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I ate my Diamond Play Button 3 different ways! SUBSCRIBE ► Diamond Play Button Mold?xoxo Ro

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A Rlife
I like milk chocolate
I like white chocolate
I subscribed your channel when you had some thousand subs and i see your channel growing rapidly . Keep it up
I was with u since your first vedio! Im so proud to see my little pea grow up! Me and my sis are absolutely obsessed!!!
A_ Giaccone
Your pretty
Alex Cruz
Milk chocolate
Alexa Serverius
I love all chocolates!! You name one, I love it
Amani Shaqeel
I love milk and dark chocolate but I'd say milk!
Ava Leibel
Ro your shirt is so cute💖💖👏🏻😍☺️
BellaBlogs AndChallenges
Betty Acevedo
Please collab with Mark again like the old days like if you agree
Bun Bun Productions
Dark chocolate 🍫 I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE 🍫 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫like if you love dark chocolate
Camille Coopersmith
Candy koala
Collab with Liza koshy!!!
Carlos Hernandez
Milk chocolate
Catherine Bolsch
do a video with markiplier thumbs up if you want MORE MARK!!!
Christina Marie
WHO ELSE GETS SO EXCITED WHEN RO UPLOADS?! she always makes me want to work harder on my channel! ❤️
Cringeee Sisters
Dark Chocolate
Dakotah Skye
I like milk 🥛 chocolate 🍫 \nLike👍🏼 this comment if you agree
Daughter of Poseidon
Imma white chocolate gal
Deanna Asmar
i like all chocolate
Dev JB
Misleading. It's a cake *not a play button.* \nI recommend you eat the play button , correct the title or else you're just another click bait troll trying to get 10 million subs.
13 minutes why
Eden Gray
DARK CHOCOLATE 🍫 IS MY FAVE!! \nBtw can you do a cooking/ baking tv show on Netflix?
Element Eliza
Dark chocolate
Elianna Sanchez
I like milk chocolate a little bit better than dark chocolate
Elizabeth Peacock
Evita Brenchley
I luv ur nerdie nummies spatula 😍💕
Faith Hope
Damn Ro! #1 on trending! 😂😂
Am I the only one who thought she was actually gonna eat her diamond play button\nWow I’m dumb;-;
Gacha Alexis
Congrats on diamond play button hun!!💎😜🎉🎀🎈🎀🎉😜💎
Gacha Sunshine
Milk chocolate mmm yummy IS THAT RO'S FOOD CAN I HAVE IT?!? ITS SO BIG AND TASTY
0:25 now the title makes sense... you scared me there for a little, I thought you were going to become the weird part of YouTube
Golden Bacon
Omg I didn't realize before, but Ro and Cookie were matching
Googly Mason
Omg I’m in love with cookie 🍪 😍 🐶
Gorilla Ma'am
You look super short caompared to the camera person
Harmless Taco
Now you can bring Mark back and show him YOUR diamond play button! 😂🤣
Harper Ubl
You should have made a big cookie 🍪
James King
I like white chocolate more 😂
Jay Uy
I like milk chocolate but 2 years ago I LOVED dark chocolate
Jezabell Gutierrez
Milk chocolate
Jimin ChimChim
You should make a Cookie or a Cupcake version of Cookie * your cute lil pup *\nI love DARK CHOCOLATE TOO, who here loves it too or is it just me and Ro
Kaitlin Kal Lee
Well I don’t think anyone else has done this before 🤔😆❤️
Kawaii cupcake
This is my opinion no offense to people who like dark chocolate I just really like milk chocolate
Keira Chris Casapao
8:09 Look at Cookie. She freaked out xD\nEdit: awww no gummy play button :(\nAlso white chocolate is my favourite\nHow bout you guys?
Kyla Reimer
I like dark chocolate! 😊 Milk chocolate is good but it hurts my stomach if I have to much. 😊
I used to add strawberry soap into water into my cup and then just throw it away after looking super amused by it...*slaps forehead* Why?!
