Hilarious Cat Fails (July 2018)

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#TeamFlex 4Ever
9:28 öhm... *WTF* s*x?? kissing ?? *W* *T* *F*
-_Kawaiimangle Tv_-
1:35 - 2:07 When you wanna relax, the CAT GETS N THE WAY! When you wanna watch TV? The CAT GETS ON THE WAY! When you wanna raise a happy familly, THE CAT GETS IN DA WAY!! When you and your parents wanna have some pool time? Guess what guys... *I* *GET* *IN* *THE* *WAY!* 🐈😂
this is the best cat video i have seen!
Abel Choatr
So hilarious I could bust a gut. Also what is with the cat in 9:51-9:55 cause I don't get it?
Adam Santiago
Poor Jose.
Aneka Pearson
That tree at 9:10 would scare me
Autumn Williams
It's true what they say.....No cat no life I got 4
Ava Harbuck
9:28 (cats making out)\n9:29 oh crap they saw us
Bruh some these aren't even from 2018. But still funny lol
July 2018 and in video u see date 01.02.2002 ....
Coracao Formoso 123
Amo gatos são anjos lindos ❤️🇧🇷🐈
Cats sound so hilarious and honestly creepy when they make that weird growling sound it’s like a person
There were so many which made me laugh to the teardrops!\nCats suddenly scared of the toaster that launches its grilled toasts, this is a killer!\nAlso the cat who jumps onto flat and slippery table, and tries to grab the blue toaster to stabilize - but the toaster comes with him down the table...\nAnd the one who plays with a cross-shape toy on the floor, then gets scared, jumps, and falls down the dark stairs...\nFinally, all those young cats who assault on young and stupid human babies, I love it!
Dici Baby
2:04 where'd that cat come from?!😂
Dingleberry Handpump
7:15 Catnip is a hell of a drug...
Edward Williams
Well all of them do look like there from the 1198
Finn Bainbridge
lol so funny I loved it alot
Giulia M
when u say I'mma kill ma self but then u quit the idea but the cat liked that idea 2:57
Goofy Girl
much of this is in poor taste.
Heidi Bevan
Cat's are sooooo funny! 👍😄
Jazlyn Ponce
Me: (is laying on my bed)\nMy cat: jump's on my stomach \nMe: *IM STUCK HERE FOREVER NOW*
John Winstead
I have herpes
Jr. Wrangler
2:10 - 2:12 \nThe way the bird falls off the platform 😂😂😂
Justin Pino
2:12 Suicide Parrots....
Kareem Mohamed
My favorite 5:55
Karolyn Herrera
Is it possible to find NEW cat videos, that aren't just repeat compilations from 20 million years ago? Stupuid. Down vote.
Kirstie Campbell
2019 anyone
Lola's Art
5:25 My personal favorite 6:19 this one too
Loq Android
7:16 wttfff???
Lost PJ
9:30 Bluestar and Oakheart being caught sharing tongues
MEow Meowington
4:23 mom: IMA GET YOU!!! Cat: Nope I will!
Madison Stewart
1:36 is my fav
Makayla Waldroup
5:26 me when my alarm goes off
Maxwell Skywalker
6:30 is my favorite.
Melly Kidd
7:12 Siamese twins? XD
Mia Patterson
Omg I laughed so hard I cried! 😂! I NEED TO TRAIN MY CAT TO BE FUNNY!!!
Michael Walter
9:56 : When you know you absolutely NEED to go on a diet.
Mik Ogniokrwisty
Half of these weren't even fails
Mohammed Deme
4:50 new dance move for cats
9:41 The cat with the Christmas hat 😂
Nathan Maluenda
6:30 me when I bite my tongue.
Um. 09:04 Is the cat okay? Did it survive? There have been way too many of these clips where I really hope the cat is okay.
Pancakes 1107
Paul Binder
Peyton Middlebrooks
A lot of cat videos i watch say they're funny but there not that funny thanks for giving the funny quality, this was hilarious
Psychic Chicken Isaac
1:40 It takes more responsibility to raise a Cat than it should...
R0ccat3 Jr
Rebecca Paquette
This is just a bunch of assholes scaring their cats for no reason, or putting them in uncomfortable situations to make them react for the camera. How is this funny?
Sarah Deshong-Moody
haha got a school laptop, this is the first thing ive ever done on it xD
Sarcastic slob
People: if a cat sleeps on you, you cant move what so ever until it moves\n\nMe: *lifts cat out of the way*
I liked some of these, but can you try to filter out the old ones? Some of those are classics that you seem to see in every cat video.
SirCub Fredericks
Oh long Johnson, how i ahs ya
Smellborp In a can
Cat always be kicking things no matter what it is
Lol this video was so funny I love cats
Sue Schirling
Why do ppl think it's funny when a small toddler is knocked down by a cat?
Synq Gaming
July 2018 really? these look like they are from 1998
Syper The Rival
9:29 Crap! We caught
The Thinker
9:29 crap! We’re being watched! Don’t intrude on our private fun time! Not cool! 😹
Thomas der einzig Wahre
not funny. im not laughting
Tiger RBLX
*oh long johnson*\n\n\n😂😂
Van Wisely
oh long john oh long john but the two cats kissing haha
William Hollywood
7:59 Cat high five :D
Yenmy Parra
I love cats 😺😺😻😻😻😻😻😻😺😺😺 \n\nI would marry one
Zack Younge TV ZTV
even cats play pranks on each other
Trouble makers... sigh
3:50 IMMORTAL \\m/ \u003e\u003c \\m/
babe brown
1:16 hanging out with your wang out haha
cutecats 1234
1:10 the cat is so cute
7:26 Literally the most half arse'd fight in the universe.
flash more
The only good cat is a dead one!
iiiReadySet Build!
What I do to my cat all day.. 4:42
john lysle
Your channel goes on my do not watch list. I have had it with the ads on YouTube. I don't care if it's the best video ever posted, no more
\u003ejuly 2018\n\u003eThey're all really old videos
kit kat
Oh long Johnson
md masom khan
mega builder boy
1:58 lol\nme: awwwwwwwwww a cute little baby\nbaby: goo goo ga ga \nbaby: (walks to my mummy)\ncat: no she can only be one mum and have one child and that one child is me take this\nbaby: (falls over waaaaaaaaaaaaa)\nme: omg
seriously? 2018? you stoled clips even from nineties...
naomi dagohoy
i like da one w/ the cat n da pills
3:00 evil
sajmir bajramaj
it was at 1.9k wen i liked it went to 2.0k i feel like a god now
Scaring cats and afraid cats are not funny!
selena monceaux
Cats and mirrors are the perfect mix of confusion and funny!
shadow 7
c'est tellement drôle
I'm at a Verizon store.
Čau Lidi
2:00 John Cena
саша гемберг
_At __8:45__, how was it there, so you put your hand up?_ 😊😊😊\n\n_На __8:45__ как там, руку так просунули?_ 😊😊😊