ASMR 30 Triggers for Sleep 💤, Relaxation and Tingles

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This ASMR video contains more than 30 triggers and is made in three part: TINGLES, RELAX, SLEEP. The first part is "TINGLES". I tried to make some sounds that a lot of you like and for which I've been told people get tingles.The second part is "RELAX". I tried to make some relaxing sounds. You might also get some tingles along the way cause everyone is different and feels different sensation when they hear a sound.The last part is "SLEEP". For this last part, I tried to make some sounds that would help you fall asleep. I feel that the book pages turning is a bit strong but I hope it won't wake you up.Please let me know if you enjoy more some triggers than some others and sure if you like this video.Here is a rough timestamp for this video:

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Abigail Bickerdike
Plz do a deep breathing vid I was getting so tingly!
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Charles Manson ASMR
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Is somebody from Germany like me?🤔
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05:58 - «базарю базарю базарю». Будто бы не в тот падик зашёл
Отличный канал. Вот незнаю что ещё добавить. От ASMR звуков просто расслабоня, потом сны снятся) В общем, счастливого тебе будущего и низкий поклон.
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Спасибо за такое видео
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The ASMR Jesus.
If you need, i can help with the subs in portuguese...
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Y love tingle seu qui son francai mette un like au commentaire
I like your beard :')
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I just realized, not to be rude or anything, but, you remind me of Michale Myers ^_^
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Me encanto muy relajante.\nTu vos es muy hermosa me encanta es tan suave y al escucharla te relaja.\n Eres muy bueno con el ASMR \nGracias me ayudaste a dormir 😘
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Just a English comment passing by...
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Mdrr t’es français mais y’a presque pas de français 😂
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Jeez, since its summer im down to my underwear and no blankets and all the windows are open and air conditioning on and im still incinerating in my house, not letting me sleep. But THIS really helps me sleep right away.
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OMG we have found jesus but with a very unusually large fourhead
Bonjour bonjour pour ceux qui Mr connaissent pas vos grand mères les tortues qui boivent du sprite zéro sa mère
How did I get tingles by you waving your hands in front of a camera / This is amazing! Love your vids!
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Galera BR se inscrevam aqui no meu canal
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these tingles were so intense in my back it made me feel like I was going down the first huge hill in a rollercoaster
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Omg Jesus is the asmrtist ever
Hello Jesus.
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Wow, wow thet's great. You're gorgeous. Thank you very much, you helped me break from the fatigue!!!
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I don't even have headphones on and as soon as he talked I got tingles. I like this channel.
Mec je t adore
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оранжевое нажатие)))ахахахах))) русский язык беспощаден, самый жестокий язык мира...я так понимаю это таппинг по апельсину был)))))
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There are ASMRtists, there are good ASMRtists and there are genius ASMRtists. You are genius lvl. (Why am I only finding you now)
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*Я хоть и ничего не понимаю,* _но до мурашек проходит acmp!_
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Messiah is back,folks !
