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A cup of tae with two suga and a Kookie.
6:03 my mom used to do that when I was small
Alaina da Costa
At 0:36 that baby sounded so much like the baby from Ice Age haha
Almont Bolt
At 1.12 what game he is playing...?
Angelion Precious
8:29 oh my God, the baby is so cuteee and adorable
Ankit Das
5:50is so cute and funny 😂😂
Arina Kasatkina
9:40 so 🤣🤣🤣
Asif Ahmed
ha haa ha...last one is my fav...
Ava& Lizzy
2:11 that was my big brother when he was little
Awsome Girl
I love how unique each baby is. Cute vid!
Ayesha Khan
I love babies very much
Baby Blue Eyes 1
My favourite clip was 8:30. 😂😂Lol. Have to add. The last one too. 😂😂
Baby Panda
5:28 is it just me or do i see a Gordon Ramsey in him? O-O \nhell nah, i might just be high on sugar after eating......idk how many ice cream bars and popsicles......and COOKIES
Brianna Garcia
9:32 is the best omg
Brianna Ramirez
1:48 imagine if he farted 😂😂😂
Claw God
2:09 😂😂😂😂
Cogclare Kitdo
The last one, omg! I die so cute
Cookie SugarShakes
2:22 for some reason, I thought I heard someone farting
Cristina B
Debjyoti Sikdar
8:20 those moves
Dj pittster
Last one, is gold. That's my future
Dr. Liam A. Dye
Haha! The baby farted right in his face! XD
Edna Valle
Jajajajajajajajaja 😂😂🤣 cositas 😍😘😘😘😍 y sus papás 😏😑😐😶
Eleanor R.
The best one is 9:31 😂😂😂
Eliza wan
Fahim Mahbub
1:03 ale bap le ...chuparman ka betji agaya...bhagooo😂😂
Fatima 3achi2at el 7ob
Ciout baby
Fun and Fails
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Game Time
the last one and 8:16 just killed me
George GabrielL
So funny daddy!
Gloria Metayer
What precious little souls.
Goddess ByBirth
Lmao last one had me burst out with laughter 😅😅😅
This is hilarious. May they be healthy and happy ^_^
I'm on the winning side
I CRINGE seeing babies being tickled (where they can't move away if it's too much) and spun till they're dizzy. Children have been damaged by that. \nAll that aside, this was delightful to watch. Children need their daddies!
Jack Gordon
Playing around with toddlers is fine. But...when I see guys manhandling infants, do not like it. They are too young and fragile to be roughed up.
Jack TheTrash
1:34 that baby is more athletic than me 😶
Jasmine Tovar
1:38 that baby can do more situps than me
Jddjdv Skslslissk
what. a. stupid. dad. to. put. your. child. on. a. mattress. and. jump. the. baby. head. is. soft. I. can't. believe. you. think. that's a. game.
Kaitlie Woodard
1:38 they are going to have a STRONG baby when she grows up.
Kaniz Fatema Nisa
Some father's like grandfather but all are awesome 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗
Kaylie H.
4:18 I will revenge YOUUUUUUU
Kitty Trainer
That baby doing sit-ups is strong
Let’s Talk Animation
9:20 future marching band geek in the making 😂😂
Lima Brahim
1:48 😶💩
Linda Casey
Life with dads is so much more fun
Lorena Coelho
7:29 omg twins
Lynne Nicholls
Love you dads. Best sense of humour for kids, really supports the truth, everyone needs a dad.
Mariana Muda
When dady take over.. Someting fun i'll happen
Medha Gopal Priya
08:37 😁😁😁
Mirudula Anbu
Every kids are talented. ..we could see how their future is gonna be. ..luv u all😙😘
Monica _Monica
I miss my daddy so much...
Muhammad Kashif
2.16 amazing
This video make me Smile up up up wowowow
Nunzia Esposito
Sono troppo forti
3:30 That is abuse wtf
Pooja Bhadana
The last one was epic
Queen Bee
10:09 the best part.
Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots
Quinnlyn Gbaivodi
Omg want me a hubby to have a baby😂😍
At 7:20 his pjs were really annoying me because his lines were going opposite ways
7:27 what song
Rachelove25 MSP
It's so cute ♥_♥
Reming Morton
The headbanging baby at 5:20 is my future kid lol
@5:03 minutes - NEVER - EVER - SWING A SMALL CHILD BY THEIR ARMS! You can dislocate their shoulders and cause them a lot of pain! Their joints are too immature for this sort of thing!
SA Inja woof
1:14 So IRRESPONSIBLE!! Teaching your child how to get attacked by a dog! No matter the breed, age, or level of training of a dog, you don't EVER approach one whilst it is EATING. You especially don't encourage a child to engage in such behaviour. If the dog bit this child, it would be the grown up's fault.
Sasha Celi
5:20 I need a kid like that
Slim Shady
2:06 it looks like that baby is on doggy style.. Lol
Soy Patricia
There are some careless dads in this video
Stephanie __
Makes me excited to have kids because of the fun times we’ll have together (even with the not so fun lol)
Susan Stephens
3:08 baby Hulk
TChamp Always Tries
0:17 As you can see here is the rare floating running baby🤣
Tea Siboni
the dad at 7:02 is not only amazing and creative... he is now my inspiration.. I WANT to do that for my kids!!!!!!!
The Sound wave studios
3:23 when you dont afford rides in a theme park 🤣😂🤣
Theresa N
My husband watches these to train for our baby
Timothy Verheyn Jr.
Some cute Dads
Vidoushi Venousha
Last one best one 9:32
Vinessa Lovely
That last one😂👏😂😂😂😊😂👏😂😂👏💖💖💖😂👏
bhxh thieuhoa
carlos crump
9:47 had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
chip block
Great video. Brings back memories of my kids at that age.\n\nWhy do so many people hold their phones or cameras vertically. So much easier to hold and view horizontally.
farizsh zaharshah
Omg...reality baby have fun with dady..they doing crazy things but its fun babe.\nDady and baby so COOL..
fortnite BG
john smith
I wanna shout WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS, when i remember that the one who slid the baby across the floor WAS the PARENT!\n\nAnd BABY PROOF YOUR HOUSE
mac ios
1:06 wow hes like im gonna beat him
montetank tankkiller
The mistery of babies best friend: The vacuum cleaner :-)
nahin nahar
when I was small my father care me and I was funny
nicole lewis
5:08 I feel him. I hate elevators 😒
nicolet palmer
I'm having baby fever
nyckii77 19
this vid is proof of so many things:\nthere is nothing more precious than a baby’s laugh\nall kids need their/a dad in their lives because dads fn rock\nbabies love music\neven as young as some of these babies are, they had personality and a sense of humor \n\nmade my day 😊
oni chan
Awwww so beautiful I love cute baby daddy and mommy videos and this is taking adorable to new heights thanks.
the last one was the craziest hahhahahahah
sam c
some of those babys look like straight up old guys
wise johnny
Kids creates a lot of trouble. That's why we should not have them by marrying. Their main weapon is cuteness. BACHELORS BEWARE
wolfychu gacha studio
Omg this so funny 😂😂😂😂
الضواء الشارد
†Hε Ħїḓdёи ϟεяαρнїм
8:30 SO CUTE!!! \u003c3\n8:35 LOL XD XD XD XD
9:32 Best dad 😂😂😂😂😂❤