The Buddy - Everyone Saw This Autistic Boy As A Misfit, One Classmate Saw A Friend //

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Hidayat is an 8-year-old boy tasked to be a buddy to his classmate, Tam, and finds that he is frightened by Tam's erratic behaviour. Despite having Tam's parents and teachers dismiss him as reclusive and "weird", Hidayat chooses to accept Tam as different and tries to understand his behaviour and the two develop special relationship.Although Tam's condition is not explicitly stated, the film addresses the topic of autism, and the lack of knowledge behind this disorder, especially in the 90s. Delivered in the spirit of acceptance, the film aims to portray the innocence of childhood, and centers on Hidayat’s dilemma in doing the right thing for his friend.Directed by Jason Lee (Singapore)Director's Statement:No two autistic persons go about things in exactly the same way and it is incontrovertibly unjust to label them as a mere category. Just like any other individual, they have the ability to experience emotions and to give affection. In 'The Buddy', we see Tam, a primary school boy, who builds a friendship with Hidayat, his classmate-buddy. The friendship is innocent, pure and genuine.Help us SHARE this film!

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Since a long time that’s the most touchy story I ever saw . \nWhat a wonderful person Tam is to be a friend like this to this boy . God bless them all .....\nThank you for this wonderful film .
Yes I agree some autistic kids can be OK like this dude but when you go to a public school and they disrupt the lesson it piss’s me off also one of the autistic kids in my class said your dog is dead to me so I just lost it and started screaming at him and he wasn’t punished for what he said but I was I know I shouldn’t be screaming but what do you expect he said your dog is dead and this other autistic kid has a mental break down every lesson so it disrupted my learning so I don’t agree with kids with special needs in main public schools
Andrea Ong
Okay... does anyone care about the abusive way Tam's mother treated him?
Annabelle Salvan
I teared up at this story because when I was in primary 1, I was paired up with a student with mild autism and he was very very smart. Nobody would ever understand him but I did but I'm so happy that I met him because it made me understand more abt children with special needs. Thank you for educating the public. This was most needed :\
The older kid is so nice
I skipped the video to exactly 5:42.\nJust where the thumbnail was before even watching the whole video.
Bella Xuan
They gay?
Best friends Asmr
My best friend is Autistic and she means everything to me even if she acts like she’s 5 I will forever be her friend and I will always treat her like a sister even if she screams,pulls my hijab and hits me a lot when she has a tantrum😂❤️❤️
Bianca’s Life
I Have a best friend Named ayla. I met her in second grade And she is my first real friend. I found her staring At me and following me everytime, But at recess I found out that she does that Cause she wants To have a friend and she follows me cause she knows That the bully follows me, so she protects me.I dont know why But People see’s ayla in a different way, People dont get why i play with her cause they say ayla is a weirdo. Well Im also a weirdo Myself so i ignore them. One day we had a test and ayla got the highest score. Than at 3rd grade a new kid Become “ Best friends” with ayla. I was not sad im happy cause she had a friend But... The new kid just wants ayla cause she’s smart, she wants good scores. She never lets me play with ayla since then 😭 So Now ayla felt betrayed And she ran to me And hug me and she say Shes thankfull to have me 💞 She Is Like a sister to me ♥︎♥︎♥︎
Bl Eu
I have a friend who was my best buddy but sadly she doesn’t sit beside me because our class changed sits and now she doesn’t talk to me that much. I thought 💭 that she was a true friend but she wasn’t. she doesn’t come talk to me she talks to another girl and now that girl is her best friend. Fatema (my best friend)and I are friends 👭 for 3 years She’s my best friend now❤️ and her friend is also my best friend I love them 😍 a lot at least they’re not fake🤗
Blackpink In Your Area 블 랙 핑 크
I had a buddy, two actually. One when I was young and she had to take care of me, and one who I had to take care of. None of them remember me.
Boo Time
I'm not crying my eyes are just sweaty
Breann Lowry
I have austim friend! He was in grade 7 and name is kason but he alway not here in school because he in hospital most in few year ago but people like him as tam…
Carmanking playz
Why was he having trouble with that damn math question. So straight forward. Please tell me
Catestrous Gaming
It is amazing
Cyrah Tatum
The boy helping the beautifully creative autistic kid is like a angel from heaven🙏🏿🙏😇😢🤧
I have an older Brother with autism too but it’s just mild autism. Even though he has a little trouble communicating, he has a superior memory in which he can remember things from so Long ago. He is also very patient and kind. He only gets mad when provoked and he is always diligent during class and in his homework. Personally after spending my whole life with him, I feel that all an autistic kid needs is to be understood and supported. :D
Dark Huynh115
Autistic people are just special people who do stuff their way :)
Deniz Atesnak
That mom though hahahahahahah
Diani Wahyuni
Singapore right?
