Easy Italian 4 - Benvenuti a Lucca

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Learn Italian with Easy Italian: Tony is asking locals about the city of Lucca!► SUBSCRIBE TO EASY LANGUAGES:Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.Hosts and producer of this episode: Anthony Lesbros

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Wow! i didn't know that he makes videos in italian too :3
Abraham Alvarez
More videos please. More Italian videos, please.
FINALLY! Another Italian video! Grazie mille!
Anna Zhilina
Finally :) I've been waiting for another Easy Italian episode, thank you
Asuna Yuki
there should be some italian boy or girl talking in this video with people, it's not fair like that with that french boy :-(
Brooke Halaby
Hi guys, what is the difference between 'cui e dove', do they mean the same?
Clay Kim
I'm very impressed by your Italian. You are very fluent. \nI am learning both French and Italian. You do sound like you're native to French, and not in Italian which is good, since my French and Italian will sound like neither. :P \nI'm Korean btw.
Cory Jamal Andriani-Williams
shouldn't it be \
David Gasparean
Intervista gli italiani in Monaco, sarebbe molto interessante. Grazie per tutti i video in italiano
Easy French _ Anthony
Hi folks! It's been a while since the last Easy Italian episode! :)\n\nYou know, we don't have official hosts for Easy Italian yet. So we took some time during our holiday with my friend Marie to make a bunch of Easy French episodes (that aren't yet available), and we also made two Easy Italian episodes in Lucca.\n\nThis is the first one of them! :) I'm pretty happy to have made this episode because Tuscany is truly a great place to go to. Anyway, just to mention that I'm French and not Italian, but I love this country, its culture and many many things there, and that's the reason why I want to make Easy Italian sometimes. So, yes, it's not going to be 100% perfect because I'm not native but i mean, you look at these episodes for the people interviewed, not for me! :)\n\nEnjoy this episode and comment if you want, because I want to answer comments and I'll do it soon in video! :)
Eiva L'uscita
molto bene molto divertante.grazie
Emily FBH
Fan Of
bon giorno
Gustavo R. Delascio
omg italian is soooo beautiful! I am italian on my mother's side but I dont know a thing in italian. Instead I learn german hahaha I am the worst. But someday I will learn you italian!!
Huggy Bear
Can someone please explain why \
A quanto pare non tutti gli italiani sanno usare il congiuntivo hahah (mi riferisco al minuto 0:29)
Jiří Zábrš
Are you guys planning on making other Easy Italian videos?? theyre pretty good and helpful when learning italian
Lillo's World
FINALLY! Finally Easy Italian!
Lucca Victorelli
Lulu Z
Grazie mille!
Mario Amabili
I'm Italian and despite being few mistakes in the videos, I think you speak very well. Hence, this video is useful in terms of learning. Well done and keep it up, man! Good luck to all the learners. Ciao ciao
Me & That Nigga And Him
2:13 wtf that guy says long time
Why does the first guy not use the subjunctive when he's talking about Lucca at 0:30. Why isn't is \
Nathan Hofmann
The french boy speaking italian! Very powerful
Nathan McKenzie
Molto grazie Easy Italian !!!
Ngoại ngữ Bình Tân Anh Hoa Nhật Hàn Thái 0908890881
Maybe Italian men are the most handsome in the world
Nicole Faker
me gusta Lucca mucho!!!
Nihat B
The young couple at 1:14, what part of Italy were they from ?
Norbert Simon
Salve. Mi piace molto Lucca. Sono stato a Lucca. Questa città è molto bella. Le torri sono molto meravigliosi. La pizza è buonissima. Mi piacciono i gelati.
Quinntin Cappa
Can you do an episode in Napoli. That's where my dad is from and I've been once and i was too young to remember! yikes.
Roho BoK
Fluent in English and Italian!\n\nI had no idea :) \n\nAny other languages you're fluent in, Tony?
Ma ci dovrebbero essere di piu' di puntate italiane!!! Non e' giusto che una lingua cosi bella e popolare sia abbandonata
Steve G
Grazie mille Anthony.Sei meraviglioso!Splendido!!Stammi bene.
J'ai apprécié la petite interruption en français :)
Grazie/thank you for Italian episodes. Will you add more episodes soon?
OMG, thank you so much for italian! :D I hope you keep it up :)
Bel video! :)\np.s: notare la faccia di tony quando il ragazzo gli dice \
christian caprini
Parli molto bene italiano, grande!!!
flavio do quadriciclo
sono nuovo suo canale sono brasiliano
hika light
2:06 I adore these two guys talking about pisa being Luka;s old rivals, soo funny, and luca really is much prettier place, just a personal opinion :))
john vento
This \
Non è così facile per me. Ma sono imparando
Woww Tony tu parles l'italien aussi?? C'est super cool ça! Donc ça fait trois langues que tu parles, c'est génial
picchio olevano
Bravo, parli bene l'Italiano!ciao
Come to Naples and make an easyitalian here ;)
あき あき
aspetta.... puo parlare anche italiano ?!
桐原Maiky マイキ
Me piace italiano