Fasting vs. Eating Less: Whats the Difference? (Science of Fasting)

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This is about the drastic physiological differences between fasting and eating less▲Patreon: For business inquiries: [email protected]

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Andrew Hislop
Only Americans think it's amazing that it is possible to skip meals...
Balboa Baggins
I had my initiation to permanently live on light last year and I rarely eat, it feels a lot better. You can't compare it to dieting.\nIt takes about a week for Candida fungus in your body to starve to death, so until that you might feel hungry. Once the Candida dies, you're not hungry anymore.
Ballistic Badger
Longest fast i have done \nis only ten days with no \nfood and very little water. \nI did take vitamins however....
Bart Rando
This video changed my life. I was intermittent fasting for 4 months and I lost 25lbs, but was killing myself at the gym and was losing it so slowly. I saw this video and switched to prolonged fasting and keto fasting and I lost 30lbs in under 3 weeks. You sir are a saint for making this video.
I don't trust any video that doesn't mention the vomiting and diarrhea that can come with fasting.
The fat Scottish guy didn’t fast, he just spent the year eating himself !
Keto is a great intro to fasting. I always failed at fasting in the past cuz by the end of the first day I would be miserable, and unable to focus to get my work done, so I would eat. Now I do 0 carbs for the first 2 days, living off of pure fat with some exogenous ketones. I use test strips to verify when I go into ketosis and then stop eating. Awesome way to dodge the horrible transition phase into the fasting state.
Carl Lee
As someone who used to be addicted to video games and often forgot eating, I would say this is true: You can go without eating for a very long time without feeling hungery.
Carlos Muentes
I lost 92lbs over 3 months after watching this and other videos about fasting. I am eternally grateful I found it for sure 🙌🏽
Chris Ashcroft
I have lost 70 lbs by not eating before 1pm, and not eating after 8pm. Kept it off for over a year now. My health has improved as well. I am never hungry now until around lunchtime. It boosts your immune system, and lengthens the ends of your DNA strands (telomeres) which can prolong life. Also, I cut out sugar which is literally poison to the human body. P.S. Carbs are not required by the body at all.
Chris Luke
Less hunger\nLess body fat\n\nMore muscle\n\nAka\n\nProlonged eating windows \nLess total calories consumed\n\nYou got leaner ( look bigger / better )\n\n:)
D Roman
I've done 2 ten day fasts. For me the 1st 2 days were brutal, 3rd day so-so, and from day 4 onward I felt fine. I dropped 20 lbs. The fasts did reset my appetite. Before I used to overeat at each meal. Now it's much easier to stop eating when full. Before the fasts, I didn't realize is how much of one's day revolves around your meals and how much eating is done out of habit. I'm now doing intermittent fasting with very few carbs and not eating any sugar.
David Witkus
I turned off this video after 6 minutes...its pretty much anecdotal research of how this guy felt or how that guy felt after fasting, during fasting etc with a few charts thrown healthy meals, exercise, and address any issues you that effect lack of happiness.....also, a simple fast is 16 hours and you can still eat 3 decent meals. have fun, dont take life too seriously.
Di Wu
Eat nothing is easier for me than eat less.
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra
Over the last year my wife has lost over 40 lbs and I've lost over 20 pounds. What was our big secret? Water fasting. It's not as hard as it sounds either. \n\nNow that our schedules are slowing down for winter we are planning on doing some 5 to 7 Days fasts to cut some weight and get healthier before we get back to busy work schedules in January again.
Ed- ward
Fasting is an amazing tool. At the start of August I decided that I needed to lose as much weight as possible before Graduation in October. My first fast was 34 days, just over 800 hours, and I went from 140kg down to 117.7kg. Had a 3 week refeed using intermittent fasting (20/4) and went up to 126kg with the return of water weight etc. Started my next water fast 8 and a half days ago and was at 116kg this morning. Graduation is on the 19th of this month, and I think I will hit around 107kg by then, 33kg in just over 2 and a half months.
Elisha Long
Absolutely Fascinating. I had no idea this experiment happened. Thank you
Eman Name
Now my stomach's ghrelin..
Emitt Lame
I'm on my second day of my diet... I feel great. I don't know why. My mom bought cookies and I didn't even have the impulse to take just one. I am the type to binge, why is this happening? I will update in a week or so to see if this changes.
