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#Sonu sharma
i thought he was gonna bomb himself..
1000 subscribers with a video ?
Who is he
why not just make the shape of a nozzle different ? for example:\npetrol shape like a square\ndiesel shape like a triangle\n\nand also make the shape of little circular thing at the back of the car (dont know the name) shaped for that specific fuel.
Who remembers when petrol was this cheap
How the diesel reacts can vary widely based on design. In 1984 a gas station attendant in Oregon put gas in my grandfathers new chevy diesel van. That thing was knocking and pinging something fierce by the time my mother drove it home. In this video I suspect that engine is so wore out that the injection timing is actually retarded. Thus it wouldn't necessarily sound all that different. The higher compression of the diesel causes the gasoline to burn much faster than the diesel or it(the gas) would at lower compression ratios. \nNow the diesel in the gas car was a puzzle because while it will work decently as long as the engine is hot it will usually put out gobs of white smoke. My brother was the genius that showed us this but the car in question was an old volvo with a mechanical mass air flow device that ran the injectors directly. No computer required. Early 80's model? Once he shut that thing off there was no restarting it. As for the contaminated gas, well my dad took it and watered it down with a lot more gas and used it in his 1 ton Ford van. We gave it to him for free so why not right. Turns out he could only use about a gallon of that contaminated gas per tank and even then it caused the engine to ping under load. I think he even had to retard the timing a bit to get it all used up. His van was a carbed unit from 1979. \nSo be careful out there since the effect you experience could be different from this video or even my recount.
Abdul Kotia
If you put petrol in a diesel engine car by mistake Don't worry just put some engine oil in the petrol tank\nAnd carry on driving. No demage will be done. I made this mistake when I bought diesel Citroen the first time.
Abou bakr azzam
5million views by putting petrol in a car...
Alexander Matthew
Why is the quality so bad?
Allen Tompkins
petrol (n.)\r\n 1895, from French pétrol (1892); earlier used (1580s) in reference to the substance, from Middle French petrole \
Anglo Eternal
put some freshly cut wood in my diesel once, whole thing bricked on me, and people say diesels are reliable...
Arven Tahtyan
the dislikers have done this in real life
not alone, i accidently put diesel in my nuclear-waste powered DeLorean before
Batflip 09
Lammmeeeee\n\nI was waiting for EXPLOSION
Ben Piercy
In some parts of my home country Australia it costs $3 per litre of petrol. Thats $2.40 usd.
Fuel for a quid a litre?!?! Woah that's cheap!
BooBoo Bear
Now, since you're at an airport, try putting jet fuel into one of those cars.
Bs6.0pstroke_ 28
One time my grandpa had an employee who would steal gasoline out of his gas cans and put it in his car.. after my grandpa noticed he decided to fill the cans with diesel.. the next day the employee came to work all pissed with his car sputtering and blowing smoke.. good lesson learned there
Cyber dog 1966
Never come close to doing in 33 years driving
The dislikers must be the ones who paid to have their fuel systems replaced.
The lip patterns don't match the sound
You know it was the good old times when petrol was 99.9 p and when they were still using series 3 land rovers 6:51
Dan Bonacum
Daniel Osdinia
To those that are joking about the issue, I, just today, while was dying of a nasty toothache, filled my Megane 1.5 DCI with petrol! That's why I came to this video. Hope to have my car in normal condition again by filling the other half by diesel tomorrow.
Datsun Zed
Give me strength!!! People who dont know what fuel to put in a car...shouldn't be driving a car!!
Dr. Spectre
& thats why across the pond, we only have petrol & battery powered.
What if you put Vin Diesel into a petrol car?
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.
1st time cost £280.\nsecond time top tank up with with right fuel cost nothing.
Froggy Noddy
7:30 wtf is going on there.
Fury Gaming
Try the same in modern cars
Gary Taylor
In 2000 I bought an '87 300D which had 240K on it and the AC was not working. I paid $8700 CDN and then another grand to repair/replace the AC. Am I happy? Well, let's put it this way, DAMN RIGHT I AM! This car is gorgeous, the body is mint thanks to annual applications of Krown rust inhibitor and the leather is supple and spotless. The engine runs so smoothly you wonder if it is actually running and it is a beautiful sky blue colour with nay interior. The comment I get on it are many and non-car people can't believe it is now 30 years old. I love washing and waxing this car myself and I love cruising on a lovely spring day with the moonroof open and some favourite tunes playing (in the cassette deck ) :).
Gewel ✔
7:26 close your eyes
Didn't they used to put petrol in diesels in winter to stop waxing?
Horny Fruit Flies
I once accidentally put some enriched uranium -235 into my Benz Patent-Motorwagen from 1885.\n\n\n\n\nIt didn't run.
Ishay Bar-Yosef
Enough pretending to be Jeremy Clarkson!
If you stop up the tailpipe of any car it`ll eventually stop running.
