YOU will NOT get a PRESENT FROM SANTA if you DONT LAUGH - Funny ANIMAL compilation

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Aj Robles
I got a present from my parents
Alaskan Bullworm
Except Santa ain't real
Anastasia Alekseyeva
Not everyone celebrates christmas!
Andrea Arencibia
guess i won't get a present from santa
Anna Nowak
Słodkie kaczuszki
Anna's Equine Spirit
Some of these kids reactions are from not having enough time with animals to undrrstand and learn from tjem which ends up with them being scared of animals even dogs and cats
Ashley Boone
It looks like the cow is humping the fence
Ava L Allan
Good thing Santa isn’t Real
Awa Kande
Michael jankis santa is real
B1 Force
These videos are not funny
1:07 got me laughing so hard bro
Blocky Master
I didn’t laugh, but I already wasn’t getting a present from Santa. I am getting my presents from my mom and dad.
Bohan Hall
I guess I am not getting a present from Santa lol
Brent Laughter
I did not laugh
Bruce Borowski
how can you trust a person who believes in santa and lies to their children about santa claws...............?????????
CLOUDeventing Love,ride,repeat
1:29\n*cow* I’ll just take that
Carolina Vidal
He did not want a kiss lmao
Charlotte Power
0:39 the ducks are so cute
Chrisma Rozario
That's a nice video
Christopher Young
Santa is a fraud what if you've been good but didn't laugh at this video and you still don't get presents 😧🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅👼
ChycøKat -
I didn't laugh nice try making me laugh \u003e:3
Crissy Eaton
haha #####
Cynthia B
Loved this! thanks for sharing
Dawn Morris
Devin Sadler
Love your videos
Eiljah Eden
5:50 XD its just a bug 😂😂
Ella H
I still got a present even though I laugh 😂
Ellie the *Genie* &#x2661
Look if some dont laugh they could be hurt inside\nAnd saying such a thing is mean specially you arent santa or his wife so dont say that if you do continue posting videos like this YOU are the one whos not getting a present \u003e:c
Eyvonne Ford
I dont care adout 🎅 is not real at all✌👌rich for everything
Fairy Faith
Oh look how funny it is an animal being hooked inside the mouth then suffocated just for human enjoyment 😡
Gareth Ifan
Ahh..the power of clickbait..disliked
Gerald Dyck
Screaming children do not do it for me
Ghost Paws
Chrismas Aredy Pasr Pluse I Arwdy Got A Gifts
Goddess Phoenix The Wolf Demon
The last one the crab was dabing
So I have to laugh?
Hannah samsky
Well I'm Jewish and I don't celebrate Christmas so I don't have to listen to what that title says yay
4:22. Sounds like a pig squealing.
Jayden Downham
I got presents
Jensen and Ella Gault
Well I got no luck I guess no presents for me this year
Jessica Mitchell
I didn’t laugh and I still got presents
Josiane Zumachbraun
😈 oriveu
José Ángel Mackey Sánchez
En el 4:53 se parece a una tienda de san Felipe
I just felt sorry for the animals! That screaming was ridiculous. You know it hurt their ears. It looks like mom didn't explain enough about the reactions of animals. Then when the kids started screaming in terror, the parents laughed. Nice.
Jázmin Baltás-Kapornai
I Don 't like
Kimberly Gonzales 2.0
1:21 ooh what's this?\n\nOM NOM NOM OM NOM NOM
Kiyani Ammaarah
3:46 so cringy when she wouldn't stop screaming
worst if you laugh lose
Made4It Yt
Take down your channel since it's stupid why do you put music in the vid
Manuel Salcido
Omg north American peoples are real real pussys lol man
Margotethan Moallic
Nul les pauvres 😠😠😠
Mini Movie Kinda Gal
*Reads title* I'm being forced to laugh...
Miynameisjeff 909 spare
Dang i guess no presants for me
Naomi Parker
I get my presents from my mom and dad. if there was a Santa he should go to jail because he brakes the law he comes in peoples houses he know when you are sleeping that is so scary mom I am scared can I sleep with you and dad pls. lol
Natalie moore
The one when the women fed the giraffe 😂😂
OneOfTheMasses *
That thumbnail looks painful.😫😫
Pajkim Thao
Panzer Blitz
Humans should be sterilized.. really it would be best for the universe.
PokeMaster Jade1
Empty threats Doesnt scare US Your just using clickbait
RMister Gamer
The first clip lol
Regen skylor
NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra Watts
these even made me laugh. and no other ones have made me laugh. thanks
Sandy Rojas
Santa is fake
Savannah Mcneil
i bearly laugh anymore
Sean Henley
This is the video of people getting scared of animals again just named differently
Severus Snape
None of it is funny. People should get used to animals and accept they are here too. Also animals will do what animals will do. It's their instincts
ShadowBullet Vlogs
I got no presents and I didn't laugh Liar
Shanika Grant
First off santa isn't real your parent's buy the presents i learned that a few years ago
Shannon Lenord
0.50 omg I was laughing so bad I nearly died
SneakyRaptor the gamer
This made me happy today becuse i was sick well not sick i just did not feel good
Sofia Kurttila
Funny love it😂❤
Subscribe to me please
All the people are one race lol
Taliyah Fisher
Not funny
The Huntress
Santa's not real dorkwad
The wolf girl
i love how over-the-top your video titles are!
Trevor Maxwell
Some kids are real sooks
VC 23
That’s right, I’d get it from my parents because Santa ain’t real.
VannesaPlaz !!
I did not laugh and i got presents
Veronica Kemp
not funny
Virginia Michelle
9:21 so funny
VulpineWinter 1
Do you know Santa??
ajpw master collector
One thing.... i dont get presents from santa because hes not real and also i live away from anyone that does give me gifts
didn't laugh
jamie watson
3:00 that's a big bass
przemyslaw kwasek
if you like this video you are the best those animals are so so funny and tell me if you won or lost\nbeacuse i nearly won
Sorry, couldn't laugh cause the kids screaming, at such a.high pitch, were too much. Actually, hurt my ears. I thought this was supposed to be a funny animal video and not a humans screaming video. I stopped watching half way through and wished I hadn't even started.
sandstormxfirestarforevercherrybreeze gonzalez
The gost crab on the womens but was funny also the clam and the tounge was also funny
I want to smack those wailing children
the Ducksprings company 2
This isn't funny
WTF!!!!!!!!! this is far from funny! :(
Γιαννης Συνοδινος
i first got the present THEN clicked on the video ROLL SAFE