Picking up our 2nd Italian Greyhound Puppy @ Airport * Shimmer gets a sister

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"Shimmer" 12.5 weeks old gets a sister........ "Sparkle" 9.5 weeks old. We weren't sure what we going to name her when she came in, but SPARKLE it is. Stay tuned for the Shimmer and Sparkle show!! Yay :) Will post more videos in the near future of their new life together, but for now Sparkle will be resting from her long trip.

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the guy with the yellow shirt is damn hot :D *-*
AJ Appyrox
We just brought our first pure bred Italian Greyhound home today! Your girls are lovely!
Alia Golestani
Your first IG looks just like mine but mine has blue eyes
April Guilford
Aw I love your video, It reminds me so much of when i picked up my little IG from the airport, so suspenseful when they don't get there on time! Same thing happened to me. \n
Austin Yorkies
I enjoyed your video... Beautiful baby!
Awful seeing someone overly zealous toward an innocent situation. Hundreds of animals are shipped this way and while it may be scary (strange surroundings/noises etc...) the dog is fine. Get over yourself. They look like a wonderful family for this pup and any breeder would be ecstatic to know their animal will be well looked after and loved.
Caroline Higgs
Pretty overwhelming introduction for the pup!
Tell me .... where can I have a similar little dog? he is an Italian dog , but that colour is not the Italian standard . Here is an error, but I want it!!! Can you tell me , please?
How come you decided to get another one so soon? Very cute dogs anyway.
Courtney Hirschy
Can I ask, how much should i be paying for one of these? Thanks!
David Ovieda
Where did you get your IG shipped from/breeder? I'm trying to get one but they're so hard to get locally.
Where did you get your IG's from?
Edie DeMoss
Have fun with housebreaking the two pups. Also they are just Italian Greyhounds, no such thing as miniature anything. There are many articles to read up on the history of them. IGs are much different than other dogs, so try to hook up with local people who have them. It will help if you run into problems with them. Good luck. They are beautiful. Crate training is important also.
Emily Gribbons
I'm thinking of getting a Italian greyhound when I'm older but I'm not really sure though... do you think I should?
Who cares how she got to them, as long as she got them safe!!!. My 2 year old grey tabby had 2 days left before she was going to be put down in a Nashville pound. Thank god I found her and had her shipped, with assitance from a local rescue. Now, she is queen of the castle. She my little girl.
Gaming Star
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
What about myself who live abroad and have no other option available? I really love your video, \
Haileigh Alvarez
I knew I wasn't the only one to come here in response to Kermit from JennaMarbles ^.^
Hannah Elizabeth
Make more videos pleases
Heather Quinn
Hope Tikvah
House Cat
I love Shimmer's realization of the other puppy being there. \
Isabella Wood
this brought a tear to my eye! sooo cute x
I love your videos so much, congratulations to you and your family on making an excellent choice of dog breed! I love my little Kermit more than life, sweet, naughty, goofy, loyal, playful, just amazing companions. They're beautiful and I hope you guys have a wonderful long life journey together.
Jess Metcalfe
There's no such thing as a 'Miniature Italian Greyhound'. They are just Italian Greyhounds \u003e:C
John Rich
Learn about dogs before you go and buy one... or worst still two
Oldest son is not amused. Also, Shimmer reminded me of Jenna's Kermit, then I see she has top comment.
Leslie Farley
Where does this family live?
Lisa Wood
AW!  Now Shimmer has a sister, they will have so much fun together.  I wonder why Sparkle is so much larger than Shimmer at 9.5 weeks?
Makai Genovese
gorgeous dog.
I'm a huge fan of the dog whisperer, the more he is exposed to different environments, sounds, and scents. The better off he will be in his adult life (assuming he's properly trained and cared for). Less baby talk, more alpha talk and you'll be fine. Don't worry about what mr chris robinson has to say. Cute pups btw!
Marin S
Itz an Cermet.
Nadia Sykes
i love u guys shes a cutie
I have to ask where you got the dogs from...we have been looking to buy one and found a wonderful breeder in Nebraska, but had reservations about the puppy on the plane, too. Obviously they make the trip just fine, and are in loving homes! The breeder we found was Dierkings. We are in Tennessee...not many IG breeders around here.
Princess Rainbow Pinkpie
Romy S.
These greyhound are the most lucky dogs ...they have full of love in this family....these dogs are so wonderfull, i know because i have one....
Rui T
Dat tail wag :3
Sarah Corrigan
Picking Up 2nd Italian Greyhound Puppy @ Airport
You seem like a nice guy that comment was kind of rude.
Super Mice Girlz
Ya...Ya...We know that...I'm just the camera operator. Wasn't really the time to have a lesson in correction. I was just happy my dog made it to us after not making the 1st flight. I would assume the lady probably meant to say Miniature Greyhound and confused her thoughts with our reference to Italian greyhound. Happens quite often. Peeps visualize mini version of big dog & don't realize what they're saying. My husband probably didn't realize his response because his focus was on his new baby.
Ted Striker
you name your dogs after cleaning liquids?
TinnyManDann TMD
I got a 3 year old one he is gorgeous
Valerie Passmore
I live in Denver
Vineet Rai
12th time watching this video in total and still figuring out what ur son meant with the jamaica bit
William Barsaloux
They have Greyhound Rescue Groups that get them from the dog racing places.
Xenofanes Skarak
lovely and smart Italian Greyhound\ufeff
Young Jewzy
3:02 your son picked his booty..
Who really cares bro?
All of your subscribers love Kermit! Too adorable
The puppies are cute, but I love that kid. He's so funny, and he has a pretty good singing voice.
2:37 Mom: \
Cute puppies.:)
What a fancy airport... Looks more like a mall lol
You are an idiot, a dog is not a person. Maybe you would feel better if the dog was booked into first class?
flowerrose romeros
theyre so cut and adorable where can i get puppies?
They are soooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
hayden dixon
Your oldest son is cute(;
hello i wanted to ask what kind of song in the end of video is ?:)
michael gent
I have 3 Iggy's all boys!!
redleather yellowleather
the person in the yellow shirt i think his name is zak or something anyways hes hot
sydni white
3:02 wedgie
Congrats on the wonderful addition to your family! Try not to let any hate comments get to you too much. Unfortunately, they're more than bound to happen given how the internet works.
Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle!!!!!!!! Your dogs are bronies
you stop that
this girl is me in 25 years
Ânyà Štár ✨
Hihihi.. :) Your husband is more excited than your kids. He doesn't want to even hand it over to your kid in yellow 04:23