DATING AN ITALIAN (and other Latin Lovers)

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Italian stereotypes? We're passionate, romantic...a bit jealous maybe...and sometimes we may seem intense, but it's only because we live and love to the fullest ;) This is your complete guide on dating Italians (also applicable to other latin men and women!) SUBSCRIBE for more ♥ .....................................................................................Filmed with: Canon EOS 70DEdited with: iMovie 10Thanks for watching Marco in a BOX!

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A Guille
I have a Italian friend, born in Nairobi, raised in Somalia, lived in Malaysia, lived in El Salvador, married an American. Her kids arevery american and they ask her.... Mother why are you always screaming? and she screams back.... I am not screaming, I am Italian, this is the way we speak!!! I love her. Me encantan sus videos, son una pareja muy simpática y ambos muy guapos!
Hahahahahahahahaha I'm totally a walking Italian stereotype 😂
Andrea C
No! We don't eat popcorn when we're desperate, we eat ice cream! Insomma, daje! =P
Anna Chachuła
Funny! !!!! I don't change my mind, I love Italian and Italy ❤
Anni Ma
siete fantastici!!
Bravissimi! Love it (as usual)! Io farei una petizione per vietare il ketchup, l'ananas e altre schifezze varie sulla pizza. E che cavolo.
Bea Ramos
I loved it hahaha. I'm not italian but my italian friend said he would kill me if I put some ketchup on the pizza. And DRIVING omg it's really true hahahah. Italian are awesome ♥
Becky Thomson
My other half is Italian and this is so accurate! I'm going over to Italy to meet his mum and dad next week, looks like I'll get fed and kissed to death then!!!
Brandon Anderson
Hahahah no way did he say \
Bushra Monowar
I had italian housemate. So very accurate!! haha
Carmela B.
Siete troppo carini!!! :D\nComunque è vero che spesso facciamo queste cose e sapete che vi dico? Questi stereotipi mi vanno anche bene! Sono innocenti e ci si ride su! ahahah
Chris Circelli
hahaha This had me laughing out loud ! The food part is so me... my wife tried to put ketchup and chili sauce on pizza and I nearly lost it.
Clads Foxworth
Oh wow I really needed a laugh! \
Céline Sleiman
u'r so funny guys, i laughed so much XOXO
Daniela Ramos Rondon
how can I have your beautiful skin guys? what products do you use?
Dario Perna
Il ketchup sulla pizza o sulla pasta è come una pistola puntata alla testa!\nUccidere è legittima difesa!!
Denise Driscoll
Love it!
Didy Dy
Allora non sono l'unica ad avere istinti omicidi quando qualcuno cerca di impasticciare con la cucina italiana! Siete dei grandi!
DonnaWetter TCF
lol secondo questo video sono più italiana che tedesca (doc, cmq xD) aahahha grande :D
Ellie Meli
You're so funny, boys! I love this channel and I am not even dating an Italian!
Gia Pahuja
I was seeing a beautiful boy in Roma, and just now I learnt I was pronouncing his name wrong! Guess what? His name is MARRRRCO! I happened to show him this and he bursted! HAH! Thanks Marco .. Love your videos!
Gio Nocio
Alan è molto carino e ha due occhi che bucano lo schermo, ora ci aspettiamo dei consigli per noi italiani nel caso ci innamorassimo di un inglese/irlandese (? accipicchia!: non sappiamo niente di lui! urge un video dedicato solo ad Alan sul \
Giuseppe Bianchin
The drinking scene is so me!!! AHAHAH
Happily Heaven
if someone puts ketchup on their spaghetti, or pizza i will gladly stab their hand and im not even italian
Ketchup on pizza?? Do people really do that?
Il Giallo
ma veramente qualcuno mette il ketchup sulla pizza ? Ero già allibito dall'idea di metterlo nella pasta
Jas S
Tanta verità in un solo video \nGrande Marco\nComunque mai rifiutare il cibo della Nonna
Jessica Turci
bravissimi! mi fanno morire questi video eheh :)
Joan Marco
I think this works for all Southern European countries (well, food changes). My cousin's boyfriend is Italian and he says that we (Spaniards) are quite similar when dating. Basically, I love Italians and I love the fact that they scream as much as we do.
