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Italian language lesson on 10 important verbs in for beginners.➫ MY ONLINE SCHOOL:

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Hi lady sorry I need your number can give me your number
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Brilliant teacher.💟
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Bravaaaaaa come sai bene l'inglese
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Io vivo. Tu ...??? Lui...??? Etc
Lucrezia, potresti spiegarci argomenti in italiano? non sono tutti inglesi)
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I like this girl how to speak boths language
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Ma scusa cara perche solo inglese anch c'e i francofoni chi ta ascoltano
Italian sounds so cool and I love the food. I was learning Italian for a bit until I fell off and started learning portuguese. I'm afraid the mix of romance languages will confuse me lol
Charles Musachia
i love you so much!!! you are very beautiful!! my name is Charles Musachia and i am italian royalty albanian to be specific.
Chilena por el mundo
Ciao Lucrezia. Congratulations for you channel, I was looking for one to learn Italian and I think that I finally found what I was looking for. I am moving to Italy at the beginning of next year for some months to learn Italian, so your channel will be great to prepare. Bye!!
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I'm going to learn romance languages starting with Spanish, but is it okay if I learn another romance language at the same time? Or should I focus in one language?
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Very helpful, Grazie mille da Brooklyn, New York!
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Ciao e Grazie Mille per suo videos,
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chiamarsi, abitare, vivere, parlare, salutare, andare, studiare, piacere, chiedere, fare
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I just discovered you thanks to Mosalingua. Great channel!
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O vídeo usou mais inglês do que italiano.
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Lucrezia es this one best teachers for italian
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Fra poco non capisco se sei madrelingua inglese o italiana\nOttimo corso per entrambe le lingue direi😉😂
It's funny and interesting I don't even speak English at a good level and I'm learning Italian from a language that I don't dominate! Grazie mille!
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Io sono italiano\nChe bello
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Bellissimo video , menomale che hanno smesso con il trapano😉😉
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Mi piace imparare l'italiano con Lucrezia. :)Una bella professoressa (in ogni senso) :)
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putz eu estava lendo chiEdere como chieDEre XD
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Grazie\nYou're really nice teacher\nIo mi piace your class
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Ciao posso chiederti perché hai scelto di non specificare la differenza fra Lui/Lei ed Egli/Ella? Stesso discorso con Loro ed Essi.
Irina K
wonderful lesson! thank you so much!
Isaac & I
Awesome video! And hey does anyone know the actual difference between Italian and Sicilian??? I'm half Sicilian, but I'm only fluent in English. My mother(and her entire side of the family) can all speak Sicilian. They can speak/understand some traditional Italian, but they say some Italians can't understand Sicilian. They say Sicilian is only slang of italian, but I've read from other native speakers that Sicilian is more of a dialect of italian, and other people even claim that Sicilian is it's own separate language. I'm conflicted, because I want to learn Sicilian to be able to speak with my family, but if I learned Sicilian, would I be able to understand and speak Italian with other non-sicilian italians too? Or should I just learn Italian first? 😓 Guess I'm confused about the actual distinction between the two. Any help is appreciated!
Italian Classes With Angi
Bravissima Lucrezia! Spieghi in maniera chiara e fai venire voglia di imparare. Anche io ho aperto un canale dove cerco di insegnare italiano per principianti. Spero di fare bene quanto te :)
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Love u Thanks
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Grazie mille Lucrezia. This is very useful and I will begin to include these ten into my vocabulary.
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Sos una bebe te parto y no te comparto
Just Me
Hello there! As an experienced English language professor who comes from Serbia, I must admit that your English is excellent! And when it comes to Italian, as a beginner, I must say this is a perfect way to learn it! Giving examples is what students need, and that's exactly what you do here. Grazie mille! Saluti cara Lucrezia!
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How do say \
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Ksenia Kobyakova
Love your Channel! Have been studying italian [intermittently] and been resecrching for good educational sources, have decided to stick with yours! Pls keep posting, all are the videos are hightly motivational, informative, with a fun narrative and easy to grasp! \n\nI absilutley love Italian language and it was my conscious choice to study it as my third. \n\nHow do you say th word 'Indeed' in Italian, as we say that a lot over in England [i.e.happy thought indeed; chronologically its been correct indeed; indeed, you could not have said it better, really..etc] ? \n\nWould much appreciate the answer! \nRegards Kay
Thanks for this video! I'm definitely a beginner and plan on watching more of your beginner lessons. You should put an end card at the end linking to that playlist so other beginners would know about it :)
La Casavloga
what is more natural and common to say, \
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sei brava Lucrezia, io sono messicana e mi piace molto l'italiano ! 👍
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Cool gratce seńorina mile
I can't say \
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amore dal Bangladesh, Mi chiamo (Kaium Khan HD)
Che brava sei! Sono russa, studiavo l'italiano sola a casa, e dopo veniva a Roma per praticare la lingua. Non parlavo l'italiano gia tanto tempo e come piacere sentirti! Grazie a te!
