TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny Animals Fails Compilation 2016

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#kanepoe !
Who's more of a perv rabbit or dolphins?
A Brown
3:12 was like out of a horror movie. It shouldn't be here. Did they even survive?
Akbar Ramadhana
1:27 Is that Indomie😱
Alain D,mystic
Ah some of are terr, laugh happen,s fair enough, but when chases it tail hurt itself biting chewing thinking it a bone then, don't believe me ask pro,s, but had great time, just wanted to say, my mTes dog chewed his tail of, he came home s after 20min dog sceaming but held that tale like a prize, got infection but ok now, love u animal lovers our duty to teach & learn, d o if u see something say it
Alexander Wood
1:53 your ubers here hurry up!
I lost it at the dog honking the car horn.
5:31 is so my dog 😂
the elephant wasn't funny at all, try terrifying
0:57 - 1:12 I hope that stupid woman let's that dog keep his stick I hate seeing dogs crying 😧
Bea W
7:25 when you have the joker film your horseback rides
I judge people who put clothes on their pets.\n\nAlso, 85% of these weren't funny, 10% were actual examples of animal cruelty and/or animals or people being put in legitimate danger, and only 5% were actually funny enough to earn any sort of chuckle.
Clarisse Jones
What I witnessed was abuse not that much was that funny putting animals under that kind of stress is not funny
Commenting Anonymously
Watches a \
Cream Arunnopparat
Poor doggie with the stick
Cupcake Pooper
That's one chubby hamster, do you buy a new one every month?\nAnd that iguana is from the Chihuahua movie
the 2nd one wasn't funny I feel bad what happens if the dog runs into it and cuts his or her throat think of that
Diane Schenkelberg
Except for the jumping dogs behind fences, I didn't find anything funny. Watching animals fall, dressing up animals to laugh at them, watching a lizard fight to stay on top of a sponge? Where is the humor in that?
Eman Sullivan
You know you're in an extinction when a bunny starts humping a dog...
Erin Kang
I laughed when the dog shut the computer
Gwen Grimes
the one with the elephant must have been really scary, jeez
Some of them are funny, mostly the ones where animals is left on their own and do usual animal-stuff. \nThe ones involving stupidity in humans part, including dressing the cats, are not funny...
5:10 vamos pequeño ! tu puedes lograrlo muerde mas fuerte !!
How do you Like That ?
Cats fighting, playing near hot kitchen utensils, playing inside cloth dryers, or dangerous plastic bags, harassing birds, reptiles trying to get a firm footing and failing, horses nearly drowning, goats being scattered in fear, is NOT FUNNY ! And for YOUR information, I have a good sense of humer😁 just as good as the next guy over, but NOT😣, under the circumstances presented on this video ! 🤔
Why do people hold their phone vertically?
Jasmine Stark
0:43 was not funny! They were hurting the Cats back
Jaybae My love
9:16 😹😹😹
Jelonk a
1:12 he says \
Jessica Ortega
Julianne Heindorf
Dressing dogs, cats and other animals in human like clothing is a form of animal abuse. Also some of those clips definitely did not consider the welfare of the animals, such as the poor iguana struggling to get out of the water on that sponge. I wonder what happened to the people in the car who were getting crushed by a huge elephant. Nothing funny about that situation at all. :(
Jutta Maier
Loughing at an animal that is trying not to drown is barbaric
7:30 poor horse.. not funny at all.
Kathy Devlin
I love the bull dog and the laptop!
Katty Draws
why would I want to laugh at animals getting hurt?, I mean it's like one thing, two at people getting hurt why animals now to, you people are mosters
Keith Dub
all of them were funny, but 2 of them were not funny.\n1. the elephants, someone could get hurt\n2. the dog getting pie faced, because the person said the f word\nthe rest of it was funny.
Kimyhatta Pankey
That cat with the hoodie on had too much spiked egg nog
Kumari Karandawala
Some of these are stupid and borders on animal abuse.
the vat in the PJs are so cute
Levi Burchfield
9:06 You've been drinking a little too much haven't you bud
Loreen Hernandez
pug: oh no... this is so humiliating....
Macherie Valentine
1:46 that dog got tired of waiting.
Maddie A.
8:19 got me busting out laughing 😂😂😂😂 lol
Madyson Lewis
1:55 Not Great But Good I'll Give You Creadite For That :D !
Marbella Avila
I feel sorry for that couple in the car and that elephent
Marvin Dollente
8:13 that was so cute
Mary Catherine Gallagher
Insurance company: so what happened to your car?\n\nCar owner: ummmm an elephant sat on it....\n\nInsurance company: uh huh, I see...
