10 Hilarious "Airplane" Commercials

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Adcleice Santos
4:50 kkkk
Alex Tarasov
4:52 I guess RyanAir will adopt this technology
Angie S
Buffalo NY yesss!!!
Austin Collier
The first ad has the guy with smashed head missing his right arm. @ 0:28
Ben Nas
The last one portrays the American definition of \
Benoit Pellet
The « Lynx Jet » ads look a lot like the ad in « Putney Swope »
C. Andrew Williams
That first one was creepy..... :/
Christelle N
last one was miserable. The one with the doritos yep funny !
Coen Croft
This is so shit i gave up after 30 seconds didnt make me laugh at all its just awkward asf
Cool Dude
Lynx jet, more like Virgin Airlines, literally....
This is sexist commercials, not hilarious.
Da Wae
2:12 wtf
Darius Kemplo
Surely, you can't be serious\nI am serious. And don't call me Shirley
Donald Piniach
Where is lynx jet? I want my lynx jet!
Eddie N
The last ad: WTF
Fabrice Guyard
Superbe Emmanuelle Béart, a french actress !
Fela Fela.ganger
4:15 I *** that guy
Fortnite Snipez
The lynx airline or whatever one doesnt make any sense because the would lift off and immediately land because it's made out of gold so, \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHappy flying everybody
Gary Scott
The last one 😂🤣😂🤣
Ive been w8ting for lynx air since i was a boy....where is it!!!???
Ice Frost
The last one😍 something warm
James Jiao
That's why I pick aisle seats every time if I have the choice.. I'd rather give way to people than having to ask others to give way to me.
Jeric Narito
Died in the second to thae last commercial.😂😂😂More lols
Hmm... Wonder if you get frequent flier points with this airlines: 5:16
Kamran Sami
Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër
Dude, get your own!
Life Infinity
Manju Natha
The last one. I want to fly by lynxjet without my wife.
Mark Wriant Señorin
When was LynxJet airline going for an all around the world flight...I want to book for it 😂😂😂😂
Martin Shortt
4:25 Is the funniest one haha
Try the e-trade commercial ....first class on a plane !
Natural Forest
I wann a fly with Lynx!!!
Nino Gvianidze
The funny thing is that i hate commercials on TV or in any device but i still eatch them here....
Purnima C
Hope Lynx crashes before take off...that is not only sexist but VULGAR
that one add is a dorito add not airplane add
Redza Imran
First, eh?
Respectful GT
Lynx jet
SONU Girase
Last one was great
Sandra Borg
Well the last one would have women all up in the air over it lol up in the air cause its a airline . Not cause its sexist lol
Terry Saunders
On a flight from the UK to the US, I was struggling to hear my music on my tablet and a stewardess asked \
The Hippo God
Ugh I’ve gotta go on a 10 hour flight tomorrow
Tonny Angkawan
Lynx jet? false ad, you should try VietJetAir lol
Very Fake News CNN
Emmanuelle Beart-one of the most beautiful French actresses 1:51
Vivien - TheWalkingDeadFan10
Ummm......... the last one needs to be banned! And it's not funny
White haired badass
Bwahahahah the one at 2:06 I died
Cancel my flights! I'm going to Lynx Airline.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Well at least I know NOT to fly lynx jet. I'm trying to have a peaceful calming time on a flight, not get horny.
allan tow
The last two were so over-the-top sexist, they embarassed me and made me sad. Those types of \
chip block
The one missed here is about an unruly kid sitting behind a business man. The kid was kicking the man's seat and making a lot of racket. So the man stood up, opened an overhead bin, and picked up the kid and placed him in the overhead bin. Shutting the bin and returning to his seat. This commercial was shot from the perspective of someone filming it with his cell phone. Its on You Tube. I can't find it however.
Lynx Jet!! Even if I have to go bankrupt flying between two $hit destination!!
hindu follower
last advertisement was just rubbish
hipupipi sakula
First one can blow your mind and Head at the same time
irwing hadi Supeno
Am I the only one who have an interest with the Linx Jet?
I need to know the longest flight for LynxJet airline. I don't care if it's between two war torn countries.
lord raghuvansi
Lynx jet here i come 😎
lynette N
So pleased we have moved past such sexist rubbish, at least I hope we have.
mandi v.
Died at the first one 😂😂😂😂😂
martin cena
hahahahahahahahahahahlynx jet.......................
nick aj
Lynx Jet or Lynx spa or Lynx porn club all the same 😂😂😂😂
I am now furiously looking for Lynx Jet for my next flight.
ramseng sangma
I like Linx jet
I'm a guy and I found the last two for Lynx Jet sexist. I would not fly with such airline.
sdb insect
ooh funny😀😁😃😄😆
To Lynx jet, You could have started BROTHEL instead of airSEXline service. 😀😁😂
zero 0000
4:36 this one had me laughing hard i even played it again 7 was cracking up.