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Al Bundy rants to his family about his daily customers.Ed O'Neill ... Al BundyKatey Sagal ... Peggy Bundy David Faustino ... Bud Bundy Christina Applegate ... Kelly Bundy Amanda Bearse ... Marcy D'Arcy

... Al Bundy Best of Bundy Bud Bundy Christina Applegate David Faustino Ed O'Neill Katey Sagal Kelly Bundy Married with Children Peg Bundy Peggy Bundy

Al Bundy. The (middleclass) man nobody wants to be....
*This show was so good ✅🙂*
Andrew Chase
Al Bundy for President!
Andrew Galioto
Angel M. Diaz-Rivera
So fat is protected by green peace. Lol! Made my night.
Ayame Kyoto
Fullhouse got to return and this show didn't? What, in the hell, is going on, around, here!?
Barclay Benjamin
Al Bundy, doing what he does best!
Barry Banks
They broke the mold with this show, there will never be another show to ever come closer. Makes me laugh at every character' s joke
Benji Berigan
I like how Kelly got a chance to complain as well
I love that scene where comes in and he is like '' anyway i was driving home, god knows why'' XD lmao at that moment pure genius writing and actors
BlueOceanBelow Lives
Roseanne: The reunion people wanted. MwC: The reunion people need.
They forgot to include “A fat woman Shamued her way into the shoe store today.”
Bottom feeder
Oh the Humonganity!!! Haha
Brian OSullivan
This show set the tone for shows like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and You're The Worst. One, everyone of the characters of Married...With Children, were the worst of the worst of who they presented to society; you were worse for knowing them. Exaggerated, yes, but everyone of them were losers or underachievers. Once they went to other circles, they saw little they had in common with them. Steve and Marcy went from being a happily married couple, to divorced and bitter. Kelly was an underachieving actress, in where even her looks couldn't bring her success. Bud, a falling lady's man and possibly the worst agent in the history of man. Peg, was the opposite of Donna Reed, and maybe the laziest person that has ever lived. Jefferson, a failed conman, drifted into sloth and unemployment. Marcy failed to climb up the corporate ladder, and became the worst of what feminism is about. Al failed at everything he touched, his constant failure took away any hope or future he ever had. That was the point of the show, they were all failures, and not worth aspiring to. All those shows I mentioned earlier, followed that model; no hugs, no lessons learned.
CaptainVenom 18
“I went to Star Trek land and hot wired the enterprise and sent it up where no man has gone before “ 😂😂😂😂
Chris Burrows
Al Bundy you made Sunday Nights the best day of the week.
Crystal Ball
Couldn't imagine this brilliant comedy with all the insults in the PC obsessed world today! Obese shaming, ugly shaming etc. etc. There's only one Al Bundy and that's Ed O'Neill!
This show has aged particularly well compared to most.
Dan Kester
I think my favorite line was \
Daniel Fountain
*Hello random person in the comment section* May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love.Happy New Year.”
Dark Myau
A fat woman earthquakes herself into the comment section and demands that we find her sexy or its discrimination. So I say to her: Well if I have to find you attractive, then you have to find treadmills attractive or your discriminating. So She said: How dare you say that to my face!. So I replyed: Well Id say it behind your back, but I cant afford the out of state flight!
DaveFrom Accounting
When humiliating people was ok! The good ol days.
David Brown
This show was the greatest since. I love Lucy. The only one's who hate it is fat chicks.
David Carraway
Yeah Al is hilarious very few is as funny as he is
David Castaneda
I still watch this show. .all though I've seen them all \nits too funny not to.
David Murphy
A fat woman Godzillas into the store today😂😂😂
David Phan
Darckchia00!!! 3:08 5:06 6:30 You even included Kelly and Bud complaining about their day. LOL!!! you're a legend Darkchia00
Diane F.
God I feel old. Remember watching this as a kid. 80's baby. I've re-watch the whole series, multiple times. Al Bundy Is and will Always be the man. Can't make tv shows like this anymore. Damn feminist and \
I don't mind pushing the dodge though Gang Turf Because i'm a mighty stegosaurus !
Al is my hero. \n\nPeggy is the reason for my porn addiction.
Interesting: The German dub was actually _better_.\nFor example, “… I went up to one of these donut depositories, and said in my nicest voice: Wedge it out the door, beefload! …” is translated with, what in English would be “… *I went up to one of those cream pie graveyards, and fluted in my friendliest voice: Piss off, turdfly!* …” (Actually blue bottle fly, which in German, has the name “Schmeißfliege”, literally “throw fly”, where it’s assumed that they throw themselves onto turds like… well, blue bottle flies! Also “Schmeiß” [shmice] has a fittingly nasty sound quality.)
So sad when Al opens the fridge and there is one lonely beer and no food. It's hard being a Bundy.
The irony is that many, many of the episodes were directed by both Linda Day and Amanda Bearse. Women.