When there's too much information that you're so interested in, a 12 minute video feels like a half hour video lol
Fly Beep
This video should establish exactly what is meant with \
Fuji C
It all comes down to calories in vs. Calories out. Anything else is a lie. Fasting works, because you consuming less total calories on average.
Furlow Torent
Dietitians have told me that doing fasting is dangerous and can cause you to gain weight even faster. I was told that the not eating makes your body think it needs to store fats even more in order to be ready for next time there is no food for a long duration.
Garnett STone
This is the best video documentary on diet and fasting i have ever seen.
Gary Johal ASMR
Ger Hijo
Am I the only one who noticed his food ratio for ketosis adds up to 105%?
Gun Play Gaming
you could just fast 16 hours AND eat less.... that works too
Hugo Stiglitz
No way I could fast for more that about 24 hours. After that I suspect I'd eat one of the children!
JMS Motorsport
As somebody who has fasts multiple times a year, I find it sometimes gets out of hand... my average fast lasts 13+ days... however I’ve gone 2 months living just off lemon water... and that only happened because I’m a VERY neurotic person and get addicted to things so easily. I was “addicted” to not eating... weird, right? Admittedly when I did my first fast, which was a week, I lost so much of body fat... I was around 98kg, with around 35% body fat... I was quite a big and unhealthy lad... however after that first week, I was down to 85kg, and 20% body fat. I felt so much better about my body. So... long story short, fasting is not dangerous. Unless you take it too far. I also find that when I smoke a cigarette, it completely curves my appetite. So every time I was hungry, I would just have a cigarette... which isn’t much healthier 😂
Jaya Kumawat
I am amazed such Clinical experiments have happened. I can testify this video is totally correct . I have experienced it several times . I have done water fasting for 8 days twice and I felt just as narrated in this video... no muscle loss , no low energy levels ... and I could do weights easily .
Jimmy Scutts
Fasting is and should be different for everyone due to our uniqueness.I am on a 6 day routine of daily one small portion of steel oats at 8 am and then my daily 16 km run at 2 pm then at 6pm a medium size meal balance of veggies protein and carbs. I have one day a week where I allow some \
John C Gibson
I have been fasting for 20 hours since I watched this video. A little secret I discover is that I need to add salt to my hot tea to make it taste it like chicken noodle soup and stop the shaky hand associated with hunger. Now, when I think about it, maybe the shaky hand is caused by electrolyte imbalance more than caused by missing the meals.
This is such an important topic! Just calorie restricting while still eating multiple times daily (3x/day to 6x/day) just doesn't work for most people trying to lose extra fat tissue...
Kiara Berg
i been fasting forever now, i am so glad you made this video
Kimberly Gabaldon
I didn't eat anything all day for years, eating only after I got off work and was in for the night. I was constantly nagged by self-appointed \
King.K The Best
Fasting does wonders to the body☺
Krisztina K.
Recently I did a 3 day fasting, and just like you said, the hunger went away. On the 4th day I felt such bliss I cannot describe. I felt like I don't want to eat ever again... so I'm going to fast at least once a month. Thank you for this video, now I understand why I felt the way I did.
Lexes O'Hara
Intermittent fasting has also helped me to stop binge eating. LOVE IT SO MUCH \u003c3
Lige Nyodu
American ,,why cant they just use kg like the rest of the world°°°
Lisa Stafford
Fasting is how I keep my diabetes in remission. It's also how I got into remission! I didn't acquire Type 2 Diabetes naturally, but I took medication that led to it. Doctors put me on antidepressants 30 years ago, so I originally had to start losing at 350 pounds. I was diagnosed four years ago and now weigh under 200 pounds, and all of my bloodwork is perfect. If you're in this for life then it just sort of becomes what you do. I can't get rid of my diabetes and I don't want to die young from it, so it's a ridiculously easy decision to make when considering fasting. A1C% is 5.4.
Lorenzo Maximo
There's an old saying if you want to live longer eat less.
Maargen Bx
I inadvertently started fasting when I had such severe reaction to dog hair that I had a hard time breathing and couldn’t tolerate anything but unsweetened hot tea for over two days. After treating the allergy attack I felt really great - sort of lighter, more alert and more energized. I didn’t connect this to not eating, but because I didn’t feel hungry I just had some chicken noodle soup. The next time I felt hungry was about 24 hours later - I had another bowl of soup. A pint of chicken noodle soup lasted three days for one bowl a day, and I felt great! I was worried, though, because I’d always been told to have three meals a day, which has always been hard for me since I’m never hungry in the morning and I’m always too rushed to have breakfast. So I looked up the effects of having so few calories a day - that’s when I found out about intermittent fasting! I had no idea that what my body has always wanted to do - eat a light meal about once a day - was perfectly fine and healthy! I experienced all of the effects discussed in this video - energy, alertness, no hunger - without knowing why. Also, Ethel portion I’m able to eat when I do eat is much smaller. This was in March of this year - since then I’ve intended to fast for 16 hours with an 8 hour eating window, instead I eat once and end up fasting closer to 20 hours. I’ll try to deliberately fast for 2 days next week. Eating has never interested me much anyway - this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.
