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Abdur Rahman
I laik this
Alina English преподаватель англ.яз.
Thank You so much for such useful videos!
BL Blps
Very good, thank you very much
Ben Sebastian
here's several things for how to learn Italian\nDecide exactly why you wish to speak Italian\nTry to speak Italian in your everyday life\nDecide which method works for you best.\n(I discovered about these and more on Hartlyn language lessons site )
Franken Stein
I was taught sink is lavandino...
Islam Zahid
zbrdstt, ,,\nthat's da nice way f \nlearning....
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Lukas Morkunas
kobe bryant parlo italiano bene!
I just signed up for my \
It's not $25.00 a month, not even close! I've been a premium member for three months and really like the program.
Pegasus light
Sara Kanouni
i love your videos!! thank you so much to help me learn this beautifull language! it's my 7language and i'm just loving it!\n\n!!
Thomas Wallis
Zac Zee
love the video.. OMG it's lil bit difficult to pronounce LOL\n
@thatlazyslacker \nmmm forse vorresti dire \
good videos but would be great if the articles were put in front of the words. Bollitore and tagliere masc, or fem?
mahardika thufeil
hey ,if anyone else wants to discover best way to learn italian online try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got cool results with it.
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