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Tucket is tossed into a corner due to his hole. Watch him become the garden favorite again.Illustrations: Charudatta Prabhu DesaiMusic & Art Direction: Holger JetterAnimation: BookBoxFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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BLANCA Valladares
😁 I rilly liked this story
Cris Capilayan
molta buona
Gohar Bhai
Hmmmm too much nice
Jeff Cay
Grazie mille
Kalina Malina
Tiixx González
This is the most wonderful story in Italian I've ever seen!
yes a story which on many levels works \n[tubo di annaffiatura = watering hose - regular]\nperche lui non si chiama Tucketo , Tuckio o altro? Tucket e un nome inglese.