How To NOT Look Like A Tourist | What To Wear In Europe

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I've been very lucky to travel in my life, both within the United States and abroad. Today I want to share 6 things I like to avoid wearing while on vacation so that I can fit in a little easier. Assimilating (by how you dress, speak and conduct yourself) will make you less easily targeted as a tourist, help you experience your destination as more of an insider rather than an outsider, and will ensure you don't get turned away from restaurants or important landmarks. I've linked everything mentioned down below, and like always thank you so much for watching! xxAudrey BLOG POST: ____________________________________NEW HERE?Welcome to Audrey À La Mode and thank you for stopping by! I'm Audrey, a Charleston based minimalist, antique collector and stripe lover. Through this site, I share my love for simplicity and my journey of doing more with less.From tips on how to build a classic, minimal, year-round wardrobe (starting with just 10 pieces!), to beauty, travel and more, my goal is to inspire you to live life to the fullest.____________________________Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. Sponsored posts will always be disclosed. All opinions are always my own and everything was purchased by me unless otherwise stated with * or c/o. Some affiliate links may be used above. Thank you so much for supporting my channel!

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30 Nights Insomniac
Why would you want to \
Alex Calet
I was recently on a cruise with a woman who had been robbed in London while travelling to join the ship, her backpack contained all her money and bank cards. It was the classic distraction ploy (one person tells you you dropped something, or there is something on your sleeve, while the other robs you from behind). Fortunately she was not alone and her embassy helped her stop the cards straight away. \nIt's best to wear a cross body bag with the bag in front of you, but also to put it on so that the flap is inwards. It's harder for you to get things out but harder for the thief to get into it. Always keep things separate - bank cards and passport I always put in an inside pocket which zips up and I put a safety pin on the zipper end and attach it to the lining. I don't worry too much about my phone as I use one with pay as you go only while travelling.
Alina WSD
no joggingpants, no nike sneakers... what europe has she been to? this is literally the most european you can possibly dress to blend in with locals.
I'm from europe and we wear sneakers all the time. Just wear whatever you want in my opinion.
Angella S.
Ahh yes. This is all basic to me being of European descent. Also please remember to not be LOUD and Obnoxious. A close friend of mine was “shushed” in a Paris restaurant because she was conversing loudly. I never had that experience anywhere I traveled. Even when I studied abroad I was able to pick out the American in the crowd. People tend to forget their manners when traveling.
Born and raised in Europe ✌ I can definitely attest to these tips, especially the one about sportswear. It's very uncommon here for us to wear gym clothes unless we're working out or going for a run 😂
Ann Fraley
A lot of us are reacting to the words \
Anti Parallali
As a European, I can't give up my tiny leather backpack haha, I don't even own purses anymore. Although definitely don't keep stuff in the outer pockets! Get one that zips where your back touches it, really hard to break into those.
Audrey Coyne
Hi everyone - thanks so much for watching!! I want to pop on here quickly and say that OBVIOUSLY this video is full of generalizations and I don't mean to imply that these are universal truths across all people and countries. Of course each place has individual and unique customs and traditions that should always be celebrated and respected. Labeling this video in a very generalized \
Azra ko
Americans always look casual, wearing sneakers, sweatpants, while we in Europe are always dressed up, women wear make up wherever they go... sometimes it's annoying getting ready everytime you leave the house, but most of the times I like it :)
I`m European and have lived 64 years in various European countries. It is not so much what you wear, that makes the big difference. It is more that many Americans are VERY loud in their speaking voice. That way you are instantly recognizable as a tourist,or at least as being an American. Also eating out and wanting AND mayo, AND ketchup,AND musterd,AND chili on the same dish ,is not really a compliment for the one that cooked your food.
Becky Rode
She's not a mom AKA a pack mule. A backpack is a must for us. I don't even own purses anymore. They make some very trendy, small leather backpacks now. I have to say that I don't really care if I look like a tourist. I think that as long as you dress neatly & in a respectful manner you are good to go in any country. We are active travelers. We walk everywhere & we travel during summer. I can't imagine wearing all black in the blazing sun in Pompeii. We just rent apartments & head back to change/shower before dinner.
Bitch Please
Speak the language
Anyone from a decent city should know this. This is basically “how to dress with a bit of dignity.” I never saw so many flip flops and rag-a-muffin type people until I had to move to rural America
How to spot a turist in Spain --\u003e socks and sandals.
