32 Incredible Easter Eggs You Missed in Harry Potter Movies

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Over 7 books and 8 movies, Harry Potter is one of the few fictional series to have been consistently good. Bringing a lot of the elements from the books into the movie was a difficult task for the filmmakers, but they succeeded and managed to add a lot more details into the movies, which were never possible in the books. So in this video we will show you 32 Easter Eggs and Details You Probably Missed in the Harry Potter Movies.Music:Come Play with Me - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Enchanted Valley - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Frost Waltz (Alternate) - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 LicenseThe Dream by Marcos H. Bolanos

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Abigail Bickerdike
Alan Potter
This is not a starbucks logo. It's quite familiar logo+motto of sea traders centuries ago, where Starbucks originally got it from.
Albret Einstong
Doh bee?
Alemayehu Solomon
So, based off a few minutes in the video, you don't seem to know what an \
“You missed”
Antek Kepa
Karbala space program music🤣
Anton Boludo
All anyone remembers about this is how hot Emma Watson is ;-)
Finally, something that's not clickbait...
Arthur Refslund
Why are people bullying the creator for his narration mistakes? Wow he's a human who would have known. Good clear simple video. Stop whining. Geesh.
Ayla Nemo
It is said that Newt Scamander is visiting his grandson Rolph who I think is married to Luna Lovegood
Blake K
At the end of the 2nd movie, in the great hall Dumbledoor announces all final exams have been canceled …. if you look at Hermione you can see her lips saying 'OH NO!!'
Calli Thompson
I always thought that Neville forgot what he forgot
Cayden Blues
Because Tom Riddle had already visited the cave withe the two muggle orphans, and that the orphans from Wool’s Orphanage went to the village on the cliff somewhere around the cave to get some fresh air, Riddle probably could of taken a picture of the place. The seven stones on the window could of simply suggested that Riddle liked the number seven. “Isn’t seven the most magical number?” -Tom Riddle Jr. (Harry Potter and the half blood prince)
Chris Wolf
The detail I noticed watching the Prisoner of Azkaban was that when Lupin stopped bogut from changing into Harry's fear, it turned into the moonlight and then popped like a balloon. As a kid I thought the moonlight seemed peaceful, but Lupin fears the moonlight most because he's a warewolf. Most knew this already, but I thought I'd mention it.
Coen S
At 10:10 you can see an Indian flag instead of an Irish one ;)
Cool Girl 3000
Loud voicy boi
Darian Sandmartin
Such a disgrace to the whole fandom!
David Ursell
and here is a green necklace which is flat, now I'm going to tell you it's the same necklace in another scene even though it's blue and not flat 😂😂
These ain't easter eggs.These are Details
Eleanore Rigby
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IT'S MAJIC WHAT do u think
For the same of everyone's sanity, only do videos on movies if you know how to pronounce the characters' names! \nHonestly, Dowbee and Genie?? They are pronounced as the are written: Dobby and Ginny!!
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Frank Wu
my guy it's Dobby not Doby
Frost Bite
Siriusly they didn’t even mention that the wizard in the leaking cauldron in philosophers stone was doing wandless magic. Something not even dumbledore could do !
Gaming Trends
Easter egg 33:\nJK Rowling is in the first movie at the train station carrying a child
I, for one, LOVE Harry Potter but didn’t notice many of these things! Thank you so much for making this video — and to everybody who says they already knew these, well, you’re a better person than me lol. So again, thank you!
Grace McMullen
My god the way you said basilisk
Gymnast Georgia
*dobie and genie* seriously?
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Hazel Kate
I am so used to listen to the name Harry with an A, when Americans pronounce it Herry it’s just weird xD
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In one of the movies, if you look closely, you can see a painting of Voldemort, foreshadowing his return
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At 5:02, I never knew Starbucks was holding her fins.... I thought she was crazily waving her hands...
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This should be called “ 32 things you didn’t notice in Harry Potter”
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This should be called *’32 things everyone knew about the Harry Potter movies’* 😂😂\n\n\n\nEdit: chill out guys it was a *_jokeeee_*
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Fun fact: James and Oliver (Fred and George) have admited to switching roles onset without telling the crew....
J-M-G-2017 yeet
Jacob Molyneux
yeah these aren't easter eggs. they are just things in the movie and books.
James Films
Hello my name is narrator and I like to pronounce things incorrectly.
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These are not easter eggs. These are just obvious things being pointed out in the movie........????????
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31 is so obviously
Joe Frazier
Did you seriously say that there a more details than could be included in the books because the films may add some elements that aren't in the books? What about the 9 zillion details that aren't in the movies that are in the books. I love the movies but don't confuse that love with a quick 2+ hour summary of the books (or 4+ hours for the last one) over a love for all of the richness of the books.
