Flirting in Germany | Easy German 12

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Learn German with Easy German: Antra and Yasemin try to flirt on the streets of Münster► BECOME A PATRON OF EASY GERMAN:Easy German/ Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.---Hosts of this episode: Antra und YasiCamera & Edit: Janusz Hamerski

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HAHAHA!!! I love the thief part!
Ali Abdulrahman
passt zu meiner bett Wäsche hahahaaa
Ali p r
Brauchen sie meine Nummer auch ?
Ammianus Rex
Definitely not \
Angela Z
this is soo funny ahhaha
Anjelynn Pydiah
The guy with the jacket is sooooo cute @0.20
Anna Lucia
Black Kitty
German guys 😍
1:50 😅
British Blasian
Cee V.F
Dwaaa these girls are equally as terrible as flirting as those German boys are at responding... Ughh such lukewarm responses! XD
Hat sich das noch immer nicht rumgesprochen, dass es keine guten Anmachsprüche gibt? Auch nicht wenn's Frauen machen. Niemand will ein erzwungenes Gespräch führen. Flirten ist was anderes. Da helfen auch nicht die gestellten Szenen im Video :-)
Daniel Martins Pedreira
0:46 the man of blue, kkkkkkk
Würde mich eine fragen wie ich Frauen aufreisse,\nwürde ich antworten das ich zu Huren gehe...
Davide Gaudioso
we are not dogs
Yasemin's ancestors are from Turkey I assume.
Di Cheng
Awww how cute i love german guys
Elliott Lockwood
Haha! 1:49, Hey, nice shoes. Sex? (Ah yes, the old direct classic. Just drop it, and BAM! Roll with it).
Emilce Diaz
Woow, they suck!😂😁😂😂
Emilia S.
Zusammenfassung: deutsche Männer können nicht flirten 😅
Unterhaltsames VIdeo :D Die besten Flirttipps gibts aber immer noch auf
Please try slower hard to catch for us apart from that pretty useful video
Gayatri Deshpande
Hahaha. Toll! 😂
Hrundi Bakshi
*First, get a hijab! Next, get a job ...benefits, alone, aren't going to pay for his 2 other wives and their respective litters! You're going to have to bring home the bacon - figuratively speaking, of course.*
Why do I understand the first episodes better then I understand the current episodes?
The fact there is a huge microphone skews the results somewhat.
Jamie at The Doer Co.
This is probably the best episode yet!
Javier Bernardo
Ganz Spaß!!! lol
Jenna Marie
Lmao😂these r not the most cutest guys
Jildinéia Ribeiro
German men are difficult ... but I find them super charming and attractive😉
John Smith
I would definitely tell her how beautiful she is and ask for her number to date her or do a fun activity
Well, looks like Germans really are as direct as they say after all...
Kaiser Emile
0:47 That dodge tho
Katze88 Katze88
Super easy German ? Das glaube es nicht! Die Leute sprechen schnell! Fremde Leute kennen es nicht verstehen gut.
Kazi Iqbal
Hey, geile Schuhe, Sex? 😂
Lauren Jones
Bahaha sehr lustig!!!
Marc Dufresne
sehr gut xd very funny lustigen folge.  viel erfolg zu alles
Mastura Heigl
I've been to Frankfurt years ago and most guys there are so cute
MeTiT SysteM ErRoR
bitte ich heisse mehdi aus marokko ich lerne deutsch und mochte jemand mit deutsch sprechen
Michele King
Wow, this would take some getting used to for Americans.
Mohamed Badr
Die deutsche Frauen sind lustig und hübsch. :)
Mohmad Parsech
Obwohl ich eine Ausländer bin aber in 10 Minuten auf der Straße schaffe ich Viel mehr als ihr Mädchen Leute Aufmerksam machen.
That was wonderful. Just the kind of silliness I needed. :)
Nathan Hofmann
Loving the german girls hahaha
I don't like to flirted or like people flirting with me. So, happy to see others like me. :)
Oia News
Germans are cold. I say that when I am angry not a dam flirt
Patrick Leclercq
war süss !