Carol Sydney
In Paris last year, my friend and I happened upon a small and beautiful chapel on a side street. The service was given by a contemplative order we both resonated with. It was cold that spring and we had worn dark heavy jackets with long pants. We felt comfortable going in because we were appropriately dressed. The service in French was perfect and loving. Had we not dressed well we would have missed it.
Caroline McGarry-Ross
Well done as always. I have traveled a lot and without a framework of where you are going (average temp, dress styles etc), it is easy to make your packing list based on your temperature at home, which is a mistake. If its 18C at home and you are going to Spain where it is 30C- its easy to forget to pack enough light stuff. Going to the Middle East? It will be hot and you will need to cover/ dress modestly, so leave tanks at home. Going to Germany for their Christmas Markets? Need lots of layers and comfortable boots. I love the purse and backpack that are slashproof and you can lock the zipper. They are comfortable and do not scream tourist but allow you to carry those extras that help you transition through the day. Great video!
Clare Broom
Years ago we had a wonderful, stylish travel show presenter in the UK who always wore black and white only. She said it made it very easy to pack, knowing everything went with everything else. I adopted this tip and would accessorise with colour, by way of scarves and jewellery.
Craig Ferich
Daylan the Angry Sauerkraut
So much negative criticism about how allegedly bad active-leisure clothing is, i get it about the Church thing. What i DO NOT get is the references in comments regarding how ugly people are wearing such clothes. Humans all have bodies in different shapes and sizes, if the reality is too much to handle, those precious petals really need to reconsider their views about life in general. You lot are so busy criticising and badmouthing lumps and bumps, i wonder how on earth you will cope with more important things in life. Get your faces out of everyone elses business and live your OWN life true to yourself, instead of whining how ugly and embarrassing others look. In Europe (yes, IN EUROPE in Germany for the little pedant who moaned about the saying \
Deepthi Ramesh
Oh my god. Your voice is so soothing!
Sensible advice. Thank you. My dad got pickpocketed in Madrid and his big blue LA Dodgers hat stood out like a beacon. He swapped the cap for a cool fedora. Looked like a local the rest of the trip.
Ella Wakeman
I actually hate the whole ‘athleisure’ trend 😂 I’m much more of a smart-casual dresser
Emme Yott
Haha, in Poland American tourists don't look like coming back from a gym, they often look like they're on some sort of survival camp :P \n\nOh, and people seem to forget that there is such a thing as smart flip flops :)
Forrest Munden
Thanks, but the \
Glenn Gatlen
I think the best style is to not be an obnoxious tourist have manners
Grace & Stephen Mottram
The video was sensible and practical. Well done. What I object to are the judgemental and rude comments from some Europeans implying that if you don’t wear what they deem to be acceptable that you will be judged as poor and low class. I didn’t realise Europeans could be such snobs. I am not American but those Americans and other non Europeans wearing sneakers and baseball caps probably have a lot more money than some of these judgemental and shallow people do. I find that in certain countries in Europe people are obsessed with what others think and they have less freedom to express themselves creatively with what they wear for fear of being judged.
WHO CARES IF YOU LOOK LIKE A TOURIST. If you are one, then you are. Why should I care about that when I’m going to visit, not live there. This just sounds like I HAVE to FIT in, instead of being my own person. No, thank you. ✌🏽
Henrik Eriksen
In Scandinavia, we dress quite alike people in USA. Baseball caps, athletic clothes, backpacks, all sorts of sandals and flip flops (depending on season). \n\n2 giveaways are gift shop clothing (caps with \
In Berlin to camouflage perfect: Wear a sweater, hoodie and addidas... xD
Very informative! Going to be traveling to Italy in October. Would a hiking boot be acceptable?
Ivo Poblete
Now do how not to look like a tourist while in Lima!
I'm Asian, it's usually a dead giveaway. There's only a 2/10 chance that I'm not a tourist.
Jamil Gotcher
Love these tips Audrey! When I went with my daughter to NYFW , I taught her to wear comfy shoes for walking all day to castings but then bring your pumps to slip on before she went into the casting but when she went to Milan by herself, she ended up spraining her ankle and couldn't finish her modeling castings and had to come home. She said she had stepped down off a curb while wearing pumps to get into the car. It was very sad and actually life changing for her. It's so hard to let them fly on their own because you know they'll make mistakes. The lesson, change back into the comfy shoes after the casting.
