9 Cars With Extreme Big Engines

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8 year old
Some younger boys didn't realize what they're seeing here given some childish comments
Adolfo T.
Euro V
Anton Chigurh
0:43 The gates of hell? What does this thing run on? Must be the souls of the damned.
Saw a cool BMW 3 series a while back, not a 320 or 330 or 335, it had a new engine and the badge said it all, 375. Respect was given at the lights.\n(Not in the same league as these guys, but still impressive)
Aryan Khanna
Before watching this video \nUsed to think that Bugatti's have the biggest engines
Beard Wierd
I love the way the Bentley scatters stones with just the exhaust.
Bill Welter
Cant imagine driving a car with such a big engine, so much torque and heavy, on those skinny tires! When me were men!
Bmw Fen
Bob Down
The Fiat Weber.
Bobby Thompson
Oh I enjoyed that!
It's sad that you stop build this long car's. \nIt has the perfect size for a gas turbine and generator .
Claus Winhard
The 'Mormon Meteor' in the video doesn't have the 26L Curtiss Conqueror V12 aircraft engine any longer. It was restored to Duesenberg Special specifications in 1938 (and again in 2004) and today uses the Duesenberg Inline-8 7L engine with 400hp.
That's a thumbs down because the sound sucked.
the 1st is better known as \
Craig Pennington
The Packard Bentley Is King without any doubt.WOW ! Eat This Prius Pukes.
David Hajes
all at least EURO 7 cars :-D
Jay Leno is the man I'm becoming
Ender Kartpak
6.25 music ?
Evil engineering
They say FIATs engines are smal........
no to much HP there , but i like ;)
Ferri Anandri Husen
the engine sound on 0:59 is almost like ww2 aircraft fighter engine.
Fisch Optimal
Das sind Fahrzeuge für Männer und keine E-Autos für Schwuchteln ...
Francesco Orano
This was a usual thing during '30s. A race director of Alfa Romeo pur two engines on an alfa model and Tazio Nuvolari obtained on the launched kilometre. A car able to join over 345 km/h during 30s. Then also other companies did similar records. If you want to sell car you must have a race history or perfromances cars. That's obvoius for every seriuos cars builder.
Frank Mazzone
i have an subaru inpreza wrx sti
I don't really want a car that has to be extinguished constantly!
Government LAB
not fast, but sound is...
Gussy Rikh
Very interesting
Hendri Syah
Your neighbour will be love it 😂
Hillbilly Scrap Magnet
Where's the Tarquin Shelptington Rhubarb Dandy with its 97 3/5 litre X11 1 stroke airship engine and a clutch operated by a velvet bell pull behind the drivers sofa??!! Great video. Big respect to the builders and drivers for not even remotely acknowledging the imaginationless eunuchs of global health and safety.
This was awesome !
Ian Vital
is the fiat has natural delayed timing
Jane Cowling
Yes, extremely big enghines.
Jeanette Smart
Jose Casas
Yeeees I hate electric cars
Josef Bereneiter
Super podívaná na vyšperkovaná vozítka ...)
Josef Hartman
Tak nevím,jestli by splnily emise.
Joshua Swart
I counted the exhorsts on the Bentleys 'v12' there's 12 on the side that we can see, so technically its a v24
Krishna Munivenkatappa
Running those engines rich for pops and flames for fun...or learn to tune an engine ya noob
Luca Bettoni
That s76...
Luis_778 [YEAH]
Oof the Rolls Royce
Marco liuo
Marko Hynninen
Kullalahtee ! :-)
Mick Kennedy
2:22 --- Who is the fat idiot driving the Tank Car -- is it Jay Lesbo?
Mitch Thompson
First one runs on coal or something? What are all those sparks. If its a gas engine, MAN thats some serious carbon burn-off or something.
You know it's going to be fun when starting your car involves a fire extinguisher.
Ogrgels Lair
those who not value air
Paco Cruz Molina
Es alucinante, que bonito👍
Paul Davis
I'd love to have something like this for today's eco friendly sjw millennials and drive through a city on Monday morning,melt the little cars in traffic and smoke everyone out 😎
I am not impressed. Might as well sit on the engine with 4 wheels bollted to the crankcase and transmission. It it is barely powerful to haul itself around who needs it.
Sam Fosdick
ahhh...when men were men and cars were cool...
Shane Norman
Wonderful video !
Snide Pete
Is that Doc Martin I see with the Daracq? At 6:36? Anyone?
TK Commando
Are these the new cars Euro 7 Emissions?
Tech HK Malayalam
@6:15 i think he is going to be take off....
The Real Elvis
Amazing that modern engines below 4 liters can produce more power
The Young Rail Enthusiast
no. why not the napier railton, it's a car with a plane engine!
Thunder Pie
at least all those rich cunts are good for one thing
Tony Davies
Love to hear that fiat on a cold morning
Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん
゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。Very good
Vehicles Eyes TV
Awesome cars!
Victor Brantsen
Super video, great research, thank you, very surprising to me. I did not know some of these cars ever existed......and still do exist.
Victoria Delegate
Given global warming and the CO2 destruction of the seas via CO2 in the air blending and killing the phytoplankton we need for air to breathe, I just hear \
Youngone1534 Young
Death on wheels.
an 147
Brutus is not a suitable name for a BMW.
Mostly aero engines.
bo2web as
Petrol ocean symphony for wealthy grey hair people !
bull shieet
They are not big\nBecause previously people can't make a V engines
@ 6:36.. If you can afford that car, could't you at least afford to build a trailer that could haul it without the dodgy planking?
did all these old cars missfire, pop and bang when new? Or is it our low octain fuel?
f c
You know your engine is too big if your car rolls over when revving in neutral.
Just awesome, thanks'
Miles per gallon ... no ... gallons per mile.
hiroshi kangaroo
old monster was here.
BIG cars with BIG engines with NARROW tires and CHAIN driven \
juraj okasa
no pratt and whitney double wasp R-1800 car here so nope ....dont like this but no thumbs down for this tho
mark smith
no v16's then ?
That is the wrong Mormon Meteor. The one pictured in this video has a Duesenberg engine of 400 some cubes, inline eight. A great engine. The other Mormon Metor with the big engine has A  Curtis Conqueror engine and is based out of Utah after a recent restoration.
Noisy smokey top heavy dangerous monstrosities
3:15 47 liter engine... cars these days barely have a fuel tank that big
1:25 driver looks Jamie Huneman
Валерий Владимирович
Пиздец пипилацы...
5:30 this car just like Benz silver concept