Dean Martin Caterina Valente - One Note Samba

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Alexander Link
hahaaaaaaaaa 1:49 BA and Thats enough is just very very very very adorable )))))
Очень мило, спасибо.
Aris Liepins
An excellent performance. Great singers and great actors.
Asli Alkis
Every time i watch this, it makes my day :) Dean Martin is so funny guy!
Bjørn Gammelgaard
Oh my, she is SO adorable! :-)
Brad Clawsie
No angst, no cynicism...just two incredibly talented people having a great time. No one today can improvise...everything has to be pre-recorded. Would love to see a re-emergence of great, spontaneous dynamic talent like this again in a new generation but I'm not getting my hopes up.
Caio José Smaha Zubek
Oh bloody hell, this is amazing, my favorite singer of all time singing one of our best musical styles. Dean Martin is amazing!
Carlos Clavelo
Caterina hat die Musik im Blut
Carlos Younes
Artista, cantora, mulher unicamente fantástica... :)*
Cesare Rossetti
grandissima Caterina!!!!
Wow... two amazing Italians playing Brasilian.. result is such a lovely chemistry...
Chris Capaldo
When people had talent on TV😎
Christa Berlin
Ich liebe dieses Video - die sind beide so süß - I like it!!\ndanke für's Einstellen - thank you
First rate. I grew up with 60s TV; we just took it for granted -- so happy to see it again before I depart because there was a time I thought it was lost for ever. Love the way that having orchestration chimed in...oh to have that on call.
Das López
She's awesome, and hot.
Dean Martin
caterina is a genius...i put her brilliant talent up there with all of the greats...she is that her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP Deano!!
Don Schenck
We gave up this for \
Dr. Carr
no other like dean martin
Duke Feist
I met and interviewed Caterina in SF at the Fairmont Hotel...Her suite in fact....for my radio station KCSM...San Mateo....She was so nice and accomidating to me. As I recall she spoke and sang in several languages...I love seeing this, she was so much fun to talk to...
Ernst Kopica
Great stuff!
Farid Ganem
OMG, this is pure gold. I love bossa nova and i love it even more after hearing this beauty, cute and nice lady. I hope she continues doing this at 86 years old.\nWhat a great class and glamour just with a guitar and their voices.
Franco Tiratore
What an amazing talent she is, ciao Caterina!
Gefletschtes Gebiß
No easy tune and no easy chords.\nAnd portugais is also not easy for italo- americans.
George Martin
she is a HUGE
George Vreeland Hill
Because of YouTube, I can live in the past.
Golden Lady
Hai Nguyen
back when music was amazing and fun at the same time!
Hannu Kitinoja
This was so good,just human,no fake,\nt.hannu
Amazing! Thanks for posting. Which year was that, please?
Jennifer Murdock
Oh my God, I think I just died. This is TOO CUTE!!
Jim Griffin
Caterina Valente was one of the most gifted and professional artists we ever had visiting this country. What a jewel - she could brighten a dark room by just walking into it.....hard, if not impossible to find this kind if sensitivity and ability to play and sing at this level nowadays.
Joanna Mroczek
Super Caterina
Jorge Miranda
Brazil \u003c3 Belissimo
Joseph Bailey
José Frajtag
As brincadeiras estragaram a musica!
João Pedro Vale
Viva! Brazil... bossa nova.
Kaarlo Suotamo
She is gifted talented lovely in everyway. No wonder she has been so popular.
Kari Sinkko
Katrina McIntyre
September 15, 2018: I was named after Caterina by my dad, Fermin L. Pacheco Jr. I was born on October 17, 1956 in Albuquerque at St. Joseph Hospital. Dad was charmed by her beauty and multilingual talents. Thanks Daddy. xoxo
Kim Taylor
The charm is in how unscripted and real this is... lovely!
Len Hummel
Two wonderful talents. Dean was maybe, JUST MAYBE the most handsome man that ever lived, ... and cool as COOL ever gets.
Luc Clymans
Thanks a lot - Danke schön
Lucky Luke
So funny and charming!!\nThis lady was amazing too. \n\nThey don’t come like Dean now a days anymore. Nothing but clowns todays.
