Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) - Billy Joel

Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) from The Essential Billy Joel album. This song is for entertainment purposes only.

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Who's watching this in 2017, which is the song's name?
Adam Harris
In the beginning of this song, do you think the Unknown Keybord Synthesizer patch/custom patch \
Adina Sosa
I love this song so much
Alex Lourido
Billy in Philly last night (8/13/15) was so amazing. His daughter was born the night before and he opened with pictures of her and threw cigars into the crowd. So classy.
Anthony Ogans
There is a Mexican Mafia!! Damn! Billy was a fortune teller!! However, I wonder if he predicted that he'd marry a woman 3 years older than his daughter?! Hmmm!!
I have always loved the atmosphere that this song creates. But NYC is a tough and resilient place I think and will be here well after 2017. The people have spirit and nothing can kill that. And no, I am not a New Yorker.
Digging the sax in this song.
Brad Tassell
This happens soon, we must prepare! The prophet Joel has spoken.
Brett Koehler
Billy Joel is an American legend
Anyone listing in 2017
This song should be remastered and rereleased in 2017 so this generation can see true talent and realize what real music is.
Catsir King
Well at least I'm here before the teenage freak out that's about to unfold. Hey at least that will introduce some of them to sound great music 😭. Haha
Cave Johnson Prime
Man, this is the stuff. You can keep your modern pop and rap. THIS is REAL talent and inspirational music. It has meaning and purpose. Billy Joel touches on different styles and themes with his music, unlike most \
Charles Rogers
Lyrics\nSeen the lights go out Broadway\nI saw the Empire State laid low\nAnd life went on beyond the Palisades\nThey all bought Cadillacs\nAnd left there long ago\n\nThey held a concert out in Brooklyn\nTo watch the island bridges blow\nThey turned our power down\nAnd drove us underground\nBut we went right on with the show\n\nI've seen the lights go out on Broadway\nI saw the ruins at my feet\nYou know we almost didn't notice it\nWe'd seen it all the time on Forty second street\n\nThey burned the churches down in Harlem\nLike in that Spanish civil war\nThe flames were everywhere\nBut no one really cared\nIt always burned up there before\n\nI've seen the lights go out on Broadway\nI watched the mighty skyline fall\nThe boats were waiting at the battery\nThe union went on strike\nThey never sailed at all\n\nThey sent a carrier out from Norfolk\nAnd picked the Yankees up for free\nThey said that Queens could stay\nAnd blew the Bronx away\nAnd sank Manhattan out at sea\n\nYou know those lights were bright on Broadway\nThat was so many years ago\nBefore we all lived here in Florida\nBefore the Mafia took over Mexico\nThere are not many who remember\nThey say a handful still survive\nTo tell the world about\nThe way the lights went out\nAnd keep the memory alive
Charlie Gibbs
Love this song and Billy Joel!
Charlie Greska
totally goin to that concert in 2017 hope he has one
Who would have known he was predicting Trump, especially after the whole Hamilton thing, Broadway's lights are going out for sure. And with all the protests going on right now, good bye NY. And with all the alleged \
Connor Hyatt
Pure Beauty!
I only learned about this song from the Billy Joel station on the radio
Cranston Snord
Back in 1980 I was 10 years old or so, and I was visiting my uncle one day, and he had Turnstiles on the turntable. I commented on how much I liked this particular song, and I think my uncle was so surprised that I liked this sort of music that he took the record off the turntable, put it in its sleeve, and gave it to me. That was pretty nice of him.
Dak Lamerbusch
Sorry Billy, you will always be my favorite artist, but that ending to this otherwise *AMAZING, incredible* song is retched. It's kind of like having a delicious dinner, dessert, then told you have to have a plate of steamed broccoli after. Broccoli is good and all, but not to end a meal!
DeeDee Connors
This is now. God help us.
Dianna Silverman
Nick, you're missing the broader interpretation of this song. It can be applied to 9/11 or to any moment in time that is scary, esp. now, too. That is the beauty of the song.
Doc Taco
It's almost 2018 and the lights are still on. Crisis averted
Douglas Rogers
No Talking Politic's Or Religon In A Gin Mill
Earle Frost
Thought i'd heard all his wonderful songs.... seems i missed a few over the past 40 years, lol. LOVE the piano work on this one, and the great chord progressions which were one of his lesser-appreciated specialties!!
Ed Stueckle
it took two fascist a-holes running the place for 20 years to do what jerry ford couldn't. hopefully Bloomjerk will roast in hell for destroying the greatest city on earth
EddieRay VanLynch
Soooo, heard this when it first came out, but I'm listening in 2018.\n\nAnybody gotta problem wid it?\n😎
It seems as though this man at never stop making wonderful hits!
