BGC9 - Mehgan Vs Rima Falen

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#NatureLover saul
This video should be in MOST SATISFYING VIDEO CATAGORY 😂😂😂\nM so glad fallen finally got beaten up..\nGood job Megan😗😗😗
5starMommy Greer
I hope her grandma backhanded her when she got home for hanginh up on her.😒\nI know mine would have-God rest her soul...
Adoree Nya
Falen looks like a dirty drunk hooker gurl😂
Aisha Marcano
They got they ass whooped 😂
Alayshia Ross
Bring bgc back out
Alexie Felix
Rims tried to use Falen as a shield 💀💀💀
Amanda King
idk why this is SOOOO funny to me! i dont really care too much for meghan but that face she had after, the way that producer pushed julie and how she lied to that same producer had me crackin tf up!
Meghan went ape shit ham on them😩 and then sat there quietly like nothing happened 😂😂😂 #AquariusShit PERIOD!
Ben Padron
So, not going to lie, at first I hated Meghan (hated Julie and Falen even more). I was originally team Rima cause I felt bad for her and everyone picking on her.... then I saw why. Christina was my original fave, so when Rima started fighting with her, I stopped liking Rima. Also the way Rima did Ashley, and befriended Julie and Falen was fake af. So once Meghan was a lone wolf, I kinda started liking her.... then she beat Falen and Rimas ass... then I LOVED her. Meghan took them both on! I have the utmost respect for her 😘
C A Mafia
its sad how they couldnt handle one girl but instead two got beat by one :D
Dayummmm.....Megan be serving those hands with a side order of bangs✊🏻😁got my respect
Mehgan about it like she whoop both there asses
D G.
The only reason Julie talks\n shit because she has the squad to help her beat peeps
Falen and Julie took the biggest L's of the whole season , Falen was so mad she got her ass whooped! haha
Da' Queen
Meghan whoop y'all asses bruh Meghan aint no scared of yall
Dior Richburg
is it just me or did Megan just lie on them and also Megan beat the heck out of them
Faith Williams
She beat they ass ha
Georgia Thang
Blondie said \
HelenaRose Fale
this is the most violent fight ever! I LOVE IT! but i wanna know why blondie was upset because shes the weak link in the \
Jaden Gibson
She choose to leave
James Martin
Meghan won
James mcneil
Megan beat both of their damn asses
Janiya Ford
Megan got hands
Jasmynn M
lmao they’re so frustrated they cant hit her back lmao
Kadia Fulani
Meghan’s finger always bleeding lol
Kamron Washington
Zuly was suppose to be neutral
Julie deserved everything she got at the reunion!!
Kash Lia
But when the reunion came Julie, Rima nor Falen didn't have all that mouth or even beat up Mehgan like they said 😂.
Katrina Loera
Omg she was THROWING those hits like hammers ....ouch
Keemz 876
The baddest fight of this entire season !!!
Kensley Williford
Meghan went home on purpose and beat all yalls asses so she my favorite 🤷🏽❤😈
Kourtney Rush
Ok kourtney
Leisel Nicholls
Ever since I saw Meghan beat two girls I knew she was my favorite bad girl and she would go down in history
Life Of Mari
Meghan won even when she got jumped
Lucy Atkinson
I love how she was just sitting there over it after the fight like yeah I fought y’all hoes but she was just sitting there unbothered while they was all heated
Lul Glo
Megan whooped all Dey weak ahh 🤣
Lumaria Arduex
I love how Meghan sat down and was unbothered while the rest of them were having a meltdown 😂
I'm Andrea during this fight.
Madison Harris
Falen can’t fight to save her life, who was screaming and why is everyone screaming.
Maya XoXo
all the girls expect for meghan liked to talk the talk but couldn't fight the fight but meghan on the other hand talked the talk and fought the fight
Mel4Real4Life Lol
I love how Andrea was just smiling and laughing at Rima and falen in the hallway when Mehgan was beating their asses...
Moesha Smothers
Meghan Got Them Hands Boiiiiiiiiiiiii She Knock That Hat Off Falen's Head
Myla Rochester
In all actuality , Falen did swing .. she called herself tryna break it up .. lies 😂😂😂
they was talking all that shit in the confessionals and didn’t do shit at the reunion💀
Nadia Daley
Yes sis pulled up her shorts
Nanda Duarte
Nongi Tutavake
omg drama drama lol
That's what Falen gets fot talking shit in the car
Pegsue Something
hey y'all want to know why Megan had to talk to her grandma instead of her mama on the phone... Cuz her mama been honest before her mama named CHAR I know ya'll seen her... LOL
Penelope Harvey
They couldn't handle her on BGC or BASKETBALL WIVES
Recherra Tyler
Lol Meghan just sat there like nothing happened. Lol wow
Roni Caquias
Meghan goes hard! Did you see those 👀 when they sat her down?