Jorge Martinez
Perfectly applies for a Mexican, Argentinian, Peruvian, Chilean, Colombian, etc etc. It was hilarious!!
K-POP Addict
The driving part ahahahaah. Sono io, seriamente.
Katiana Giacona
Mamma mia la verita!
Kent Gabriel
Absolutely adorable and funny video! You two represent my favorite type of guy.....I LOVED Ireland, but have yet to visit Italy....some day soon though I will go and have a great adventure and hopefully and great romance. ;)
Kerensa Birch
I don't know.. I'm only slightly part-Italian but was a bit like that with an Italian guy I was dating a while ago. He couldn't leave fast enough..
King Jaé
here's my list:\nItalian\nSpanish (Spain)\nFrench \nBrazilians\nSOME AMERICANS
LDS - Lab. Divulgazione Scientifica
My wife (which btw loved your video, specially the family part... thanks) still continue to use \
Landry Tee
You guys are really adorable!! Going to learn italian now,hehe
Life of Seb
Quanto siete carini \u003c3
io sono così in tutto al100%\nma pensavo che fossero dei comportamenti un po' comuni in tutto il mondo...\n\n(comunque l'errore peggiore è il ketchup sulla pizza?!?)
Linda Liriel
Lol the \
Lisandro Rainone
Sofía dovrebbe sbarbarsi meglio hahaha
Luane Anselmé
OMG are you serious? So I need an italian boy! haha ♡
Lya'cee Elle
I love you guys!! That was very funny !!! 💝
Maffy Chan
Vi adoro! Siete bravissimi e tenerissimi!\nKisses \u003c3
Marco Ermini
The next level after mamma is nonna! She is going to make you EXPLODE!
Maria S
Ahahahahahah fantasticooo!!!!bravissimi ragazzi,ho riso troppo!!
Matt Jackson
Great. Well I speak Italian so now I just need to find the person lol
Melani Alarcon
argentinians are almost the same XD
Memoria James
I see there are a lot of Italians who watch your videos. Why do you put English subtitles for the things said in Italian but not the other way around? That would be nice.
Nobody loves my Italian accent ☹️🤗
Mickael Prevost
Lol \
Nadia Meli
OMG I LOVE the Ketchup scene :D SO SO SO TRUE :D
Nikita Sergeev
Marco in a BOX\nun legame con una ragazza italiana è il tipo di legame che desidero!\ni Love your videos ;)\nAlthough I am not Italian I need to confess, my view of a relationship and emotions is the Italian type 😁😄
Nolan Brooks
I'm laughing out loud this is so freaking hilarious 😂😂😂
Nunzio Totaro
La settima scorsa il mio ragazzo (della Rep Ceca) mi ha fatto spaghetti alla maionese ... Non avete l'idea quanto mi aiutate con questo video 😘
Olivia Swann
My husband is just like all of Marco's characters, particularly 'on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love me?', the jealousy and the abstemious attitude to alcohol. I love this stuff
does that include a Sicilian? I dated a Sicilian for about 10 years..I enjoyed every second around him...but knew as soon as he left..there were others waiting. It was I who was the insanely jealous one.
Phil TGN
OMG this channel is the best thing ever hahaha
SOLO DIECIII???????? hahahaahah muoio XD
Riccardo Astero
That's so true! 😂 my boyfriend is from Venezuela and one day he put some ketchup on his pasta. I really thought about breaking up with him straight away. Also he's not jealous at all! Wth is wrong with him? \n\nP.s Marco you look like Carrie Bradshaw with that wig on 😂
Rita B
I really loved this video, it was so instructive and so funny! You guys should do part 2 !!! :)
Rovi Betina
Sandra DiBiaso
A funny exaggeration! Eat DeCecco pasta!
Sheera Kavannah
Bye. B-B-B-B-B-Bye. I have never seen something more italian than that. E te lo dico da italiana.This video is 300% accurate.
