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Funny flight attendants

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I am a former Flight Attendant and I totally can relate! So dam funny.
Aiden Blanckenberg
If i saw this on a plane back to south africa I'd laugh
Al C
These women are too friendly to be South African.
Isn't this what all women are like?
There is not One thing Afrikaans about this.
Andy Dixon
These female cabin crew remind me of a stewardess on an Easy Jet flight I had the misfortune to be on a while ago.
Andy Faull
this child is disabled and he's frightened
Anna K
very funny. Great sense of humor whoever wrote the text.I am not sure why so many people are offended. I think is great!
Back when South Africa was a civilized Western country. \nNowadays it's just another African shithole.
I've flown with these before, except it had American on the side of the plane....
Christa Bornman
Wat de hel het dié te doen met afrikaans?
Is that Alice Lowe? I don't get the \
Crystal Garland
Veery nawsty air hostesses! Rremoind me to NEEVER fly Air Afrikaans!!
Dawn Morris
This is hilarious! and I am a South African! So the accents are not quite right, but.....the humour is in there! well done, and I'll have the cow!
Dillon Lim
Lol beef or cow are the same
Elizabeth Rodgers
Omg!! my mom is south african and I literally can only hear her accent throught the entire video!! XD XD
What! What! What! What! Absolutely brilliant
Fadzai Simango
Lol. I can guarantee none of the offended people in this comment section are black South Africans. Also, those women barely sounded South African (English-speaking) and definitely didn't speak with any variation of the \
Francis McMenamin
They're my kind of SJWs any day of the week!
Fred Bloggs
I quite enjoyed this, but after seeing how many uptight people are complaining about it, I really, really enjoy it.
Hey, they might be bitches, but they put that terrorist back in his place like he was nothing!\nI'd prefer them over regular stewardesses ANY day!
Gary Sibley
Hey PC BRIGADE.......It's called HUMOUR, get with it. Us English have a dark sense of humour. Yes, it's not PC, but who really gives a toss apart from bigoted individuals who have no idea of black humour.
Gideon van Niekerk
What Afrikaans my man?\n\nI am, however, Afrikaans and do find the video funny xD
I’m disabled and I find this amusing
Hank Kingsley
1:45 whut up beech. Sorry what a beach.
Harry Kuheim
South Africa used to be the only Hope for the entire continent...Black Rule ended that.
Hirakai Ko
lol this would never be allowed nowadays with the PC police censorship, half of this video would be classified as hate speech
Hol' Up Niqqa
Lmao this is gold!
Hywel 4
emirates and turkish airline are worse.
Why mr.Bean isn’t in this video 😂 it would be hilarious
Jaden Kai
that's amazing from 3:40 !
Jake Fowler
Still better than united
Josh Brown
That woman who was scared of flying got burnt so bad
Joyce Gangloff
thousands of white people are being killed in South Africa and the WHO and Nato turn a blind eye.
Just Smashing
Too funny :) boermeisies are hot!
“You’re a nervous flyer”
K9 Handler
Beef or cow? -\
King Bibi
Can confirm, I'm Jewish and a difficult flyer
Kristo R Imanuel Wonlay
''this menu has been specially devised for the difficult, so that means jews and hippies.''\n\nLOL
Lack Of Plethora
was this from any show because this is too good to be from a channel of 3.3k subs
Liability Computer
Good quality 👌👌👍🏻👍🏻
Lorenzo Maldonado
Tbh my flight from texas to Puerto rico.
Luthando Nqakala
Are these British people trying an Afrikaans accent?
Maaifoedie De La Rey
I get the humour ! But ... what the heck has Afrikaans to do with this - - there'' not one single Afrikaans person or accent in this video ! Completely British accents. So should be titled Air British.
Marc Otieno
Lol beef or cow
Mark de Scande
Incessant in #Afrikaans dankie vir die share Mihajlo Stojkovic
Matt Pannell
What show is this ?