Mason higgs
So funny
Mike Thomas
I can't believe I showed this to my 6 year old son, warning it has at least 1 f-bomb. I hate the internets.
That cat In the pirate outfit was really messing with mind.
The one with the elephant was not funny. Someone could've gotten hurt.
Nicole Santana
was i the only one freaking out with the elephant and that car!?!?!? i was genuinly scared for that guy!!!!!!
No Sleep
At 4:00 that's not funny... That's f'n terrifying!
Pandora Arts
6:00 could have been a very dangerous accident I don't think it belongs in this type of video 😶
The elephant one was horrifying
Purple Capricorn
That rat jumping into that chair scares me......I dont want a rat jumping into my bed trying to eat me alive...
Randall Morse
not funny didn't🙊🙈💔l💗PETS
Raun Carswell
1 or 2 of these are smile worthy....but NO where near the level of \
Rendi Chandra Ferdiana
minute to 1.28 there is cardboard indomie instan noodles from indonesia
Sara xxayc
i love the pirate cat!....Jajajaja Jajajaja Jajajaja Jajajaja
Savi_Raccoon 2003
So how did this happen to your windshield? \
Scott Chabluk
letting your cat fall of the roof is NOT funny its just dangerous
Shabreya Neris
the funnyest one was the piret cat!!!😂😂
Sheraz Malik
Couple in a car with elephant are the most idiots one.
Shiro UwU
So I STILL don't get the logic of dressing up animals.
Snowy Owl
I didnt laugh, i found most of them to be quite cruel, id be surprised if that cats eyes were 'fine' after that air spray was pelted into its face.
For all these people saying 'STOP DRESSING YOUR ANIMALS IN CLOTHES!', People are animals too, and Cats and Dogs CAN wear these special 'Animal Clothes'. It ain't bad for them, it just takes time to get used to. They sell them at bloody PET STORES. They wouldn't sell them if they hurt them!
Stardust Andbutterfly's
That rabbit humping that dog thoughz
Stirling Playz
the wrinkly elephant balls tho 3:29
the word \
Takina Romane
1:50 him honking the horn just killed me I laughed so hard 😂😂
Some people should not have pets. Its all to obvious in this vid. Malnutrition, the animal not being able to execute normal behavior.. Forcing them to wear stupid clothes they dont need, and is uncomfortable in.. This vid made me angry.
7:30 how waldo went missing :P
TimeforaChange InGovernment
Not much of a cat person, but I loved it when the cat beat the crap out of the monkey! ( I completely detest nasty-arse monkeys). I really loved the cockatoo clips. And yet, felt so sorry for the pug at the very end! (It's owner should have to wear that costume out in public, and then be beaten w/a lg. stick!!)
Santo Señor Jesucristo me hubiera muerto con ese elefante sobre mi carro
Victoria Aguayo
Vidya Naidu
stop dressing pets... can't u see they're not comfortable in those stupid costumes?? let them be free..
Wah Man
Wioletta G
i te \
My goldfish are more entertaining.
oh my gosh that cat and monkey was hilarious
aman chauhan
1:45 is so funny..
2:20- Fox and the hound IN REAL LIFE
people who put clothes on their pets should be forced to wear animal costumes in public
domates sosu
Türk yokmu lan!
To keep our word happy and free for cute puppies and their owners, learn the truth about the Boston Marathon Bombing on Peekay Boston channel.
hans Malacad
at 8:21 the cat so funny
lori s
Watch out for the comments below, Social Justice Warriors are on a rant.
moataz Ashraf
8:23 Halarious :-D
that rabbit humping the dog got me!
pineapple cat
am i the only one watching this at 1:00 am?
I did not laugh.. where's my prize?
I feel bad for the people in the car when the elephant attacks.
vered fre
I do not see this laughter , how you can laugh if you have dogs you hear them cry , Ethan you are able to stand back and shoot a dog crying about it he could not put a stick house and crying and crying and avenge help did not you shoot or a show puppy food to stand or jump but he cries .ain you noticed how dare you do that to you delete that video that immediate !!!😡
Oh my god you could have died, I bet when you go to the garage it be like...\n\nHey man can you fix my car?\n\nYeah, oh what happened?!\n\nMy car was sat on by an elephant.\n\nBruh your kidding!\n\nNope!\n\n4:00
Lol i spot indomie on 1:28.\nThank you for bought indonesian product 😂😂