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Greetings for the civilizated.\nEdit: Up North.
4759 152kevl
3:20 I thought he would hit his balls
A Fox On The Internet
Where's Trump?
Abradolf Lincler
These guys actually make Russians look like nobel prize winners..
Stay in school kids.
Alan Fix
the title should be Trump Supporter fails
Alejandro Oc
Making America great again...
Alexandra Earnest
if you think *rednecks* are what's wrong with America, you might be part of the actual problem. #yeeyee
American Hero
ladies and gentlwman I present to you the kind of people that will vote for trump. ps I dont hate rednecks I love em if they are the kind that have common sense
Andy Ferro
I want to be a redneck..., Murica f yeah.
Antisocial Unicorn
6:13 yep that's Alabama for ya 👍
3:57 \
These are the people who are going to choose our next president. And the ones who are responsible for our current congress. Let that sink in....
Bilbo Bagins
6:52 how is that in any way a good idea
Billy Meehan
Donald trump supporters
Brian Park
6:50 did they really just do that ...
Cas Demeulenaere
Uncle Billy what are you doing here?!
Chris S
Chris Shotwell
And these people are allowed to vote.
Clorox Bleach
these are the people who want you to vote for Trump.
Corin is Boring
The Master Race in all its glory
Where is trevor
Dailey Duro
Our founding fathers would've been proud
Danillo Fleetwood
*The definition of white trash in one video! Lmao*
Dat beluga
Guessing there could be a edgy comment below me
Edgar Allan Poe
I live in Tennessee. Loads of these people out here. I blame meth, alcohol, and inbreeding. Lol
Emily Ann
While with their lifestyle, it's never a dull day, I feel glad I have mine the way it is. Makes me feel lucky I won't likely get hurt like them
Natural selection has deserted us...
Ezra Docks
Fatal Phenom
Rednecks aren't the smartest people but they sure have fun
4:43 that laugh tho
This is what makes rednecks awesome. They actually do cool stuff instead of sit inside all day on their phones.
i love how at 6:52 they hardly hit the ball
Gevieve Thibault
understand why Trump get elected, god bless America 😂\n...
Gregory Baker
Hmm... Darwin was right, only the smart survive.
Haki Terror
1:12 oh look my son died , better revive him with some beer
When the cyborg-laser-communist- North Korean- alien army invade, America’s military will save us.
Homo sapiens TV
So this is where the US army recruit it's soldiers!?
The guy who shouted “ABORT!” at the end. Looool
Jaime Gandarilla
Owning a property with open spaces makes you a redneck?
James Atkinson
Millions of years of evolution for... This... What a world!
James Savik
When I see stuff like this, my training as a medic and belief in natural selection are in serious conflict.
Janco van der Westhuizen
Those rodeo machines are built to make people fall off of them. So technically falling off of one is less of a fail than not actually falling
Jonah Werbelow
2:07 dab to the haters
JulieG Vlogs
I found my ancestors
Kaust Shroff
This is why I pursue higher education
Kelly H
All this does is prove creationists beliefs.\nIf Darwin's theory was true every single one of these people would be dead or not allowed into the gene pool by this point. Lol
1:50... that's what you get for animal cruelty...
Lisa Jacobs
I'll bet most of them are from central Florida. Nothing smart comes from there...
trump people
Lobo Extranjero
Hold my beer and watch this
This is why I love Americans. Crazy bastards.
Matt LG
Just because rednecks have a very \
Max Boucher
Definition of Redneck: To live without any understanding of physics.
Michel Charbonnier
You have to love the Americans.\nYes, they are primitive, but they make a great show out of anything.\nThey could have two fat men having a contest of playing marbles and they could still get 100k people to come and watch and have a good time.
Mizz Kizah
I like how almost every commenter acts like they have never done a stupid thing in their life. I did a lot of crazy stuff growing up. Yeah looking back on it, it probably wasn't the best idea, but at least I have stories to tell my kids. Lol
At least they died doing what they loved. No beer was hurt during this filming.
Pistol 8 Kev
Thank you, I now know who to bomb next
Robbo Roberts
Say what you want about rednecks but at least they know how to have fun aha
Robert Rosson
At least us Red Necks know how to have fun on any day it's better than sitting around gossiping about b's that doesn't matter so just don't make fun of us red necks at least we make y'all laugh
Rusty Nugget
6:51 definitely the most redneck thing in this vid
Rusty Shackleford
Ryan Henry
6:52 Nobody involved in this scenario deserves to be alive.
Scott Tanner
These people are the reason Trump is President!
Sean Harrison
If you attempt any of what u saw on screen, you might be a redneck!
It's amazing there were enough of these a**holes still alive to elect the fascist.
Slayer Tip
Hey look... Its Americans doing their thing... Failing :D
Slightly Insane
This is the kind of shit that makes me sad to be American
Sumeet S
Look at all the \
Tali Sparta
And we now know why the south lost the war... xD
The Emerald Men Official
Actual footage of Trump supporters.
The hungry shark series With Sisco
Welcome to the south.
This is America!
Thomas Mobley
Saw it on the youtubes, over at the walmarts.
Toa Matoro
As stupid as some of these people might be, at least they actually get out of the house and do exciting things rather than sit inside on their smartphones every day.
And you go straight down
Wesley Erwin
Yeah that wasn't the first time this has happened
Wesley Miller
These people give America it's bad name.
So is this how the south passes the time between welfare checks and mcdonalds visits?\n\n\n\n\n....I'm seriously asking.
Wyatt Tuengel
I have done everything on this list at least once and damn i am proud to be a Redneck and dammer proud to be an American USA! USA!
YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX
If somebody breaks in to your house and tapes ur hands, all u have to do to free yourself is bring your hands down like this!! 😂😂😂
big al 64
the first guy crashed his house
that deer had hands 1:41
Now I know why they are voting for trump!
casey spacey
Go to college, kids!
The best part is, they didn't lose any IQ points! You can't subtract from zero.
jacob frecke
They all look like they happened in the same backyard.
You can see Walking Dead Carl at 2:37 CARRRRRLLLL
moo moo
I love Rednecks, they have such fun being dumb sometimes.
riot lion
Their all probably one big family
sasha unknown
subscribe to die instantly
5:03 I know that kid on that thing!
the dancing dog
Don't try this at home
1:40 had me dying 😂
w for w
and people say immigrants are ruining america.. smh
Watching this two days after Earth day and I'm like \