The Top 5 Billy Joel Songs, Ranked By Billy Joel

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Who better than the Piano Man himself to pick the Top 5 Billy Joel songs of all time? Hint: 'Vienna' is number five.

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The Stranger!!!!!!
Hard to understand how colbert stays on the air.
Adam Cartwright
That 'True Story Behind The Hits' had a 'In The Year 2000' feel to it.
Ank A
5:00 for the list
B Neilson
Captain Jack
Beatle Stories
Paul McCartney says just the way you are is the song he wished he'd wrote. I was unaware Billy even wrote that but it's still some accolade from a genius
Benny Hill
Hey you Colbert, You are in the presence of ROYALTY there, if he says \
My Top 5:\n1. Big Shot\n2. Zanzibar\n3. Movin' Out\n4. Uptown Girl and My Life\n5. Vienna and Piano Man
Britney Bautista
My top 5:\n5. Allentown\n4. 'Movin Out\n3. To Make You Feel My Love\n2. Piano Man\n1. For The Longest Time
Charlie Eichholz
Down Ester Alexa should have made that list
Chris Roberts
That's a great , story about Jimmy show, was smart, lol
He should do an updated version to we didn't start the fire. 😄
I would pay so much money to see that movie
Cool One
God, Colbert is such a horrific interviewer.
Cosmin Xxx
damn! that guy putting him to work when he saw he's faking. that's a person that knows to spot a kid that loves his idol. maybe 90% of the men would turn the kid around and throw him out in kicks.i like people that know how to come down to the ground to others and talk their language and give a hand to someone that has a dream,people that do no forget that is the fans that bring the money to the show.and sometimes that action may even turn around lives ,inspire future singers.than a few years later we get Billy Idol,the kid with the cables that now is a \
Danial Shafri
I bet many people expected to hear Piano Man in that list. But all amazing songs.
Dark Knight Light
Just the way you are is my favorite
David Oatman
First seen Billy play when he was the opening act for the Doobie Brothers. Some of the fans were hardcore Doobie fans. They constantly were yelling Dobbies and gave Billy no chance to get going. You could understand why he was really annoyed with this. He stopped and said I've been paid so if you don't want to hear me the Dobbies will not be out till their scheduled time . I can leave and you can look at an empty stage till Dobbies. Once the loudmouths shut up he blew everyone away. Been a life long fan and it was one hell a concert in the end.
Too bad he subjected himself to the dreggs of Colbert.
Dick Burns
Dominic Perrone
Emmaline Hollan
Saw him last night. He mentioned this interview and clarified that his favorite songs are always changing, then proceeded to play Vienna. He was incredible
Eric Bell
One thing that sets Billy Joel above Elton John is the depth of his albums. Elton had a bunch of legendary hits, Tiny Dancer my favorite, but Billy Joel's albums are filled with hidden gems where too much of Elton's albums is just \
Eric Burns
My top 5 Billy Joel songs are \n\n1. We Didn't Start the Fire\n2. The Longest Time\n3. Piano Man\n4. New York State of Mind\n5. Only the Good Die Young
Feast of Steven
5) She's Always a Woman 4) Anthony's Song 3) Vienna 2) New York State of Mind 1) Scenes from an Italian Restaurant -- Wow, hard to get it down to 5 without leaving so many great songs out. I could make a top 5 from The Stranger album alone.
Fourth Seat Studios
RIP Downeaster Alexa
Gary Bolen
When I used to play Star Wars Galaxies, my character was Dizzy Jay, a musician. I parodied Billy's Piano Man into Kloo Horn Man. I would use the name of whatever NPC bartender was working at the cantina I was in and sing \
Gaurav Arya
My all time favourite is honesty
Glenn Martin
I knew Billy Joel back in 1971-72 because one of my best friend's (Alan Hertzberg) was his guitarist. I hung out with Billy many times back then. Through Alan and Billy I became close friends with Billy's drummer Rhys Clark. I'm still in contact with Rhys to this day. I haven't seen Alan since the 90's. Shit happens. You lose touch with with people over the years
Billy's just a regular, funny, genuine kind of guy. I love that he put scenes from an Italian restaurant as #1.
Iron Ryan
Billy Joel may be the nicest man in the world.
No Downeaster Alexa?!?
J. M. Stein
Seeing him tonight. So damn excited.
True legend
Jack Holden
Jake Marsing
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant is genuinely one of the best songs ever written.
Jeanae Rowley
In my opinion, he'll never be \
Jim Solo
Billy Joel is a badass!
John Brock
OK I just gotta say Nylon Curtain is the best ;album ever!
John Hoffman
Billy Joel’s top five favorite Billy Joel Songs.\n5. Vienna\n4. And So It Goes\n3. You May Be Right\n2. She’s Always Right On Time\n1. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Joseph Prado
Captain Jack will...make
Julie Anderson-Smith
Fun to find this. I know the Piano Man has his detractors, but I've loved him since I was in junior high in the late 70s, and I'm not stopping now! Five of my favorites, in no particular order: 1) Rosalinda's Eyes 2) My Life 3) Summer, Highland Falls 4) Good Night, My Angel and 5) She's Always A Woman To Me
June Bermingham
Going to see Billy in Dublin on looking forward seeing him. :-):-)
Justin Schroth
Kelly Speagle
OMG Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is my all-time favourite Billy Joel song!!! This just made my day :)
Kennedy K
Where the Hell is the song Honesty? COME ON MAN!!!!
