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Do you have an excess of stuff? Do you take the trash out on a regular basis? Bea Johnson started a global movement advocating for a zero waste lifestyle. Here, she reveals how she and her family produce less than one quart of waste per year, and how living simply has changed her life for the better. Since 2008, Bea Johnson and her family are dedicated to living a zero waste lifestyle; they generate a mere quart size jar of waste per year. Through her blog and her book Zero Waste Home, Bea launched a global movement and continues to inspire a growing community to take a stance against needless waste with the application of the 5R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be "stylish," but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings.Grand Prize winner of The Green Awards, she speaks at universities, corporate events and conferences internationally, and opens her home to educational tours and the media. She has appeared on TV shows and in publications around the world, from The Today Show to BBC Breakfast. With her passion and positive outlook, she has become a guru and spokesperson for the zero waste lifestyle or, as the New York Times stated, "The Priestess of Waste-Free Living."This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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The problem with grocery shopping is that it is not possible to buy things without some kind of packaging.
- -
I wonder what it's like to live/be in a country where what i'm only always watching through youtube are really actually happening... : (
Alejandra Andujo
freaking loved her!! \u003c3\nI'm very happy to see people who cares about the environment, I'm definitely going that way, thanks!!
Amanda Brems
What a tough crowd, not one peep whenever she made a joke.
Andrei Vladimir
I've noticed your beautiful make-up. What do you use for eyeliner and mascara?
Anita S C
Anna Ward
This is so cool. She's done this with her whole family, and, by being a teenager, I know that we rarely smile in front of our parents because they've done something for us (no offense to the awesome people who do!)\nI love her accent.
Baked Pepetato
This is pretty awesome! I'm slowly trying to make the change.
Big E
Consider sending your waste in the jar to Terracycle. Then, you would achieve 100%!
Britney The cat
does anyoe know if there is a zero waste/bulk buy store in Adelaide Australia?
In my city, there are a few weekly farmer's markets, but otherwise almost no bulk stores for groceries and things; that is, there are wholesale stores, but they sell large \
Celia rose
Thank you so much Bea! You have honestly changed my life😄🌱🌲💙
Chimo Megias
Como hacen para que los niños no quieran más y más siempre quieren ropas, juguetes, consolas, todo lo último, como hacer que un niño sea consciente del mínimalismo?
Christian Andersson
Cleo Rant
Thank you Bea Johnson!
DIY Solar Homestead
I like your story. I make a lot of electricity. When I move I want to grow a lot of food.
Wow! Such an inspiration!
Eileah Frye-Edmonds
This truly is very inspiring and amazing. It makes so much sense this is helpful in the research I'm doing and I'm very excited to make a change.
Faith Thong
she is such an inspiring person . i should follow the footstep too
Gloria Hester
Thank You for the photos
Hassna Jamali
Merci beaucoup.
Hazi Fantazi
A picture of a person sky diving representing 0 waste is hilarious, aeroplanes are massive fuel guzzlers
I really wanna start an all vegan, zero waste, self sustaining community one day
Inna Zhurav
Вот так должен выглядеть интерьер без всяких излишеств как у этой женщины. Я многие годы стремлюсь к такому минимализму и это очень облегчает жизнь. Почему так мало таких людей как она?!
♡ thank you.
Please tell me how to rid my life of junk mail!
Jennifer Arrow
Great job, Bea! Thank you!!
Jessica lovescakes
Hey :) Does anyone know how to add subtitles to a youtube video like this? I am a native Mandarin (Chinese simplified) speaker and would love to translate the video into my language for people who might need.
Journey to green
i love her, so inspirational!
Juan Carlos Arbeláez León
This woman is an inspiration!
Kevin Sellers
Fuc u i make more in one day then u make in a year
L to the Lawliet
This is the stuff your mom watches once, gets all hyped up about, and tries to make the whole family do but gives up after like a week.
Leila Worth
Leslie 04
Agh i always feel really uncomfortable when people make a joke and the audience doesnt laugh 😁
Leslie Scott
I encourage you to research a plant based diet. It is so much better for the earth.
Lisset Alvarado V.
I think there is not even one zero waste store in my country. It would be great to be the owner of the first!
Maria Rivera
This really inspired me to start anew. Thanks!
Marion St Joan
It inspired me to do my own tips on going zero waste video..thank you!
María Medusa
the sounddddd!
Matt Fox
Inspirational! I think this is exactly what my own anti-plastic and anti-consumerism ideals have been leading to.
Michelle Montoya Ortiz
borax, vinegar, and baking soda is all one needs to clean. Bleach and all that isn't, it helps their cheap
Morten Skogly
Nice project. But: A zero waste cleaning service then? And a zero waste taxi to the airport? And a zero waste plane-ride to a zero waste hotel somewhere? Hm.
