Top 10 Funniest Moments on Modern Family

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Adhiti Krishnan
The baby cheeses one had me laughing out loud 😂😂
Alison DiLaurentis
Forgot about caught in the act! The godfather montage had me in tears though and was damn brilliant
Amelie Powney
When Gloria, Cam and Mitch try to connect with Lily's culture and the restaurant scene
Aranb Chakraborty
Where's Phils-osophy??? And the Godfather thing???
Aravind Gowtham
How come Phil's 'I'm a pervert' clip not on this list?
You missed so many other better moments. Like the Earthquake, Fulgencio's christening, Claire running for office, The Musical man and so on. Please make a list of Another top 10 Modern Family moments.
Arthur Vaz
In my opinion, that episode where they all chitchat through Facetime is Modern Family at its funniest! So clever, original and funny!
Bad Blunt Seanny S
There are so many
Cams not wearing a music note. Hes wearing a treble clef. Not a music note but the key in which to interpret music notes.
Breeanna Good
My favourite episode is the Godfather one. \
Brett Friedman
The funniest scene is when Manny and Jay are waiting outside the courthouse for a birth certificate and people think they're getting married.
Brooke Kargari
One of my all time favorite shows
BuzzOff 1356
Caridad Chang
the time they parodied telenovelas
Cher Zamolodchikova
Everything Phil or Gloria do is funny
Claudio Vásquez Carrosa
Gloria and the dog, and when Gloria speaks Russian
I can't believe Clare scaring Phil on Halloween .. isn't here .. I die literally every time I watch that ep ..
DJ Butler
I loved it when lily when she was in a Vietnamese restaurant with Mitchell, Cam and Gloria
Danny Simion
Hahaha, this show has a lot of hilarious moments, a lot! But my favorite is still Gloria in her beautiful blue gown waiting on Jay and Mitchell to get ready while she's down stairs trying to talk Stella the Dog out of what she things is committing suicide on the pool. You're so young and you got so much things to smell!! LMAO.
Modern family is the best thing of my life...after friends
Diana Chavez
one of my favorites shows 😩 finally y'all make this list
My favourite scene is when MItch and Cam realize that Lilly is smart and popular and they go to her room and start understanding things about her. It's hilarious
Eli Andrade
Msmojo #10 Cam was wearing a treble clef you idiot lol
Eric Holladay
Cam, it's go time.
Game Rex
Gigi Louise
What about when Lillie was trying to get a kitten scene
Hannah Bailey
Where is the episode with Lin-Manuel Miranda selling the \
Heidi C
When Mitch and Phil trip from those gummy bears though 😂
Iris Brouns
every single time Phil looks in the camera, the entire Las Vegas episode, Cam shows up at the tree Mitchell is sitting in in his Cats costume, Claire's (mock) debate, the list goes on
Isac Geisewall
Manny driving should be on this list! To this day that still has me in tears.
Jack Dempsey
I hate Phil
Jacob Russell
I'm surprised my favorite moment isn't on there: when Claire and Gloria have a mixup by accidentally emailing eachother the wrong thing (Gloria, a nasty email about a bake sale; and Claire, naked pictures of herself) that results in Gloria confronting her in a whole apology accidentally full of double entendres. \
Jadra Sibenik
I loved the one when Gloria had to wear glasses 😁😁
Jasmine Mhoon
Where is the Eggshell Dryer episode?!?!
Jennifer Blears
I can't believe Cam and his cycling shorts is not on here!! OMG so many hysterical moments on this show.....\u003c3 it!
Jennifer Jones
The funniest moment for me was when Cam did the pig call to get Lilly to come running back to him 😂😂
Jjj Jjj
Why don’t you just shut up and show the scene? why you gotta talk all the time
John Petrinolis
Perhaps the only show that gets better with age and doesn't dry out, I'm looking at you Big Bang.
Johnny S
Mitch and Cam taking a sleeping pill and their flight getting delayed...those were the funniest five minutes of the show.
Joshifer Everlark
Used to be obsessed with Modern Family and still love re-watching it, but the recent seasons haven't been great. Probably time for them to end things before it gets worse
Juan Soumastre
Cam looking for Stella 😂😂😂
Julia Debbesay
Sooo glad that they have made a list on my favorite show😁
Justine K
My favorites are Searching For Hailey and Cam calling Lilly from the fields like he's calling hogs.
