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French for intermediates. In this French lesson, Cindy, a native French teacher, teaches you some useful, every day, French phrases._______________________CONNECT WITH ME !My FACEBOOK page:Learn French With CindyMy INSTAGRAM:@FrencheezeeMy TWITTER:@FrencheezeeMy SNAPCHAT:Frencheezee_______________________

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Ok. Meric beaucoup
Aamna Quraishii
Merci Cindy, cette leçon est trés interessant! toutes ces expressions sont utiles dans la conversation de tous les jours! Aussi, votre voix est si agréable, merci de faire ces leçons
Arn R
Ok. Thanks for you
Evelyn Vigil-Montano
Merci beaucoup Cindy pour tout les expressions importantes. \nYou are a great teacher. My native lenguaje is Spanish , but I also speak and write English. Now I am learning French. I have learned s Lot of great expressions en este vídeo. Great sense of humor, and you are also very pretty.
Fred Bloggs
Your way of teaching seems inviting and is easy on the ear
Gio Garcia
Youre helping me out a lot im grateful i stumbled onto your teaching videos, thanks
Hunter O'Brien
reminds me of bjork
Imran Khan
Très très bien.. et vous êtes mignon
J. Angele Kuchukian
J'habite en France pendate 6 ans il y a longtemps.. Je vois que j'avais perdu beaucoup de mon accente Francais..
Jagadeesh Mulka
Votre vidéo est comme d'habitude great
Jake Lawless
Number 6: \
Joyce Angela
she has a very strange accent - is it south african? that’s what it sounds like, unless it’s just a very rare french accent
Katae Long-Phelps
Thank you - you're a great teacher and your pace is perfect.
Kaur Harsirat
Merci beaucoup cindy
Khamis Zananiri
perfect. thanks.a bientot
Kylie Tuesday
Very helpful ~ thank you!
Lee count
I must say Cindy your English accent is impeccable.
MAD oficial
It's very easy to understand, the way you explain every phrase and every lesson make me feel optimistic in this learning process.
Mehdi zeeshan 786
Bonjour et merci beaucoup pour nous donner cours de français vous êtes trop intelligent 😍continue comme ça s'il vous plaît
Meralselin Yıdırım
Hello ! I'm gonna have delf a2 after 5 days . Is it gonna be ok if i use them ? Please answer
Michael Donohue
When she says 'repeat' I feel like she's giving a dog instructions.
Mr Fishfinger
J'ai regardé plusieurs différents Profs de français récemment , et tu est certainement le meilleur ( i think that means the best )
Shena Jarrett
Bon merci
OMG. A French youtube teacher speaking a perfect british english without french accent!\nunbelievable\nand congratulations
Sou Chinesa
You are the best french teacher 👩🏻\u200d🏫
Steve Phillips
Je adore le expression, `a tout `a l' heure; also I love your sense of humour Cindy. We all know Bon appe'tit in UK I don't know which key to press to make them ' type things appear on top of the letters as you do in French. oh la' la' so cute. I enjoy these longer phrases. .
cette vidéo valait le coup! Merci :)
Tom F
You also can translate \
Wali Mohammed
Merci beaucoup ma professeur.\nVous étes trés gentille
XXX Paction
you're so beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul
Really really interesting and useful!
sami Hassan
Oh waw tu as super bon accent en anglais , tu fais native speaker .tu peux décrocher poste enseignante francais en Angleterre ils en cherche plein et c'est bien paye si ce n'est déjà pas ton cas :)
savage kiddie
Merci Cindy à bientôt
Tah Cindy.☺
züleyha ceylan
it is torture to pronounce that R after G