Joe Murray
I wouldn't class these as Easter eggs...
John Sharples
Well done, ignore the moaners and whingers. Well put together, I really enjoyed that!
they have the same cars.. because thats what did with films back then.. use the same car for every car.
nr 31 was the only one i knew XD
You really need to work on your pronunciations.... also might want to study what an \
Lana Mae Azam
I already knew this
Lauren Lee
Did anyone notice that Dumbledore has a griffin door (Gryffindor)
Lexi Jenna
Who’s genie, dooby, and looshus?
I am inlove with every single detail of the movies!
Ok, you guys need to take a chill pill. He has an accent do he doesn't always pronounce stuff right, calm down. And while you might already know this stuff, other people don't (including me) so if you already know them don't watch it.
Everybody new the rooster thing
Mint Orange
Mr. Cage
harry is thanos
Damn dude. Do you know what's an easter egg??? More than have of these were either cases of foreshadowing (which is not an easter egg) of cases where the production team was very thorough (also not an easter egg).
MyFePo :D
1:There is a monitor at the background.Wizards are getting more advanced these days. (0:27)
Myah jade
These aren’t Easter eggs
Mystic Moon
This dude doesn't know how to pronounce things #nohate
Who the frick is\nGeenie, Bazilics and Doooby\n\nEdit: THANK U ALL SO MUCH ABOUT 1K LIKES!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
what is really mentionable. They had a cast for 8 full movies, which didnt totally change. all the same main cast for all the time . ao hard to d o this. i guess it was because they had to play another part every year of the school year. i woulndt have been surprised if they changed the actors inbetween. but they didnt . hooray for the filmmakers.
Phoebe Clothier
Did anyone get annoyed when he said that Lucius Malloy about to cast the killing curse at Harry was an Easter egg? Like Jesus Christ! That is not an Easter egg! He literally says: “Avada...!”
Pippa Owen
Number 7: that’s the wrong necklace. The one in borgin and burckes, there are deep blue beads protruding from the necklace unlike the other necklace, which is pale blue and flat
you have NEVER even seen the movies. \nYou pronounce the basilisk wrong, you're saying \
*WTF 🧐🤔 Star ⭐️ Bucks **4:59*
Most of these are simply just things that are clearly described in the books and shown in the movies. Those are not easter eggs. Movie easter egg could be more like quick appearance of the writer of the books, or maybe like some little kid playing with some famous cartoon character toy on the background or something... or am I wrong?
Erm... it’s not the Starbucks logo it’s a known symbol that Starbucks used as it’s logo 😅
Sam Q
I noticed all of these 😐\n\n And no duh newt scmander was on there and he is domboldors friend newt was a former student and help dumboldor take down grllert grindwald that domboldor actually saw in the mirror of whatever in the second movie or first cuz he loves grindwald and I support that.\n\nI wasn’t trying to be rude sorry.
Serhii Cho
Sharon Seitz
Isn’t it sorcerer’s stone, not philosopher’s stone?
Shaun Walker
32 Incredible Definitions of an Easter Egg you Missed. Period.
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10:10 did I just see the india flag
Stefanie Sombaty
Should have taken the time to learn how to properly pronounce the names of things.
STOP, STOP, STOP... Ur gonna make me cringe. \nBesides, UR saying it wrong. It's ginny and dobby, not genny and doeby!\nplz no hate...
Genuine Easter eggs I didn't know about!!!
Did anyone else notice that Azkaban is triangular and it’s never said where it is? It might be the Bermuda Triangle and the disappearing ships might be because of dementors.
I was wondering how the death eaters got knocked out and why shape went all over them
Tip Time
Just read the books and you understand it all
Toast Brot
Toon link The great
Sorcerers stone= Philosophers stone
William 772
Isn’t Liquid Luck called Felix Felices as well?
wrg, hp doesn't matter, no such thing as incredible about it
Why is he saying the names wrong?
coolness mcswagger
these aren’t easer eggs. These are vague details to make the plot more contingent and flowing.
deborah whaley
The only one I didn’t notice was tom riddle 1937
nia james
have you ever noticed that the teletubbies antennae create the Hallows symbol too
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Jeez do it in order man
you REALLY dont have to say \
Everyone saw the feet under the chair, and everyone knew the broken pieces were from a recent earlier match. 30 of those were really good though.
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Busilisk? And dowbie ??👍🤤
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They made so many small details but can't find an actress for Lily Evans with the same color of eyes with Harry Potter.