Family Guy - Meth Farm

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#internettroll I trigger people
*0:53**-**1:10*\n*And **2:41**-**3:01** is when family guy reminds me to live*
64 kombi
'this meth lab is our family's best chance to make meth in a lab' lol
Tank top community
Abdul Shoble
0:47- 1:10
Abigail 11012
What EP?
Alfred Fushaxhia
I died when the pigs showed up \n\
Alicia Malave
Arctic Vapor
Gta 5 anyone
Austin Pape
*Did you lock the truck??*
B Jenkins
4:04 to 4:13 has me crying tears laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ok peter.. We can make One Meth\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n 😅😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂💊💉🛢
Booda 864
We should clean this place up it's a meth
Cameron Hardy
# Trevor from GTA
Chris montgomery
this meth lab is our family's only chance at making meth in a lab.
Chuck Lee
Rest in peace cricket. We'll always remember those fond moments when you were there every time somone made a bad joke.
Crimson Skull
When there’s no light you can see a watermark
the part at 0:15 rich and gay XD
Dastickybandit x
The dirty jokes 1:04-1:11 had me dead
Stewie: *creates a time machine and some other impressive machines*\nAlso Stewie: *can’t understand words Louis spells*
4:01 When I played Fortnite Battle Royale for the first time
D’Anthony Williams
Ethel Haley
But dad I can't take anymore PLOWING
Evan Mc
Now that im a meth dealer im gonna respond violently to outside noises no one else can hear. Never heard it described so perfectly lmfao.
Flamin Randomness
1:00 so many inuendos
Funtimes :D
1:00 stoooooppp😂
Genji Shimada
0:47 - 1:10
Georgs Gricmanis
Spread that seed
Gunnar Streuli
this meth lab is our family's best chance to make meth in a lab
Henrey Of Brandenburg
1:05 everyone...seriously listen closely
Jack Pflaumer
The meth lab looks like the one in gta 5
Jackson Harvey
Jeremy Rhodes
Jessy Wentz
Lois takes Stewie upstairs so he can nap and the camera cuts to them all back where they started... The writers must have been on meth while making this.
Joey Frontz
They just bought the farm how the hell are they fixxing to loss it,I don't want to put the cows in a bad moooood!
Joseph Hathcock
how did the cricket die he only got his nuts blown off so unrealistic considering the gun was a 1911 which shoots a 45 it would have turned most of his body into a pulverized blood mess
Joxon Pro PL
Pay day 2 ?
Justin Balacuit
Chris: I think that hoe is pretty much worn out\nPeter: Well flip it over you can use both sides ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kaijin Is The Greatest !!!
Rich and
KinG$lime Akuma4
😭this is brilliant
Can we talk about the conversation starting at 0:48??
Peter have been acting like a lunatic when he had some meth
LiL Risky Wolf
Meg: \
Mac Holmes
This meth lab is our families best chance to make meth in a lab
Maddy wiz
Is it bad that I laughed for 20 minutes about Stewie saying \
Marcelo Castrejon
2:06 joke of the century
Matthew Mayo
Gta 5 O'Neil farm
Michael Barker
Insest is the best put your cousin to the test wtf
Mohit Pandita
He actually used the incest reference
that cricket tho
Myracle Woodford
Nathan Dubas
“We’re gonna be rich”. “Yeah rich and gay”.
Nathaniel Schweitz
If you turn on closed captioning, at the very beginning of the video there's a humorous word by itself. With no context. You're welcome.
NeckBeard The Holy
better watch out for trevor
Nick Fanella
Thats the only plowing meg would ever have a part in
Phoenix Artice
Ramona Andersen
Ricardo Santos
Turn captions on at 0:00. 😂
Ricky Arrowstone
O Neil brothers from GTA 5 anyone?
Ryan Maier
Meg and Chris.
0:55 **sighs** comedy
Salena Sharpe
3:39 lmao
Shaan Singh
3:46 Malcolm X reference/Easter egg
Sharon Kay Kay
Louis wont stop saying oh my god
Sousuke Aizen
lol..that hoe joke make blank for 1sec
Strange Love
Sword OF The Navy Seals
4:10 to 4:12 what you hear out side if you live in the city lol
Sworn Royal
0:57 - 1:10
Did u guys lock the truck!!!!!! Lol
Trevor Nash
Shhh. What did you hear something? No I just want you to stop talking lmao 😂
TypeONegative 1377
Ultimate Saber
So Lois takes Stewie up to take a nap and he ends up back downstairs
Unionpacifc 1943fan
Did u guys lock the truck 3:58 lol
Watch dogs 2 fan
The code thing is\nDrugs D R U G S\nAnd illegal I L L E G A L
What is this?
XD watch 0:56
YourFavoriteNightmare s
Wow, what a coincidence breaking bad.
alyeexa yeeed
0:16 starting to think stewie imagines everything as being gay
brian kaaya
Haha.. When the cricket reacts to the bad joke at the end
dead_ shot_47
A meth lab is their family's best chance to make meth in a lab...\nyeah...
derek villaruz1182004
Wow, the cricket one, a joke inside a joke...
james froh
Its from GTA 5 LOL
jan jones
Thank you Seth McFarland.......
just a ordinary Goron
This scene and contains one of the longest sex jokes of all time
lord frieza
march maddness
omfg_itsjustin boi
Drugs. Are illegal no drugs
that one dusty dude
ultimate gamer18
Lol the dirty joke Peter,meg and chris made
xd FatefuL
It’s:\nDrugs\nIllegal \nAnd nap thank me later Stewie
4:16 *_Top ten saddest anime deaths._*
誰もが死ぬ •