Marchant Mikes
I once fasted for 15 days and you know what happened. Nothing. I was amazed. I drank water with a little bit of lemon in it the whole time. I was hungry the first day but that passed. After the 3rd day I started getting a little lightheaded. But that passed before the end of the 4th day. By day 5 I felt great. This lasted another 10 days to day 15. I never got hungry after the first day. By this time I told my girlfriend that if I continued to do it I would just be doing it for the sake of doing it. So I started eating again. One of the things I learned in that experience is that we've been lied to about nutrition just like many other things. The body performs better on a lack of food than it does on an excess amount of food. The food industry would lose Billions if people realized this and stop eating so much. I also find it somewhat comforting to be aware that I can go for weeks without eating and be fine. Some people think if they don't eat for a day or 2 they will drop dead on the spot.
Smoking helps when fasting.or any experience to take your mind off the food
Moosa Al Hadhrami
As Muslims we fast one month every year plus some special days during the year and what you've explained makes a lot of sense to me almost all of symptoms you mentioned I have already experienced them but know I know the since behind it\n\nThank you for sharing such great info
Mudassir Ali
*_Who else is fasting while watching this video_*
Night Hiker
I wrote a movie script. About a man who kid naps 2 young company employee on the 4th of July. That got him falsely fire after he work for the company for 20 years. The 2, young man and woman, both 22 of age, way over weight close to 280 pounds.  Takes them to middle of nowhere to live off the land or die. The young man think's his church members will come for him, BUT don't.  The older man has FIX-IT, that everyone thinks, they Quit their job and left. The two donut eaters have no idea where they are, water, cactus, trees. The old man tell them, that he will give them the means to get back home. When they both loose 140 pound. They both look at him as if he's crazy. Then call him everything in the book.
I tried 2 fast.\nmade me 2 furious.\nnow I drink nitro and run the quarter mile in under 10 seconds.
Portia Emery
Love love love dr fung I’ve read all of his books he is amazing
Prashant Kaushik
Thanks for such an insightful video!
Pro You Services Ltd
Fast food industry will not like this video!
should of taken the blue pill, lolz
I tried fasting. It was the worst two hours of my life!
Ran naoum
I clicked by mistake. Best mistake ever!
Renan Correa
Any vitamins taken while fasting?
There is zero chance someone lost 12 lb of muscle in a week. Restricted calorie, full fast with no exercise, full fast with exercise. Doesn't matter. That just doesn't happen.
My father survives on beer and cigarettes is that fasting.
Robert Burkley
Ok, IM ready lets test this, Im 120 lbs over weight, lets see this work. ok no eating for me.
Ruby goes to Hyrule
This topic is highly interesting. I sometimes happen to have lunch at maybe 1 pm. I become hungry at around 4 pm but eventually come home at 9 pm. Around that time the hunger has disappeard, my stomach even feels \
Ryan Jonas
This video makes me hungry
Fascinating, but also makes all those hunger strikes a lot less impressive.
Salamanda UK
Another benefit- you save money
Special Sami
This video kinda forgets to mention that this will work on people with a lot of fat. Skinny people would probably suffer some health issues trying fast for so long.
Stephen Murray
A 16/8 fast is the best -- that means 16 hrs fast an 8 hrs to eat wht you like -- I fast om 8pm and don't eat until midday the next day --which is easy . Most people have finished eting by 8pm anyway so then you laz around and go to bed . And sleep for hopefully 8hrs so by the time you wake the next day you only have a few hours until midday --and that is your 16hrs of fast --Easy and a diet/fast that is easy to do
Steve AnacortesWA
I eat 2 meals, eggs, cheese and bacon at 11ish, then protein and veggie for dinner, lost 15 lbs last 6 months never really hungry, I do drink wine and beer so probably would drop more if I cut down but I'm happy with the results, think I will try to fast a few days a month and see how that goes. Great info in your vids.
