Top 10 Evil James Bond Women

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Xenia still gives me terrorboners.
Bambi and Thumper are not drowned in the pool, did you even watch the movie?
Aaron Brant
What? Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint don't count?  ;)
Adam Tpvzm
6:39 I’m dead
Aman Sangwan
klektra king
Andrew Boler
xenia and qelektra king were my favourite femme fatalles
Audney Mayuni
Shaken not stirred
Brad Randen
Even Bond had to hold back a laugh at 'Pussy Galore'
Brandon R.
I totally agree with Elektra King and Xenia Onatopp being onatopp of da list, but where is Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale? Hot woman as well.
Sophie Macreau so hot
C. Dawg Knight
The fiery redhead from Thunderball...Fiona Volpe. Goddess
Carlo Nakadashi
I'm pretty sure a feminist on tumblr found this video offensive.
Elektra King and Miranda Frost
Coline Collard
Fiona Volpe is number 1. As beautiful as she is evil. Calculating and psychotic. \nXenia Onatopp is a female Jaws for crying out loud. She should be called Xenia *Overthetopp* . Straight out of a comicbook. Grace Jones as May Day was at least believable as she was very fit and had an amazonian personality.
I can honestly say I was actually cheering for Rosamund Pike to kill Halle Berry by the end of that fight. Not sure why but I always thought she would have been an excellent evil foil & equal in talent to Bond in another movie (like Sean Bean could've been)!
Xenia On-Top is not only the one of the sexiest Bond femme fatales but is also one of the sexiest famme fatales in Cinema history.
DARK PASSAGES, the Web Series
Fiona Volpe #1
Daniel Lin
Elektra King is my favorite Bond exotic looking. Sophie Marcaeu. Naomi was a close second. A little disappointed to see her at 10.
Das Boot
Yo !!!!\nI agree 100%, that Elektra King is the hottest, and at the same time, the sweetest female EVIL in the all James Bond movies !!!!\n20 + 1 thumbs UP !!!!\n:o))
David Lee
Elektra King! Hot as HELL!
Der Hinko
Miranda Frost is my favourite bond Girl, so sexy
Dirk Diggler
I don't care what anybody say... Sophie Marceau is the greatest
Donavon Batiste
Eletra king is 1 and zina 2
Dorian Storer
all women are evil.
Felipe Rico
10. My favorite Italian Hot Chick Who Drives a Helicopter to Chase Bond.\n9. Is it me or they reference these two henchgirls as Disney characters of Bambi and Thumber? Imagine Flower is a stinky fat lady is to beat Bond in her big waist. Such rare.\n8. Fiona is hot. My red headed henchgirl of all time.\n7. Too bad that she wasn't in \
Bambi and Thumber are not really evil, just misdirected. They think they are doing their jobs as Willard Whyte's bodyguards.
8:10 i never got why they tried to kill her in that ski resort as she was the second main villain after all.
Fly High And Paint Me With A Tear
Why are the women in bond films so damn fine? XD I've had crushes on all of these ladies. XD This is a great list. :D Xenia, she might be crazy, but she's super hot.
Froy 2001
Valenka from Casino Royale should be on here.
Famke Janssen is so HOT
George Frederik Linde
Still waiting for top 10 imagine dragons song
Gg S
1) Fiona Volpe\n2) Xenia \n3) Mayday
Helen Reid
Fiona Volpe easily the best.
Hornet Silverbullet
Agreed with number 5. Rosamund Pike in my opinion is what makes \
Hyenamaker Studios
The hottest yet most evil Bond Women, are Miranda Frost, and Elektra King!
The hottest: Sophie Marceau and Rosamond Pike.
Jack Wong
Sophie Marceau is so beautiful.......
Jairo Morales
brace yourselves! for the: \
Joan Ruiz Jacob
fiona volpe deserves a nº2 at least, she was the original henchwoman
Joshua The Space Ruler
How about top 10 James Bond quotes!
João Gabriel Spinelli
You guys should do a \
Agree with number 1, she's my favourite Bond bad girl
Kal-El fan 49
Eva Green, Sophie marceu and Rosamund Pike are the most beautiful.
Who else? Pussy Galore!!
Like if you've fapped to Fiona Volpe.
Li-Li Mandragon
*Of course it's Xenia*\n\n\n\nI liked to believe she's actually Phoenix jean Grey traveling though time
Lissy London
Sophie Marceau. Best Bond girl ever!
Luis Umana
Xenia Onatopp.........Hell Yes!
Luke Daley
Miranda Frost( played by Rosmund Pike) is my favourite evil Bond girl.
Luke Woods
Die another day was my 1st bond film, Electra King was so hot! :-P
Mark Robinson
Personally, I'm a big fan of Pussy Galore, Fiona Volpe, Bambi & Thumper & Elektra King
Michael L
This list isn't bad, but I would leave out Pussy Galore, who isn't truly evil and put in Helga Brandt from You Only Live Twice.
Perfect choice for No.1 but Fiona Volpe should of been alot higher.
Misty Rose
Goddamnit! Was the Skyfall spoiler necessary? I haven't seen it yet xD
Mr Wong king just
miranda frost so sexy because she bra like nice ball
Nanouk Rakotozafy
Rosamund Pike hasn't aged since Die Another Day.
