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Trailer for "I Killed My Mother"Twenty-year old Xavier Dolans debut feature film about a just-out-of-the-closet teenagers contempt for his mother. Dolan writes, directs and stars in this semi-autobiographical tale.Other sites for I Killed My Mother:Facebook: I Killed My Mother has received several Awards and more than twenty International Film Festival Invitations, including: * Cannes Film Festival 2009 - Prix SACD, Prix Regards Jeunes, Art Cinema Award* Toronto Film Critics Association - Jay Scott Award & $5,000 Prize* Vancouver Film Critics Circle Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor* FIPRESCI Award for Best Actress to Anne Dorval for her nuanced performance as a bruised and bruising matriarch mired in love/hate land with her teenage son.* Canada's official entry for an Academy Awards Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

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its just after some minutes that you realize the greatness of the movie, even you dont feel reflected by the 'mother-son' situation, the hole concept and the emotions of the movie makes you believe that you are part of it. An amazing job for someone who made his first movie, if you have the chance of watching it, do not hesitate and be part of the Nolan experience ;)
You've got it wrong fella. He wrote it when he was 16 and directed it at his 20. Besides, it wasn't all his money, the budget was over u$s700,000.
Alexandros Deligiorgis
Is it a gay movie? Is it interesting for someone who is not gay?
Amanda Robertsson
I would totally do him if I got the chance ;)
Ares Craft
No ti's not -.-
I love that movie
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu
@fascismanarchy For a short period of time I had a quite tormented relationship with my mother, it was when I was 14/15 and it was awful (now I'm 24). I remember my father asking her to beat me up every time.. fortunately it didn't last longer and everything was better after some dialogue.. The fact that my brother when to college in another city also helped a lot.
I want my mom killed I hate her
Christina Myatt
Cristian Correa
Cyprien Pogu
typical liberal mother
One of the best movies I have ever seen. I was touched, frustrated, emptied and depressed :D
Douriaa xox
Beside how much this movie is good, French language is the sexiest thing ever
Elias Sam
yes !!!
Emily hancock
Xavier Dolan is SO talented
Estefanía en la border
Spanish is as beautiful as french is, they come from the latin.
Fabian Cuyé
Xavier Dolan Rules!
Gerald Ignacio
I love everything about dolan
Google ?
like if Larry Stylinson brought you here ;)
Hannah xMaaxi
this is one of my fav movies ever! i love xavier dolan \u003c33 he's a really great actor :)
Iveet Jimenez
I love the visual techniques in Dolan's movies, also love the slow camara :) and the music!! the art in his movies is amazing!!
Jacques Dillinger
Jalynn Sexton
Yeah larry brought me here
Jatavier Smith
Kill our way to heaven brought me here lol
Jhosep Cortegano
Spanish is important.
Jordan Watts
i took french, and believe me i should've taken spanish, le sigh much more uses in the good ol' usa
@nahuelgt la puta a mi también; yo tuve una relación así con mi vieja y ahora la comprendo en todo. me hizo sentir igual, me hizo sentir una mierda. quisiera volver el tiempo atrás y no haberla hecho sufrir tanto. Ahora me doy cuenta todo lo que hizo por mi. Mami te quiero!!!
Jubita Gurung
@ScreamTheRequiem lol I regret that myself
Kamii mi
Je pense que je vais le regarder mais quand ils s'énervent comme ça on a dû mal à suivre. XD
Katy Lara
Does anybody know were can I watch this movie plz give me the link or something I'm dying to see it 😭😭😭😭
Larry Stylinson Moments
I want to watch this film but even if i'm french i can't understand canadian's accent so i guess i have to watch it in english haha
Lena Johnsen
god, i want to watch this movie so freakin badly! anyone know where i can watch it with english subs?
