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Italian language lesson on 12 useful Italian phrases for beginners.➫ Listening Comprehension Practice Course A2 - B2: Thank you for watching and for choosing to learn Italian with me!

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A Very Sexy Spoon
Mi scusi - why does this sound so funny?
My sweet beautiful lady niec to list Italian language is very good that dear?
Ale. Costa
I'm a Brazilian with Italian nationally and I need to learn Italian! I like your channel!!
Alle tuN
Ciao bella e grazie! Great and informative video! I like watching all these great videos made by Italians, it really helps us learn your beautiful language! You remind me a little of that beautiful kickass Amazonian, Gal Gadot with your hair up and with how you speak English ;-) baci
Andie Cervantes
Very helpful, you should post more for the beginners. 😅
The English subtitles block the italian 😖 defeats the purpose...
Anon B
I was immediately distracted by the pretty girl. I learned nothing = (
Anya Sudakova
Grazie mille Lucrezia! Mi piacciono tantissimo \
Assassin's Creed Real life pranks
I always wondered why I have an weird Italian accent? Plus I use frequently words like \
Bill Admond
I don't agree with the goodbye and arrivederci translation since goodbye sounds more like \
Billy Seah
Grazie teacher Lucrezia
Bishama Roshi
Very difficult 😔😔😔😔
A lot of similarities to spanish
Bottle of Cringe
Ciao = hello\n\nBuongiorno = good morning \n\nArrivederci = good bye\n\nGrazia/ grazia mille = thank you\n\nPer favore = please\n\nMi scusi = excuse me \n\nCome stai/ come sta= excuse me\n\nBene, grazia = fine, thank you\n\nIt voglio bene/ ti amo = I love you\n\nMi dispiace / scusa = I’m sorry\n\nPiacere Di concerti/la = nice to meet you
Brendan evans
bye and please and excuse me and hello  and how are you
Candy Mandy
I'm a beginner, an my mom is from Italy and so to go to Italy I have to learn.
Connie McFeely
Cristhia Lo Presti
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover learn how to speak italian try Pycanta Amazing Italian Protocol (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got great results with it.
I studied Italian a few years back, but we had a teacher that we didn't listen to and now I'm sad that I don't know it ._.
Darlene Davis
I lived in Italy for one full year in the early 80's and absolutely love the Italian people and the language. They are the most friendliest people. Just about every day a knock at my door with a bottle of Vino meaning wine. They make you feel like family.
Deni RN
Hey Lucrezia, not sure U R aware but the ‘Closed Captions’ option (which IS very helpful to anyone learning languages) does NOT offer ITALIAN as 1 of the options. I’m not positive, but can’t you decide which languages are offered for Closed Captions on your videos when uploaded? FYI-Available languages on thus clip are Chinese, English, Portuguese & English (auto-generated).
Dennis Duran
Piacere dí conocerla! Sorry, I think I forgot the spelling! 😁
Doris Alba
Einar Iversen
Ciao come sta? Mi scusi, posso farlo una domanda? can you make more videos like these per favore? Grazie mille.
Elias Fierro
I just watched The Godfather and know I want to learn how to speak Italian... smh
Enigmo Slug
Thank you for making this video I'm going to Rome Italy when I'm older and I am Italian but not full Italian Grazie
Equal Rights
nice and easy to understand thank u beautiful
Fabiana Grimaldi
I'm half Italian because my nonna is from itail
Foxy mangle and springtrap
Gordon Reiher
Please teach Americans how to pronounce mascarpone, ricotta, gnocchi, biscotti and most of all - risotto .
Hector Alvarez
ti amo .
In Gaelic, Go raibh maith agat, thank you.
J Santi
You're so adorable, thanks for the videos they are very helpful
Non so perchè sto guardando questo video, sono Italiana LOL- i don't know why I'm watching this video, I'm Italian LOL\nNon pensavo ci fosse gente interessata a parlare italiano, io parlo cinque lingue sei con l'italiano uwu :3- I didn't know there were people interested in Italian, I can speak five languages, six including Italian uwu :3
Jennifer Walker
😂 just say bene (fine) even if it's not true
Johannes Von Volker
As an American of Italian ancestry I must go to Italy, I cannot go before I can at least get by in conversation without butchering the language too badly. Grazie mille, Lucrezia.
Joy of Italian
Grazie Lucrezia! I've been sending your beginners videos to my students - they love them :)
ciao - goodbye hello\nbonjourno - good morning\narrivederci - good bye\ncoma sta - how are you\nbene grazie - fine thank you\npiacheri di comosherti - nice to meet you\nper favore - please\nposse farle una domanda - can i ask you something
Karina J
Shits I never knew I was accidentally speaking Italian
Katharine Fanara
Thank you for these videos. My family and I are going to Rome soon and I want to be able to say the basics. Although, I have heard that in Rome people would prefer English rather than Americans messing up the language, is this true? I want to be as respectful as possible.
