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A Ollie
Grazie for this video I'm just learning italian
Akele Val
Nice one darling but please try to speak a little bit slowly ok💋
Alan Ray
She sounds like Borat!
Albibi Advertising Dammam
thanks alot
Anthony Zozaya
Anya Miraculous-Winx
In french it is comsi comsa and in Italian its cozi cozi
Anže Rogelja
My favorite was subscribe!
Ardalan Italy
very very good for people english and italy
Axel DeAgne
like when you speak Spanish and you understand everything without knowing a single word In italian!
Babek Isakov
thanks for great lesson. I will do my best to follow all your lessons.
Bean Herna Castes
Here in Perú ciao seems Like chao what means bye in spanish
Best Fiction Books - S Louise
this is really good but way to fast. and I've been learning Italian for months from my boyfriend and not from videos and I already learned most of this stuff and I couldn't even keep up with it.
Bosir magura
How does one use \
Carlos Reyes
how do you say: The teacher is so daamn cute in italian?
Carlos venegas
hola, en el minuto 2:38 \
Carly Ercolini
Love your videos Desiree!
Celso José
Molto bella Desirè!!!!Sono Brasiliano e \nMi è piaciuto la classe !!! Complimenti !!!!
Christy Pallanivel
i would like: vorrei, a piacerei, mi piacerebbe, mi piacerebbero
Connie McFeely
thanks for your help 👏👏👏
D Short
Way too fast to be of any use to someone just learning
Dave Justo
Bravissimo!!!! :)
David Barchus
The teacher is so pretty I cant concentrate
David Busch
Grazie male!
David Hiram
Your eyes will improve my learning curve
Dwight Xavier Sanson
i feel comfortable listening to her.
Elisabetta Renwick
Questo video è eccellente. Mi ha aiutato molto.  Sto studiando italiano e voglio migliorare.  Grazie mille.  Sono dalla nuova zelanda.
Ellen Esther
this is so useful thank you so much, i can surprise my italian boyfriend now with my italian skills! :P
Empty God
knowing french helps a lot.
Evelina Ilisoi
Very helpful thank you🍒🍒🍒
Evgeni Kuzmov
She speaks so fast, but still its a thumbs up! Thanks for the lessons
Fahad Nazir
Great lesson...
Fay Holm
sei bella donna 😊
Frank Ceccato
Very helpful, Great presentation
Fubbel S.
That was a fast one... finally! I hate lessons where they spend a half hour to teach you \
Gary Roe
very helpful, makes it look easy
Genia Kodash
Great tutorial! Just wanted to say that you are very charismatic and beautiful, also loved the graphics: choice of the fonts, icons and mascots. Keep up a good job. Thanks a million.
Giovanni Falconi
Desiree, please make more videos like this one. Its very helpful!.
Hassan Alanazi
the best in Italian is they don't have the letter B, it makes the learner hesitant
Himanshu Singh
can speak slowly Italian phrases.
Horus Lupercal Aurelian
you are muy Bella!! how about that? anyways like your channel
Hosam Hasan
Very nice video...thank alot..from cairo.egpt
Ibrahim nz
Thank you so much you are the best teacher I'm now to learn Italian . Thank you for this lesson 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Ijaz Ahmed
grazie mille per aiutare Mio
This has been one of the most helpful videos I've seen on YouTube! Please keeping making more just like it. The instructor was fabulous and went into detail. There was also a good amount of information. BENISSIMO!
Joel Diaz
Konstantina Gianno
Mi chiamo Konstance
Kurie Abbasi
Dear you are a little fast .. you should pronounce a word a little slower
Louis de Château
I am in love! So beautiful italian teacher! I want to learn more!
Luvpreet Singh
Italy is the most elegant country, with the most elegant people, language and landscape.
Luz Colon
i thought \
MD Nahid
Grazie mille per un buon lezione
Mark arslan
Midnight Swami
This sounds so similar to Spanish im so happy that spanish was my first language and i am very fluent in english, i plan to learn many languages i love language 💖
Moto Trailers
I switched the speed to .75 and found it to be much better.
Muhammad Yasir
Seni seviyorum ❤
Nabeil AAB
too fast tempo
Nathaniel Martinez
Thank you Desiree, you make learning Italian so easy. 😉
is saying \
Nikola Lalev
Gracie Desiree! Hard to concentrate at the things actually said :D \nI suggest this video for absolute beginners like me. Italian made easy!
Pedro Filgueiras
She is pretty
Profe Kris
Vorrei è la mia favorita
What's the difference between \
Razi Alalqam
I like \
Ritchie Annand
This is really nicely done, Desiree - my kids are fascinated with Italian but they can't seem to get started :)
Rival Norman-Syah
Robby Mz
i knew like 70 % of this with knowing spanish
Non mi piace delle voci schricchiolanti. Non può alzare la voce un po' per chiarire la voce? Inoltre mi piace il video. Grazie!
