Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport (Official)

Listen to Culture II everywhere now: DIRECTORS Bradley & Pablo, QuavoPRODUCERS Fuliane Petikyan, Sara Lacombe, Kevin KloeckerEXECUTIVE PRODUCER Chris ClavdescherCREATIVE DIRECTION Bradley & Pablo, Quavo, Kevin KloeckerHEAD OF PRODUCTION Autumn Hymes Director of Photography (VFX/Migos) Mathieu PlainfosséDirector of Photography (Nicki Minaj Unit) Joe Labisi1ST AD Ev SalomonPROD. DESIGNER Damien FyffeMETA PRODUCTIONS / VFX SUPER. John CameronMIGOS STYLING Zoe CostelloEditor/Cut & Run Chris RoebuckVIDEO COMMISSIONER Kevin Kloecker, Sara LacombeMARKETING Mike Baro, Nick Simmons

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AKİF Kayal
But Nicki still has the Best Verse on this !
Abdirisak Awes
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..\n\nYou're awesome! Have a great day \u003c3
Alisha Lucas
Niki better then cardi Let aruge🙄
Y'all want Cardi and Nicki to have beef so bad.. but they aren't budging.
Ariadna Gonzalez
Alguien más viene por la divaza chama ?
Armando Ortiz
Who here after the divorce lyric change
Averyanah Thomas
Yesterday was a year for Motorsport congrats 🎉
*HOW MANY* people love _NICKI_ & _CARDI B?_
Bape plug
Who’s hearing this song while looking at the comments \n\n\n\nSoo leave me that like..
Charlie Pokaski
3:55 is the best part
Chun Li
Who else is here after they heard Cardi changed her lyrics??\n//Editt: I Aint Never Had This Many Likes Before... THANKS///
Cookie Monster
Here after cardi’s and offsets breakup :(
Cardi b speaks fax🗣🗣😄
Like: Cardi b 💍\nComment:Niki
Cute Life Dolls
Look its queen Nicki!!!😍😍😘👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👑👑👑👑
i was tryna see if nicki and cardi would be in a scene together 😂
Daisy Cruz
Nicki Minaj just gets better with age. Periodt.
Devin Sumer
Cardi B & Nicki Minaj slay so hard.
Dimas Putro
Who Is Better??\n\nNicki Minaj : Like\n\nCardi B : DisLike
Freya Fox
Who do you guys like better? 💕\nCardi - Like 👍\nNicki - comment 👇
Gabriela Walker
Nicki is superior and kills everything she in. She's managed to stay relevant in a cut throat industry dominated by men as a rapper. She's not just a queen she's legend. Cardi is just a new face and she shouldn't be compared with the greats just yet.
Geo Ivery
Nicki is the best part of this song.
Hayley Mundwa
Am I the only one who skips to Nicki minaj’s part and start rapping??😂
Husna Jumanne
Love them both but Niki takes all my attention, she is so dominant!
Idk What to make my name
Cardi look like a chihuahua 💀
Nicki DID THAT. \
Iza François
Cardi, i'm sorry, but Nicki killed it! 😂🔥
Everyone is talking bout cardi and nicki \nWhat about takeoff \nHypest verse of this song \nAnd Murdabeatz is an actual god for this beat \nAnd Cubeats for the melody
Nicki basically predicted Cardi and Offsets relationship LOL I CANNOT
Jaylen Wright
Time to change the lyrics from \
Jengus Roundstone
I told him the other day, we’re gonna get a divorce
Joking around Gaming
You people are wow dumb for comparison...
Joshua Bautista
“I told him the other day, yeah we gonna get a divorce”
Juan Lopez
I get upset off, I turn offset on, I told him the other day , we going to get a divorce 🤦\u200d♂️
Just Jamya
Who here after the breakup/ divorce?
I only came for Nicki don’t know others
Kelnelshia Dixon
Without Nicki and Takeoff... this song would be trash
Leah Durrant
Whole time nicki and Cardi were talking about each other during the rap
Lexa Debnam-Carey
I told him the other day...yeah we gonna a divorce
Louie G Louie
“Offset cheating” Nicki told cardi @2:45 watch your man, you should watch your mouth 😬 👀
Mavelle Braddy
Now im singing i told him the other day we should a divorce 🤦🏽\u200d♀️
Mc BooM
Nicki :like.\nCardi : comment.
cardi and nicki would have ran the rap game but they let their fans make them beef
Mina-DZ- Chic
Nicki the ultimate Rap 👑
Miss Universe Moments
crying Nicki brought me back here!