Susan Fudge
I intermittently fast, about 22 to 23 hours. I have lost thirty pounds fairly quickly. I did it for health issues, not weight loss. I have an autoimmune disease and this is the only thing that helps.
Unless you're still growing, for all you hormonal teenagers snooping around the internet looking to starve yourselves. All the evidence used in this video are studies containing adults as information. A growing body requires food. Stay nourished kids.
The Internet Is For Cats
My minimum fast is 16 hours; my max is 48 (I rarely fast the maximum hours.) I lose body fat the best when I practice OMAD (dinner) and get some walking in. I’m a woman.
The Voice Guys Channel Official
Ive Waterfasted for 40 all over 16 years ive Waterfasted more than 70 times from 6 days to 40 days...its the best anti aging process on earth...BUT its not for wimps!!! i am a expert and believe me its SUPERNATURAL!!! Most of my friends who laughed are either dead or compleatly hooked on meds and lifeless slobs...
Jesus Christ loves you.
TheOne TrueBrodstar
It makes sense that eventually hunger will fade, there is no point in torturing the body with pain and preventing it from doing work needed to get food. As well as this many hunter gatherers would maybe if they were lucky eat a substantial meal every 2 days but if they had excess meat they wouldn't of been able to eat it in time if they waited a few days before eating again, so it would make sense that when you have intaken a large amount of calories that you get hungry again in a matter of hours because the tribe would've always been in fast or famine states.
Would drinking homemade juice from green fruit and veggies ruin the fasting and make you hungry?
Thomas Smith
There is not a single study showing fasting keeps more muscle and lose more fat, in comparison with calorie restriction. This is purely anecdotal, some of which is just for Tim Ferriss to sell his book. There is no evidence whatsoever for it. In fact, the studies show the OPPOSITE. There is no fat free mass loss difference, and zero increase in muscle mass. Some studies show MORE muscle mass retained with calorie restriction rather than fasting. This video is misinformation, so strange how everyone in the comments simply believes what they are told without questioning it.
Topher Bec
Fasting is easier for me than dieting.
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
This rings true to me. I remember doing the \
7:32 i think your math is off a bit
Virgin Mary
I'm on day 21 of my fast. 7kgs down... 14 days to go!! People think I'm nuts for fasting.. but I have no balance when it comes to food. It's all or nothing with me, and l find fasting easier than just decreasing calories.
What I've Learned
Just in case I should also say that of course you need to balance fasting with eating - You need to survive off of something. I have been doing intermittent fasting the past year (22 hours fasted, 2 hours eating - you can widen it to 16/8, which still provides great benefits) and will fast for a couple days every other month or so. Several other people have recommend a routine like this - Tim Ferriss recommends doing a 3 day fast once per month and a 7 day fast once per year.
wait, a healthy ketogenic diet is 5% carbs, 25% protein and 75% fat? ...that's 105%.
Yippee ki yay
what i've learnt aswell from fasting is that when you stop eating... your body does not need to use the majority of it stored and reserved energy into processing foods through our physiological systems in order to get more energy that we probably don't need since most are not training for the Olympics/or some other physical activity.. so with this physiological rest.. (digestive systems turned off/at rest) the body will spend more time and energy repairing and healing different parts of your system that needs its attention... if your stuffing your face from morning til late night for days on days then... body only focuses on processing those foods rather than repair rejuvenation of the body (thats why people look and and feel better and some even cured themselves to varying degrees of various conditions after a fast)
Yoshill Juae
I have been fasting nearly every day for the past three months. I just skip breakfast, until I break it after at least 14 hours. I eat light until night. I eat two meals worth at that time, and I don't feel hungry. It's great... For myself.
char west
This wasn't just \
Fasting traditionally doesn't mean not eating at all, but eating once a day.
crimeboss theowner
Great video 😰😰😰😰😰
finding magic
I fasted for more than 3 months but took double doses of vitamins and minerals, several kinds, and finally had some decent weight loss. My doctor wanted to tell me to stop but found I was healthier fasting than I was following a nutritionists suggestions. The only other way I ever lost weight was massive exercise 3 to 4 daily. I stopped being hungry after two days of fasting. I did decide to eat during the holidays but was full quicker and didn't have the cravings I usually have. Muscle seems to be the same. Blood pressure is better. My body I have been told was staying in hibernation mode since I never was a big eater but gained weight easily. My mother had always had a super high metabolism and at times couldn't gain weight. I obviously didn't get that gene.