Niels Christiansen
this one is quite all right. \nMaybe Bambi and Thumper shouldn't have been on the list.\nFiona should have been placed higher on the list.\nMiranda Frost...? Come on... \nThe top three is perfect. Elektra, MayDay and Xenia at the top is just a great list.
Yes, but my ‘martini’ 😉😂 is still dry. 😀
The only right number one. Xenia Onatopp need spin-off movie or series.
Philipp Vielhauer
fiona volpe should be top 3
This is right on time watchmojo, i brought the bond 50 blu ray collection (grew up when pierce was bond) so i didnt see the older movies except which was a awesome movie,cant wait to watch the other movies as well!
Quiznor DatJizznor
Rosamund Pike in Die Another Day, oh how she made my 10 year old heart beat.
Ramza 17
Sophie Marceau is the best and the rest is not even close!
Sophie Marceau is one of the most beautiful women woman humanity has ever produced.
Sally Larkin
Naomi is so hot man
Sarah Molina
Erika King was soo hot my favorite female villien in a James Bond film
Scott Basham
Evil cunts.
Scott Bridge
Elektra King by far was the most evil Bond Woman because she was not a henchwoman or assasin but rather the head villain, the mastermind behind the plot to kill millions of people in Istanbul. She played everyone, including the psychopathic Renard. May Day was the most formidable Bond Woman assassin Bond ever had to face. He was unable to catch her in the Paris chase scene, she was physically stronger than him and she only agreed to help Bond after Zorin betrayed her, tried to have her killed off along with all of the other employees.
Seth Dorman
Pussy Galore is not evil
Spencer Nielsen
Luciana Paluzzi may be the most beautiful woman to have ever lived.
It's not the same without Fatima Blush. She would have easily made the #1 spot. She was one seriously evil babe!
MayDay rocks
Tommy Rojgue
Caroline Munro (Naomi) should have been the # 1 on this Top Ten..The most beautiful Evil Woman...IMO
Miranda Frost!
Vladimir Raineri
I'm reading some comments like \
Will Coppock
Here are my top 3 favorite female bond villains and they are apparently all in the Pierce Brosnan era: 1. Elektra King 2. Xenia Onatopp and 3. Miranda Frost. Here is why I picked those three: 1. Elektra is the only main female villain of the James Bond series. In addition, she is beautiful, intelligent but also deceptive as well. Furthermore, she could have killed James Bond when she had the chance. If it were not for the guy who plays Hagrid coming to the rescue, she would have killed James Bond. All she had to do was turn the screw one more time and James Bond would have died due to a strangulation by a garrote chair or at least she could have shot Bond in the chair. 2. Xenia is the second best because she was an attractive but physical person. Like Elektra, she could have also killed James Bond when she had the chance. If it weren't for the helicopter, Xenia would have killed James Bond. Also, the reason why I ranked Xenia lower than Elektra King because she is not a main villain. If she was, I would have ranked her over Elektra King. 3. Miranda Frost is just like Xenia without the squeeze but still a physical woman and Elektra with the deception and intelligence. Plus, she is pretty cute. However, she is not a main villain nor was she close to killing James Bond. If she met those two requirements, she would be number 1 female James Bond villain.
Willem Verheij
Femke Jansen really gave a great performance as Xenia, she does seem the most ruthless one of them and seems to enjoy every minute of it.\nMust say I also really liked Fiona Volpe though, she could switch from nice to ice cold in a realistic way and especially at that time it was quite special that a beautifull henchwoman was not changing her ways.
Zayn Mitchell
In my opinion Naomi is the best bond girl
miranada forst is my favorite,rosemund pike played her brilliantly
bond roby
do top 10 racing drivers in movies
Fiona Volpe number 8?!? She should be much higher.
ethan walker
God Fiona from Thunderball was so hot
It's interesting to think that Irma Bunt is technically James Bond's worst enemy, even more than Blofeld, since she actually did the most damage to him by killing his wife and worse, by film canon, she escaped.
I would sell my liver to have Xenia Onatopp as my henchwoman, she would probably kill me when I don't have any money left to pay her but it would totally be worth it
Fatima from Never Say Never Again should be in the Top 3 and NSNA counts too! Anyway, Elektra King is my favorite but I do love Xenia, Naomi, Miranda, Fiona very much too
Fiona Volpe... \n\nThere is no equal.
Somebody needs to make a Xenia Onatopp + Elektra King fanfic. Talk about S&M! lol
mario limon
no one from james bond craig
How did they not use the line 'before she was a GONE GIRL, she was a BOND GIRL' when talking about Rosamund Pike? #missedopportunity
Fiona Volpe was cold and evil,deserves a good number 2 on the list
Good list but the order was horrible, Pussy galore, Mayday etc as said in the video became good by the end of the films so they should have been placed lower whilst true evil women like irma Bunt and Rosa Klebb should have placed higher
My pick would be Fiona Volpe for number 1.
Electra King should be #1
steven licari
Casino Royale ?
Pretty sure Sophie Marceau (Elektra) is the most attractive woman who ever lived.
Rosamund Pike and Sophie Marceau... oh god... They make my eyes happy.
I don't mind dying in bed with them.