32 Incredible Easter Eggs You Missed in Harry Potter Movies

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Over 7 books and 8 movies, Harry Potter is one of the few fictional series to have been consistently good. Bringing a lot of the elements from the books into the movie was a difficult task for the filmmakers, but they succeeded and managed to add a lot more details into the movies, which were never possible in the books. So in this video we will show you 32 Easter Eggs and Details You Probably Missed in the Harry Potter Movies.Music:Come Play with Me - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Enchanted Valley - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Frost Waltz (Alternate) - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 LicenseThe Dream by Marcos H. Bolanos

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Addy Red
I am sorry you missed these at first, but true Harry Potter fans knew these facts already
Alan Potter
This is not a starbucks logo. It's quite familiar logo+motto of sea traders centuries ago, where Starbucks originally got it from.
“You missed”
Arianagrande Love
Long hair and a beautiful voice \n\nYou must be Ariana grande
Finally, something that's not clickbait...
Arnav Rajakumar
The book is always better than the movie
BandM Gaming
It’s the sorcerers stone not philosophers stone
Blake K
At the end of the 2nd movie, in the great hall Dumbledoor announces all final exams have been canceled …. if you look at Hermione you can see her lips saying 'OH NO!!'
Brian Hedgehog
doeby?! Jeeny??!!
Bryn Hale
NO NO NO YOUR SAYING IT WRONG ITS vOldemort not vUldemort 😤 \n\n\n\nNO NO NO YOUR SAYING IT WRONG ITS dObby not dOOby
Calvin Vondracek
It’s also not true that harry casted no spells... he did the “winggardium leviosa” spell, which raises an object in the air
Cheru Siderea
It was Voldemort's plan to split his soul into seven PIECES, so he needed SIX HORCRUXES, the last piece of soul remaining in his body. He only accidentally made seven Horcruxes. It's pretty simple maths.
Christian Maddock
The dance the Beaubatons girls are doing is not the Macarena.
Claire Chen
The desc. is the exact same as the start of the video
Dabey Guanche
**coughs** books have more detail then movies and true Harry Potter fans agree
David Ursell
and here is a green necklace which is flat, now I'm going to tell you it's the same necklace in another scene even though it's blue and not flat 😂😂
These ain't easter eggs.These are Details
Demongawd The 4th
Geenie \nDoorbee\nbasilisk\n\n Man say them correctly
E Lisa
Don't mind the comments from people who like to play the know-it-all, this video is adorable! So many cute and interesting small details from the movies, most of them I didn't know yet! I loved it!\nI don't get the alleged pronounciation mistakes, maybe because I'm not a native english speaker, but thanks for saying \
Eleanore Rigby
Ellen Oconnell
Incredible fact no.33 - Harry potters second name is “potter” 😱\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nhonestly never knew so thankful for that fact ❣️
Emily Dinges
your basically just stating facts that everyone knows, not hidden easter eggs people missed
Erika Brown
Lucius is pronounced loo-see-us. Clearly you have never seen the movies and just looked these things up
Eunjae K
IT'S MAJIC WHAT do u think
Ewout Verlinde
I like Emma Watson!
For the sake of everyone's sanity, only do videos on movies if you know how to pronounce the characters' names! \nHonestly, Dowbee and Genie?? They are pronounced as the are written: Dobby and Ginny!!
Fam 5 Forever
These are not Easter eggs
Frank Wu
my guy it's Dobby not Doby
Gaming with Kenn
Some of these \
Gymnast Georgia
*dobie and genie* seriously?
Haz Films
Heather Martin
In one of the movies, if you look closely, you can see a painting of Voldemort, foreshadowing his return
Hugo Brook
All of the paintings in Hogwarts were painted specifically for the film, and a lot of them feature people who worked on the films - directors, makeup artists, visual effects designers, even camera men ... that is an Easter egg. These aren't. They are just facts about the film and mostly attention to detail. Also, it's Dobby, not Dobey or Doobie
Isabella Machado
This should be called “ 32 things you didn’t notice in Harry Potter”
It's Mia
“32 Easter Eggs” AKA “32 Easter Eggs True Harry Potter Fans Already Know”
Itz Izzy
This should be called *’32 things everyone knew about the Harry Potter movies’* 😂😂\n\n\n\nEdit: chill out guys it was a *_jokeeee_*
Ivan Badalić
Fun fact: James and Oliver (Fred and George) have admited to switching roles onset without telling the crew....
Good video but kinda misleading title
Jacob Molyneux
yeah these aren't easter eggs. they are just things in the movie and books.
I love how when people see twin-tailed sirens they think Starbucks instead of what it actually is. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR WORLD 😂
James Films
Hello my name is narrator and I like to pronounce things incorrectly.