It took me about a week of pushing breakfast back first to noon and so on until I now am on the dinner at 6 or one meal per day plan. Doing great. BUT I eat high quality food right off our homestead. Also doing 120 to 200 pushups per day and cold showers. I just keep adding all the amazing things I am learning off YouTube. Cold packs on belly fat for example. There is so much great info out there now. We live in the enlightened age for sure. Btw I am 71 and getting younger daily. Great vid. Thank you.
This DOES seem to be true, b/c I've noticed, that whenever I eat a BIG meal before going to bed, I ALWAYS wake up hungry, but if I don't eat dinner or eat very little, I NEVER wake up hungry!
fasting also helps clean out excess intercellular junk, much like cleaning out your garage so you do things in it.
Fasting = Not eating at all = No opportunities for companies to sell you you weight-loss cooking books, online programs, pills etc. That's why you've never heard of this experiment before.
This is all very nice but I can't believe a word Tim Ferris says on the subject of muscle/fat gain/loss. In the 4 Hour body he claims to have gained 30lbs of lean muscle mass in 30 days with his 15 min a day exercise routine. Meanwhile, in the year after Arnie won the competition in Munich, he gained 25lbs training like a deamon and taking 'roids. C'mon dude.\n\nLosing 12 lbs of muscle in 7 days? How much protein does his body need? I can believe 12 lbs in body mass, and that would be mostly fat and water.
lovely A
I've been doing the OMAD and the 16/8 combined (because I'm not very persistent I switched to 16/8 eating window) for about a month now, with the weekends being my cheat days where I eat three times, and have lost over 5 kg so far. I do suffer fluctuations I attribute to the inconsistency of my diet and the days off, but overall I'm the slimmest I've ever been in ages and all with little to no struggle.\nI gotta say, doing this has helped me control my obsessive/ binge eating habits I've struggled with since childhood. I dont feel like eating and over eating as before, and it is a relief. Food doesn't control me anymore. Also my diggestion is much better than before.\nIf I were more consistent and worked out more I'm sure I'd see more results but so far this is the best thing I've ever done and will keep with it. It also saves you lots of money lol.
nicole Kellington
I could barely go 3 to 4 hours withought food even would wake to eat both parents later because Diabetic go KETO if you have insulin hunger issues and you can go 2 three days withought food I've lost almost 65 pounds with only slight hunger dizziness and coldness Now I have days were 3 comes around and I'm blown away I forgot to eat WHAT FREEDOM....ADORE KETO AND 2 day fasts every week clearer mind and gigantic tummy almost gone JUST NEEDEDTO SHARE....OUR BODIES HEAL WHEN FASTING....Never knew about fasting grew up with fear must eat must eat now I see it's incredibly healthy to give your body a rest FABULOUS.....Everyone can benefit please check out Dr.Ken Berry from Tennessee he has incredible videos on YouTube too Thanks for more info on this want to let everyone know about this knowledge.Its Valuable!
i'm gonna sound like a douche, but fasting should be a given. We have a very advanced digestive system that is designed to self clean and self regulate. The proper signals of real hunger should be then sent to the brain requiring the person to seek more needed nutrients as necessary. The logic behind fasting should be put in parallel with turning off your car once you are parked and headed to your office. No one would let their car idle for 8 hours then get back in it after work to drive home right? We also agree that sleeping is important for our cognitive function and well-being right? So why in the world would we eat constantly without giving the time for our digestive system, central nervous system, insulin process and metabolizing process of our food a break? Fasting is and should be a standard for a lifetime. Like other said, Intermittent fasting is provides the best balance, it just required a bit of discipline
We are ANIMALS, our body was naturally designed to not know when our next meal is going to come. We are designed to stay alive as long as possible until we find the next big kill in the wild. This is the whole reason for fat in the first place.
is this a new knowledge or another fad..?
This actually reminds me of how people that get injured in isolated areas (forests, hiking trails etc) ,and have to travel to get help, tend to say they feel little to no pain until they find help. Then the pain comes surging back worse then before. It's the brain essentially saying \
the smegbahelix
I'm just gonna do a drive fast for 39 days!\nHope i don't get a ticket.
zaheid iqbal
So weird. I am Muslim and Islam recommends fasting monday, Thursday, three light days of each month and some other special days in the year. If you add compulsory month of Ramadan you fast approximately third of year.
Камиль Фаткуллин
Thank you for the video!)))
My initial reaction to this is honestly \