Kennedy Sprinkle
I know no one cares, but here's my top five:\n5) And So It Goes\n4) We Didn't Start the Fire\n3) Stiletto\n2) Storm Front\n1) Zanzibar
Krispy Mane
Billy is easily one of the greatest song writers to ever live in my opinion
5 ?? My Billy Joel TOP FIVE LIST has at least 20 songs in it..
Lester Lee
Good to know when you're done. Billy he smart.
Liam Deschamps
Piano man is one of the greatest songs ever written
Linda Licata
Billy Joel is my favorite singer. I saw him in concert and had a great time.
eve his speaking voice has soul
Luke Wetzel
Disliked because Stephen Colbert not Billy Joel
wonderful how he can laugh and ridicule himself. Billy doesn't take himself too seriously, that's great!
Marchall White
Top Five Billy Joel songs 1. Piano Man, 2. We Didn't Start The Fire 3. Just The Way You Are, 4.Big Shot and 5. Uptown Girl
Mark White
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Such a deserving number 1.
Starts at 4:40 if you're just here for the Top 5 Songs. I highly recommend watching the entire video tho, very cool.
For the longest time is best
1. Captain Jack (By Far)....2. Piano Man.....3. Just the way you are....4. Honesty and number 5. Only the good die young.
Mylan Voskamp
My favorite is Goodnight Saigon.
Nick Tokar
My top Billy songs in no particular order:\n-We didn't start the fire\n-All for Lena\n-I don't want to be alone\n-Say goodbye to Hollywood\n-Sometimes a fantasy
Nina Blaze
'I thought I had my say...\
Paddy Rpdders
1. Only the good die young \n2. Scenes from an Italian restaurant \n3. Piano man \n4. We didn’t start the fire \n5. River of dreams \n6. Tell her about it\n7. For the longest time \n8. Uptown Girl\n9. Vienna\n10. She’s always a women to me
I love the fact that Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen are friends.
Patrick Larry
I knew \
Paul Ubongen
Now that was a super cool story on how he got in to watch Hendrix.
Quinn Alexander
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant is my favourite Billy Joel song, and song in general
Rakhi Deb
I actually wanted Piano Man in No. 1
Regan Devereaux
I had no idea what a delightful man Billy Joel was!! I always get stuck at the music when anyone is that supernaturally talented. That Jimi Hendrix story is bloody amazing, and Stephen's Paul Simon - Graceland was cool too. Billy has what my Mum, God rest her, who grew up on Long Island, called, \
Renny Zero
Awesome thanks
Saladin Crawford
My top 5 Billy Joel songs are:\n\n5 Tell her about it\n4 A matter of trust\n3 Still rocking roll to me\n2 Uptown girl\n1 The longest time
Stephen D
1. Scenes from an italian restaurant\n2. Piano man\n3. She's always a woman\n4. Vienna\n5. Just the way you are\n6. Honesty\n7. My Life
Tanya Ajmal
My favourite song is tell her about
The Pied Piper
Allentown’s my favorite somg of his
My Personal favourite is The Longest Time.
Tyler Chopskie
Billy Joel. The single greatest artist of all time
Veer Ravan
What about Downeaster Alexa???
Vinylman95 Productions
5. Captain Jack\n4. Only The Good Die Young\n3. She's Got A Way (Live)\n2. You're Only Human (Second Wind)\n1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
One of the greatest musicians of all time!
Zullendale Obsidian
One of my Billy Joel favorites is one not many know: Nocturne
Zyla Schwartz
my favorite is movin' out
are you feeling it now mr krabs
I'd be disappointed if Vienna wasn't on that list
dead man186
My top 5 (as of right now): \n\n5. Zanzibar\n4. The Longest Time\n3. Scenes at an Italian Restaurant\n2. Summer, Highland Falls\n1. Vienna
my list\n1 vienna\n2 just the way you are\n3 tomorrow is today\n4 piano man\n5 always a woman
The loudest I’ve ever screamed in my life was when he asked “Vienna or Just The Way You Are?” at his concert\nVienna is what i started really singing on, i first performed it in 6th grade, and it’s always had a special place in my heart. My lifelong dream was to see him in concert, and it was better than i could have ever imaged.
guillermo cuevas
James is a masterpiece
jOE Marchand
janelle s
My all time favorite Billy Joel song is And So it Goes. Period.
This would be even cooler if Stephen Colbert was not such a douche bag.
1. She Has A Way\n2. New York State Of Mind\n3. Just the Way You Are\n4. My Life\n5. We Didn’t Start The Fire\n6. Tell Her About It\n7. Scene from an Italian Restaurant \n8. All About Soul\n9. Piano Man\n10. Only The Good Die Young
My personal Top 5 Billy Joel songs.....1) It's Still Rock & Roll to Me....2) Movin' Out....3) Tell Her About It....4) Uptown Girl....5) My Life.....Honorable Mention \
That's cool. Two of my favorites, probably my two favorites from him were named. Vienna and Italian restaurant. That \
Billy=cool Stephen=twat
tyler moran
An extremely intelligent and experienced songwriter. So glad he didn't push it further then he felt is should have unlike some of the oldies today who don't know they incapable of writing music on the level they used to. \
1. The River of Dreams