Kevin Samuel
What about filling a Laferrari with diesel?!!!😂😂😂😂
Kristjan Pani
A friend of mine accidentally filled 3 liters of petrol in my diesel, after which i topped it with 10 liters of diesel. Ran good when leaving the gas station, after 2 hour drive, let it sit for ~30 minutes and it didnt want to start so good. Had to pump the pedal and let off quite a bit of smoke, after which it started without any issues.
LJ Prep
Thanks, Jon, for your highly scientific test. I'll bet 20,000 people are at their mechanics' shops today screaming at them for the costs of their own folly. As a retired mechanic, I'd be wary of someone trying to gouge me for an entire fuel system after a tiny go with the wrong fuel. All fuels have lubricants in them, so I wouldn't worry about a few minutes of wrong fuel in either system as far as the fuel pump goes. Less lubrication isn't no lubrication. Several tankfuls? Maybe worry.
Laurynas S.
Those old diesel motors can run forever, you don't get tat reliability with modern diesels.
Luprez Tryson
Old british guys are weird.
You know this was a long time ago when petrol was 99.9p a litre
I once very foolishly filled our almost empty S reg Diesel Land Rover Discovery to the brim with unleaded petrol and drove it 80 odd miles from Scotland down to Penrith before it conked out. After draining the petrol and refilling with Diesel it then drove the rest of the way home with no problem. There was no damage at all and the vehicle suffered no ill effects - we kept it for another ten years!
Mark Durl
just do what i do, actually look at the pump before you put it in. as a result, ive never made this mistake. just as well, my car is a newer model, even if i did the work myself, itd still cost me a packet to do the repairs itd need.
Mark Mark
I must be too honest, over the 30 years that I repaired cars professionally, I just drained the tanks, drained carbs or lines, or cracked the injectors(which ever way around it was) and sent them on their way. Never had a problem. Too many mechanics rip off people, assholes.
Mas Doe
Just fill the tank with gas and put over 1 lt of oil bam you got diesel\n\n\n put 5 lt of diesel in a car that sat for years go to start it 5 times but don't let it turn over for long empty it out fill with oil clean the shit out of the motor run fresh after that no joke
Matthew Marcum
I'm guessing that's why in the U.S. the diesel pumps are way off on the other side of the gas station like they're embarrassed to have them
Mayor Fuglycool
Is petrol kinda like the PRO-PAIN for automobiles ?\n\nMayor Fuglycool
Thx, nice to know that a simple drain and refill might work, its worth a try before spending big bucks, Old Beaters ftw! 😍
Nanna Freeman
99.9p per litre... those were the days
Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs
That’s rubbish, statistics show that nearly all mistakes are made by women, just like the majority of all road accidents are caused by women, with the most common being a woman going in to the back of the car in front because they are not paying attention.\n\nLet’s face it, most women can’t even operate a cashpoint in under 5 minutes, it takes them ages.
Fifth Gear,\nPracticle Advice\n\nTop Gear,\nImagine if you had money
Interesting that your petrol/gasoline nozzle is green... In the US, the green nozzle means it's Diesel. And the diesel vehicle will have a green fuel cap as well, unless it's something like a semi truck. \n\nMy personal favorite mis-fueling, however, involved a backhoe. Operator hit a buried and clearly marked natural gas line. Gas blowing out of the ground, and the backhoe wouldn't shut off. He had to drive it down the street until it died.
Ollie C
Can I guess that you are a worse top gear
I once put bleach in a car before a drag race and made a clean get away
Sergey Zubenko
Это тот тип из ЧЗО 2 сезон?
Gasoline here is $0.70 per liter!
Spanner 4444
I accidently put coal in my diesel train once.
Steve Shubrutski
what if I put diesel into my Tesla...
Sunita Gami
i got a lambo so it goes with allonoil
It's a hard push to get it in...
Supratim das
Poor filters in video. Why filters why?
Technology everything
12th November 2018 \nWELCOME TO THE FUTURE
Tel whatsup
Advice: Put petrol in a petrol car. Diesel in a diesel car. That'll work.
The Beast
He’s got the most preposterously posh accent.
The Piano Man
Glad they’re more clearly marked in the US than that. Not all pumps pump diesel but the ones that do keep the diesel a significant distance away from the 3 gasoline nozzles (usually 87,89,91 octane or for you guys I think it’s AKI) and instead of a close color they’re painted a bright green instead of black and usually have a different color button to select it with a large disclaimer about diesel tax and sulfur content, etc. for once it seems like it’s harder for us to mess something up lol
The_ Joker
I once put Diesel into my private jet to save money! I thought everyone would do the same. \nBut it never took off.......\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI’ll get my coat 🙂
Thediamondsnatcher //
Tram Law
here in the US our government knows most people do not pay attention; and the make the diameters of the nozzles and gas tank ports different sizes so you can not fit one into the other
Especially since in the U.S. the diesel has a green handle and the gasoline a black one (the opposite of what's shown at the start of this video).
