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Is 2018 and still number 1
What's the bitchy customer actress name?
Aaron David Kapner
annnnd THAT is why you don't mess with the people who prepare your food.
Arun Saini
I really wish I hadn't scene the garlic salt....
Benjamin Lucas
The customer isnt always right, sometimes the customer is just a prick. She had this one coming.
Bijou Berriesgood
Bitcoin University
Life Lesson #1\nNever %$#@ with people who prepare your food.
Brandon Nakagaki
more like what peeps in the food service industry wish they could do haha\n\nif only the managers were this cool
Deadpool and Dr. Lance Sweets.
ChowDownDetroit [Seoung Lee]
What happened to Dane Cook?
Cliff Yablonski
In the 60's I worked at a Foster's Freeze when I was in high school, much of the time it would be just three of us teenagers with no adult supervision until the owner came in at closing. \nIt's foolish to piss off people that make your food.
DaJon Ellis
This is the main reason I like eating at home or at least tip the waitress 10%
... ya know, depending on the place.. (all of them) if they recognize you from the last time and you use that freebie card, the server will label you as a low tipper or a.. quote/unquote beotch and you will get the exact same service. If you really want good service, and I cannot emphasize this enough.. do not. EVER.. go when it is busy. When you get that itch to hit the local joint when there is a 45 minute wait cuz Friday and the Bruno Mars concert just got out... whoa, whoa... dont do it. Just dont. Buy some rice and chicken/tofu/beef/whatever and go home. Seriously, do you like getting extra work on top of extra work at YOUR job? You got the latino guys who work two jobs... the white guys who are on 'something' and a plethora of workers who might be going thru a divorce, a detox, probation or parole... and because of their exhaustion, you might say.. .for example.. from experience... that food hits that floor and gets put onto a plate.. like, multiple times per shift. THAT.. is just random bad luck. For you, not us cooks.\nIf something, for example... comes BACK to the window because you bitched out a server.. does it get the 'waiting' treatment? No. But it depends on the server ~ did you bitch out our best guy? The cool guy, the one who you should never have a problem with? Dude/Dudette... that shit is unacceptable. You will be made the new one in the exact same conditions until you write a scathing yelp review and get your high maintenance stuff outta here and not come back.\nThe managers will smile, glad-hand you and give you a freebie card... but here is the secret... nobody, ever, needs, your, business.\nEver.\nSo getting rid of one customer \u003c keeping our workers happy.
@1:02 - 1:04 Major boner!!
Emperor Picard
I just got home from a bad Friday night at work. This helps.
Eric Cook
I tip 30 to 35% or more if I can afford it, and it's not out of fear of this. I sincerely hope some of you may have actually gotten this type of \
Erica Young
Garrett Stephens
This is why I'm always nice to people that work in restaurants...
Grape Ape
When this first came out, I wasn't working in a kitchen. Now that I do, I love this.
Hank R. Hill
People who actually defend this kind of behavior makes me sick. Sure people can be rude but people can also do a better job. This kinda thing can get your entire resturaunt shut down and drowned with lawsuits.
Notice how there are only 3 bastards. Guys know!!!
It is exactly like this. Serve them right \u003e;)
This  was the most disgusting movie ever made.
James Robert
We never went to this extreme when I was a line cook, but the worst was a Saturday night rush and getting smacked with a bunch of 'well done' shoe leather steaks and your grill is already full. Out comes the platens with some pressure to squeeze the life out of that steak and speed it along. Also, the inevitable \
John Juhasz
If I was as ugly as her I would have a better personality.
Joseph Percy
Funny but not fulfilling. See, if I did that, I'd want the person to know it after they finished eating just to see the reaction. Also because I like having a sense of closure.
Kamren Apelskog
My 3 years in the industry so far, I've never seen this happen, and I hope I never do. We would talk shit about the customers in the back, but we never did anything to their food. You can probably get arrested for that shit.
oh god why hahahaha
Lefty West
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa...wat r yu doin?...come on man you cant be mixin mexican wit cotinental, come on man i thought yu was better than that
Liana Soares
LOL! 😆
Lorelai Nokomis
I was a busgirl at the age of 14.. the things I witnessed in the kitchen still haunt me to this day!! ☺
Madden Master
I `ll never eat out again
Man O'Neal
Yeah. I've been in the restaurant business for a good while now, worked in several different establishments, never seen this. That's not true. I saw one guy spit in the creme brulee once, but that was an isolated incident. This doesn't actually happen.
Martin Kruse
I rather have someone last out at me as a serve then a rude rich snooty person whine about the food they are served. This woman makes me sick and she deserved nothing but what they served to her.
Matt Real
Yea i wish it were like that. Youd get fired so fast😛
Micolette Hickman-lynch
Also have a good attitude even if you want to have a bad one . Even to the people making your food . Example one Up above
But they never put the steak back on the grill.  She's sure to complain again
Nathan Masters
What a great movie. I used to work at Village Inn and IHOP, so I feel their pain. And isn't that the kid from Freaks and Geeks? Whatever happened to him?
Noah C
This dude that worked at the same pizza shop I worked at was in charge of making the dough one day. He was caught on camera spitting in the dough a couple days later. Mind you he wasn't all there mentally. Thing that sucks was not only do some of the employees eat the pizza too but he wasn't fired! That just baffled me.
1:34 I love how sincerely offended he looked \
Randy Gutierrez
This was a great Deadpool prequel
Ray Mata
reminds me of the movie road trip
SJ Headon
Gordon Ramsay would have a field day there!
shes probably only complaining so she doesn't have to tip. lol
Sinister Racing
When you work in the service hospitality industry like this, only then will you understand how satisfying it is to watch this!!!!!!! there are terrible people in this world and the staff was only treating her like she treated them. I know this is only a movie but this scene is straight out of a documentary haha.
Tringinster Y5
lol i love thi$ kind of film$ , WE $PIT IN YOUR FOOD
Und34d Army
never piss off the cook
Wade Baker
Damn that's savage af
Weems Wallace
This would have never happened if she would have ordered ham but she's a b****
How much do I have to pay to get Severus Snape to spit in my potatoes?
Cardinal rule #1 dont mess with Mr Pool
ho dun chan
He hasnt cook the medium rare steak
jimmy belup
play this a lot on comedy central
m I o . o I m
Fromunda cheese is some o' dat gourmet shit!
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some one
Never once have I seen a line cook do anything with the order