Sina Lewis
you guys are so cute! and I have experienced many of these examples. LOL!! \u003c3 xoxo
Slutkat Vantass
tutto questo è così vero!!!Odio quando hanno messo il ketchup o ranch sulla pizza!\nOh a proposito - ti amo xD
Sophi XRU
is it just me or italians\nand mexicans are similar in many of these things
Susan Weckbaugh
maybe Americans and Italians aren't so different after all. Wait a minute. Italians are much better
LOLOLOLOL laughing hard here! LOLOLOL OMG that part where you say \
Tommaso Mondovi
Oddio è la cosa più divertente che abbia visto su YouTube. You guys are awesome and cool and super cute!
Tony Smouse
I love this video!!! Good job guys, it was so fun!!!
Ulrich Lehnhardt
oh my God.. I am afraid I am italian...(everything in this video applies to me)
itlian women are cool
Vanessa Martins
Guys your are amazing!!! I am in love s2
Da questo video ho capito di avere qualche discendente inglese perché bevo come na spugna
This video is adorable! You guys work so well together, I loved every second of this. The jealousy bit was spot on, though it was clear that Sofia and Marco were holding back; waaaaay back. Also, the pain and horror of receiving a \
William m
Ximena de la Serna
HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA BRAVO MARCOOOOO!!! Me morí de la risa!!!!! Me encanta me encanta me encantaaa!!!!! Anoche estaba hablando con una amiga Salvadoreña por teléfono y le dije: ay amiga!!! Llevaba dos días pensando en ti intensamente!!!\
I survived 10 years with my Italian boy and finally with civil unions we can finally share our lives in Italy. \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 anyhow, going back to the topic... Italians are passionate also with ideas. They love to talk about things and from my observation, they have so many ideas that they want to discuss. Earlier in our relationship, I was shocked about the way they discuss things. Being Asian, we tend to be very passive and very indirect about things. Arguments are not part of our culture, we value silence and contemplation...LO AND BEHOLD, the Italians and their fire for debates and ideas! Countless times, I have witnessed their passionate discussion almost to the point of fear, that one of them might end up killing the other lol..but as soon as they flare up... the argument dies and me left in the middle wondering what the HELL just happened. In the end after years and years of visiting Rome and interacting with Romans...I now know, that Italians love to talk about things a lot. They love ideas and they want to share theirs and they want also to know yours, even if it might contrast theirs. BUT remember, that their passion might be seen as offensive and very \
alessia the mighty
quando ha cercato di mettere il ketchup sulla pizza m'è partito un polmone (vi adoro)
anal with lana
The most accurate video about Italians! (i'm italian)
I'm half italian and I relate with that a lot...
mi sono fatto una bella risata, poi quelle scene nella macchina sono perfette \u003c3
carlotta cerbone
Ma io vi amo!
jajajjajajajajjajajajajjajajajajajjajajajajja  Saludos desde México!
dreaming alaska
Non ditemi che c'è veramente gente che mette il ketchup nella pizza vi prego. o.o
ereen jäger
i remember when i met this Italian guy. we just met for couple weeks. but he already asked me to learn Italian. and i asked \
La parte della pizza mi ha fatto morire dalle risate! Vivo in brasile e combatto ogni giorno contro questi attentati alla buona cucina!! :D grande Marco
hossain nili
ma 6 italiano,marco?
I thought Alan was Piero Barone from Il Volo 😂😂 haha love the video!! ❤
icnusa animasarda
food part, that's the truth ahahahhahTROPPO VERO
Unfortunately, drinking habits are changing: Italian youngsters drink more and more and they aren't half as fun as their older brothers
paulina wika
hahahahah :) lot of laugh ;) i love this channel and Italia too :)
THE TANNING SCENE! Sto morendo dal ridere!
sanaa luce
Ma Alan è sopravvissuto al pranzo coi parenti???? xD
We Love this video.....You both are adorable together.This was hilarious.....Alot of our ancestry is from this really made us smile.Have a Blessed week.
『Ignis Vis』
Ho riso tantissimo XD