Similarities Between Greek and Persian

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In this video, we compare some of the similarities between Greek and Persian, two ancient Indo-European languages, with one, Greek, being classified as Hellenic, while Persian is classified as a Western Iranian language.For any questions, suggestions or feedback, contact us on Instagram:Shahrzad ( Kimon runs a coffee business, and you can contact him at [email protected] Greek is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, while Persian belongs to the Western Iranian branch. Greek has a written record of over 3,000 years, easily making it the oldest documented Indo-European language. The Greek alphabet, originating from the Phoenician script, was the basis of numerous other scripts, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Coptic, Gothic, and Armenian. The Greek language has virtually impacted other languages in every corner of the world, being an important component of Western civilization, the Christian religion, and the language of some of the fundamental texts of science, astronomy, and mathematics. The Greek language today holds official status in Greece and Cyprus, and is recognized as a minority language in Albania, Armenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Ukraine.The Persian language (Farsi) is also an ancient language which has had a huge amount of impact on other languages and cultures, mainly the Middle East, as well as Central and South Asia. Classified as one of the Western Iranian languages, Persian holds official status is Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Persian has strongly influenced many different languages, including numerous Turkic languages, as well as well as Armenian, Georgian, and many languages in the Indian subcontinent. Persian has a long history of literature and it was notable for being the first language in the Muslim world to break through Arabic's monopoly on writing. The Persian language has also influenced the Arabic language, although the impact of Arabic on Persian has been higher. But the influence of Persian in the Muslim world has been strong since the early days of Islam. It was even established as a court tradition instead of Arabic under many ruling Muslim dynasties.Greeks and Persians have had a long history of contact, dating back to the antiquity when the Persian Empire had control over the modern-day Greece, which they would eventually lose during the Greco-Persian wars. The Persians and Greeks would become enemies and later establish a positive relation since Alexander the Great admired Persian culture and aimed to create a mixture of Greek and Persian culture.

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This greek guy is so interested in language/history
Akku Baba
Mahtab is so cute and lovely. Bahador you are doing a wonderful job here. As an Urdu speaker I can pick up quite a few Farsi words
Alex Vuletich
I feel like I could sit down open up a bottle of ouzo, and talk with that Greek guy for hours and hours
Ansa Hansson
i keep replaying this video because of the Greek man's wide knowledge. i feel Socrates vibes from him, i think i can spend hours talking to him, with a bottle of Ouzo, ofcourse :)
greetings from greece my friends
Antonis Theo'
Im a greekcypriot\nCyprus is greek \nRespect to these guys
Araa Araa
I thought the man was from north of Iran with his sweet accent 😅🥂💐
Ashfaq Khan
Knowledge of Greeks is still enlightening us. 😀
Bahador Alast
The Greco-Persian Wars continue, 2500 years later! Hope you enjoy this week’s episode, and for any questions, suggestions or feedback, please contact us on Instagram since YouTube comments can easily get missed:\nShahrzad (\nBahador (@BahadorAlast):
I love Iran, this country is so full with culture and history, so glad that our people like each other
Όσοι είσται Έλληνες κάντε like 😂😂
πολύ καλή ιδέα για βίντεο με ομοιότητες στις δύο γλώσσες.Tabrik migam!
Black_Wolf GR
Love to Iranians from Greece\nBeautiful country and people
The Ottomans took from Greeks-Persians and Arabs not the opposite!\nThe kefte is from Byzantine Sikofton cutted meat.\nKharbuz-karpuz-καρπούζι «υδροπέπων» ,Hanum e.t.c. Persian\nand lots of Arabic words.
Daniel Shahbazi
I love Greek people, always when I'm in Greece or Cyprus when they understand I'm Persian they seem genuinely happy. I'm a master of the Komboloi 😄
There are more similar words between Greek and Persian. The word “Kano” and “kar” means to do. Also in Greek you have the word “aisthiseis” and “heads” in Farsi which means feelings. Some other words like “Zaketa” in Greek and “zhakat” in Farsi. “Marmaro” in Greek, “marmar” in Farsi meaning marble. “Pente” in Greek, “panj” in Farsi meaning five. “Paizo” in Greek “bazi” in Farsi meaning to play. “Emena” in Greek and “man” in Farsi relating to self.”malon” in Greek “malum” in Farsi showing evident. “Marazi” in Greek, “maraz” in Farsi related to sadness or illness.There are many words that have the same root but over the years the pronunciation has changed.
As a Greek who grew up abroad I learned a lot about my own language here. Very interesting!
Ezudd W.
