Classical Music for Studying Brain Power | Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky...

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I want that Cat 🦁
Al ex
Before the drop:\n( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)\nAfter the drop:\n( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Ana Maria Quiroga
So relaxing. An invitation to quietness. Exactly what I'm looking for.
Andi Priyo
i recognize, this is my first time in my life listening to mozart song, and its make me deep sleep. of course my brain power increased
Ani lim
Ashley Simon
I clicked on this one because of the intellectual kitty.
Azhar Khan
Why did people dislike this?
Blaa Baa
Anyone else in here who went from listening rap music to classic music during college years?
Bobda Walter
Brad Dickson
As I sit in my slightly darkened office, only lit by the soft glow of a single tall lit lamp in the corner. Window shades about half drawn, I find complete mental quiet in the deep flow of this music and in those moments, im taken to a place where the thoughts of everything outside the current moment seem to fade out of relevance. My best notes are written in these times.
Carmen Valdivia
Magnifique musique pleine d'énergie et de joie de vivre!!!!!Merci!!!!!
Classical Fun Facts
\u003cb\u003eDon't sneak in the comment section!!\nGet to study! 😂😂
David Suazo
Beautiful ...... splendor !
Edwin Funelas
Kadianis mayadon..very relaxing amazing music..
Generation X
@HALIDONMUSIC...You're simply the best!!......\ni couldn't imagine myself listening to this as a kid; i wouldnt have a clue whats going on,all i could hear was just musical instruments trying to tell me something but now i see what my parents enjoyed as adults. Eye Opener thanks to @halidonmusic
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Harlly Quintem
Your are one of my favourite youtubes!
Henry V of England Heir of France
In my cat’s spare time, he too reads Aristotle and listens to’s cute because he thinks he’s smarter than me.
Isaac Gart
go back to studying
John Desiderio
The picture is purfect
Joyce Tam
I have this bookmarked as lovely fluffy cat
Maia Mozer
Shame about the ads
Maria Casemyr Vocal & Piano
Wonderful, thank you so much 💕💗💕
Maria dr csingar
Olivia Garcia
Empezar el día...\nY con Mozart de compañía, que más se puede pedir...\nGracias por compartir...\nSaludos desde México
Rafael Moretti
cat reading: \
Rafael Otani
Stop scroll and go study!
Raimundo Nonato Justino da Costa
Boooomm diiiiaaa ✈🙌💖
Selma KURT
Oğlum dört yaşında serebral palsili mozart çok seviyor teşekkürler halidonmusic❤❤❤💚💚💚
Silvia Dumitrache
Wonderfuuuul ♥️♥️♥️🎻🎻🎻🎵🎵🎵🌺🌺🌺🌺👏👏👏👏👏
Simon Kawasaki
So nice to see someone who truly appreciates classical music by not filling these helpful study videos with bombastic inclusions of “Eine Klein Nachtmusik”, or other overly-known pieces. Kudos to you, my friend.
Balm for the soul...
T&L's Nana
I appreciate the time you invest in this. When I want to know more about something I enjoy, it’s wonderful to look at your list and find it. Thank you.
Teresa Tuttle
Amazing picture...beautify music...thank you!!
The cat is recommending...The Worlds Finest Poems, Vol 2.
Valerie Henkens
14:14 thank you it helps to study and work!
*I only listened for 1 min and I already feel my soul is cleansed*
Игорь тарабрин Тигр
Люблю котов и кошек. I like cats:male&female.У кошек человеческие лица. The cats have a human 's faces.