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We literally love our Italian friends 🇮🇹❤️\nI’ve been to Italy so many times and every time I love it more 💕\nGreetings from Greece 🇬🇷💙
Love Italy 🇮🇹 from India 🇮🇳 💘💑\nMuch Admiration !
Alessandro Mariani
Oooo figliu du bocchin
Alessandro Pedretti
We Italians, Spaniards and Greeks are brothers in debt, nothing can divide such a strong bond
Alessio ale
Forza Italia 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Terroni come from Farmers that work in the fields Terra=earth
Alioth Official
Hey man, \
Allegra Morgagni
11:33 vieni in Italia, non troverai neanche un italiano ne considera la Francia “la propria migliore amica” USATE IL BIDET STRONZI
Andrea Sartori
In questo video ho scoperto di avere vicino uno dei posti dell Unesco 😂
Andrea Tivelli
viva la forcietta lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Antonio Mele
You should learn a little bit of italian pronuntiation
Asd Crew
you forgot \
woah woah woah! best pizza in Napoli?! nonono my friend. pizza is good EVERYWHERE in Italy. they are different and thats the fantastic thing about it.
Ma solo io conoscevo tipo 5 posti su 300
Cane Rognoso
Charles Dexter Ward
you're wrong about mafia my friend: it's a huge, terribile problem that involves all the world and makes billions and billions, it's basically a multinational based on crime...
7:07 \
Davide Lombardo
French lost the WWII, but they seat in the table of the winners
Dio Puzzetta
Non hanno nominato villa *Monteriggioni* ...CAZZO
Diogo Oliveira
Maybe southerns like dirt or something...
Ed Alk
I guess Italy the most cool country in the world
Elisa Senza.cognome
Guys I got it!\nVAI LA CORONA probably meant to be \
Elisabetta Da Pelo
FUN FACT: the city of Buenos Aires is actually named after the Madonna di Bonaria, that was miraculously found on a Sardinian beach, after a big storm hit the ship the statue was travelling on, without any type of damage. The Madonna di Bonaria or Nostra Signora di Bonaria is now the maximum patroness of Sardinia and the main reason the current Pope actually took the time to come to Sardinia. WHAT'S UP WE COOL TOO
EnGiEl _com
Ne sa più degli italiani haahhahaha
Enrico Carnevale
Video: \
Fabri Gamer 11
Federico Zanichelli
Alentino rossi? Seriamente?
Fighterz YT
Yo I have to say something quite important... Sometimes we Italians feel \
Beh raga siamo nati nel paese più bello del mondo che ci possiamo fare
General Grievous 1495
E i sudtirolesi sono tipo: perché siamo qua? Te lo dico, perché sono ITALIANI
Geography Now
Excited to not only make this video but shortly after upload my mom and I will be going on the HERITAGE TRIP! If you'd like to possibly meet up in Dublin, London, Paris, Zurich, Liechtenstein, Florence, Rome, Naples or Istanbul, hit me up at the contact info provided in the description of this video!
I love so much Italy i did came in Rome and to Venice it was fantastic greetings from your brothers Greeks! We love Italy! \u003c3
Giacomo D'Ambrosi
Giovanni Ansaloni
0:28 *BarbUto*
Giovanni Ferrarini
I francesi nostri amici? Se scattasse una guerra credo che sia il primo stato che attaccheremo con germania nostra alleata
Giovanni Lanfranchi
8:41 pirú not Peru. A good video but that's a few wrong information
Giulia's Channel
You explained perfectly, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, French is not our best friend, and PLEASE, forget Silvio Berlusconi 😂😂
Hellenic Napalm
I praise my Italian brothers. May God bless all of you. Una Faccia Una Razzia.\n\nFrom Greece :)
Hx. Williams
10:06 that's funny lol so it's kinda hypocritical that Italians nowadays hate when the roles are reversed when there's now immigration to their country but oh well 😕
Veneto is not Venezia (Venice). Veneto is a region, Venezia is a city.\nThe accent is different too. It's \
Comunque hai giorni d'oggi la mafia, cioè la criminalità organizzata è anche al nord
Ilyan Zolliani
You spell many Italian words with the wrong accent... and you make the usual over-emphasized gestures/speech we don't actually show up in everyday's life. We are not silly monkeys speaking like in old-fashioned movies. Some details you describe are not totally true... but it's ok... just by travelling it is possible to enjoy a personal experience which goes beyond stereotypes. Greetings from ITALY.
Iris Pozzobon
the po river doesn't even pass throught venice, what are u talking about BOOIIII!! all the population of veneto is crying
Terrone is a term of the Italian language that indicates an origin in the servile classes, the \
Julio Toboso García
Ohhhhh! So beautiful. Spain loves you Italy (and Greece too!) !!!\n🇪🇸 💕 🇮🇹 💓 🇬🇷 \n\nYou are like the fancy little brother that dresses to Impress and cooks better (and we don’t know why because Mama Roma told us the same recipes). And Greece the older and wisest brother going through hardships. I guess that leaves us as the middle brother that got too serious on religion and left to backpack South America, made a new fancy family, then lost everything, had many inner conflicts, and came back to his roots. But we can all seat at a table for breakfast after a party, with hangovers, having bread with olive oil. España os quiere!
Kaizoku-ō Rufy
Ho imparato di piu in questo video che in 5 anni di scuola superiore.\nEdit: sono contento si sia aperto un dibattito sulla scuola nonostante io fossi ironico XD.\nPoi piú di 400 mi piace! O mio dio grazie :D
Kevin Z.L
What about Gigi Buffon 🇮🇹 ⚽️ 🏆
Kibi in BookTown
Non ho mai sentito Vai la Corona in vita mia...
