How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

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... Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment) Homeless Veteran Give Back! How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100? homeless prank homeless social experiment

I'm literally crying right now. I wish that we could find more people like that, but the world is just getting worse and worse over the days
Omg I just cry \n\nI swear if I see this men I will hug him ilove hem😭😭💖
Ahmad SW
R.I.P 😢 tomas
Aldi Fikri
this video is very touched my heart you are a very kind and good man nice i like!
Alex Lane
Imagine how they would feel if he spent the money on booze and drugs lol
Alin Puscas
This would hit someone to the core. \nAlthough its unfortunate that not everyone who ask for money or food would deserve it. Some weeks ago a coworker of mine notice that a NYC cop given a man something to eat from dunkin donuts. It was a cold morning and when the cop left the guy threw out the food mumbling to himself he ask for money not food. My coworker and another random person saw this and was disgusted how a good deed go wasted for someone selfish. Its reasons like this why I'm weary of someone begs for money or food.
what a hypocritical world, and it's going on,everywhere
Anto nyoman
God bles you
So beautiful to see that everyday instead of thinking about his self he gave to others thats an act of GOD
This gave me goosebumps!
Baby__Simone 810
He touched my heart he is awesome👼🏾 God bless him and I have good hopes for him hope he gets very far with a house and food
Binops Roops
Iam Cry look this video
did thomas die😥😢😰😱😰😢😨😭
Buckeye 's only
josh if ur reading this ur a good dude for that not everyone does that stuff I thought he was going to buy liquor but he's helping other people he don't know this video needs to go world wide like and sub to this dude
Carlos Gomez
2:53 lizard on tree in right corner
Catarina Pablo
wow 😊😢 I'm touched and happy 😳😭
Charles Curt
So, this guy went and bought a bunch of food for people from a liquor store? I am not convinced this guy didn't at least spend a little bit of $ on drink. Personally I wouldn't really care if he did simply because he makes up for it by feeding others but I don't know what food you can get from a liquor store.
Chris Lockridge
your a great guy.... May everything bless u in life ......
Ciang Ciong
How can this film to give a dislike .There are eighteen thousand . how can :_:
At first I thought he was gonna be a bitch but he started giving them food I was like this is a good homeless man
Damon Hart
There is a study says that poor people are more generous than rich people , I guess they are right
Dani Mor
I really appreciate what you did. Really nice!!!
David Choi
Love this.
David Vukobratovich
The I want to like you I started to cry when I watch this video
Dennis Roady
DivineBeats \\m/
he's just a new avatar of God who's roaming here n there 😢😢
Doggie Bone
people are being hater. this guy is absolutely amazing for giving money to the poor and the homeless man deserves a better life blessed are those who are humble and give what very little they have to those who need it too
Don't touch mah Babies
I hate u josh u know he's a kind and homeless guy
Eric Aspestrand
This is rigged
Eric Fernandez
lol 3:22 homeless lady in background starts chuggin whiskey
Eric Tadler
Why 20k dislikes?!?!?!
All you asking why he's getting hate, just watch h3h3's video about him...
Hey. Can you please explain me why you all hate josh?\nHe is doing so much cool stuff and helps so many People. \nAnd hey. dont he made your days with his videos?
19.173 dislikes ?! WTF he just gave a homeless guy 200 dollar and you are hating him ?! for what reason ?!
Isabella Vega
Feelings throughout:\nHe gave money. The man teared up, so did I. \nHe walked into a liquor store, I got upset and kept and thinking: dang I thought this was going to be really sweet.\nHe started handing out food, I bawled my eyes out like a baby.
Jacob Baron
He is the nicest man I've ever seen.\n\nGod bless his soul.
Does this count of stalking?\nBut it's very touching\nVote if you think this is stalking\nI think it is not
Jeffrey Flores
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😢 ssssoooooooooooooooo nice
Jerry Cloud
If joshua kept the raised money to himself instead of giving it to charity then i'm truly disappointed at this guy.
Jessica Martinez
People are just jealous of Josh, because he is a true meaning of a great man! Keep up the good work Josh, don't let the haters get to you. They are just a bunch of idiots!!!
John River
I never knew people were that so 1000% good in their heart even though they're homeless and got no money and they still help and give people and that is amazing
There are still a lot of uncut footage that I didn't put in on the final cut. If you guys really want to see it, I will edit the longer version on my Facebook later on. And it showed even more how genuine this guy was. Let me know if you guys would like to see it! Don't forget to share this beautiful moment with your family and friends! Love you all :)
João Manuel
where this money from the homeless
Juan santiago
josh thanks when I grow up I'm 12 I will try to give every homeless person some money
Kartik Sharma
very good video heart touching man well man
Kat H
My family say this and they say God bless you 🙏
Kelowna King
Yes Joshua had a big influence on this mans death, but also...I am sure the man bought a micky of vodka or rum but didn't show that.