EpixXX Studios
They turned our power down drove us underground but we went right in with the show
Esther Bjerga
His voice always gives me chills. I remeber and old creative mp3 player my brother gave me when I was 8 and discovering Billy Joel. What I would give to see him live.
Fiona Phillips
This could be a commentary on Trump's America, well before time !
This song is literally our days.
Game Detective
Today we in NYC are sorta... prepping for the end of NYC. So here we are. This is a great song.
Does anyone else get goosebumps at the line \
Graham Hinkley
Now the official song of 2017.
Gretchen Iceberg
I play piano, and I’m a huge Billy Joel fan, so this year for my piano recital I’m playing (and singing) this song, and I’m so excited because it’s 2017, and God I love this song
Gwen Shumate
i get to go to his concert next weekend
In a inute
Indigo Swirl
All these years, all this music, later; this is still my favorite song.
Jason Roggasch
Like 3 months from this
Johnny Angel
If you grew up in New York city in the 1970's,this is the ultimate anthem on what happened to this town.Arson ,abandoned,apathy,crime ,drugs unemployment. I wondered how we survived.Well a handful of us indeed survived .
Jonathan G.
Happy new year..
Josh Payne
Whoever won the concert tickets to the Miami 2017 concert on new years eve.... I envy you.
Kirsten Houseknecht
5 minute fiction- set to music. and still awesome
Luke Boone
Billy Joel definitely my #1 artist, what a talented person!
Marc Colten
Many years ago, saw him in concert twice.  An incredible show.  I always loved this song but now that we are approaching 2017 - it's a bit too on the money.
Only a native new yorker could truly understand this song.
Martin Bausch
Mason Green
I bet we could get enough downloads to get this song to #1 next year, when it actually is 2017.
Matthew C
Long Island Representtttttt!
Matthew Gross
He didn't even play this at his NYE 2017 concert at BB&T........
Midnight Alleykat
Yo I *Dig* this studio version...
Nancy Wilson
Is it still illegal to say \
Nicholas Moscato
I'm going to see him at Madison square garden on April 18 with my girlfriend, my mom, my sister and my mom's friend! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED! It's gonna be my first time seeing him! I remember seeing Paul McCartney at citi field in 2009 and billy came out as a surprise guest. They sung I saw her standing there. WHAT AN UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!!
Paul Isaac
Phyllis Wolfe
cant get enough of billy and the lords of 52nd street power lift to them 3 times a week so motivating
Pixel Hearts
Joe sent me from snapchat
Pun Queen
I cant believe 2017 is almost over, but this song was my anthem for this year in a sense, or more of a song I always kept in mind. I even made sure it was the first song I downloaded and listened to on New years as the clock struck midnight to take us from 2016 to 2017. I was so excited for 2017 to finally be here solely due to this song. Now, 2017 may be almost over, but my love for this song, and for Billy Joel, will always be forever! ❤︎
I love how he'd actually stopped doing this song live, until after Sept 11. Ever since then it's been back on his setlist almost permanantly. This song has just become so much more meaningful and powerful since 9/11
He better do a tour in Miami 3 years from now lol. 
Sarah Payne
Because the first thing I did as the ball dropped was singing this song😂😂
Sean Demarest
This should be remastered in 2017
Finally saw my idol...Billy Joel in concert last month and this is the song he opened with. The crowd went nuts. It was an experience I'll treasure forever.
Power goes out in new york thats and emp
Street Deacon
Billy Joel, come for Piano Man, stay for the deep cuts.
The Institute Of Photography And Video
42 street
TheSneakyAlex !!!
I've been to his concert it was AWESOME
Tim McCreary
B. I. L. L. Y. J. O. E. L
You guys do realize this is only about the collapse of NYC, not the U.S. right?
Timothy Mccreary
miami !!!!!
This is my favorite billy Joel song
Man he even got the YEAR right. I knew he was into history, but I didn't know he was into FUTURE history.
christopher Richards
Jesus made a deal crowley face the wheel.
dekopac 311Japan
This prediction is on our way.
Just heard him play this for the first time in 2017 at his New Years concert tonight.
james capozzoli
norman chadwick
From the Turnstiles album.  I have a few of his greatest hits albums but also own all the REAL albums.  This is my favorite song from Turnstiles, my favorite Billy Joel Album.  Bought in NYC - Vinyl.  Played this song again and again.  Now I own both the vinyl and CD's of al of the original albums and one greatest hits album
teresa elliott
prodictive programming. what does he know?? chaos, summer 2017. its coming.
Happy 2017 everyone.\nLet's all go to Miami.
walter rooney
ivan t ,,,,wake up
zoran susnjar
Well, at least now we know of ONE person who must've been pleasantly surprised by 2017.....
i am  Greek , first time I heard bill was 1979 ,  and then he is my music ......\nthis song is something comes from future , that exactly we live today in Greece