Frisk Dreemurr
My best friends little bro is has autisum
Froozy Music
God damnit mum stop cutting onions...
Gachastudiosgir 1
:( i Miss my friend but my dad Said Not to talk with her and think that she’s a Ghost so yeah....
Poor boy, who would do such a thing to an intelligent smart and creative kid?
Glitch DDLC_YT
Haretz tj
The saddest thing is that the fact that people use *autism* as an insult....
My brother has autism and I don’t tear up at many things but this was so good I nearly did! I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to be so misunderstood, especially if you didn’t have the loving core that my brother has had. Great film, encapsulates autism perfectly.
HateFull- NAT3
I’m crying or am I 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Htee Ogilvie
Hyper Jr
As the old saying is \
Irin Ng
Aww the buddy is so kind to him
That problem was easy!\n\n\n\n\n\nIt never said that they're children!
Jasmine Vat
I am studying in that school too
Joey Chu
If the kid was my brother and i saw him get pushed down, i would beat that doo doo out of the other guy.
Joyce Thompson
my name is Joyce
Just BTS things
I have an autistic friend too! He is not worst, but intelligent. When he is going mad, he will push he's table and throwing papers. But he actually needs more attention. So thats why, me, as a girl, wity my girl friends being a friend to him but the boys are just like... meh.
Justinov03 XxX
The boy who pushed him probably can't even catch the ball himself
Keona Dias
Isn't that Haikal?\n\n\n\n\n\n😂😂😂
Kiran Bains
*and he drew...spiders*\n\nim ded 😂😂
Well, I may not have autism, but I'm an introvert. So I kinda relate to this kid.
Latvia Ball
He isnt autistic fully he probably has aspergers syndrome which i also have and from my experience i can tell that ive always been afraid of the ball and cant catch it properly and so as that boy i drew doodles in class instead of learning and was good at maths \nAlso most people with aspergers syndrome have obessive addiction to something like in this case spiders my case is drawing or war games \nI can relate like 100%
Lou Voltolina
That is touching I have a friend name Ryan and he has down syndrome. He got bullied and I stopped it .
Madison Hardin
This boy is so careful for him. I have an autistic friend his name is taylor. He is about 21 and he helps our football team. He brings joy to my heart, he is the sweet kid anyone could ever imagine. He has a sickness right now but he's getting better.
Marissa Nortado
most people who got this disorder are intelligent ..when anyone treat them good they will be very calm..but if others bully them thats the time they will become wild..they actually needs attentions
Masbal Mohamed
Buddy:What are doing \nHim:I am drawing spider with five legs\n\nMe:Since when did spiders start growing five legs\nLol🤣🤣😂😂
Mon Bon
These kids are such good actors.
Mr Bleach
Oh no...\n\n\n\n\nHe draws better spiders than me
Mr. Isaac
My name is Issac everyone spot my name
What blue liquid were they drinking omg
Nathan ZOOO
That boy has a great gift and protected by god and gaved him a loyal freind
at first i hated him , but then i realized that he is a great kid
Panda Swing
aww Tam is so cute 🥰
This is beautiful. Autism effects my life too. My son is 6, autistic, and awesome. I often worry kids will someday bully him for being different. It breaks my heart for he is truly the kindest soul I have ever met. He does have a great and outgoing personality so maybe he will not get bullied....I hope. Good on you all who are kind.
Potato e
I also have an autistic friend! I have been her buddy for 3 years now. She is very very smart. But at times she just goes crazy, she would scream and shout running along the corridors . She liked to hug and hold my hand. Actually even though people like Tam are different, there are still human. Treat them like how you want to be treated.
Pug Life
This is so heart warming and makes me feel so good that there are people like him
Ramela Tomatoes
So we're just gonna ignore the child abuse :/
Regan Belva
Rosella Phantom
My heart melted during this video 😭 😭 😭
Rtdm The Black Reaper
It's just a beautiful story I had a friend too his name is, \nNicholas or nick for short he's a caring person very trust worthy awesome at math,science and hockey,\nHe was my first friend in Canada when I came here I'm philippino and I've been,\nHere for 3 long and happy years!! I hope I'll meet him again someday we still have a year together but he's going in another,\nHigh school next year.. So I'll just have fun with how much time I got with him and the others.. Well if you read,\nThis very long kinda short story thanks, This is how I got my first ever friend that cares for me!!
