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Dude, theres a difference between funny and sad
**Hollywood Fan**
14:32...Omg sooo cutee
100,000 suscriptores 0 videos?
16:52 LOL
Andrew Wallace
That second one was cruel - it’s back would be so sore after being spun around like that.
Annie and her Fries
Hi nice video
Billy Cobb
Bri Molteni
los vídeos que encierran a los animales en jaulas, los asustan, los tiran de toboganes, los giran, los ponen en el agua o en pozos de tierra, donde ellos estan haciendo algo para salir, y a los demás les causa risa, esta mal, no son vídeos graciosos ver como el animal esta tratando de salir de una situacion y uno no lo ayuda o se rie pensando que es algo gracioso.
Caleb Blackmere
This video is funny
Chicken Nugget
*I couldn’t stop laughing because I didn’t even start*
Don't keep your dog in the back of a truck
Daniel Wallace
3:57 imagine if somehow you didn't notice it there... Awww shit
0:45 So F*cking Irresponsable.
Deathless Soul
4:27 whats funny??
The cat petting the dog was so cute
EintagsFliegen TV Stichting PGMC Amsterdam
there are a lot of single videos i dont like in this compilation. a lot of dog owners dont know how to take care good for a dog -.-
Elizabeth Madrid Covarrubias
2:47 lmao he just takes off all coo..
Elly Aviles
scary not funny
Cuteness overload
Giorgina Nicolettas
Oh my god :( 3:30min, look AT the collar!!! Animal cruelty :((
OMgoodness, this really is a funny video! LMAO!!!!
I am Jiren
Stopped at the dog in the bed of the truck jumping in circles. That's not even a funny situation.
Jacque Webster
Not liking that dog loose in the truck bed
Jax Max
Not funny at all. Cruel videos that should be investigated by the police.
Jeremy Sorber
If Humans hurt them it’s funny right? Why shouldn’t it be also with Pets ?
Jess Smith
At 00:53 it is sooo dangerous
Jessica Ferrari
Half of the people there are insanely mistreating their dogs...\nThat's disturbing to see.
Kandis Glasgow
Dude with your dog untethered in the back of the truck... good way to get your dog killed. Not so much funny as scary.
Karen Bailey
Good grief what are those spikes round those dogs necks! How cruel 😡
Kimberly Mauss
1:13 me whenever I see a cookie
Kova’s Entertainment Channel
8:39 To 8:43 😂😂😂😂😂\n1:41 To 1:52 😂😂😂😂😂
Krishaan Singh
i get that some people dont wanna keep there dogs in there cars cause theyre “dirty” but dont keep them outside ON A MOVING TRUCK
Omg half of these arent funny the dogs are just getting hurt.
Lara Lacey
9:41 me on a Monday morning
Lynda Carlos
how ⭐⭐😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 dog
0:45 - if I could be half that happy.. \n\n(But driver is kind of a dope, traveling 50mph w/ unrestrained dog in bed of truck - gonna get poor pup killed)
Some of these videos are really cute, but some are also just of not very good owners.
Maartje Van Giersbergen
4:16 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Marjolein van der Perk
A dog should not be in such a small kennel.
Martha Banuelos
4:30 when my mom makes my fav food lmao
Matteo Poerio
Every time a watch a compilation like this I laugh, but I also see a few people that shouldn't be allowed to have a dog to begin with
MiQuel Quiles
Dogs are just the greatest animals in the world
Mr. Hyperface
2:04 Poor dog just wants off the trampoline. Lmao
at 7:36 everyone should be aware how dangerous bags can be for dogs. i know someone who recently had their dog suffocate by having a chip bag stuck on its head :(
My Life With A Sister
I love dogs like if you do
Natasha Madsen
0:44 \nomfg, be careful because the dog can jump or \
Who ever locked that Boxer in that tiny cage at 4:30 should be locked up.
Nikki S.
Some in this video... do not deserve the right to own pets.... downright inhumane with some here....
7:52 \
OneOfTheMasses *
4:28...that's just sad. 😔 ...really sad. 😢😭😭😭
Other channel is HimAndI
Mom: \
Oumar Diallo
human are terrible ! keeping animal into closed area to feed their own loneliness !
Paul Charvet
I absolutely dislike the dogs in cages man.
Peter Selie
4:30 is sad to watch, how can you just stand there and film?