Lexy Culshaw
I love your videos and I love you and your videos make me happy when I am sad
Lillian Delfs
Little Foxy
You won’t read this comment but...\nU r such an inspiration \nUr beautiful \nBest baker \nPrettiest YouTuber\nKind \nSweet personality
Lizzie B
Plz collab with Liza Koshy or Collins Key. (Or both!)
Luciano Gilberto Costa
Lydia Hickle
I love you dog, and you videos Ro!!!! Like this is you agree!
Lydia Kadis
Wen you took a bite I got goosebumps
Mags Wilson
You should make a diamond 💎 play button cake stack
Majid Shaikh
Make a cookie play button
MamaPiggy TPPCM
Maria Gogova
I would like to see you do a mirror diamond button cake - a silvery one, like the button... and do a side by side spot the difference :)! That would be amazing!
Miriam Dancer
Molly Mockster
Is it bad that she could live in her freezer?!?
Mr. Cold
Can you make a macaron cake??
Mrs. Mendes
My Name Is Pinkie Pie
I Love Milk Chocolate Better! 🍫
Nicholas Lee
This is what Jenna marbles needed to make Kermit a bed out of soap
Nikita The Troublemaker
Not being rude Rosanna is so little that even camera man can barely show her face when she stood up
Perla AllendeMedina
Can you please make something diamond play button themed with mark? I really want to see his face when he sees it. :3 you’re the best Ro!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOh and that thumbnail... :3 love it\n\n\n\nEdit: OMG THIS IS #2 ON TRENDING!!!!!! CONGRATS RO!!!!!!!! :D ( it was obviously the super normal, funny, and #Rodiculous thumbnail)\n\nEdit 2: 1RST!!!!!! On TRENDING!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!
Rainbow Girlz
Now you and Markiplier can be Dimaond Play Button Buddies!!!
How do you stay so fit? If I had a baking channel I would literally eat the entire cake after making it 😂
Rosanna Pansino
I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕
Sadia Latif
I like milk chocolate
Science Girl 50,000
Is the diamond play button made of real diamonds and if no tell Miranda Sings that there is no diamonds in the play button and make more of these and sell the molds!
Sharon O'Dowd
Sonia Chavez
Sunny Days
You should do a jello diamond playbutton!!
Swidelle pagay
Love u\nAll the best \nDon't stop making videos even if you have haters \n, 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Terri Dierkes
I love your vids ps Im paige
The Fiadochi Aardvark
I have no shame that I just baked an entire cake (and ate half of it!) for breakfast because this video made me crave cake. No regrets :)
Time to be FABULOUS
u should make a diamond play button pizza like if u agree
Ty Bain
I used to be a milk chocolate kid when I was younger, but now that I don't do dairy anymore, I'm a strictly dark chocolate kinda guy. I actually wish it were easier to buy dairy-free, milk chocolate candy bars and things like that, especially with things like almond milk and coconut milk being so huge these days. You'd think a coconut milk chocolate bar would be a huge thing since coconut and chocolate is amazing, and maybe it is a thing somewhere. I've never seen it.
Tyler Reese Hausfeld
First vid I watched was the Fondue Challenge!!!
Whatever Time
Milk chocolate
Xxdani briezy
Love milk chocolate 💛🍫
Yara Lugtenberg
I immediatly thought of mark😂
Zoya Zahid
I haven't eat white chocolate
blaa bla
Do a cheese one
WOW, 10M subs and I never heard of you until today.
human trash
Ok how high did she get this time to come up with this video
lil Cookie
love yourself
I was so confused from the title
*dies of mineral poisoning*
zack parsley
She has to be one of the most adorable human beings ever!
Ñöthîñg Häppêñd
1:10 read the hashtag \
Екатерина Петро́вна Замоло́дчикова
shes so smol x3
•Keziah Toledo•
Hey ro!I wish you can make a play button with melted MILK chocolate and cover it with silver edible dust😊\nLike if you agree😊\nEDIT:Im one of you're biggest fann!!!