Rolando Javier Diaz Caceres
Prego is my favorite
Sila Ferni
Very good video.Congrats!
Slytherclaw Merperson
Pod101 is great. I found learning Japanese is easy with this channel, and I've been slacking on learning Italian for a few months and I'm going in late october to a rural part of Florence so I think it's important. Also, I think whenever you go anywehere, learning a bit of the language is easy and also respectful, so thank you for this channel!
Perchè sto guardando questo se sono italiana....
Tilla Nagy
My word is pizza so my favourite is Dove posso mangiare la pizza? :P
Tim Pooters
I can understand a lot because I often go to Spaink on holiday and we have french at school, italian is like a mix with a cool accent
Trevor Hogue
Hello, may i ask a favor for you if you are currently in italy may you stand in the Guards with Church? May you explain Rights to a Speedy Trail its locked up in BANK vault with all money Transfers, I had to use you one time before and one the court room for pope Francis and the rest of the family. it's Church related and no i don't want to sit in it once more. \u200bit was one that all the Pope and Cardinals may use and it was the Cardinal nine when i cut them open in gates of HELL with armpit to lower hip bone showing. yes i'm the DEVIL son, \u200bI had my eyes nailed and on day of sabbath had to hold the cross up by one hand and than one foot than other hand than lastly foot that's one of the nine cardinals who fought me. from my family. Cardinal who has to work with a different person and he was set up by England and their group of people who had to work with a different group if i recall its was with POPE Paul but his name all deleted by the french on all computers with supreme court who they are. I tried to do his homeland security for him and most of it. we won the courtroom and made from of the person and i asked if they were real Italy or someone who bought citizenship from another country and then called that female a dumb ass who has to be retarded in a fourth tongue and they all got mad at me and it was LAZIO who said objection and both looked back at him and he took the female money and i asked if he had sex with that female did they fuck or just have sex for the tampon that is just sitting inside the woman or is that women if married? different why have a tampon to make semen and big breast or tits and or have thighs or an ass or butt remember you show your breast as an A cup to a EE cup and she was so angry at the church when they won and i had to explain every piece of the human body of a female.
Volter TM
Mamma Mia
Great video! I went to Milan for a conference last week. For the week leading up to my trip I watched about 25 videos from Learn Italian with ItalianPod101.com. I wrote down key words in a notebook that I thought would be useful and tried to learn them. It worked really well - I was able to have just enough words to use in almost any occasion, just to be able to say something rather than nothing, or reverting to English and hoping for the best. The hotel we stayed at did not serve breakfast, so every morning we walked to a nearby bakery/cafe for breakfast. I was chatting a little with the guys behind the counter who after a few sentences asked whether I knew much Italian language. The only phrase I could think of was \
bob k
Thank you, very well organized and presented.
Your accent is so sexy 🇮🇹
chamindee chandrasiri
There are a few ideas for how to learn Italian\nDecide exactly why you wish to learn Italian\nTry to speak Italian everyday\nDecide what process works for you best.\n(I discovered about these and more from Hartlyn language lessons site )
hash essuri
This is the first video of you i see.. i really liked it, the way u put it and the phrases u chose ..if u have more videos of ur lessons u'll be my teacher and i'll see them all ...thanx ..
iroka alaa
There are a few components to speaking Italian easily . A plan I found that successfully combines these is the Hartlyn language lessons (check it out on google) without a doubt the most incredible resource that I have ever found. Look at the interesting information .
jhim dotnet
wow I just noticed that it is spanish... basically
jociel Brizola
Olá. Moro no Brasil. Falo português, e estou aprendendo o italiano e o inglês ao mesmo tempo. Obrigado gata!!
Good thing I studied portuguese for 2 years because italian seems pretty close and it certainly helps a lot now that I'm starting to learn italian! Perhaps the easiest languange after english for a finnish guy... especially the pronouncing!
josue cruz
nice inf. grazie.
lamin ceesay
desiree grazie mille,grazie per tua auito adeso io parli poco poco legua italin,i have one month in itly i can able to write an spesk
This should come with a disclaimer that Italian people have a built-in autotune.\nHow the hell do you pronounce Dov'e?
len hamilton
nice for basics.
mahmoud mohamed
For sentences constructed with \
riyad hadez
bravo good lessons but quick slowness is necessary in teaching
Grazie mille, molto utile! La mia frase preferita è piacere di conoscerti! È\n\
talibe seringe touba
Ани Самарджиева
Very nice video Desiree!👍😍
Роман Мельничук
Very good video! Very!