4:28 is not funny at all.\nWhy so many dogs into a cage in this video? Is not funny =(\nThe rest is great,but the dogs who become crazy into the cages is no funny at all
Renildo M de A.
odeio gente que faz o cachorro de idiota.
Sagar Saini
Most funny
Sahil Biraris
The dog at 1.7 was too funny
Most was funny, but you lost me when I saw the dog wearing a spike collar Spike collars are cruel. When I see a human wearing one and being pulled around by it like a dog, then I might reconsider.
Sam :D
3:27 look at her collar. That can hurt a dog so bad.
Sangeeta Kaur
I love animals
Do people really think prong collars hurt the dog? 🤔
Shane hall
So many people upset by the truck bed. Here in the south, its one of the first things you teach your dog. Not to jump out of your truck.
I'm sorry...that one with the dog in the truck bed...ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Shiba Player
1:43 sound of R2-D2 XD
Soo Slimy
At 0:47 that’s sooo dangerous for the dog 🐕and at 10:47 it’s also dangerous for the dog 🐕
Susan W Uehara
Dogs are so funny when their so loved and secure.
Tabitha Latour
0:45 an unsecured dog in the back of a truck?? people..
Taylah Sheridan
lol you should put a chain on the dog in the back of the car what if it jumps out
The fluffy husky crew
i saw this my soul is black i am heartless i didn't even smile good vid tho
please don't put your dog in the bed of a truck, it's dangerous for that puppy.
Tom Beatty
At 10:19 your dog could not breathe
Valentina Gallardo
Dude don't take your dog in the back of the truck.. My uncle did this once going to the beach and he crashed. The dog ran away in terror, he never found it.
Victoria Fallon
Some of these are not funny.🙁
Wayne Lee Ramsden
who else was on edge for the dog in the back of the pick up.edit. i turned it off after that your idea of funny isn't the same as mine.
8:27 when I want to walk the dog but she doesn't want to 😂
You are
Some things are super funny, and some things show only human entertainment and ignorance. Maybe I'm a party pooper. Maybe we should learn to coexist with our beloved dogs and learn their ways of expressing themselves.
Zachthemaster 1
Some of them were funny and some were just plain abuse
ame buta
loved them all except those poor dogs in cages. dont have a dog if u cant control it or dont have the time its just cruel.
baam baam
Dog untethered in the back of the truck good way to get your dog killed it is not too funny \nas scary......
brandon faris
im sorry but whenever i see a poor dog in the back of a ute, not tied down, not secured i fell like screaming at the stupid so called owner's. one emergency brake and that poor dog is flying over his owner's car
This video is not funny. Most of it is potential hurtful for the animal. I could not laugh about it
At 4:00 she pulled the dog out of the toilet then let it run into a carpeted room. Yuck.
2:13 omg right when that clip started playing my brother started vacuuming lol
18:52 when you go for a swim and feel something touching your legs
kyla Egan
1:41 lmoa
las soñadoras Calderon
Dale un me gusta si no sabes lo que dise
mischa wolf
Some of these are hilarious, like the guy at the pool with the dog on his back and they fall in. But some of these are not funny at all. Nothing funny about forcing a dog to show his teeth, it's a really bad translation of our understanding of smiling to the dog reason for showing teeth. You can clearly see the unease the dog has with this command. Same goes for the \
olivia Psalms91
I hate dogs in cages. They're not hamsters. I hate hamsters in cages too.
People who crate dogs agains their will should themselves be locked up in a human-proof crate.
tina linnemann
uii ... quite a lot of animal cruelty with it .... ;-(
troy steinhauer
please do not put your dog in your truck bed especially if you have two empty seats in the back
3:22. prong collars are NOT okay to use on your dog, especailly because-- i shouldnt have to explain this-- just search what they do to a dog's neck. they can indent holes and cut into a dog's skin. NOT OKAY LOL SERIOUSLY \nAND 4:49 WHY ARE THEY IN SUCH A SMALL CRATE??? THEY CAN BARLEY TURN AROUND WTF LET IT ROAM IN YOUR HOUSE OMG\nokay. 0:44 you should already see the problem..\nAND PLEASE PUT A HARNESS NOT A COLLAR ON YOUR DOG OOF HUMANE PPL ARE THE BEST PEOPLE
xXCoolGirlXxYT rainbows on my cheek
Why would you let your dog be at the back? What if he jumps off he would get killed like if you agree
Κώστας Λεούσης
4:50 she says I love you ,nice love putting the dogs in a 1x1 m cage