So much positive vibes. The world needs more of this! Great work! :)
Gabriel Daryscopoulos
Greetings from Guatemala! Best of wishes to you all!
Greek Byzantine Empire
We love Persia from Greece(ancient greece,byzantine empire)
Guillermo Rivas
That Greek guy is a sage! Kudos to him. That Iranian girl is a beauty.
Hakan Ersöz
Nearly all of the words here are similar in Turkish: Kilit (lock), Kilise (church), Bacanak (bacanakis in Greek), Kanun (rules, law), Okyanus (ocean), Turşu (pickles), Portakal (orange), Karpuz (watermelon), Fincan (small coffe cups), Sabun (soap). Great fun watching your videos Bahadır (one of my friends' name by the way :)
Hanna Beit
There is one thing I suggest you guys should do together -take Anatolia back. West part belongs to Greece 🇬🇷, East part Iran 🇮🇷 , ok maybe some east part also Armenia 🇦🇲, but anyway, you should work together! I love both of your countries and people ! Best wishes!
Ilike Dankmemes
Nice video💕 🇮🇷respect from Greece💕🇬🇷
as someone who speaks Turkish, I'm now inspired to learn both of these languages seeing how many similar words there are :D
Both Greek and Persian are Indo-European. Greetings from Cyprus
The geek guy is cool
I really appreciate the Greek man. He's knowledgeable and sophisticated. My respect to him. Greetings from the Netherlands.
Ma Yo
I like the Greek man.. and Persian is a beautiful language.. some of that words also the same with Syriac-Aramaic..
Maccy Bear
I find the Greek culture closest to Iranian. Practically same people. Hope neither side find this offensive. My girlfriend is Italian, Neapolitan, and believe they are very similar too. In general I find the Mediterraneans very similar to Iranians.\n\nIn Italy they think I'm Italian, same in Spain, they believed I was Spanish. Cretans could not believe I wasn't Greek. So not only culturally, but also looks wise.
Interesting experiment
Maryam Georgiou
My dad is from Cyprus and We talk greek and my mom is pershian and we talk farsi ! Both of them they did very good job well done guys
Mc Hobbit
Kimon really makes me want to learn Greek. He makes it sound so fascinating.
Melina Vaseghi
I am half Greek half Persian
Menta Founta Kai Wu
I consider Persians my brothers and sisters. I studied in the UK and my best friends while I was a student were Persians. I love you people. I don't know why but as a greek it felt really natural to connect with them.
Cool video! I love persia, love from greece.
Michalis Polideukis
If you see greek mythology you will understand that we are in the aame family (Persis was son of Perseas and Andromeda).\nPersians 90% look like greeks today white skinn and brunette hairs etc....even in a biogenetical study that i can not put it here in this comment.....\nI hope one day we will be together in a true allience ,because greek people respect persians today and the iranian state but our goverments are occupied (you know who)...nice video!!!!
Mohamad Rahmani
Guys there are many other similar words in this two languages like:\n Τσοπάνος/chopanos چوپان/Chopan\n Τουφέκι/toufeki تفنگ/tofang\n Ζορίζω/zorizo زور /zor \n Μαϊμού/maimou میمون/meymoun\n Σαφράν/safran زعفران/ Zaferan\n Κουτί/kouti قوطی/ ghoti\n Τεμπέλης/tebelis تنبل/tanbal\nmany other similar words as well...\nAnd I want you know that Καρπούζι means watermelon not melon/ خربزه. In Greek they call melon/ خربزه, πεπόνι/peponi.
Muhammed Ibrahim
I like that greek man. He is smart.
Always admired Persian Empire and culture. Though we fought a lot each other in the past (I am Greek), I think we always admired each other. Alexander the great didn't want to extinguish Persian culture, but instead to combine cultures and that is why he encouraged inter-marriages.
Church and christianism has nothing to do with the greek identity. Actually, Christians destroyed the greek culture.
NPK Gaming
Respect to Greece 🇬🇷 from a Canadian Iranian
Nestor Thomsen
Our best feelings and respect to the ancient people of Persia from Greece:)
Ninjas hyper
Ελλάδα μόνο +1 οποίος είναι Έλληνας
Normal Man
Do Greek-Spanish. You'll be surprised.
Omid H
I'm a native Persian speaker and I love Greek language. Such a beautiful language. Its grammar is so regular and easy to learn.
Much love and respect to the Persians from Athens!!!