Jellyfish 789
These are not easter eggs. These are just obvious things being pointed out in the movie........????????
Jesse Lindsey
Okay, over 10% of the ratings are negative. Time to read the comments for the real deal.
Joe Murray
I wouldn't class these as Easter eggs...
Katie Marie
Kawaii _Mango
I already knew all of these
They really deserved the like button!
Kenneth Angelo Villena
The moment when you knew Severus Snape has done a heroic acts again.
Kimberly Duke
Lauren Lee
Did anyone notice that Dumbledore has a griffin door (Gryffindor)
Lil'flower 32
8:36 - Fatal to a what, sorry?!😂
Lisa Wilts
Thank you for calling it \
Makenna Potter
Maria de Jesus Santana
Its Dobby Not Dough-Bee
Memester69420 xDDD
As a huge fan of Harry Potter who grew up with the books and movies, I feel very proud of myself for noticing 25 of these lol
Mike G
i dont think this man understands what an easter egg is...
Damn dude. Do you know what's an easter egg??? More than have of these were either cases of foreshadowing (which is not an easter egg) of cases where the production team was very thorough (also not an easter egg).
MyFePo :D
1:There is a monitor at the background.Wizards are getting more advanced these days. (0:27)
Myah jade
These aren’t Easter eggs
Ouroboros Studios
Ahahahaa silly Americans trying to pronounce words.
Who the frick is\nGeenie, Bazilics and Doooby\n\nEdit: THANK U ALL SO MUCH ABOUT 1K LIKES!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pippa Owen
Number 7: that’s the wrong necklace. The one in borgin and burkes, there are deep blue beads protruding from the necklace unlike the other necklace, which is pale blue and flat
Puppys 4 Lifeee
Excuse me! Um “Doe-bee” is not a word, it’s pronounced “da-bee”! Dobby is now shookith😂
you have NEVER even seen the movies. \nYou pronounce the basilisk wrong, you're saying \
No. 27 maybe it was the three headed dog
Raish PS
I don't get the making out one, Newt was making out with good ol' Dumbledore?
Erm... it’s not the Starbucks logo it’s a known symbol that Starbucks used as it’s logo 😅
Serhii Cho
Srry you know who you are
Ok look say sorcerers stone not philosophers stone idk why but that bothers the heck outta me
Stay Awesome
10:10 did I just see the india flag
Stefanie Sombaty
Should have taken the time to learn how to properly pronounce the names of things.
Sundareesh Praveen
Really wonder😍
Supreme Fortnite Dominator
Bro it’s “Basilisk” not “Bisilisk”.
Haha Key from Key and Peele is a Hyena, So cool :D
The Heir Of Gryffindor
STOP, STOP, STOP... Ur gonna make me cringe. \nBesides, UR saying it wrong. It's ginny and dobby, not genny and doeby!\nplz no hate...
Did anyone else notice that Azkaban is triangular and it’s never said where it is? It might be the Bermuda Triangle and the disappearing ships might be because of dementors.
Vintage sonic 1
Why does this guy sound dead inside?
Wanda Maximoff
Did anyone get annoyed when he said that Lucius Malloy about to cast the killing curse at Harry was an Easter egg? Like Jesus Christ! That is not an Easter egg! He literally says: “Avada...!”
Weekly Vlogs
Whenever it said that harry casted no spells in the first movie my tv said “No fing way”
Will Thomas
Anyone here call the first movie/book Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?
William 772
Isn’t Liquid Luck called Felix Felices as well?
Why is he saying the names wrong?
abby c
y u say Donny and Ginny like that
anna apacen
I think it should be '32 ways to mispronounce Harry Potter words' lmao \n\nI particularly liked 'Looshus', 'Doebee' and 'BaSILisk'\n\nBut at least you said the Philosopher's Stone, so you got one word right lol!!
dat calculation tho
*Hairy Potter*
deborah whaley
The only one I didn’t notice was tom riddle 1937
how in the world does ginny = genie. just pronounce it as it’s spelled.\n\nEdit, also the basilisk and dobby one
Yes yes everything cool but am I the only one who noticed Kerbal Space Program soundtrack in the background?
Alan Rickman :(
xd Makka-Pakka
In Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince where Dumbldore is visiting Tom Riddle you said that there is seven stones that represents his plan to split his soul into seven Horcruxes. This is not true because he does not yet know what a Horcrux is, how do I prove this,well in another memory of Tom Riddle he is talking to Professor Slughorn, he says that stumbles apon something called a Horcrux the other day meaning he never knew what a Horcrux was before Hogwarts
Сергей Контратьев
They made so many small details but can't find an actress for Lily Evans with the same color of eyes with Harry Potter.