PierreG ASMR
Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! Timestamp for this video:\n00:00 intro\n01:02 PART 1: TINGLES\n01:04 Whispering & repeating TINGLE\n02:06 Inaudible whispering\n03:18 Ear to Ear Deep breathing\n04:39 Face touching with inaudible whispering\n05:58 Whispering & repeating SLEEP\n07:00 Mic brushing\n08:21 Ear to Ear blowing with a plastic bottle(Yes! I like this one :D)\n09:43 Crushing the mic, a classic.\n10:47 Brushing YOU. Another classic.\n12:05 PART 2: RELAX\n12:11 Hands & fingers rubbing\n12:55 Hand tapping\n13:49 Gloves Rubbing\n14:59 Hand tapping with gloves\n15:08 Gloves scratching\n15:55 Orange tapping (I know some of you love this)\n17:26 Hair tie scratching (I just learned how this is called in English)\n18:53 Wooden box tapping\n20:08 Wooden box scratching\n20:49 Cork mat scratching\n22:11 Cork mat slow tapping\n23:45 Cardboard scratching\n25:00 Beard sounds\n26:29 Scissors sounds\n27:27 PART 3: SLEEP\n27:45 Hair curler nice sounds\n29:02 Electronic dictionary keyboard sounds\n30:11 Book pages turning and some inaudible reading\n31:52 Toothbrush nice sounds\n33:14 Lid Opening and closing sounds\n34:24 Little wood cube gentle tapping and touching\n35:41 Plastic crinkle\n36:49 Sesame Oil Bottle Glass gentle Tapping (Important to say it's sesame!)\n38:28 Opening & closing sesame oil cap\n39:03 Slightly sticky/oily tapping on sesame oil cap\n39:51 Foam touching\n41:29 Good night & inaudible
Polina Persik
Шикарное асмр, лайк и подписка)
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wow i actually fell asleep while watching this
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I am happy to hear various languages.
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You look like Jesus
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Just perfect!
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Super vidéo ;)... Comme d'habitude, tu commence a nous habitué a la qualité, visiblement, tu ne prend pas tes abonnés pour des con avec des vidéo de base qualité faite a la va vite. (Les Vidéo prank sont spécialisés dans le domaine )
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Кто русский,ставь лойкосик
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The best
2:06 Inaudible whispering lyrics: Come chichi come, sleepyly, sleepyly polska podcast pol stick\nsleepover stickoy .. i dont know anymore
Skyrim Georg
Ты как настоящий Иисус! Можешь читать комментарии на разных языках
Smiley Face
God bless you, man! I've finally managed to sleep today after your video! I usually have lots of problems with sleeping. Gonna listen to your videos more often!
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Eu gosto da Cinderela
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Totalmente viciada no seu canal. Antes só ouvia a Sweet Carol ASMR, mas confesso que agora troquei ela por você 😂😂😂 . \nTy for the amazing job in make me sleep 😴💙
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j'adore se que tu fait, continue comme sa on t'adore comme sa
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How do you learn so many languages I couldn't even learn a second one 😂
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you know what, you are *so handsome*
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Helps me to sleep, thanks
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Если бога нет,то кто тогда это? Шах и мат атеисты.
U look like Jesus
It is the first time I have managed to feel asmr, WITH NOBODY IT HAD SENSE AND IS EXCITING. I'm grateful to you, you're a God!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕
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Your the only asmrtist I listen to to actually relax,your voice and your videos are so soothing🙂😴
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First time I heard ASMR it disgusts me \n\nBut then I found this guy / ASMR is now one of my daily routines ❤️
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Love u pierreg keep it up😂❤
Ну не могу я расслабляться когда асмр мужик делает! Меня это напрягает
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У меня один вопрос:почему видео название по русски но разговариваешь по английскому?Но всё равно виде классное,good.
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I really enjoy the sounds of breathing, maybe that could be an idea for an ASMR video, or am I the only one who enjoy this😂😊
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god, this is sensational
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Wow I appreciate you so much. Pierre, you're definitely one huge ASMR star.
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Why at 3:26 and 3:34 i feel something warm in my ear:))\nYou're super cool,keep going with what you do.\nMuch respect!!!
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I fell asleep\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n....waiting for you to make me a SANDWICH
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Ставь лайк если в начале видео услышал \
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*Иисус, ты ли это?*
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Привет ты лучший , обожаю твои асмр
Открытие сундуков в Clash Royale
Are you magic ???😊🙃😀😌😊😦🤗 The best ASMR
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кто здесь Русский ставь лайк😍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Ставьте лайки что бы амерекосы думали, что я что то годное написал!
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спасибо!\nВы добрый и милый! 😚
개인적으로 속삭이는 소리 유튜버들중에 1인자라고 생각 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 속삭이기만해도 잠..이.. 온...다......