Classical Music for Studying Brain Power | Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky...

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1:04:40 WHAT IS THIS MUSIC!\n\nI MUST KNOW! If you are a musician please share your knowledge!
I want that Cat 🦁
What is he reading this cat ?? thank you
Ahmed Shaalan
Al ex
Before the drop:\n( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)\nAfter the drop:\n( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Alejandra Toro Mego
precious little cat
I like all types of music. I listen mostly to rap(90% of the time), but i also like rock, classic and black/dead metal.
Alyssa Wright
I keep coming back for the cat....I mean, yeah, the music's good and is great for me to have as background noise when studying, but that cat!
Listening to classical music makes me miss playing to violin. Wish I could take classes in university but I would have to be a music major and audition.
Ana Maria Quiroga
So relaxing. An invitation to quietness. Exactly what I'm looking for.
Andi Priyo
i recognize, this is my first time in my life listening to mozart song, and its make me deep sleep. of course my brain power increased
Ani lim
Anke Tingleff
Alles Kreischendes und Schreiendes macht die Seele und den gesamten Organismus krank und dumm ! Dankeschön , für Ihre wunderbare Zusammenstellung der klassischen Musik.
Ashley Simon
I clicked on this one because of the intellectual kitty.
Azhar Khan
I loved this so much, it helped me concentrate.
Ben Rod
The cat meow'd for me to hear this
Blaa Baa
Anyone else in here who went from listening rap music to classic music during college years?
Bobda Walter
Brad Dickson
As I sit in my slightly darkened office, only lit by the soft glow of a single tall lit lamp in the corner. Window shades about half drawn, I find complete mental quiet in the deep flow of this music and in those moments, im taken to a place where the thoughts of everything outside the current moment seem to fade out of relevance. My best notes are written in these times.
Brianna Plymel
Anyone else pick this particular video for the cat?
Carmen Valdivia
Magnifique musique pleine d'énergie et de joie de vivre!!!!!Merci!!!!!
Caroline Wallbank
I love this because you do not have one piece of music on repeat for 2 hours! Some of my favourite pieces!
Charlie P
THANK YOU FOR PUTTING A VIOLA CONCERTO FIRST - sincerely, all violists \n(telemann concerto in G if anyone's wandering)
Classical Fun Facts
\u003cb\u003eDon't sneak in the comment section!!\nGet to study! 😂😂
Cosimo Epicoco
Musica celestiale,bello anche il.....micio.
David Suazo
Beautiful ...... splendor !
Depot Visual
I feel sleepy.
Eddy Muñiz Martinez
Muy buena selección
The cat looks like a lion
Edwin Funelas
Kadianis mayadon..very relaxing amazing music..
Erva Karabulut
it is so relaxing
European Bourgeois
In my cat’s spare time, he too reads Aristotle and listens to’s cute because he thinks he’s smarter than me.
Arn't you studying?\n\n\n\n\nI came here for that but I'm not...
came for the cat stayed for the music
Fenêtre ouverte
Cette musique me fait revenir aux années scolaire \n Comme elles me manquent !
G Rajan
In a few minutes I became calm and serene. My god. What power. Thanks.
Generation X
@HALIDONMUSIC...You're simply the best!!......\ni couldn't imagine myself listening to this as a kid; i wouldnt have a clue whats going on,all i could hear was just musical instruments trying to tell me something but now i see what my parents enjoyed as adults. Eye Opener thanks to @halidonmusic
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Harlly Quintem
Your are one of my favourite youtubes!
Isaac Gart
go back to studying
Isobel Schwartz
This helped me focus on studying. I got a 98% on my final in vocabulary! Yay me! Thank you!