Terra=earth, soil, land. \
La machine D’infos
Amare l’italia dal Libano 🇱🇧 ~ Love 💗 italy 🇮🇹 from lebanon 🇱🇧 ~ J’adore 😍 l’italie 🇮🇹 du liban 🇱🇧 ~ أحبّ إيطاليا من لبنان 🇱🇧❤️
Leonardo Marchesoni
Hai fatto un errore, noi rifacciamo ai francesi il mancato uso del bidet
Saluti, fratelli italiani. Voi avete, indubbiamente, uno dei più splendidi paesi di questo vasto mondo, altrettanto una delle più belle lingue. A nome del popolo brasiliano, vi auguro tutto il meglio sia oggi che per tutta l'eternità. Amiamo l'Italia e la sua gente!
Lore tn33
Un po' troppo generale secondo me. Ad esempio il \
Minca per fortuna che sei per un quarto italiano ahahah \
Lou Cancian
Don't put an Italian and a French in the same room...
Una faccia una razza 🇮🇹🇬🇷
Maiyada Mahdaly
We Egyptians inherited the hand gestures from Italy 😂😂😂 many of my mom’s friends and neighbors were Greek and Italians
Manfredi Di Piazza
Cavolo, grande troppo forte sto video
Marcello Ascani
everything perfect! (exept the division between south and north, because in italy Rome is still considered \
Marina Ladomorzi
After the last Eurovision we hate San Marino, since it voted for Portugal. And also Sweden for obvious reasons.
Matteo Sau
5:37 if those are seadas, call me Her Majesty The Queen of England.
I don't hate France... I just think that we are so similar to them that we always race each other by saying \
Ordo ab Chao
TERRONI means people that hoe the soil
Pas d'idée de pseudo
Love Italy from France\n\n\n\n\n\nYou can say trash about my country,french people and me i will continue to love my country and Italy(and others)
For us \
Samovar maker
Yo pass the Peru
Stratos Capone
When You Are Greek + Italian = Crazy we love to let are hands speak for are mouths curse words
TheCChrist777 CC
I was mid-fap, then the notification went off and I was like “MAMA MIA!!!”
Fun fact (I hate having to give the Greeks anything that will add to their clingy overboard attachment to ancient history as it only grows their infuriating egos) without the Greeks, there would have never been any Italian history of any kind in terms of what we have today. No Roma, no HRE, no Italia, no Italianos. None. Italians and Italy literally is historically Greek, as the Greeks were the very first major group of \
TheSp4r7acus TV
Italiani, i migliori 🖒🖒
i'm italian and \
I'm French and I love Italy! So much culture, beautiful villages, and good food! We have a lot in common (history, roots)🇨🇵🇮🇹\n\nPs : the rivalry is only due to 2006 world cup I guess
I have always known that terroni comes from people who \
Vi scongiuro stranieri, quando parlate in italiano non usate quell'accento del cazzo, noi le altre lingue cerchiamo di parlarle con l'accento giusto, per favore non fate gli idioti, e cercate il meno possibile di fare quel gesto con le mani che in Italia non si è mai usato, nessuno lo fa, comunque viva l'Italia🇮🇹
babis papoulidis
Love Italy from Greece
Come on, you didn't name Alessandro Manzoni, Leopardi, Terence Hill and so many other important and relevant people!
bla blabla
Vai la corona is the new fai le corna
every Greek you ask which European country is your favourite i am pretty sure the answer will be Italy.
Too fast....slow down a bit so I can enjoy the pictures and information.
enea shini
Italy= the most beautiful and classy country in the world.
epSos Premium
Very nice summery for Italy. Food and the cooking or processing of food is important in Italy.\nThere are details. Many, many more deep details.
it's not a phase mom
leonardo cigni
Terroni is from the 20's or even before, and in those years people from Sicily were the workers that made railroad and people from Milan used to called them like so because they were always covered by dirt, which is \
lona sushi
You talk with anger LOL ofcourse your italian ...thank god am german we are relaxed Lol
7:30 - \
mary freegirl
berlusconi among those other beautiful people is an insult to them lol
me stesso
Minchia questo qua ne sa più di me dell'Italia ahaha
I'm Italian and almost everything is true, but we hate french people ( expecially after 2018 soccer world cup)
pinkypie rat
i \ni l\ni lo\ni lov\ni love\ni love y\ni love yo\ni love you\ni love your \ni love your c\ni love your ch\ni love your cha\ni love your chan\ni love your chann\ni love your channe\ni love your channel \ni love your channe\ni love your chann\ni love your chan\ni love your cha\ni love your ch \ni love your c\ni love your\ni love you\ni love yo\ni love y\ni love\ni lov\ni lo\ni l\ni\n\nedit: please like and comment because this took forever please no hate
they are called terroni because it originates from the word \
saying trouth
eu su Calabrisi 🇮🇹
sotirios dermitzakis
I am half Greek, half Italian and its feels just good :) :3
tonioch's Channel
7:31 after the 1st and 2nd WW southern people wanted to go to the north to find a job and we didn't have the shower at the time. So we thought that it was used for planting vegetables, filling it with dirt. So the people who rented the house started to call the southern people \
Love and Respect my Italian brothers
Στέφανος Λ.
My favourite country. Love and respect to beautiful Italy from Greece. Hope I have the chance to visit you again.\n🇮🇹❤🇬🇷
I'm italian and i know all this thing and moore at memory, we study all from wen we have 6 yerars to 15 and is soo difficult