King Gamer 16
This guy is so inspiring;) YAY
Las Vegas Nights
if I were homeless I would take that $100 bill, put in glass soda bottle & bury it deep in the woods at least 4 ft deep & also save up panhandling money, then buy a cheap bucket car off craigslist (doesn't have to run) and use that to sleep out of to get me off the street at least and be sleep in a secure car with doors locked
Leauge Plays
that guy is kind
Lizbeth Martinez
you will always be remembered Thomas. R.I.P.
Man u are amazing in so proud of your actions😥😥
Louis Kirkwood
2:46 give this guy an oscar :D
I just watched a few vids by this guy and if the negative things people commented are true then it must've been a lot of work for someone to do a lot of good on a channel and you will get mad hate especially if ppl see recognize who you are, but if you aren't the type to mess around for fame, Like I said before mad respect.
Mads og Mathøwi
Wow, really just wow!\nIts so amazing, that a homeless man go around and give people things when he need them! I am very touched. I dont understand how this video can have 20.211 dislikes? Keep up the good work! A homeless life must be hard.
Marc Martin Paul Rivera Solayao
This is the difference between a homeless guy and an average guy. You see, those who are the homeless are the most humble, while an average man isn't humble most of the time. I also watched another video about a man who gave a homeless guy a big pizza, and another man came to him to ask him to give a slice of pizza because that man is hungry, and he really gave him a slice of pizza.... I kinda cried that time....
How does it feel to be a murderer Josh?
Matlock Mat
Remember guys, it's not about how much you give... It's about how many people see you do it.
Milfain'tnothin His
Such a giving man, society should be like him.
Mohammed Alabdulkareem
tears to my legs .
Natalie Montero
I've watched so many videos like this before. But this one. I couldn't stop crying.
😪This video touched my heart
Ntixy Pop
As i was walking in a shopping street there were 4 and more homeless people ans i am sensitive i gave money to all these people and i didnt care that my friends were laughing at me. Then later i went to buy something my mom wanted and guess what? The assistant gave me wrong amount of changes for the thing i bought and left quickly. The changes were the x3 amount of money i gave to the people. The price of the thing i bought was 2€ and i gave him 5€ and instead of giving me 3€ change he gave me 18€ but i didnt gave him 20€.\nWell one homelless guy that i helped said that God sees our actions. Well..
This guy exploits the kindness of a homeless person for ad revenue with a payment of a measly $100. Raises money under the guise of giving it to this homeless person, rather than just splitting the ad revenue with him, and then doesn't even give other people's money to the homeless man. Then the homeless man dies almost as a direct result of this guy's intervention in his life. And people still support him. I literally cannot fathom how someone can be such a dedicated fan of anybody to support this kind of behaviour.
Rachel Torelli
piece of crap. ( by the way i am talking about josh )
Rasmo Laxsus
i like your videos, kinda \
Reaz Kayum
If a homeless man with no food nor money can give to others, then what is our excuse? Please, please, please try to give to the homeless or any other person requiring financial assistance. Anyone of us could become homeless at any given point in time. Honestly, giving out of the kindness of your heart will make you feel so much better about yourself. We need to stop putting our wants before other people's needs. The more you give the more you will get.
Red Skull Gamer
makes me want to cry
Sagara Extra
Why do people hate on the Asian guy crap the world needs more love not ignorant and oblivious people
Fraudulent murderer
Sami Bitat
i was about to exit the video when i saw the liquor store ,but then i got curious and kept watching. And then i melted with emotion.
Thi man is God he is the best man of the world
Sheefs 06
I nearly cried, he was so sweet!
Slow Shadow
It makes me cry how homeless people are too poor and stuff
Some Weird Kid From Germany
I gave some man $20 .... he bought beer
I remembered this video having more dislikes...
What a nice man. Not buying cigars, but buying chips and food for homeless. I like him.🙂
Guys I'm so confused why does everyone hate Josh and what happened to Thomas?
Str8nger TV
this rlly touched me but u ppl saying bad comments wth is ur problem there is alot of good ppl.
Sweet Nindie
OMG, it's so touching... A great twist 4 the liquor shop... T.T
Taher Aboulnaga
Who feared up so bad at the end😰😥
Amazing video...thank you for this.
TimeFor Arman
Victoria s.l.v
I literally started tearing up
Zaraa 33
Some people are just so good..
_ Vallixie _
abdelkarim baba
you are the best \
My heart
Dam that made me straight tear up, good guy for sure 
Awe that was so touching! I feel so sorry for him
jared morrison
This was a very touching video. Thank you.
katherine castro
how come everybody hates Josh?
kawa Kashira
isn't that called stalking?
puppylover 7
this made me cry
simon simon
this is the most touching video
ive never known a homeless person to actually go out and spend his money to give to others, tbh i would buy stuff for myself if i had no job and was on the streets