John Carlo Dimaranan
I played the video because i saw a kitty
John Desiderio
The picture is purfect
Joyce Tam
cute cat, hope it gets more views
KhaLiL ZeDini
Kiki Peaches
This music reminds me of a game I like to play, and it encourages me to work so I can play it. \n\n\n(my own timestamps) II. Sarabande 1:24:41 10 MOZART - Flute and Harp Concerto in C Major, K. 299: II. Andantino 36:27) 16 SIBELIUS - Andante Festivo 1:02:09 19 PUCCINI - Tosca: Vissi d’Arte (instrumental version) 1:12:22\n21 SCHUBERT - Four Impromptus, Op. 90, D. 899: No. 3 in G-Flat Major (Live Recording) 1:18:34\n22 GRIEG - Holberg Suite, Op. 40
Buenos días, muy buenos con esta música. Gracias por compartir.
Liz Murray
Stunning beauty \n\nx x x x
Maia Mozer
Shame about the ads
Maria Casemyr Vocal & Piano
Wonderful, thank you so much 💕💗💕
Maria dr csingar
MeGa MK.
I clicked for the kitty lol not gunna lie so cute and studious and I do like classical music
Molly Hosnedl
This video is just too \
Mr D
I came here to choose music to study too, but just read all the comments instead.
Purrrfect, thanks!
Nikola Stoyanov
Olivia Garcia
Empezar el día...\nY con Mozart de compañía, que más se puede pedir...\nGracias por compartir...\nSaludos desde México
Queen Fath
Love this! Works all the time
Rafael Moretti
cat reading: \
Rafael Otani
Stop scroll and go study!
Raimundo Nonato Justino da Costa
Boooomm diiiiaaa ✈🙌💖
Selma KURT
Oğlum dört yaşında serebral palsili mozart çok seviyor teşekkürler halidonmusic❤❤❤💚💚💚
Shirley Smith
meowwwww fantastic
Silly Sophie
lets be honest here...I CAME HERE FOR THE CAT!who's with me?Come on,I can't be the ONLY one :3
Simon Kawasaki
So nice to see someone who truly appreciates classical music by not filling these helpful study videos with bombastic inclusions of “Eine Klein Nachtmusik”, or other overly-known pieces. Kudos to you, my friend.
Simple ThingsX
Stop scrolling and get the future you really want
Sohan Patel
That cat is smarter than me
Balm for the soul...
*my IQ has officially gone from 0 to 0.1*
T&L's Nana
I appreciate the time you invest in this. When I want to know more about something I enjoy, it’s wonderful to look at your list and find it. Thank you.
Teresa Tuttle
Amazing picture...beautify music...thank you!!
The cat is recommending...The Worlds Finest Poems, Vol 2.
Valerie Henkens
14:14 thank you it helps to study and work!
Vanja MC
Lepa muzika, maca jos lepsa...
*I only listened for 1 min and I already feel my soul is cleansed*
Hey you! Get back to studying, you are gonna ace that exam, I know it! But you need to study, get out of the comments section!😉😉
Whiskers likes Fish
is he reading a book about fish? i like fish.
Wunderschön! 😊👍♥♥♥💖
William Barrows
Don't write \
Zofia Tombinska
You do not know how to write \
dae-dae interprize
mesmerize liquefied Magnetic acoustic Sonic cranium foodies. \n\u003e\u003e dae-dae interprize\u003e\u003e
iitz bellaa i
lights lights
It is very relaxing, and it blocks noises
lily A
that cat
Amigo, tus lagrimas son justifi ables, pues vivir fuera del terruño, es muy difícil de esplicar. Adelante venezolano, te saluda un peruano en el extranjero. Dios te bendiga, pues solamente Dios es nuestra fortaleza.
maija eisenberg
\u003cI honestly came for the cat\u003e But the music is great for studying too
gonna be honest I came here for the cat
mermaid nebula
I went from 2pac - Hit'em up to this..... no regrets
michael eisele
you are right, I really should stop reading comments and get back to my story, or that witch will never get her tea brewed.
use everytime studying! love this.
these nuz
This music is cool
xXXColorfulcakesXXx :P
*only\u200b cat\u200b fans are\u200b aloud*
Игорь тарабрин Тигр
Люблю котов и кошек. I like cats:male&female.У кошек человеческие лица. The cats have a human 's faces.