Jayne Coney
I agree with all these things, from experience. A floppy hat that you can scrunch up in your cross body bag is essential in summer. Flat comfortable sandals or slip on shoes are a must. I had a fab little cotton jacket that I wore everywhere. You can usually tell the Americans at a glance, because they don't seem to want to blend in. They are often loud & obnoxious, in their dress & demeanour. And scammers & pick pockets see you as a walking target. My main tip is check where you are going before you head out each day, pulling out a city map is a dead give away that you are not a local. Of course GPS on your phone helps. And remember to take a look around you, experience each place , not through your phone or camera lens. It was hilarious on my trips to Europe when people kept asking me directions or for assistance & were often surprised when I responded in an Aussie accent.
Jessica Knox
Great video! Thanks for the tips. They are great guidelines to travel by.
If you cannot speak their language, you are perpetual foreigner. This has nothing to do what you wear.
Joye Smith
Going to Sweden this November... any suggestions as to the MUST haves to pack? Thank You
Karen Holl
Wish I showed this to my family before they visited me in Paris last year. I tried to tell them some of these things but they did not listen and I spent the whole time trying to pretend i didn't know my father. Also yeah in terms of the baseball caps I found that it is starting to become more of a trendy piece, as long as you pair it with the right stuff!
Karen K
In other words, be smart and don't look like a slob. I wish we could ban these looks here in the U.S. too.
Good video. The only thing I would add is a scarf. They can be used as an accessory or to cover up your shoulders when going into a church.
Also when visiting churches it is polite for men to remove hats....ladies are ok. I find a lot of men from the States do not know this and how bad it looks when they are walking around in baseball caps. Nice video that I agree with totally x
You want to avoid being tagged as a tourist? Don't get sunburnt. Where I live (in the Barcelona area) this tags you automatically.
LenaDance Tanzschule Lübeck
I recognise Americans by speaking very loudly and wearing sport clothes to the breakfast in a hotel ;-)
Live Life
European dress code can be summed up in two words; smart casual.
Lois A.
I live in Europe and if you don't want to stand out (at least as a teen) wear something casual like a pair of jeans, a t-shirt or a sweater and something like converse.
Lola Opal
Hi! I would like to point out that the church-cover-up thing is not common in Ireland so anyone traveling there you don’t need to worry about that. You should, however, always wear or bring a warm, water proof jacket or coat everywhere you go, unless it is July or August, as there is always a chance you will be caught in the rain 😂. It is completely acceptable to put these on the back of your chair in a restaurant. I would personally recommend staying away from the temple bar area in Dublin if you’re going there, as it is a tourist trap and they charge far too much for food and drinks.
Magdalena Kuffel
The real question is... how can anyone go anywhere in flip flops apart from the poolside? Whenever you are...
I'm european and if you wear gymwear normally I think that's weird and I would know you're american with one quick look
this video just makes me afraid to go to europe lmao. i mean it was helpful though. i'm american and i'm going to a few countries in europe in the summer as part of a european cruise and it's my first time being out of the country (besides going to bermuda but that was very touristy and full of americans). at home i wear nike shorts, big t shirts, and birks in the summer mostly so i was gonna bring that for the plane and while lounging around on the boat and stuff, and i was gonna wear cute rompers and dresses or other outfits during the day with a cross body bag. probably also with birks. we're eating on the boat so i'm not too concerned about restaurant dress codes but i know when to dress nice. i don't really care what other people think but i just hope i don't get robbed or anything
Marianthi Kotsona
Being from Europe and traveling mostly to other European countries, I agree with her. You are not going to stand out or targeted , as many of us go round and about with gym apparel, BUT , you will feel a whole lot better in a chic , minimalistic look; you’ll also find that it’s more practical and you won’t feel self conscious at all during the day. \nOh, and... LAYERS are key.
Marie Burns
I traveled extensively in Europe for 20 years. I followed the same \
Martha Minjares
Hello! I'm visiting Paris in November and I've read it rains a lot plus it's chilly. I've been having a really hard time finding the right bag where I can fit a water bottle, umbrella, mirrorless camera, wallet, etc. Crossbody bags are awesome and super cute, but they can't fit those things I need for that season. And I don't want to end up with a backpack AND a crossbody bag! :( That would be a dead giveaway, any sugestion would be appreciated! Also, where I live and in social media, I've seen a lot of sneakers paired with casual outfits (not athletic), specially those you showed or white athletic sneakers, I don't think it looks too touristy if paired correctly.
MaryAnn Sarkady
I am disabled and have to wear athletic shoes to support the bones in my feet !
