15 Funniest Commercials of All Time

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Snowblind was hilarious
6 String Fan
Last one was my favorite!
Aakanksha J
The last one was awsome
Adrian Woodhouse
You see. If men put out a Men Only insurance company, it would get shut down due to sexism claims! But when women do, it's 100% ok... That pisses me off...
Snow blind is Danish! and that situation is so familiar to us in winter
Alexander Arsov
2:10 My favourite. :D
Allan Provost
The lion spot is just a version of an old joke. No true creativity there.
Anders Andersson
Man vs bear gets me evertime!:D
the mercedes commercial: brains need a little bit of beauty too. and there is nothing worse then mercedes (well, the fiat multipla, but nothing else)
Anstria Greenwood
OMG -the dumb blonde one brought tears to my eyes.!
Arthur Harrison
The last one was the best.
Atif Saif
5:10 was best
Most of these are not even remotely funny. I only laughed for three of them. One of them was number 8. I can't remember what the numbers of the other clips were.
C.T. Warren
15 & 14 - LAME!\n13 & 12 - Weird, but cool.\n11 = IDIOTIC!\n10 = Silly, but clever.\n9 = Seriously!?\n8 - 5 = Funny\n4 = Not Bad.\n3 - 1 = Nicely Done.
I love the \
Who had the imbecile-idea to give the ads a title that spoils the punchline?
Cassy Broadway
this is a library 😂😂
Daniel Moore
where is the one with the cute girl I clicked the thumbnail for? I'm barely able to make it thru the first one... nm I give up
9:55    Best  one
Ding Dong
Number 9 is real funny, but #8 not real at all. people warming up the car before starting cleaning the snow off the windows.
Surburban Auto Group\nMonkey Murderer Mwaha
Don Norris
7:40 song name???
Edwin Suria
The great movie
It's funny how men are supposedly worse drivers yet women get into accidents because they're too stupid to put their phone down for one second
Emperor Leroy
That Bear one though.
FC Tam
Number one isn't that funny actually.
Faye Brown
I am watching these commercials, thinking about how depressed I feel and about the things that need to get done, wondering how I am going to get my \
Frank P
At least they didn't say 'banned.'
The quality is ass!
Trunk Monkey!!
Gary Ward
#1....TRUNK MONKEY...!
GitchyGitchy12 3
if ur a Canadian the funniest one is at 2:12 I laughed for 2 mins without breathing
Henning Diesel
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1. Typical Woman lol
Trunk Monkey is the best, LOL....................
Isaac Calvo
Hey, yo! You're A Winner. dependent beef What's your opinion about
J. Clark
Well, two or three of them were funny.\n\nMy only problem with the \
JK Wright Commander
The as t is a good Security system buy a monkey have it kill someone dump body over Bridge
Jay Flitton
I really liked the Lion Chase in Africa at 8:46.
Kerry Jones
I'll bet the blonde lady in the last commercial owns the Mercedes Benz because she's married to a rich man who doesn't mind that she's an idiot. Sad, but true.
Kevin Yeoh
2:17 Man vs Wild behind the scenes.
Klint Mathey
they're a lot less funny when the punchline precedes every commercial
Lhin Doh
About 5 good and the rest well-(
Love Bug
Men vs bear was my fav.
Madeleine Nunan
Mannie Fresh
Only funny one is the snow blind!!!
Marcus Turner
The titles that precede some of these clips are spoilers.
Mark O'Donnell
The first commercial in this video? I would be far more impressed if it was the girl who wrote that.
Mi Key
the last one, the blonde... when she ask in a whispering way...
Michael Merzhoev
the last one was the best.
Mithun M
Mohd Hadif
Beauty is nothing without brains 😂
Mongis Lort
The blonde were just trolling, the librarian didn't get the joke.
Ms. Eury Foxx
The 8th was the best!
Most of these were shit...
Nero Angelo
I lolled (actually laughed) at the last one, everyone was great though. Thumbs up soldier!
Nick Bates
The bear fight cracked me up lmao
Nida Syeda
The titles kill the fun..
Olivia Cayir
John west ad. Lol. \n
Oniix Windrunner
#14 is why I choose to never wake up before noon.
Phil Hewitt
if you cant laugh at the bear one, i feel sorry for you. you miserable lot.
Reda Mazeh
Guy vs bear lol\n
If I made an advert where a woman drives into a lamppost, with the slogan being \
Ronald Stepp
This is 1080P? I don't think so.
Ryan RC
#1 Killed me
No cheese pinata or Wal-Mart Clown? Disappointed.
Silvia Bayer
love the guy cleaning the snow off \
SonicSwag Gaming
that bear one was awesome
Steve Jones
I want a Trunk Monkey, oh yahhhh!!!!!!!!!
The House of Jokes
This is a brilliantly put together youtube video. Many thanks for the effort that you put in.
Thomas Huff
I had to watch a 30-second Spring commercial before I was allowed to watch these commercials
Travel with Shama
the library was a cherry on the top
Turnabout Robin
You forgot every Old Spice Commercial featuring Terry Crews.
I want a pet shark like the one at 1:53 \u003e:3\n\nThat bear fight at 10:26 was hilarious!
Wil Garrett
I actually remember that Man vs Bear one.
blah deBlah
had to endure the visual litany of a culture going down the tubes just to get a chuckle from the last one.\n\nnot worth it.
bunny sniper
how about direct TV commercial
the bear one was the only one that made me smile
cordilla jane reyes
Love the last one!! :D
xD is the bear from Tekken 2:12
The Bear one should be #1, that was awesome.
gerard cousineau
Monkey guard ! :D
Lol. The last one took me about three seconds, am i stupid, too?
gregory brownma
#8 is obviously a reference to the 19th century Russian Anarchist Mikhail Bakunin. He is reported to have been walking along and saw some farm workers trying to burn a barn. Impetuously, he ran to help, then resumed his stroll.
I like the Trunk Monkey best! I hate thieves!
i Res
lol #12 man vs bear made me laugh the most.
I tried the library one and the librarian hella just said \
The Aussie adverts, which take the prize for being 'over the top', are usually the funniest.
kittyand fox
a lot of bad humour
micoh burgess
The last one was really funny but what does that have to do with a Mercedes Benz
Looks like the same women in #15 and #10..
I'm so glad you were able to show these on the whole screen, thank you!!
I think the last girl looks like yahoo CEO.
I think the first one, and the one with the insurance company who only insures women were both the funniest.
sacha wentzell
i thought the man vs bear was the funniest
The hidden COCA COLA FORMULA ad ;)
turd man jones
Man vs bear had me lmao
The toaster hit.... lol!
Had enough after the first two clips. Not funny.
#2 was one of Richard Pryor's jokes.