Manuel Bassanelli
Wonderful from the first second of this video. \nOnly winners here...
Marco Valois
I play Bossa Nova and there are lots of restaurants and bars that get together ppl around the tables singing cheerfully this traditional Brazilian kind of music. Gratulations for the Americans singing \
Marianne Yang
she is soooo cute
Mark vüller
Einfach nur Wunderbar
Mike DiMatteo
Caterina's charisma just jumps off the screen. WOW.
I'll say this: It's a good thing that a guitar was between the two of them. HaHAAAAAAA. Dean looks smitten with her and the sexy little transparent outfit.
Mond Mann
love it, simple entertainment without any explosion cgi etc!
What fun :)
This video has left me with an ear to ear grin :D
No More
She's a class act.
NoFap 365
This act in 2018 & this man would be sued for sexism.
Good Heavens nobody could be funnier than Dean Martin. But then sense of humor has changed a lot. Jokes nor is crude, dirty and insults.
If men sat next to a female like this in 2018, he would be thrown in jail for sexual assault. That is how low we have fallen as a society.
Paul Howard
Why am I only finding out about her now?!
Peyton Stafford
A magical performance! A magical duo!
Round Table Records
When men were men and women were women. Class!
Sabine Wussow
Klasse die zwei !
Sarah Homeh
Wow. She is great.
Skip Rope
TY Great MEMORIES. Great clean FUN!
Stacey Riley Artist
Who would give this a thumbs down? It's fantastic!
Two funny, and talented people
Tahir Oğuz PEKBAY
Superb....both are great....
Telling the Truth
Love Caterina.... beautifull talented lady.....
Tragic reflection on our present culture that over 700 \
When TV was good.
Valter Nunes
Essa Catarina é fantástica.
Victor Eijkhout
That was just absolutely delightful!
Vinícius Dórea
The way they look at each other!!! oh! I need that in my life
W. Blueman
Caterina is an amazing talent. 
charly sanglard
That's the power of Dean's insistance on not rehearsing too much.  Rehearsing kills spontenaity, and Dean recognized that spontenaity, including mistakes, gave life to an act.
he is so charming!!!!!
Why You're Welcome :)
wow, that stage chemistry they had got me smiling throughout the video! ;v;
Dean never rehearsed for show. It was written into his contract (he didn't think they'd agree to it - they did).  This is all first take as it happened
Great moment of musical and personal understanding. The way they look at each other with a telling twinkle in their eyes says it all. It is clear to me why she is sometimes called \
I'm grateful that she was so fluent in English that there was no hesitation or discomfort on her part, dealing with Dean being unpredictable. The results are hilarious.
jay w
Back when people who performed had talent.
1:30 Eis aqui este sambinha feito numa nota só\nOutras notas vão entrar, mas a base é uma só\nEsta outra é conseqüência do que acabo de dizer\nComo eu sou a conseqüência inevitável de você\n\nQuanta gente existe por aí que fala tanto e não diz nada\nOu quase nada\nJá me utilizei de toda a escala e no final não sobrou nada\nNão deu em nada\n\nE voltei pra minha nota como eu volto pra você\nVou contar com uma nota como eu gosto de você\nE quem quer todas as notas: ré, mi, fá, sol, lá, si, dó\nFica sempre sem nenhuma, fica numa nota só
lemon liquorice
this is my first time seeing her, and she is soo charming
louise roman
She's movin' out on that guitar. Great player.
marco santi santos
I'm from Brazil and it was so nice to hear them sing Bossa Nova. Even in Brazil, country of Bossa Nova we almost don't hear anymore. It's a pity!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bossa Nova
great chemistry! her phrasing is phantastic
And everything is absolute LIVE...just great!
mc bba
Trop forts tous les deux
Great bossa...what a great voice, Ms. Valente...charming....
You can hear Mr. Martin say \
I don’t think she realised how good and natural she really was.
Great!!! Never knew that Catherina plays Guitar so well!!! Nie gewusst dass die Catherina so gut Gitarre spielt!
Игорь Соколов
Dean Martin!
Эдуард Мхитарян
славные 60-е...