Mobile Gaming
1 Year later anyone 🔥
Mochi Babyy
Nicki Minaj giving me old Nicki Minaj vibes outfit wise 👏👏
Who else is here after Cardi broke up with her Hubby OFFSET?
Moneda Falsa
Omg! Nicki killed it
Ms A.E
Noah Franco
Now that I hear Nicki’s verse it just sounds like a diss on cardi b
Who else also came here after *Nicki Minaj - Good Form* to compare Cardi to Nicki?
Ofentse Mwase Films
We All waited for Nicki Minaj and Cardi B scenes :\
Otf Laya
Nicki & Cardi did better than the boys 🙄☝🏽💯 still love migos tho ☺️😘
Again, takeoff literally bodied everyone on the track.
Payton No
Nicki Bodied the whole song switched up her fliw multiple times and dragged some of the artist and her voice her fit. Her delivery it was breathtaking.
Prosper Gboka
My favorite song
Migos inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with them some day. Mark my words!
Sabrina Spencer
I get upset off\nI turn offset on\nI told him the other day\nWe're gonna get a divorce
Nicki: \
Santosh Pathak
1 year of Motorsport 💐💐🎂
Sassy Diva
I cant be the only one who wanted to see Nicki and Cardi in the same scene/shot together...but it's cool my boos both still slayed
Nicki is fire
Sholly Lamara
*At the end of the day, Cardi B owes Nicki Minaj an apology. PERIOD.*
Offset stop being the ghost writer of Cardi.
T o m m y
*Nicki Minaj : like*\n*Cardi B : comment*
Telescone Boy
*She turned Offset off.*
TheCult MSP
guys y’all stop picking between nicki and cardi they both did amazing and slayed. i wish they had a scene together though
Toph Beifong
Who here after cardi b & offset break up??
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I told him the other day we’re gonna get a divorce 🤣🤣🗣
Nicki and Cardi took over this song 😭 migos just a feature lmao. DONT @ ME 🗣🤷🏾\u200d♂️
Vivi Delmoncio
*Like: Nikki*\n\n*Comment: Cardi B*
I'm not a fan of any of them but it's funny that the female features on this track spit more bars than the migos did lol. I don't even know WTF Quavius was saying in that first verse 😂
Wesley Van Torre
How to craft sword in Minecraft?
Bro I like cardi b best but Boi We still need to remember nicki she is good too
Zlata Shmarina
“i told him the other day, we should get a divorce”
Zyanna Beast
*I get upset off, I turn Offset on I told him the other day, we're gon' get a divorce.*  \n\n-Cardi 2018
albert balastegui pardo
Nicki is the queen of the world 🐅
aniket avadh
Nicki Saved the Song......‼️
babydoll ari
Nicki looks so plastic and fake 🤮
bleach :p
*i told offset the other day we gon ‘ get a divorce*
celerina Calong
This is song is nothing without Queen Nicki...\n#queennicki👑👑👑💎
chun li
like damn....I really get high asf wen Nicki came in ....her entrance was iconic...I verse was is a goddess shii
elisa pr
Yeah, woo, yeah, skrrt\nM-M-M-Murda\n\n[Chorus: Quavo]\nMotorsport, yeah, put that thing in sport (Skrrt, skrrt)\nShawty bad (Bad), pop her like a cork (Pop it)\nYou a dork, never been a sport (Dork, yeah)\nPull up, woo, woo, jumpin' out the court (Jump)\nCotton candy (Drink), my cup tastes like the fair (Cotton)\nStraight up there (Where?), we didn't take the stairs (Where?)