Flint Ironstag
6:30 Damn, like father, like daughter!! LMAO!! Seriously, Christina nailed this scene!!
GK McKennie
Ahhhh... the good ole days when a joke was just a fucking joke!
A fat woman King Kong'ed into the shoe store today, and asked me to get her something that would make her look better. Jokingly, I suggested a ski mask. Now, I don't know when they let women start carrying sledgehammers...
Heather Taylor
Always funny to watch if you're having one of those days at work.
OMFG did he just say donut depository?!? This man is a God. 😂😂😭😭🙌🙌👏👏
I'm The Goddamn Once-ler
My god, can you imagine if a show like this aired today? College kids, SJW's, and Hillary voters from every corner of the country would lose their damn minds.
Jabbar Muhammad
can I get a whoa Bundy!
Jason Palacios
Man those were the days before the SJW turds came into power and pussified the media.
Jennifer Ray
Ironic that 25 years ago it was thought Ed O'Neill was the perv and Bill Cosby was a shining example.
Jim Lahey
Guess what happened in the shoe store today... Did a fat woman come in? Enormous! My all time favourite one LMAO
Joel McCall
a damn classic I own the whole entire series they don't make shows like this anymore too many people too damn sensitive these days.
John Doe
Jon D
Ed O'neil is a comedy dynamo. True, he may not have written the lines, but the fact that he could deliver them so well with a straight face wins him the gold.
Jose Cotto
Al Bundy,the GodFather of comedy.
Justin Smit
This show is even better today.
Kaleb Cranor
I miss the 90's.
Kevin Walsh
This kind of show will never be replicated, the bar was set very high, best show I've ever seen
King Tut
ahh the good old days before feminism..
Kuda95 M
funniest lead character in a tv show ever😂😂🙌
Les Go
A fat woman clip-clopped into the store today.....frigging gold!
Marios Papachristodoulou
November 2016 still watching Al Bundy for life advise :)
Michael Proctor
Peggy: Hi Al, how was your day?\nAl: How great could it have been? I came home didn't I?
Mick Healy
Mike Patton
I always loved his shitty crooked ties.....
Mr. Spock
The writers on this show were exceptional ... so were the actors.
ODB Gonz
I thank God Social media didn’t exist back then. Could you imagine the crap they would have posted if it was back when this iconic show aired? So much crap on Tv these days. Anyone else tired of all those so-called f-ing reality shows yet?
Paul Kahlen
And the woman says \
Philip Quaglino
Ramon Sayans
Jesus, Katey Sagal was so damn hot in her day... Al could have sent her my way if he was tired of her
Reese Johnson
all of the fat women must be rosie O'Donnell
Richard Burns
Robert Allard
Al Bundy for president 2020
Peggy was so sexy
Ross DiamondThief
Take a good look millennials, this is when television was ACTUALLY great.
Sal S
A fat lady walks into the shoe store.
Steven Duncan
142 fatties didn't like this
Super Geeky Nerdy Show (SGNS)
I never get tired of watching this stuff.
Tara Collins
The Solmanian
You used to be cool America, wut happened?
Turok duels
Veritas Est Lux
*ROFLMAO. This is all before the rectal bleeding SJWs and the politically correct fascists came on the scene to ruin comedy, tv shows, and all sorts of entertainment. You can't have a show like this on TV anymore. Sewer rat millennials would riot and murder people because they feel offended.*
Wasteland Wonderer
7:23 I cried of laghter, fell of my chair, and took some time to recover xD
William B
A fat woman clip cloped into the shoe store today & said she would like to have something comfortable so i said Try Wyoming !!\ngood ol Al Bundy
Zol Galon
This will always be the best that television had to offer.
ahmad sturdivant
al bundy the greatest of all time....1 of tv's best characters
Before everyone took shit serious!! Good times
Gawd but political correctness has destroyed television; nothing but a wasteland of boring crap I can't believe anyone would actually watch. It's been years since a decent edgy sitcom has been on the networks (I miss 'Malcolm in the Middle), and I usually watch the news, science shows, documentaries, or car shows. Worse still are the drama or action series that you can't watch unless you pay for the extra bundle. No wonder people spend more time on their computers. Al Bundy was truly the everyday working class guy who continually gets screwed over by life, and so many of us can relate to that.
Al Bundy, an SJWs worst Nightmare😎.
@6:11 \
Three smaller women orbiting around her. Great line
radar 211
Married with children is more real than real. Its why the Germans love it.
ristomatti kolsi
Peg is actually very hot
Have I ever expressed how much I love Christina.. and Katie! Yep the best of the best!
A fat woman walks into the store so huge she's protected by Greenpeace.\n\n\nOMG I'm dying 😂😂😂
My how times have changed. Now fat is \
todd krager
Al Bundy, 2020. Let's rock.
unkle ace
i have to remember not to drink when watching these videos. lost it at 32 sec hahaha
i own the complete box set... best investment ever!