Leonardo Zeyn
SONG NAMES : Vivaldi - Four Seasons
Malak Abas
what song's in this trailer? anyone know?\n
I'm an arab who have always taken french. I started spanish at university. SUCKS AS HELL I UNDERSTAND YOU GIVE ME A HUG NOW.
yeah, that one troye fan made video for for him
Marta Hope McLaren
this movie was deeply disappointing.
i want to see this movie so bad but i dont understand french :(
Mr. Black
This movie makes a documentary on sand look interesting.
does anyone know the song in this trailer ????
Nich Miller
this director made two of the same movies? looks extremely similar to mommy
Nurmalianti Zaid
this movie is kinda aesthetic tho.
I hate my mother, too.
Res Mietner
where can i fking watch this w subssss t.t
stupid unreal movie with his knowledge...i stop watching when his teacher said\
Wow I haven´t watched it but this looks so great! It looks like an amazing movie! And I can't believe the director is so young and he also acted in this movie! THIS IS AMAZING!
This french is different from the french that you may know. It`s Quebecois, and it`s different, not disgusting.
Brilliant movie!\nThat scene near the end when he's high and he visits his mother is fantastic.
Swinkle Swankle
@hanks864 yep...things have changed for me too since I left this comment a year ago....I left the nest and death and cancer has brought us closer together now.
Teresa Mirbaha
Outstanding movie
The Law
Heartbeats recently came out on dvd. i'm hoping this one follows soon.
Valerie J
Thank you for uploading this trailer.    VJ - Movies and Books World
Wiwi Lembayung
I Killed My Mother -XAVIER DOLAN- ENG 1-7
Yun Long Li
Captain, whats with Larry Stylinson gotta do with this movie?
Zrušte Nothinggate
I saw this movie yesterday... It is great. Funny, smart, hot. You will laugh, like it, but be in pain too
does anyone know where i can watch or get this movie with proper english subtitles? i tried to watch it from some website but the translation was terrible and i'm really hoping that's not how they are on the official dvd. does anyone know?
alvaro romero
j'adore¡¡¡¡¡un très bon film quebecois¡
andrea u-s a.
everyone needs to watch this movie
I'm here because of Timothee Chalamet.
@anononomos vivaldi's \
biron d
I studied french it's a beautiful language but this movie was quite disturbing
camila nuñez
Gay movie
those two brunette guys are so hot.
Amazing film. . Definitely a classic.! So gripping, even with subs; if like me your French is non existent.! A must see never the less..
in germany opens on the 3 of jan 2011!!!
so you can understand what they're saying in Vicky Christina Barcelona :)
Xavier dolan i love you
faidra s.
aye. wanna join the club of people who are not here because of larry?
Does anyone know where I can watch this movie from? with proper english subtitles please.
jane doe
is this movie worth watching?
This film is now on netflix\n
kane mcdonald
@carlacandance it's really AMAZING!!!!!!!!
this was an absolutely beautiful movie. i loved it.
lykka jamin
hey I took latin!
maria clara tagliafico
deseo subtitulos en castellano!!!
marty mcdemarco
came here because i hate my mother, too.
merra xyxyy
i admire xavier dolan. he's a genius
miranda flores
im actually here bc someone reblogged a gifset on tumblr and it reminded me of some fic i read way back when... but im finding out a lot about the film and xavier dolan(?), and it sounds really interesting! it'll be my second french film (whoop xD) that i've ever watched. i heard it won an award as well? well done to everyone that helped in making the film then~ i know this is quite late as the film was made like 5/6 years ago, but better late than never, right? :)
I can't find this movie anywhere in the U.S and it's driving me crazy..... I want to have this movie... no... I need to have it.
and I took italy..
amazing movie.. must see
same music from the red violin
Hej, is there somebody who knows the song in the end of the trailer?
the time machine
un esta peli la vi anoche y me puso re mal no se porque . pero me senti re mal con migo mismo
Unless you're living in New Orleans, I guess.\n(lol I've also taken French)
Álvaro Vidal
This is so hipster hahahaha. I love it