Try Thinking For a change
hundreds of thousands do it every year - Really? Where did you get that piece of information? Sounds made up to me.
Putting gas in a diesel will do internal damage,... such as putting small cracks in the pistons. It will also cause scoring in the cylinders and fuel injector bodies. I rebuild diesels for a living... so I see these this type of damage quite often. Gas will damage similar to excessive use of starting fluid
Vihaan Daya
This guy looks like Doc Emmett Brown from Back to The Future - with shorter hair
YouTube king1
amoxford 2
I accidentally put electric in my petrol car
car lover JDM
I love Ford escorts
chris bond
ALL garages , without exception are dedicated expert RIP OFF MERCHANTS , ther sole intention is to extract as much money as possible from your pocket!! That said the only detriment to you, your life or your vehicle in putting the wrong fuel in is if you filled it full... I in that case you only lose the cost of the fuel and the inconvenience! Running the diesel on \
chris hamlin
Did it last week put petrol instead of diesel. I have an x type. 15 down the road it started to sputter. My mechanic knew what had happen straight away. Drained the engine put diesel in. Cost me a few quid. Confidently. He told me every car he has done like this always runs better. So don't panic
lol i did this
faisal maayeh
مش منك من حواجبك
ge st
Men are twice as likely? Perhaps because men are 20 time as likely to be fueling the the car as women. DUH!
I accidently added 22 gallons of unleaded to 14 gallons of diesel in my ford truck and drove it 30 miles. It ran fine for 15 and then started to lose power going up a hill. I realized my mistake and turned around and drove home. As long as I ran it gently it ran fine. I drained the tank and changed filters and refilled with diesel and it is running perfect. I assume the diesel in the tank was enough to keep it lubricated. I bought a large green diesel decal to put on the window where I stand to fuel. I have several other vehicles that run on gas and I simply didn't pay attention. I will now. But if you do the same don't freak out, just stop it as soon as you realize and drain it and you will likely be just fine.
ian burnley
I once put about 5 litres of Petrol in Diesel, after realising I just as much Diesel in the Tank as I could and kept refilling it 3/4 full for a few days. Never had any problems with it.
janky videos
If he did it with a new high compression diesel it would be a disaster
jd parker THE BLOCKER
Wow , so Rick could have easily refuled the car with petrol , but Noooooo , he had to walk for 8 days
them eyebrows
Everybody loves an old banger 🍌
michael preston
Putting petrol in diesel wont harm it. I done it in my taxi I put £20 worth in it. Taxi ran just as good as before
I drove diesel cars for years --- had a passion for them. I found that adding one-quart of gasoline to each tank of diesel did wonders for stopping the cold-weather gelling of diesel fuel.
My dad used to say a bit of petrol in a diesel is good for the car looool
Silly Brit everyone knows the diesel goes in the transmission and the tranny fluid goes in the power steering drive on the right side next time 😒
I am VERY glad someone has put one of these automotive myths to rest. My father was an automotive mechanic for over 30 years, and he used diesel, (in small amounts), to clean carbon deposits out of a gasoline, (petrol to you Brits), engine. He trickled it into the carburetor while the car was running, and it did the trick. The Wynn company at one time sold a product they called Wynn's Tuneup. It was one half pint of diesel in a small can, (it sold for $2.00 a can at a time diesel was going for $0.15 a gallon). You put it into a full fuel tank, and it helped remove carbon deposits. Water will do the same thing, but you must slowly trickle a pint or less through the carburetor while the engine is running, (just like my father did with diesel). With all of the sensors on modern cars, I don't know if the master computer would let the engine run under these conditions, but it works fine on older cars with carburetors and analog, (mechanical), ignitions. \nPS: Any professional mechanic who tells you that you MUST replace the entire fuel system because of mixed diesel and gasoline is a crook and you should have nothing more to do with them.
olivia transit
Petrol \
I have to admit that back in the early 90s I put about 9-10 litres of deisel into my early 70s Aussie petrol V8 ute by accident. I had a roll of carpet in the back and it was threatening to rain so in my haste to fill up I grabbed the wrong bowser and started filling. After I realised it was deisel I stopped filling and topped it to full with petrol, roughly 60 ltrs petrol/10 ltrs deisel in the tank. I drove it around for the next few days with no problems. The only thing different was a) the car had a slight shudder under acceleration and b) there was some blackish smoke coming from the exhaust when I changed gears, sort of like what you see coming out of a trucks exhaust. Luckily there was no catalytic converter or anti pollution crap under the bonnet lol
I once put 10Lpetrol in my 2008 diesel Captiva/ Didnt start the car. Towed it to garage. I was advised to top up the rest \u003e60litre tank with deisel and to top up again at half tank. All good. This was a couple of years back.
Once I put Electricity in my Hydrogen Mercedes once. I now lack eyebrows
theres another way but some people wont seek it
What's petrol?? Is that Euro gas?? What's the difference is it 110 octane??
This guy is a million times better than Chris Evans.