Me Justme
I tell you a funny thing. I did exactly this when I went to Vienna in 96. Thet look at me & said \
Melanie Battiste
Definitely great advice! My classmates and I packed ponchos in our luggage instead of raincoats on our trip to Spain. When we wore them, groups of Spanish teens would point and laugh at us.
Mikael B.
Apart from you making Europe sound like a place roaming with pickpockets - which it is not - you people should absolutely not worry about how to dress in order not to look like a tourist. As soon as you open your mouths everybody will know you are American. Especially since many Americans usually are pretty loud. Since people don't walk around in silence pretending not to be a tourist via clothing is relatively superfluous.
Nessa B
As an Austrian I say over all good tips. Also one slip up is usually okay, but the combination of clothing is giving you away. \nAnother thing is the volume: Americans tend to talk very loud and occupy a lot of space.
Nicole Emmett
Am I the only one annoyed when people refer to Europe as if it’s one big country? 😅
Nicole Wight
When I went to university in Spain my mother unpacked half the things I packed saying, \
Noémi Jánossy
Why am I watching this? I'm European.
Olivia A. Lastrê
*_Europe is so Elegant, ¡Oh La là!_*
If you come to London wearing tracksuit and baseball cap you will fit in fine lol\nI think more important than clothing (although cultural sensitivity is important) is just to look as though you know where you are going, even if you don't.
Pragati Awasthi
Don't walk around with a map!
Purple Dawn
Europe is not one country🙄 it's so annoying when people say stuff like \
Péé Déé
Thank you for this. \nAs a european I really hope that people take your advice. Growing up we are told that wearing athletic wear (or shorts!!!) in restaurants, churches or other public places in insulting and a sign of disrespect. It's not done, you simply don't do that. You're in a church, not at the beach.\nI now understand that thats not the case in America and that the American tourist are being raised with other values.\nGood to know the perspective from both sides...
Rachel Lazenby
England on the other hand, outside of London dont wear nice clothes you'll stand out a mile 😂 jeans and a t-shirt then wang on some trainers and you're good
Rachel Moss
Hi Audrey, great tips. Love the elegant European dressing and Its much easier to go 'everywhere' than only some places with this dressing mindset. I love dressing nicely for walking around a city and like the feeling I could be a native where ever I go! (my dress style is more Audrey Hepburn/ Grace Kelly) Rachel xx
Rebekah Malchow
Is it acceptable to wear a dark trouser jean? What about flats? Thank you!
Romano Benini
I live in Italy , most of American tourists are really slovenly and without aesthetic sense or respect of our culture and style . Please : change your clothes to go out for dinner in the evening ; no fitness or beach clothes; no flip flops in the city ( disgusting but usual for people Australian and USA ) ; no yoga pants or shorts expecially in churches . It s not important to have a good style , but please we would a little more of politeness. Grazie !
San Francisco Professor
Great video. Italian churches seem to be the place where officious guards delight in telling your wife her skirt is too short or her shoulders are bare-- wagging a finger and dramatically looking away from the offending skin. A slang word for officious people is \
Sandra Isaksson
I live in Sweden and I've traveled a lot in other countries in Europe. I have no idea what this woman is talking about.. It's totalt okey to ware a cap a, hoodie, running shoes. Wear what ever you want. You won't get thrown out of Europe.
Sanjeevani Bokil
U r telling about 10 things and showing 6 things
Sara Stott
I live in a very small village in Yorkshire and a thing that immediately makes ya look like a tourist is when ye expect all of the same things ye would get in a bigger city.. as well as noise.. but the biggest one at least where I live is we don’t walk around on our phones that much I’m not sayin all of Europe or even Yorkshire as I don’t go on holiday much but where I live ye stand out quite a bit.. as well as a lot of things in smaller villages ye can’t just go to the market always ye gotta go into town.
Slip-ons tend to be flat and bad for extended walking
Sharai Zamora
Cargo shorts! That's the american uniform lol. And like those sandals that wrap around your whole foot? Idk what they're called but they look like a sandal/tenni shoe blebd
Shuga Doll
Needed this gem of knowledge !!!! Thank you so much 💖💖💖
Solitary Star Gazer
I wear my backpack in the front when in a crowded area 😁
Sports and Action Channel
I work in New York and see a lot of European tourists. And you know what they wear? Yankee baseball hats, sneakers and backpacks!