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Lucrezia, prima di tutto, complimenti per l'accento in inglese😊
Michael Hoshall
Lucrezia is the perfect teacher.... knowledgeable and able to make the lessons easy (and easier)
Milena Stoyanova
This video was so useful! I'm a beginner but I hate Absolute beginner level videos, people speak so slow in those and keep repeating every word's meaning in English - I mean, if I want to know the English translation I would check it myself, no need to make the video extra long. So yes, this was concise and helpful, I learned a few new words (like swimming and walking) and it was a really smart thing to remove the verbs essere and abbiamo - thank you for this video. :)
Mohibullah Rasooli
Io faccio. I do/i make.\n\nTu fai. You do / you make.\n\nLui fa. He do / he make.\n\nLei fa. She do/ She make .\n\nNoi facciamo. We do/ we make.\n\nVoi fate. You(plural) do / you make.\n\nLoro fanno. They do / They make.\n\nAgain i practice in italian.\n\nIo faccio .\n\nTu fai.\n\nLui fa.\n\nLei fa.\n\nNoi facciamo.\n\nVoi fate.\n\nLoro fanno.\n\nAGAIN.\n\nFACCIO \n\nFAI\n\nFA\n\nFA\n\nFACCIAMO\n\nFATE\n\nFANNO.
Monica Lanny Witanto
This isnt helpful for me, as its not mentioning the meaning in English, how can we understand the meaning, Miss??? Some I can catched myself but some I just skipped didnt ring a bell! Are you sure this for beginner??? Sorry & thanks!
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Grazie mille
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No Way
Grazie Lucia. This is one of your best video for beginners (comme moi).
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Olimpia Del Prete
Okay io ti amo e io ti mando e io voglio un rincontro con te come facciamo se sei in Roma capitale indirizzo e numéro si puo avere con un nuovo aluno ?
Pedro Henrique
Please, subtitles in portuguese s2 s2 s2 Help us!!
Pedro Paullo S Azevedo
Rahul Balachandran
Salve Lucerezia,\nSono Rahul sono un studente a Politecnico di Milano, prima sto venendo a Italia ho cominciate a imparare Italia in India(sono Indiano). Io ho visto la tua video in youtube e ho imparato molto e devo ringraziarti per quello. Quando ho visto la tua video ho capito circa 80% di cosa tu dici, perche non posso capire quando i miei compagni di classe parlano con me.\nMio domande:\n1) Parli lentamente per nostro capendo?\n2) Potresti Suggerire qualche modi pensare direttamente in Italiano \npiuttosto che pensando in Inglese e traduzione a Italiano?\n\nSaluti.
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Great lesson. Grazie!
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Grazie mille per aver aggiunto i sottotitoli
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My favourite Italian verb is \
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About min 3:20 when you're speaking about the verb \
I'm still watching this video now
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Quattro anni cambia molto
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Ciao Lucrezia! Nice meeting you!
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I want to learn italian * love*
Can you please make this 10 most used verbs video for intermediate and advanced learners?
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Grazie Mille Signorina. Sto mangiando Il Pane con te parmigiano. Bacio,.Buongiornata :)
Lucrezia grazie mille per la tua lezione.brava ❤❤❤👍👍👍
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Hello? How can I find your podcast? Can it be found anywhere?
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grazie per il video... mi incoraggiano molto
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Trying to teach myself the way I learned Spanish 1 and 2. Started with alphabet, some objects, now I'm onto verbs
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Great video!
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GOD bless
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your english is amazing. you should be an italian teacher, like at a uni
I agree that for a beginner, this is your best video! To hear you speak in english but to see the verbs and their conjugations in Italian is the best way for me to learn. Perfecto! Grazie Mille
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Cool, i talk spanish but i understand english and italian, so i can practice my understanding for both languages with this chanel 💪😎👍
Great thank you loving you lessons xxxxxx ❤️
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Amour. C’est vrai, parceque Lucrezia elle est tres mignonne a moi. \nEt vous¿
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grazie mille
1:35 Since an Italian could find \
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che bellissima
Italian is way too similar to Spansih
Lucrezia you are so sweet, geniune and beautiful! And such a great teacher. Learning a new language is tedious but with you it is such a delight. Grazie mille, sei un angelo!
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Does mi piaci notere means meeting you honorate me
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Lucrezia ma sei italiana...?
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Ciao Lucrezia! Sei molto bella, ma portruppo questo tema é lo stesso col video nel videocanale Weilá Tom. Quanti anni hai?
Very useful. Capisco sia inglese che l' italiano. Sono Panagiotis dalla Grecia. Bravissimo!!!!
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Sei bravissima!!!
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Bello sorella grazie presentazion il tuo corso