Momma Midnight
This black American female finds this HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤘🏾🤘🏿🤘🏾🤘🏿🤘🏾🤘🏿🤘🏾
This is just a few moments of very light hearted humour that just happens to show two people with a (possibly over simplified) south African accent. Zero negative comments about south Africa or its culture. But WoW, the comments on here are amazing and the personal offence taken is astonishing.\nSince television came to the masses in the late 60's we have had 100's of TV shows and thousands of skits from the UK, USA and Australia (to name just a few) that have parodied themselves and each other. Never before have i seen such offence taken.\nLifes far too short, get a sense of humour and move on.
Nika FitzGerald
Niki Moore
I'm Afrikaans and I thought this was really funny... but - what with those accents??? We don't talk like that!
beef or cow haha
Olly Tech Review
hahaha this is sooooo funny!!
Beef or Cow? I'm a vegetarian. That's ridiculous; if you don't eat beef or cow how can you be alive? 🤣 if you're a vegetarian you don't get a chocolate mousse. 😂 ROFL
Rebecca M
This is so funny 😂they are great comediennes absolutely brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😆
Ree Salvatore
Stumbled on this whilst watching Catherine Tate.
Reminds me of a Pink Floyd song. \
Robert Janse van Rensburg
Lady: Im a vegetarian\nStuartess: what\nLady: im a vegetarian\nStuartess: what\nLady: im vegetarian\nStuartess: Beef or cow!!!???
Robyn Smith
Clearly these flight attendants are VERY wise.....
Ryan sharlotte
If only we could say what we think in the hospitality industry.
We are looking forward to seeing you all on the next flight....*but not you fatty*
Why does everyone have to complain about their accents not being perfect?\n\nNot just South Africans, but every single person who hears their regional accent attempted must complain about the attempt. Its become obligatory to claim the accent sucked by everyone who speaks the accent naturally.
The End of Madness
I will start flying this airline only, starting... yesterday
Tom Ripley
Torin Jones
Lmao at the comments. It's a comedy guys it's not 100% accurate and that goes for the accents too. Jenna Louise people are triggered so easily nowadays.
If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any chocolate mousse!
Violintention violin
These two blondes. I can't.
Will Glass
This is hilarious😂
Will Wood
Still better customer service than Ryanair.
ZeeZee Zputnik
Dear South Africans,\n\nDevelop a sense of humour before watching comedy videos.\n\n(Not) sincerely,\nThe rest of the world.
awa awa
Stop ✋\nThink 🤔\nDisabled child ♿
betty kuykendall
The vegetarian gave the one flight attendant Spinabiffida.! (May not be spelled right, I know.)LOL
Too funny
dinah lance
Did she say she gave her spina bifida while holding her eye??
dirty girl
I'm attending to a disabled child - always used by these lot 😄😁
dji zzah
jetstar is worse than this
some stubborn vegetarians and other terrorists have disliked this video
jake josh
What show is this from or where can i see more stuff like this
jason bowen
That is sooo funny 😃
jeffy john
It's satire, folks should not be angry. It's a comedy.
joe blow
Dude I laughed my ass off that was hilarious
judy valencia
Is this an actual show?
kathrine dsilva
michael meissner
A valume to help you shut up! Hahahah. I love that line!
mike dike
really bad Afrikaans accents
natureboy tom
This is really happing on so many many levels today. 2018 . Quite funny if people would lighten up about political correctness,
Hilarious as a former Crew......This is such comedy as you would never do this! Brilliant funny humor!
pastor of muppets
They're so PC they have to make the hijacker white
This was the funniest thing I've seen in weeks but still no LOL.
Being childless and single is the best way to be. Free.
puterossputeross Bowelly
Just discovered this. Too goddamn brilliant. Writing and acting the best. Reminds me of 70's Lampoon. Keep satire alive!
scott left
Skits like this were made in the 80's when the \
therealsam 426
if I was a steward
Beef or Cow?