Roshonda Bingham
Megan has hand like a tiger
Sandra Pasillas
That's the way to be a bad girl, Meghan did us all a favor. Those PAB's were pathetic.
Shady Huh?
I love how she used rima as a human shield against fallen
Shawnee Reed
LMAO @ how she just sat there calmly after beatin their asses...that's how you get it done
Shawty Lo
Meghan beat both of them at the same time....bahhahahaha
Siere DelHoe
Falen ass looked like she was drowning
Simply Isha
Falen is screaming but Rima chill
Sooo Happy
How did u BITCHES get jumped by one person????😂😂🤔
Spicy Mami
Meghan won
Stephanie Higgins
Meghan she's a savage.
Syriea Jordan
They just mad cause they got whooped and Julie just all talk no hands.. she can get beat up by a lamppost
T Empire
She Drew blood from them hoes 😂😂💪💪
Tamu Malone
Everyone saying sneak attack no her and Rima fought earlier...she should've popped Falen too at the beach🤕👊she got her😂😂😂
Tanayshia Funhouse
After the fight Megan was chillen
Tapanga Josephine
I like Fallon but she can't fight for shit
Tasha Bryant
You'll mad cause she beat you'll all up 1 person beat all you up
Tay&DHen ENT
Meghan can not fight lmao y’all hyped this girl up .. she grabbed a girl from behind .. like a weak person would. She was swinging mad slow 🤦🏽\u200d♀️ and fallen was in the way Rima couldn’t even try cus her butt was all in the way.
Tev O
I still wonder was fighting them supposed to be Meghan's \
Tracy Grant
Look at 2:45 Fallen always protests that she was trying to break up the fight but she is clearly swinging at Meghan when she's dealing with Rima
Tuere Kemp
Megan and that blank stare. She is not even flinching
And now I see why Meghan also beat up Megan trainor aka blondie aka Fat Amy aka Trashley bc she was yelling shit in the hallway with Rima & Falen when she wasn't even involved in the fight.
Wayne Eaddy
Zuly was so damn fake she didn't have no beef with Meghan but she was giving her the silent treatment like everyone else and she watched andrea get jumped and she didn't do shit
X.Sapphire AnimeLover.X
That fight was so satisfying to watch!
Your local Troll
I wish mehgan and Andrea were cool... Imagine if this was going on and at the same time Andrea went to beat Julie ass? That would've been everything!
Y’all say whatever you have about Meghan but she beat all of y’all
Zeus Monroe
2:53 the man doing the recording trys to stop the fight but then goea back to recording this TV GOLD moment ahahahahahhahahhaha hope he got a raise 😂👍😎
Zuri Mendoza
I get off a little everytime I watch this fight 😥😂😂😂😂
ashley nichols
Killed two hoes with one fist classic
damien breitsprecher
One of the most iconic ass beatings in bgc history
front desk
I don't know Tami might would of gave her a run for her money Tamie fight like a dude
jewls fantastic
How calm Megan set down afterwards 😅😆😅😆😅😆 lol #trufighter
kay breeze
Megan has those crooked eyes like most murderers. Lmao
Meghan's whole disposition after laying Falen and Rima out was priceless. I love the way she handles and carries herself
kortni Nation
Meaghan was sitting there like i did what i did now yall mad
They mad they got whooped
oprah pierre
She literally just rocked 2 hoes and then sat down like she was waiting for the bus 😭😭😭😭😭 yezzzz love it
Rima in confessional, talking about how she beat up Meghan had me laughing
pooh thomas
I Love Megan 💜 She Sat Pretty & UNBOTHERED 💯😎
queenshellypretty Maze
1st to like
shade all day
one of meghan's BEST fights in BGC history and she handled both of them hoes
I love how Andrea goes in there just to see the fight she doesn’t try to seperate them or anything hahahaha
tatto guerrero
Quisiera poder ver este programa
techtv queen
The deserved tht she beat 2 girls a** at the same time congrats to her
xxLove1xx xxlove1xx
Seriously like when Falen fights it’s so funny😂