\nFaced my fears (Fears), gave my mama tears (Mama)\nShiftin' gears (Shift), on the Nawf, get serious (Serious)\n\n[Verse 1: Quavo]\nFace all your fears, then get at me\nHit so many donuts on them backstreets\nSit so high in the nosebleeds (Yeah)\nFeel like I can fly, yeah\nXans, Perky, check (Yeah), Bill Belichick\nTake the air out the ball, just so I can flex\nTake the air out the mall, walk in with the sacks\nTake the air out your broad (Hey), now she can't go back\nXans, Perky, check (Yeah), Bill Belichick\nTake the air out the ball (Yeah), just so I can flex\nTake the air out the mall (Hey), walk in with the sacks\nTake the air out your broad (Woo, woo, woo, E)\nUh, the coupe came imported (Hey)\nThis season's Off-White come in snorted (White)\nGreen Lamborghini a tortoise (Lambo)\nNo human being, I'm immortal (No)\nPatek and A.P. full of water (Patek)\nHundred K, I spend on my señora (Racks)\nMy pinky on margarine, butter (Margarine)\nAnd my ears got McDonald's nuggets (Ayy)\nSoon, as I land on the Lear (Whew)\nPiguets, they wet, tears ('Guets)\n488, hit the gears (488)\nSuicide doors, Britney Spears\nI'm boujee, so, bitch, don't get near (Boujee)\nCriss Angel, make dope disappear (Voilà)\nHit the gas, it got flames out the rears (Skrrt)\nIt's a race to the bag, get the mills (Hey)\n\n[Verse 3: Cardi B]\nRide the dick like a BMX\nNo nigga wanna be my ex (No)\nI love when he go on tour\n'Cause he cums more, when I see him less\nI get up set off\nI turn Offset on\nI told him the other day\nMan, we should sell that porn\nYeah, Cardi B, I'm back, bitches\nI don't wanna hear I'm actin' different\nSame lips that be talkin' 'bout me\nIs the same lips that be ass kissin'\nThese hoes ain't what they say they are\nAnd their pussy stank, they catfishin'\nSame hoes that was sendin' shots\nThey reachin' out like they back itchin'\nWhy would I hop in some beef (Why?)\nWhen I could just hop in a Porsche?\nYou heard she gon' do what from who?\nThat's not a reliable source, no\nSo tell me, have you seen her?\nLet me wrap my weave up\nI'm the trap Selena\n¡Dame más gasolina! Skrrt\n\n\nMotorsport, yeah, put that thing in sport (Skrrt, skrrt)\nShawty bad (Bad), pop her like a cork (Pop it)\nYou a dork, never been a sport (Dork, yeah)\nPull up, woo, woo, jumpin' out the court (Jump)\n\n[Verse 4: Nicki Minaj]\nUh, yo, watch your man, then you should watch your mouth\nBitches is pressed, administer mouth to mouth\nYou see them stats, you know what I am about\nI am the champ, I'm Iron Mike in a bout\nAttention, I'ma need you to face front\nYou don't want smoke with me, this is a laced blunt\nRap's Jackie Chan, we ain't pullin' them fake stunts\nMy crown won't fit on your bum-ass lace fronts (Uh)\nYou bitches catchin' a fade, shout out my nigga Lil Boosie\nAll of your friends'll be dead, you can get hit with that Uzi\nI call him Ricky, he say he love me like Lucy\nGet you a straw nigga, you know this pussy is juicy\nThis Givenchy is custom made, now you can't get it at Saks though\nI don't work in no office, but they copyin' and that's facts though\nI ain't tryna be violent, but if Nicki on it, it slaps, ho\nGet you lined for that paper like a loose leaf when that strap blow\nI'm with a couple bad bitches that'll rip the party\nIf Quavo the QB, I'm Nick Lombardi\nPull up in the space coupe, I done linked with Marty\nI can actually afford to get a pink Bugatti\n\
Who came after the fight
harsheel hans
Nicki is Nicki.....Cardi B is nowhere near her
kiran babu
“Motorsport, put that thing in sport, crash the car, I’m on life support”.
mhmd blushi
nicki queen
plummer’s Boys
The only song nicki and cardi will ever be on together 💀🤦🏽\u200d♀️
samir ruiz
cardi B imitation of nicki minaj... so fckn true I listen nicky from the time of mi casa, su casa... even more back
Nicki warned her
I turn Offset on / I told him the other day / yeah, we gon’ get a divorce!
cardis skrr gave me goosebumps
up cut
Nicki and Takeoff made the song👌
young brreezy
So y’all still selling that porn🙄👀