ASMR TURKISH BARBER MASSAGE / Sleep Well(Head Massage, Back Massage, Neck Massage, Insomnia Massage)

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Massage increases wellness and care. I'm barber n Turkey/Istnbul. Nowdays i prepare(tingle/trigger/insomnia)videos. I do Asmr, asmr massage (like head massage,back massage,neck massage,shoulder massage).The camera-man Guess game Number [76]Here with Esan(Client on the chair, check his instagram:Esanelcicek). He liked the massage so i hope you will like it ;)If you like my video please SUBSCRIBE my channel and LIKE my video._____________________________________You can support me on : ╔═══════════════════════╗ ╚═══════════════════════╝

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ASMR Anil Çakmak TV
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Aa Bb
Bro, u should replace the chair. Its head makes loud noise
Aadil Rubic
As Salam Alaikum Bro.. Thank you for make me Relax and sleepy .. love u from India .. your smile is so cute .. Gud Night
Abdullah Benali
You should learn how to crack😎😍
Aditya Das
Ur videos are the only thing I want before going to sleep ...
Ahmed Ismael
There's Salt bae and there's you Foam bae
Alessandro Govoni
Support from italy❤️❤️❤️
Anthony Fiol
Total relaxation dont talk just use the fingers........
Ash Vandal
It's kinda weird when you see a person from another country, another culture, and yet they remind you of someone you know.
Asmr sally
Avigyan Chakravarty
Teacher- What do you want to be when you grow up?\nMe- A model for Anil..,,.
Very relaxing. I watch it most nights before bed.
Bibouch Tram
Hey Anil ! New camera is great, the massage is great ! Merci beaucoup !
Anil you are a legend and I always watch your videos. Please free that poor bird, let it fly. I hate seeing them caged up :(
Blondie !
I love the shop videos, this one was sooo relaxing, looked heaven, I need this massage in my life daily x
Caleb Dulin
Since this is a \
Cris McLean
Я самый первый русский в комментариях)
Daniel C
I have a serious question I’ve been wondering for the several months watching Anil. \n\nLeaning forward for hair washing... Doesn’t that get in the customers’ eyes? Versus European style leaning backward.
Dennis Heil
Einfach die besten Videos, weiter so!!!!
Dimitry Silva
Brasil na veia .....\nRelax......\n Brasil anil********?*
Love these massages Anil, don’t forget to..... relax bro....
Fıstıksız Bekleva
Relax brooo
Gabriel Ribeiro
Hi, I'm from Brazil, and it's relaxing just to see your videos ... I hope one day I can visit to be able to try these massages :)
Gabriele Scalise
Nice video! If I may suggest, try not to ask sooo many times for likes and subscribtions. One or two visual reminders are fine, but otherwise they risk to break the immersion.
Gameplay Offert
Yeah but for update the description in the french language it say \
Gawd Viperz
Nice Video from Russia ❤🇷🇺🇹🇷
Very relaxing, and Stylish. You're quickly becoming the Turkish Baba. I say that out of respect, of course. Baba had both talent and finesse, just as you do.
Hashim Gulzar
Hello Mate
The camera quality is superb,greetings from Croatia!
Hussain Alaa
8:18 calm down anil 😂😂😂
Mdr relax broooo 😂
Inked Leo
Your videos are getting so good Anil, are you’re almost at 100k subscribers!!! Awesome job!
It's Me Jorge
Your videos are really my sleeping pill. 😍 I hope i can feel that someday. 😢
Jaquy Lopes
O melhor do mundo! 🌎\nO meu melhor! ❤️\nTenho muito orgulho de você.\nMerece todo o sucesso. 🙏🏻\n🇧🇷❤️🇹🇷
Jess Connelly
Jhonatan Muniz
😉 yes!!! You are the best in the word!!!😄🖒\n👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kailah Sage & Soul
Wow, I want to visit Turkey! Could you do a massage like this to a woman? I would definetly pay for something like this! Haha. Sooooo relaxing! Great work.
Karina Ładnie
Anil, you are the best! King of asmr! \nKisses from Poland. \nLove u sooooo much 😍
Katie Mcintyre
So relaxing to watch
Kitt bdunkin
22:12 that crack and the reaction from Anil were very satisfying and funny 😂
Very good, captures all n you can do more creative shots...
Luis Sanchez
22:12 the sound of success\r\n;)
M. Mirza
How come Women never come into your shop?