KeLion Pro
This epic 21st century show is my guide to Teenage life
Lauren Z
The school musical with \
Lavanya Sanker
I just love and miss the show so much!! :-)
Luna Cherry
watched this show and all seasons 4 times,currently watching it again,BEST SHOW EVER!
M P R.
What about when Phil was wearing the Fizbo costume and fainted when he saw his own reflection 😂😂😂
when gloria, mitch and cam went to a restaurant with lily and acidentally offended everyone
Marty Coleman
Eric Stonestreet is one of the funniest actors on Modern Family. Cam is my favorite character
Mayan Shevi
I loveeeeeee Modern Family
Mikhail Barejo
The 'Connection Lost'/Search for Haley episode should be way higher up the list. It was so good and funny!
I can't believe the 'we love the f word' part from the episode \
Nandini Dhawan
You forgot that restaurant scene when Mitch and Cam take Lilly to a Vietnamese restaurant. That scene was hilarious!
Nandini Srinivasan
One of the funniest moments is Phil being auto tuned in the episode \
Nathan Scott
My favorite thing about the Cam dressed up as a Cats character episode was the end. \
Nikola Dedić
No Godfather scene?
Ocean Dabney
This list really doesn't need narration
Peyton Patota
What about The Godfather scene or when Mitchell tries to kill the pigeon while Cam sings at a wedding. Those scenes have me dying of laughter every time
Polo Mafata
best show ever- i have literally watched every single episode 300 times.
Prakhar Mishra
That scene when Gloria convinces Jay to slap the chicken😂
Priya Garcia
I feel like the possessed printer from \
Ren Alexis
A giant treble clef. Not musical note.
Ria Flores-tamayo
Dylan and the rest of the family singing “In The Moonlight”, Lily Locked In The Car, Mitchell’s Spider-Man Outfit and Phil And Claire Caught In The Act are my funny favorites.
Hayley's \
Ruby Ti
No.1 is the very first Modern Family episode I ever watch and I was hooked right away. The first 4 seasons were so great!
Shania Corraspe
when Phill got Auto-Tune
Where is the scene when Stella jumps in the pool and Gloria thinks she is suicidal
When Jay trys to show Manny a push up and it breaks then he turns around and says\
The first Halloween episode should've been on the list with Gloria's accent, cams story, Jay in the gargoyle costume it was the funniest episode
Thelastninja 03
It wasn't a note that was on his sweater it was a cleff sign. Sorry just had to but that out seeing how I am a band geek
I like the one Halloween episode scene were Phil comes out of the car and screams \
I absolutely love this show ❤️
Veronica Conroy
What about in \
Víctor Ives
What about the first Halloween episode or Cam looking for Stella? Or when Cam introduces Lily with The Lion King
Wei Ning Chong
Luke looks hot after he grew up
Yel El
Where is the Lion King moment in the 1st episode which hooked us all ?
Zahra Hossainian
This show used to be so funny. I haven't even laughed once in season 8 :(
The pigeon in the house with Mitch
cam stuck in a tree in a cat costume
c dubba u
My favorite scene was when Cam and Mitchell were trying to get Lily into preschool, and Cam was pretending to be Native American. That scene was hilarious.
cristina solano
The school musical where the kids spell out \
franklin robles
how about the hawaii episode or the family portrait? too many to mention.
gloria making the helicopter noises
God that dry cleaner's scene was nothing short of brilliance.\nalso - I can't believe the bike shorts weren't on the list! such an incredible, infamous, ball-dropping (pun intended) part of the show.
holly desertrose
How when the toy monkey and toy elephant on top of the car looked like they were getting it on?
livun change
The quality of modern family has declined over the years tremendously
.....Manny tazing Phil.
What about Little bo bleep
You know you could just pay the clip instead of narrating it 😐
payy y
you can't forget when Cam went to kiss Mitch and fell over the couch and knocked over the potato chips 😂😭
What's with the van? That episode was hillarious!
puja mishra
Phil is my fav on show he brings sincere innocent humour to show ♥
last one reminds me of a joke, a 5 year old boy walks in on his mother giving his father a hand job, they quickly cover up and the little boy asks, \
That's not a music note.😂 It's a treble clef.😂