Peter Pitcard
0:46 Neo
None of this was “easy,” but it was utterly adorable.
Putri TD
so the stereotype is right? German men cant even celebrate the fun of flirting
Rajiv Thakur
Hit Seidel zu schnell, deswegen ihr nicht mit meiner deutsch verbessern hilfreich seid.
Hahaha.. a non German here. I like Antra, she's cute! Ich mag Antra, sie ist huebsch!
Roberto Cartagena
hahahaha diese Video war so Toll XD hahahhaa 
It looks like these two girls are very good at flirting...i wish they were also good at replying to the comments that we as students leave on easy german videos
Sarah LTV
That was really funny
Setsuko Momoka
That blond girl is beautiful.
Sluby Antonius
2:07 :)) lustig
Syed Kamran Khalid
Lol nice.
Tam Chau
funny response, German men are shy
Tanya Wright
Ich hab' meine Handynummer verloren! Kann ich deine haben?! (LOL)! :)
Tirtha Chanda
Wenn diese Mädchen es machen, ist alles in Ordnung. Aber wenn ich es mache, rufen die Leute die Polizei an. Die Heuchler!
Holy shit, dude at 2:21 talks SO fast. I had to back up and re-listen just to pick up what he's saying.
Victor Beltran
Those girls are pretty fun
Vincent Carter
Vivian Mayer
Mostly German Guys don't know how to flirt!
It breaks my heart to see all the people ''flirting'' when you actually wanna fall in love with someone, totally madly deeply :( \nNot saying flirting to find the right person is wrong, flirting as if everything's a ''joke'' is wrong.
ZBYGLUS - Beautiful Places In The World
Münster ist super
abc dde
haha, they're so cute, bubbly, and funny.
The trouble is: German girls never start flirting this openly
Am Anfang war ich lachen, aber jetzt bin ich weinen, weil ich mich erinnere, dass ich keinen Sex hatte, da war ich in Deutschland im vergangenen Mai :(
diego aidid
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so wonderfal schön
flak jac
heres how u flirt with a german guy u tell him yull piss on him,he gets all turned on real perverted german guys
hammad shakil
whats the german word for lame?
husin alhor
thats the most silly Vedio i had ever seen !\ni am living in Germany since 3 years and the people hier are not friendly like this video !\nhear there are alot of Rassism and the people are not open mind ... the women are so cold too.
When do they say this? Surely it is a German phrase too if it is used in the video...
me me
that was cute.
Du musst aus Tennessee kommen. \nWeil du bist die einzigen zehn ich sehe hier.\n(Maybe that only works in English)
I really hate the hypocrisy of the concept that girls are never expected even in modern societies like germany to strike up a conversation with men, it always has to be the other way round, for men it is considered normal to start flirting or show interest. even in germany! its so wrong.
You can tell the English she knows is British English: the terms \
Antra und Yasemin must die.
please do more of these!! hahah love it, so funny
omar bernal
I called a girl older lady a beautiful luder. buenas noches germany .
seunghee han
ss BRA
Not too long ago I was visiting Germany, went out to a bar with a friend and I had my ass spanked in Berlin ha!. I turned around and there were these cute german girls playing dumb, I turned around away to order drinks and bam! it happened again ! I think they were drunk , they blamed eachother and were laughing , it couldn't understand or hear what they were saying. It was funny. Fun night for sure. Greetings from Brasil.
Very funny but it seems that the German guys don't really flirt!
Wouldn't 'plump' be better be translated as 'crude' or 'heavy-handed' here - \
ein sehr wichtige thema
How to say: send nudes? Lol
Đức Hùng Nguyễn
Entschuldigung! Ich hab gelernt,dass man die Verben am Ende lassen musst? Warum hast sie gesagt: Die passt zu meiner Bettwäsche? Sonder nicht die zu meiner Bettwäsche passt?