The greek guy should be voice acting
ProblemBoy Official
So glad i am half Greek half Persian hahaha
And this is why I love Greeks. Whenever I go to Greece aside from that the people are in-cre-di-bly warm, I can also talk for hours and hours and it always keeps so interesting. I love Greeks. Great great people and incredible and truly breathtaking country. My favorite
Reihane Zekri
I'm Iranian and I looooooooooooveeeeeee Greek language. It has such a beautiful rhythm
wonderful video! im greek and i understood most of the persian words. its amazing how similar our languages are...its quite unfair that the ancient persian civilisation is not taught in school (you have to enroll to a history major to learn about it) as it is pretty amazing as well. the idea left in a high school student's mind is that persians were nothing but savages who loved to invade others.....frankly thats not the case.
Rizla Galazia
The 2 greatest cultures of the world.We should have no beef between us and join forces
Safet Youssouf
I'll bet many Turks understood most of the words. Turkish is way to influenced from greek and Persian language. Big thanx
Two of the biggest civilizations on this planet. Respect to all Iranians for their history and their culture. I hope one day I will visit your wonderful country. 🇬🇷 🇮🇷
Samway Waysam
This guy is awesome. He makes me want to learn Greek.
Saya Kalantarpour
This video makes me so happy because I'm a Persian who goes to uni with a bunch of Greek people so all my friends are Greek hahahah
Señor Collarbone
Greeks and Persians are long lost brothers. Persians provided the basis for all Southern Europeans - remember, Persians are not Arab. Love from Greece ❤️
Shahrad Iranic
Iranians and greeks are two ancient nations who lived next to each other and both of them are from Indo-european groups so these similarities are not weird however the mother of the great persian king Darius was greek and wife (wives) of Alexander the great was persian happy these two old nations are still alive though they are not in good both greece and iran (and any iranic and greek people outside of political borders)❤❤
I'm Persian and i love Greek people i would love to visit Greece one day :)
Share - Anything
This is a cool video. I wish people would do this in real life more often instead of segregating ourselves from each other. Thanks for sharing.
Awesome video! I don't care how people rewrite history, Hellenes and Iranians are like cousins!
Stavros S.
Iran is my favorite nation today by all aspects, I love the people, the history, OUR common history ;), it's culture, it's traditions and all inbetween, love from Greece
Suren H
Finjan comes from Persian word \
“Karpuz” means watermelon in Turkish! Comes from Ottoman Turkish قارپوز (qarpuz) which comes from Persian خربز \u200e(kharboz), and likely influenced by the Greek word “karpouzi.”
THINK it's not illegal yet
Im Greek and that video made me smile. Also made me thought, that all people should only focus on all the similarities we have (and are many) instead of the differences. Like that we would make a much better world. The Persian woman is gorgeous. :) Love from Greece.
Tannaz Mehrdadi
So much love and respect from Iranian people for Greece and Greek culture and people!!!!!! 😍😍 Greeks are such warmhearted people, and have such a rich history and amazing country!! 😘😘😘
Teo Vasiliadys
Greetings from greece we have so many same thinks from the old days we were brothers love you Persians🙂🙂🙂
Thanasis Kai Oxi Vasilis
I traveled at many Middle Eastern countries and i can say that Iranians are usually very smart and by far the friendliest people.
✔: similar ❌: not similar\n\n❌ 🇬🇷 riza 🇮🇷 rishe 🇹🇷 kök\n✔ 🇬🇷 kleidi 🇮🇷 keleed 🇹🇷 kilit\n✔ 🇬🇷 ekklisia 🇮🇷 keleesa 🇹🇷 kilise\n❌ 🇬🇷 osto 🇮🇷 ostokhan 🇹🇷 kemik\n✔ 🇬🇷 kanonas 🇮🇷 ghanoon 🇹🇷 kanun\n✔ 🇬🇷 okeanos 🇮🇷 ogheanos 🇹🇷 okyanus\n✔ 🇬🇷 toursi 🇮🇷 torshi 🇹🇷 turşu\n✔ 🇬🇷 portokali 🇮🇷 porteghal 🇹🇷 portakal\n✔ 🇬🇷 flijani 🇮🇷 fenjan 🇹🇷 fincan\n✔ 🇬🇷 chourmas 🇮🇷 khorma 🇹🇷 hurma\n❌ 🇬🇷 iremia 🇮🇷 aram 🇹🇷 sakin\n❌ 🇬🇷 dyo 🇮🇷 dou 🇹🇷 iki\n✔ 🇬🇷 saponi 🇮🇷 sabon 🇹🇷 sabun\n✔ 🇬🇷 karpouzi 🇮🇷 kharbouzeh 🇹🇷 karpuz\n✔ 🇬🇷 pazari 🇮🇷 bazar 🇹🇷 pazar\n✔ 🇬🇷 keftes 🇮🇷 koofteh 🇹🇷 köfte\n✔ 🇬🇷 bajanakis 🇮🇷 bajenagh 🇹🇷 bacanak\n\n13/17 Perfect.\nThanks for the beautiful video. Greetings from Turkey to our two neighbours! ❤
Valium K.