Nicholas Littlejohn
Vegan leather skirt too. Kudos
It okay if you live in places that actually have 'bulk buy' shops but in the UK this pretty much doesn't exist. Yu can use the buthcers, cheese counters, delis and tuff but when it comes to nuts, seeds, pasta, grains etc, you won't find anywhere that will fill your jar. And for those of use who have to be careful of gluten or allergen contamination, zero waste cannot ever happen.
Noora نورة
I came here thinking this would be about overpopulation, people should address that issue more imo
Nutsa Labadze
Her son has a computer and beats headphones. Did the packing material for those fit in her jar? \nCome on.
Paige Strudwick
Wonder if she's considered veganism, if they eat butter etc and support the dairy industry it's almost like undoing all of their hard work!\nSo so inspiring though, amazing :)
Peter Sky
I felt in love, zero waster eating animals like first people in cave, shaving her legs, living life. She has to be from another planet.
Plastic Project
This is really awesome and inspirational. Thank you.
Pumpkinomo M
is she french?
Raoul Mertens
please die
Reynolds Mike Slim
es admirable,quiero traerla a mexico
Ross Guzman
Please be my mom!!!
Saadia Laureano
Love her man great inspiration
Sahib Vander
That is a great advise sahib vander
Sally Rawdah
if someone from 5B is looking at chat, helo ^-^
Sam Ben
Seo-Jeong Kim
Wow wow and another wow indeed! Thank you for that speech! I started this month my zero waste lifestyle!
Shonoa Mcclean-Peters
I loved this until the leg hair comment.. Regardless what an inspiring video, I would love to achieve a zero waste life style.
Hey, I would love to do polish subtitles for this video. Is this possible?
Sue 7
good way of living life really, congrats from deep of my heart!\nbut white vinegar is toxic actually due to the chemicals it was produced, while homemade/natural vinegar is gold
SuneelJain ArtEllipse
zero waste lifestyle ... i respect it
Taylor Anette
Doesn't going zero waste require throwing away a crap ton of stuff?
Udo Van Roosbroeck
If you ever visit Mechelen (Belgium), there's a package-free store called Kabas. Pay them a visit and bring a box (or 2, 3,...).\nRecommended by a regular customer... :)
I wonder if she has seen Cowspiracy yet! The creator is an environmentalist who realized all his efforts had minimal impact compared to simply not supporting the animal food industries. It's really eye opening and interesting on the legal and political side.
War Paint by Tara
I wish places sold in bulk like that by me.   its over an hour (more in traffic) for a whole foods that I think might do thins....or a trader joes...again think iv only been to both once)\nif this was the NORM then most would go toward it.   and refilled wine bottles!   GREAT idea!
Wyatt Rennie
I have a compost bin too
Zero Waste Saigon
Great video, very informative. In Asia the waste situation is so bad. We're trying hard to convince people at Zero Waste Saigon
akanksha aggarwal
What is the name of the book that she has written
annanas moghaddam
elle est merveilleuse! awesome!
This is what humanity desperately needs! Less consumption, more life! Thanks to this woman who has clearly great ideas to make our world a better place!
Ugg the vegans on every single one of her videos.
Zero waste and eating meat and dairy? I dont think so.
carole chapla
This is great, Bea, love it !My main problem is that I have cats but can't find bulk cat foods where I live.
I believe plastics should be heavily taxed as well as meats and dairy. Those taxes should be used for ecological projects.
Yea. And backing soda for toothpaste will destroy emamel of your tooth. That's how I've got mine destroyed. Thanks to mom who also was religiosly pasionate with being \
felice fiore
Yeah recycle !
Wow, very inspiring!
marysweet• 246
how do you say no to junk mail?! i so want to know as the only mail i get is junk mail and I have to hold onto the clutter until recycle or find a suitable shredding place.
I could never live in a house where everything is white... i like having very little stuff but i don't want my home to look like a hospital. Diffrlerent esthetic tastes i guess
Kill a cow to use as a skirt!  There's a great message!
Why are so many people in this comment section bashing her for not being vegan? She does a lot to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Appreciate her effort instead of picking on her choices. Nobody's perfect!
Did she ever wonder, how much junk they create by their fun trips, holidays and skydiving? I am not saying they shouldn't enjoy them, but I think it's a little hypocritic to talk about zero waste and skydiving in one breath.
wunderbar. Ein so tolles Video. Ich liebe es.
נעמה ירושלמי
why the hell are those people clapping and cheering for her smooth legs? okay, so she shaves. so what? it's supose to be a personal choice, not something people encourage women to do (and sanction women who don't)
Great! I met Lauren in the other video before I met Bea. Lauren said that she started Zero Waste cause she saw Bea's Blog.