Stormy Day
For cooler weather, I wear a jacket like the rain jacket you showed (not the coat) and I am forever in hiking boots, literally from October through April. For warmer, sorry, can’t wear all the leather stuff you showed, must be sneakers, I wear MBTs sandals which is a Swedish brand, yoga capris, a short-sleeved top and always carry a sweater. I am, too, from NYC, so I am ALWAYS on guard, being a tourist in another city, they are no match for me. I am literally on guard to kill anyone who comes near me! ☺️\nOne thing you didn’t mention which I found to be important is to keep all your clothes locked in your suitcase and your valuables locked in the safe while you are out of your room. Never ever put stuff in the drawers, I will hang in the closet, but I take a photograph of what is there and if anything is missing I report it immediately. Drawers are less conspicuous so it’s easier to steal from them. I learned this the hard way in a 5 star hotel in London, so don’t let the quality of the hotel fool you.
Sunmoon Stars
Americans tend to be so, so casual. An American cousin of mine came to the theatre in London and ate a big fat baguette, with salad in it, next to us, in the theatre. His demeanour seemed to be \
Toshea Collier
Chile this sounds wayyyy to complicated for a girl coming from the \
Veronique Delphi
France - dark sunglasses, gold earrings, red lipstick, and don’t smile. Keep it neutral.\n\nItaly, (Μilan) the same as above but you can smile. \n\nGreece, (southern), anything goes, really, unless you’re going into a church (be respectful), flip flops are ok (leather, handmade in Greece is best) but you might want more stability for climbing up the Parthenon or visiting archealogical sites , wear lots of white linen which you can buy there (the BEST linen is in Greece and Italy). just be friendly and open with people and you will be treated with warm hospitality. Spain is a little fussier in the north but the south is all about warm hospitality.
I love it when Koreans stick out as tourists in Europe. Their styles are so well thought. Classy and simple. Their hair is gorgeous, so strong and vibrant. Also their makeup style is different but suits well for them.\nThis summer they've had long skirts, loose silhuettes and organic fabrics.\nGreetings from Finland!
I think the things that could possibly show us Europeans that you're American are your bad manners + the tendency to speak very loud. You can dress very classy, but the bad manners will still show! Try being soft-spoken and respectful to local people 😅
Rick Steves recommends backpacks, just not to keep valuables (passport, credit cards, etc.) in it. Also if one opens ones mouth, they'll know you are an American.
Why do all Americans refer to Europe as if it's a specific place and not 28 countries ??
cynthia ferguson
as black american i am going make sure i look like a tourist..not a immigrant.
jammin jayzee
Can you talk about what to watch out for while visiting these countries? Like common scams, pickpocketers, even go into what kind of vaccines to get before going there?
kk doc
I think neutral colors always the way to go especially in Paris. Sophistication important. She is right about everything.
Honestly, seeing tourists every day in Paris, the one thing that give it away is... they are way to overdress for just visiting a city, and they are the only ones dressed like that... You want to avoid being seen as a tourist ? Just dress very casual like you would at your home town. \
melissa Bridge
I was An American living in Italy for 2 years. I went with and carried a Black Leather backpack everywhere.While i was there everyone had one. I had one small cross body in black for nights out. I had 1 dress black. 7 shirts/blouses mostly black and white, some grey, none sleeveless. 2 pants,2 skirts, 3 sweaters all different weight and all Black. Low leather walking shoes in black. Boots in black. I bought tons of SCARVES ALL COLORS.(I only went with one... lol) must have to go into churches. One black coat with a zip out liner that worked all year round. And an umbrella . Minimalist living was great. I still travel this way.
mette holm
OK, We need to spend a fortune besides travelling fees, lodging, food and more - and wear less comfortable shoes while walking the streets to see it all....
north shore
Why am l watching this l'm not traveling any time soon
My first time to France someone asked me if I was American. When I asked them how they knew, they said they assumed from the bright white sneakers and LV handbag! Needless to say I don’t travel with purses with the name brand stamped all over it anymore lol, and I wear black or neutral colored shoes instead. Good list!!👍🏾
Sorry, those Nike runners are just too comfortable. I killed my feet in Japan trying not to look too much like a tourist and don’t plan to inflict the same on myself on any future trips haha.
suNnia 12
im am american POC and i’d rather look like a tourist than an immigrant... wouldn’t want to seem like a threat to european culture...
sw v
Probably the most irritating voice on YouTube.
too lazy to get a name
Me: is from Europe\nAlso me: wears hoodies with black yoga pants and vans or nikes most of the time
vickie g
Russians started the head to toe adidas look tho...and it's ICONIC