Really interesting, I am Greek, but I've recently found out that my great grandparents from my dad's side, had an ottoman surname (obviously I have it as well), lived in Persia, in a Greek community, before having to move to Odessa and then were forced to return to Greece. I wish I knew more about my ancestors. Fun video!!
Vicky Tsak
Ο Κίμων είναι ο θείος που σου λέει ιστορίες από την αρχαία Ελλάδα στο τραπέζι 😂
Zyklon B
i feel more connected to greek people than any other \
ali zarkami
'Torshi' is Iranic not Turkic
As a Greek, I always dream of an great alliance formed by all the Indo-european tribes/ethnicities in order to protect our people and our cultures from those who try to change and/or erase history and to fight so we can become the great innovators of mankind that all of us once were.
ben hillario
you two persian are verry patient, we share the same manner here in south east asia. when an older man talking no body interrupted, not because we feel submissive, it's just a polite sense to value people that older than us.
You can give me souvlaki, you can give me kebab. All I know is that it's damn delicious no matter what. Ancient empires make some fantasticly simple and delicious things.
farhad arkani
The Greek guy was great !
fotis rohis
I love Iran from Hellas!!
iluv V
I'm from Greece and I really like the concept of this video.It's interesting to see how different cultures and languages influence each other.Also,Farsi is a beautiful language!❤
jithin p m
noble saintly greeks vs \nevil savage persians where enlightned leonadus fought aginst fanatic xexus.....\noh wait it was just a stupit movie by zack\nGreeks and Persians are way too similar
john psath
Similaritis between Greece [Ελλάδα] and Spanish [Ισπανία].
kittens are cuter than human babies
Greeks are very nice people. Most Greeks I've met, are similar to Kimon. They are knowledgeable and very social. \
max factor
20:00 the greek word \
mehdi haji
The Persian lady speaks Persian beautifully, I'm Persian btw. Greeks are very nice I have a Greek friend
Persians and Greeks always have a lot to tell you about their history! The only two surviving ancient nations!
Who is the Greek guy? He seems to know a lot about the Greek language. By the way you can find Turks who look like all three easily in Turkey.
This was very interesting to watch, since in Turkish there are many persian words. I could understand some.
panos volos
Respect to Iranians from Greece.
Nice video! As a Greek who has had many Persian friends, I have seen that we are both very curious about each others culture! I guess it's embedded in our subconscious since our history together goes back thousands of years!
reanna celina
Ahahaaha the Greek man reminded me of my dad...they had the same humor!😂
Peace and love to Iran and the Persians by a fellow Greek
Ιωάννης Λεονταράκης
That specific video and especially some of the comments in the comment section make me feel hopefull. people from italy, spain, iran greece turkey and other realizing similarities. those similarities are just one little outcome of millenias of coexistencea and communication. for once i dont see people stuck in the past hatreds, i see people understanding how fundamentaly more important is our capacity for communication, how similar in a vast variety of ways we really are. and how our differences are what makes life more interesting.
Είναι πάρα πολύ ενδιαφέρον για εμένα ως για φιλόλογο να δω πως συγκρίνουν τις 2 γλώσσες...Και ο Έλληνας στο βίντεο είναι πολύ μορφωμένος και είναι υπέροχο να υπάρχουν τόσο μορφωμένοι άνθρωποι στην Ελλάδα!!! \nΣορρυ για τα ελληνικά μου είμαι ξένη δεν μιλάω ελληνικά! Μόνο προσπαθώ να κάνω πρακτική :)
Νίκη Μηλιώτη
I'm half Greek and half Persian so this is interesting
Τάκης Μπούλογλου
Just for your own information, the greeks today respect and admire the persian culture/language. The Persian language is very beautiful and sounds very exotic!
Δυο αρχαίοι πολιτισμοί και δυο αρχαίες γλώσσες. Είναι λογικό να έχουν τόσα κοινά.
Шпион с Востока
Love for Greece and Persia from Serbia ❤️
لاکی لوک
⁦🇬🇷⁩⁦🇮🇷⁩❤❤❤long live persian and greek