Kathryn Hoke
For \
Thanks a lot !!! Ciao \nbaire bai haste haste sesh, hala madrid , emon bidghute uccharon
Kwueen lol
I have italian in me but im not full blown italian
Leong Birlis
You look like Lady Gaga
Lilcas Bugat
Wow I like this teaching again expected shaly when you used the word I love you ti amo 🙊🙈
Lou Nunya
Your understanding of English is spectacular.
Luca Brazzi
Grazia mille
I\\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover fastest way to learn to speak italian try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.
Luz Santos Rodriguez
Maninder Kaur
Hey.. excellent dear...I m also new in Italia..n I also need for learn Italian language...n ur video I very helpful for me..n thank you very much..n keep it up.n excellent ur way..
Marcus Leite
Marina Agathokleous
when i listen someone talk italian🍝 is like they singing 🎶😊
Massimiliano Minissale
Ciao ! Buongiorno ! Piacere di conoscerti ! Come stai ? Scusa, posso farti una domanda ? Mi dispiace, non so se ti voglio bene o se ti amo. Grazie mille ! Arrivederci !
Max W
Your amazing \u003c3
Mia Ryan
Miki Vega Mck
Grazie Lucrezia, I learn more from you than I did with two weeks of Rosetta Stone.
Mrs Mix Music
So, you go the day, making people think you are ok, when really you feel like dying 'cause that's the way? I suppose that's why everyone is so friendly, in reality they want to say, \
Musa Umut Akdeniz Dogan
Ti voglio bene is like te quiero in Spanish :)
My Travel Vanz
awesome i learned something.
best teacher so far great videos and teaching
Naima Khan
Born in Italy girlll 🔥🔥🔥 I already know these sh*ts just here for the lols and to check whether ur doing it right or not 😂 no offense \n\nBrava continua tutti i miei amici qui in inghilterra stanno imparando l’italiano con il tuo canale pero a loro li interessa le parolacce di più 😂\n\nYou have a slight accent on your B’s are you from Sicily or something like that?\n\n❤️
I wanna learn Italian very great Grazie for the lesson
Rana Qaisar
Thanks sir
Roshan Fernando
I'm from sri lanka \
Ruby Rayo
I think it is so cute that excuse me in Italian is mi scusi. I can’t get over it. It’s so cute haha!
Sandy Bailey
I wish I could roll my tongue like she does.\n My gramma and grandpa came straight from Italy. I wish my gramma would have taught me the language from infancy. She never taught her kids either. Shes not here any more.
Sanju Chumber
if you dont mind i would like to your number to learn italian language
Sarah Tiantian Zhao
OMG Italian pronunciation is hard T.T
Sexy Love
Why is it unpolite to answer saying you don't feel too well?
Sohana Bepari
Idk Why i am here even i am italian....lol
Spencer Anderson
Ho imparato molto. Grazie! Grazie mille! \nTranslation: I learned very much. Thank you! Thank you very much!
Subhankar Das
very nice video..it's really helpfull..thank you so very much.
Sunday Felix
I know this words already. I just wanted to practice how to speak it
Susi Rosa
Linda e inteligente!
Grazie Lucrezia! I could pronounce the Italian phrases easily since they are similar to Spanish words, and I grew up with Spanish tongue. Not just that, I played the entire Ezio trilogy from Assassin’s Creed, which was mostly set in Italy.
Thomas Matta
the best one so far, 100stars⭐ ....
Tom Smith
fagedabowdit! ;)
Victor Andrade
thanks 🙂 your the best lucrezia
Grazie mille!
damn, you are gorgeous!
I speak Portuguese so I'm hoping that helps me learn Italian since they're both romance languages. I already find that if I read it I can get the gist of what the person is saying
black kat C
Thank you. You made it so easy to learn the Italian language
esi persian
Hi dear. thanks you sweetie for teaching us. I love it
imron ali
i learn italian because of valentino rossi 😂
irene clemente
we say \
isama altaein
Hi, thank you for you nice video .I learned few phrases for different language for travelling and I found out there are smeller few words between ( French ,Spanish ,and Italian ) Grazie mille
jeffrey abarquez
Me can speak Italian, i'm bad at english...😭😭😭
john stanizzi
Grazie. Yes, more please.
latifa elhadri
mi chiamo latifa , ho 21 sono di marocco
mariano venegas
Found out i have italian dna. You are very beautiful by the way.
mi chiedo che ci faccio qua........lo so già l'italiano....\n(per caso sei italiana?)
nancy sarabia
I love it how Spanish and Italian are somewhat related to each other
She must have spent time in England, as her English is excellent.
samsontesfazghi teclesolomon
sebastien Lopez Massoni
You are a great teacher Lucrezia
sst tss
You forgot to teach 'fanculo, the most important word
stef j
thank you!! grazie mille!! 💝
tribong teduray
Come sta - italian\nHow are you-english\nKumusta -filipino
ultyma volta
brava Lucrezia, il tuo corso è spot on