Maher Sraj
Im sure i will visit istanbul and see u again✌️🇹🇷
Mahmoud Mohmed
انا اقترح ان تشغل موسيقي هادئه في الخلفيه او في المحل
Maria Asrar
truely a king of ASMR 😍 \nnd I love from Pakistan 💕
Mark Fizz
🇹🇷 + 👐 + ✂️+ 🚿 = ☺️/😴\n\nLove from 🇬🇧😍
Mcgee McJefferson
You should put the 100k YouTube award on the wall when you get it
Milán Varju
Magyar? 😮\nHi, from Hungarian! 🇭🇺\n😁😁😁😁😁😁\n🇹🇷+🇭🇺=❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Miquel Salvador
I like the different beginnings of the videos with a little bit of Turkish with subtitles, if you continue with this, it'll make me happy.
Mr Man
massage his stomach next time
Sentisentiyorum massages😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Márcio De Lima
Adoro teus vídeos. Falo de João Pessoa, no Brasil. Abraços!!
Relax bro relax
Paul Salette
It’s been 1 month maybe more that I watch like one or tow videos before sleeping ! Thanks !
Piotr Jasielski
I just came to return your $10 I borrowed yesterday but you gave me a massage instead
Awesome videos Anil. ❤️
Robin Menard
Has he always had the bird in the purple cage in the corner? Is this new or have I just never noticed it?
Nice video but PLEASE sort that bird out with a better home.That cage is way too tiny for any bird. Rehome him if you have to. Heartbreaking
Ah be abi, üniversitede okuyorum ve tek yaşıyorum, sırtımı bile kaşıyacak insan bulamazken bu masaj videolarını görünce keşke İstanbulda okusaymışım diyorum en azından sana gelirdim :D
Scarlet Crow
Another good massage my friend. Always relaxes me. You need a woman in your videos.💖
Shadowgirl 13920
Did he always have a bird?\nBtw I love your videos😁👍
Sinkin Sand
Anil is new Baba!!!!!! \nAnil is new Baba!!!!!! \n\nMassimo must visit Anil Cakmak. \n\nAll praise new Baba!!!!
yalnız çekimlerde bir profesyonelleşme var :)
Space & Time
Success Blueprint
Nice camera work Anil! Every video you post you get better!
Tony G
Im i the only one who gets a burst of relaxation when he rubs the head with the comb?
Trysten Zick
Anil, I’m super impressed.. of course by all the success. But I’m talking about how well you read your comments and try to respond as often as possible. And the main reason I’m so impressed is that it seems you have a lot of languages under your belt. Maybe the use of google translate here and there but still ;)
Awesome video!!! Good Work! Very relaxing...... Love your videos!
Ty Surprise
Your editing has gotten really good, so relaxing!
Hey I'm new here. I don't know much about Turkey but I am proud of Turkey because of you. I slept easily yesterday watching your video and woke up at 5am. Tho the bad thing is I woke up and my device is on. Although at first I thought the acting part was cringy, 😂 I thank the Lord for you and this channel. I love this. Thank you so much. One day I will look for you and thank you in person and have a massage and haircut? I'm a woman tho. Haha Love fr PH
Valhalla's Rágnarök
Relax my brother~ i miss Baba Sen so much †\n\n\nBut great video! really relaxing ..even my bones are smooth. Thank you Anil :D
Man I want to be in that chair
Young Fish Official
Do all Turkish men have the ability to grow full beards?
YourMammas AssCrack 9000
I don't even have insomnia but I still watch the videos... been watching these videos for sleep since before I even knew that's what they were for
Greetings from Romania ! 🇷🇴
dadasdas adsadsad
Say more times \
dalia alaa
Iam from egypt
After the loss of the King (Baba) it is entirely feasible that this guy could be a successor.
harry le
Turkish Johnny Depp? I like this even more. #RelaxBro
iTz DeYo
@20:23 Now this, THIS is content!!! Lmao but srriously great video and i liked all the new triggers you tried 💯💯💯
inga kamynina
you are the best... i can't sleep without you lol you know what i mean ..just trying to make a joke... i can't go to bed without your videos... you are my ultimate sleeping pill. god bless... thanks a lot, Anil..\ngreetings from Russia
josh long
Relax bro gets me every time 😂
karin stephen
يدك خفيفة ومتمرس
khalil mlytot
Iwish to arrived the 100000 sub you are soo woderful man ilove your vid and ialways put like
kwolski dai
This is a great channel 🇦🇷
manos christ.
Like if you had a stressful day and all you need is anil's head massage👍
ranger clack
ryan kasiarz
This channel was better when you didn’t say or edit liking your video every 2 minutes.
Tes vidéo sont juste géniale \nDe plus tes petite mise en scène sont rigolote\nJe te souhaite les 100k abonnés au plus vite\nJust great job and love your video 🤗🖖
Aboneler çok hızlı artıyor reis 😂
Денис Храпунов
на превьюхе тупа Хаван)
Украинец Олег Ляшко
Слава Украине , Порошенко встретился с Меркель и сделал ей массаж языком ...теперь ждём транш денежек