon????
Jonathan Buchanan
Please say that 'Your Song' is number 1
Jordy Escalante
How about Top 10 Billy Joel songs
Kayla Paige
can you feel the love tonight
Where is \
1.: Your Song\n2.: sorry seems to be the hardest word :)
Los Primos
My list:\n\n1: Sorry seema to be the hardest word\n2: rocket man\n3: something about the way you look tonight\n4: your song\n5: sacrifice\n6: yellow brick\n7: circle of life\n8: can you feel the love tonight\n9: bennie and the jets\n10: i guess thats why they call them the blues\n\nI love Elton and all of his songs! ❤
Luis Hern
Luis Mediavilla
For me disney's lion king music genious is Hans Zimmer
Martin Pitts
The fact that \
Ladies and gentleman, the most fab guy in history!
Matthew Music
Madman Across The Water?
Indian Sunset.
Ned D.
Never really got into his music, but I like Tiny Dancer and Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting.
Netty K
When you wished tiny dancer was #1 😒😞
Nicholas Sabater
No disrespect to Michael but Elton John is the real king of pop.
Ocean Man
I'm 13 and I'm lisent in to this is it wrong?
Pavel Matuska
Sacrifice not even in honorable mentions? HELL NO!
Ponies In My Life
Kinda surprised that Levon didn´t make it on the list.
Queen Kate Rose the vampwerehog
i LOVE the lion king 
Quinn Alexander
Levon and Madman Across the Water are missing
Quite Marvelous
Rare Kumiko
Does \
Rhys Causon
Was there a good reason why you've used all live clips of the songs? As good a singer Elton John is he is better on the albums
Ria Bhandarkar
I agree with Your Song but I really love Don't Let The Sun GO Down On Me.
Robert Henry
what no Philadelphia Freedom?
Rodrigo Moreno
I remember when rock was young
Rolling Rock
Where is Sacrifice? I was sure that it's gonna be number 1. Did I miss something?
Salvador Hernandez
You should do top 10 Paul McCartney songs
Saxton Cox
I can’t wait to see him in February. So sad he’s going on his Farewell Tour
Scott Baldock
How can you have a top ten of Elton songs? It's like trying to pick which of your children you like the best. All different and wonderful in their own way.
Se Chan
I'm 21 and yet I know almost of Elton John's songs. I grew up listening to his songs on the radio, as well many other oldies tracks.
Shari Anderson
Top 10 Billy Joel Songs!!!
Smokeweed D Bear
No 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'? That's my favorite Elton John song :(
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TJ Landry
I love his hits, but I think for me, my favorite songs of his were songs that weren't considered hits. Songs like Indian Sunset, I've Seen That Movie Too, The Cage, Amorreena and others.
The Senate 2: The Clone Man Attacks
Celine Dion or Van halen
Step into christmas 😂
TheRest IsSilence
Sorry seems to be the hardest word !!
Thomas Hunt
Yay Now Do Top 10 Bully Joel songs.
Tommy sam
Where is sacrifice
I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues has to be one of my favorite songs ever.
do a top 10 best top 10s
Vinny Brocato
Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters is my fav by far.
Wael Alfuzai
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word should be in the list
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Wendy Lindsay
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William Prior
My list:\n10. Bennie and the Jets\n9. Don't go Breaking my Heart\n8. Crocodile Rock\n7. I Guess that's why they call it the Blues\n6. Candle in the Wind\n5. Daniel\n4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road\n3. Tiny Dancer\n2. Your Song\n1. Rocket Man\n\nHonorable Mentions:\nHonky Cat\nCan You Feel the Love Tonight?\nI'm Still Standing\n\nI think Elton is more suited to meloncholy and slower songs, that's why I'm not mad on Saturday nights alright for fighting. good list though watch mojo 👌👍
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big spoon
There cannot be a top 10 where Elton John is concerned. Too many songs rank equally; making this a a top 50, 60 or...? \nBut I do go on when it comes to Sir E.J.
daniel Jones
I'm still standing is my favourite
Elton John is one of those rare artists that has so many hits or well known songs, a list of 10 isn't enough to hold them all.\n\nMona Lisas and Mad Hatters\nBlue Eyes\nThe Last Song\nSomeone Saved My Life Tonight\nPhiladelphia Freedom\nDon't Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee)\nWhatever Gets You Through The Night (with John Lennon)\nI Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That\nThe One\nSomething About The Way You Look Tonight
Man i still can't believe they were originally going to have timon and pumba to sing can you feel the love tonight
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Crocodile rock, Saturday night, and Bennie and the jets should defiantly not be here
No, I don't agree with this list! Why isn't LEVON even in the honourable mentions!?!?! Yeah, you played it at the very END, but it's EASILY better than \
joel Toranzo
Elton john. One of my all time favorite artists
I know nothing about music, but what this man can do is amazing and genuinely beautiful.
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I think this composer deserves a top 20.
pablo davalos
Top ten TOOL songs!
No mention of \
Benny and the Jets. \nDaniel. \nRocketman.