I’m autistic, I wish I had a friend like that, everybody treats me like an outcast
Saachi Agarwal
A Best friend I have ever seen
Sanjukta Kar
ok youtube i will watch it
Savagelife 103
Really who can’t catch a ball??????????????????
Shadow GamingTv
The kid that was taking care of tam looks like me
Sky and Cloud :3
God I’m similar\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI hate word problems
SkytrollYT Plays
how come just one push started bleeding lol so not realistic\n😒
Smol Jimin
im autistic and this made me cry :(
Spongebob Sqaurepants
Ok so in my opinion it’s nice that they help each other. But isn’t the other kid cheating on him with they’re homework lol?
Sshukoo_ :3
My story:\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI have the most bestest Friend in the whole entire world when we were small,we are the bestest besties her name is Dorothy she is the best of all but one day when my Friend met a Friend they were now close I am 2grade now I sit beside a bully she bullied me she keep asking me to pick up her things and everything but she was scared off my Sister shuzo she is in 5 or 4 grade I forget but yeah a girl name was Yu Jun wait idk(I don’t know) how to spell her name so yeah sorry.So Yu Jun stole my friendship with Dorothy :(. -sigh- but we sometimes play with each other. That is my story Thank You For Reading.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\u003c3 :)
poor little tam tam didn't know that spiders had 8 legs
Tanweer Tofy
I am like you in my chilhood😭😭😭😭
The Cringe God
4:07 get this man a grammy, he deserves it 🤧
Kids with mental disorders lika autism are often misjudged and it's very wrong\n\n Every kid should have the chance to be treated kindly\n No matter who it is
Vixiniara *
This is so interesting 😮
13:12 ''My husband and I, we just wanted what was best for our son. We didn't know'' \nWhat, so they thought caning him was the answer! :-/
Wendy Baillarg
I am autistic and I am an expert at cars
X Bread X
My cousin is autistic and I do my best to keep him safe and happy\nbecause he has anxiety when around people the hardest parts about it are that\nsometimes I just have to see him cry to learn how to overcome it and he always steals my glasses.. They belong on my face.
Yousuf Ansari
I love to help special children. I signed up for the buddies program because they are all so special in so many different ways
😶.... People with disorders want to praise the director and actors right now ! Spot on and amazing at looking into the eyes who are considered different.
asif rehman
This video is very educational for people who don’t understand what is atstic I do
Makes me miss my autistic friend
cute and bad BTS
I love this
haley hatler
This this boy at my school named Alex he gets picked on at school for being autistic, so I tell the bullys to stop and they walk away, I have him for pe and he never participates and just walks, me and my friends go and walk with him sometimes ,ik what he goes through because my little brother goes through the same thing he does and he's in kindergarten.
jeff 619
I was bron in 2006 and i did not know this people i was k1
last channel
This is so sad i\
leah's amazing LiFe
awwww... this the best story i have ever heard
micheal skyburst
Hey my name is what?my name is who? My name is....trevor phillips x2
ra dan
9:19 don’t worry tam the awnser is 494
shuha ____ diary
My son is 8 years old, an autistic kid with ADHD. I'm glad that I came across this video by accident and gotta tell you that this video is so brilliant! As a single parent myself, honestly everyday is different, challenging and unpredictable. Sometimes i feel like i'm in a war with myself, sometimes idk how to handle him, sometimes i'm so lost.. but then again I've learned so much from my son since day 1. And he is the reason why I feel strong. He still has a lot of difficulty to adjust to his morning school, bcoz like this video.. Even some teacher don't really 'understand' about his condition and they expect him to be like other kids but yeah.. It's hard to educate people, even to ask for their empathy and understanding. Its okay. My only hope is for me to give him the best i can.. Thanks again for such an inspiring and beautiful story. Love from Malaysia ❤❤
the gaming boy
i also have ausistic and i'm a very shy person and smart at most subjects and i am also like Tam i get bullied and i didn't have much friends until a mounth ago or let's say three i met some people and we suddenly became friends and when i did get bullied i have been bulling other's beacuse of i got bullied i know your gonna hate me and i just try and block it out of my head and like tam when he could not do that sum i just block it out of my head and yes i get a bit upset if i can not do a question but i do have the best friends i could ever have and my teachers so lot's of support for people like Tam and i but tho's friends have been real friends to me
wolf hound
The austism boy is very cute and this is so sad!😭😭
Gay Love 😢
Hidayat is a good friend
9:45 So Me when I get something wrong in class :B