How I learned 8 Languages | w/subtitles

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Yeahhhh. I can talk and understand English, French and my mother tongue: creol +I'm learning Spanish 😂
Ablene Nigussie
I can also speak፦ \n1) Amharic\n2) American\n3) British\n4) Canadian\n5) Australian\n6) a little spanish\n7) and want to learn portuguese. Lol😉
Your my inspiration😀😁😀
Adhd Billionaire
Hyper polyglot that’s what you are
Aesthetically Paris
*we love a gifted sister*
I love Portuguese so much. I want to go to Brazil. It's my dream
Da sind so viele Cuts bei portugesisch als würdest du die ganze zeit nachschauen was das nochmal heisst
Hä... deutsch ist doch deine Muttersprache, wenn es deine 1. Sprache ist
Anonymous Content
Wow, you so gorgeous and smart
Asmaa Salah
I'm Egyptian. I hope to learn English and Spanish نفسي😬 I'm 13 years old
Bia Morrone
Português é muito difícil mesmo, mas você fala muito bem!
This video has been reccomended to me for like a year and finally im here watching it😂🙈
Caroline Caron
Im 13 and i can speak French and Portuguese (Im from france and Brazil) and then when i was 6, i learnt english, when i was 10, i learnt spanish and now im starting to learn Italian!!😊
Chaton mignon
I understood almost every language !!! I just didn't understand Chinese (but I'm learning it). (I understand German and Italian because my parents are from there (my mother is from Switzerland and my father from Italy) and I live in France, I understood Spanish and Portuguese because it's very similar to Italian)
Chim Chim
I am 14 and I speak Spanish and English. Currently learning Korean and a bit of Chinese and Japanese. I can somewhat understand Italian and portugués. I also want to learn Arabic and maybe German.
Chris Saggau
German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and mandarin plus whatever the language of Ghana, or maybe you said Guyana (guyanese). Regardless, you're doing well.
Clau Ymt
...tu español es prácticamente perfecto. Wow.
DBS FanVegeGirl
quand je t'ai entendu parler français jétais vraiment genre \
Daniela V
Wow girl u are amazing so pretty and 8 languages thats really impressive... i only know English and Spanish both fluently... but i understood the Portuguese part as well.. ig cuh i speak spanish🤷\u200d♀️... and i understood some of the French because im learning it at school.. also i am trying to learn Creole cuh my bf is Haitian and i wanna learn...hopefully i can do it and learn both french and creole fluently❤❤❤
Danny Toledo
Awesome for a young woman like yourself to learn and to promote languages, keep up your talent and your effort. Greetings from Spain
Diamond Brown
Hello I speak Portuguese because its my mother language, english and chinese too girl. I need to learn French and Spanish now.
Dina TV
C'est incroyable comment tu parles bien français😻 Tu parles presque sans accent mais j'aime trop ton accent😻
Diya Ahuja
Please learn Hindi next!! It’s such a beautiful language and not too difficult!! Plus, it’s the third most spoken language in the world, love from India❤️
Dominic Burton
Je moet Nederlands leren. Ik spreek de taal, waaronder Spaans, Engels en Duits, in die volgorde, ik denk dat de Nederlandse taal afneemt in sprekers en leerders. Ik weet dat Nederlands alleen in Nederland wordt gesproken, maar ik heb het gevoel dat je het moet leren.
Ermira Krasniqi different languages affect the voice.. like i am albanian and when i speak english my voice is so like pitch high compare to my native language 😥😥
😱😱 tu parles tellement bien en français !!
Ever Park
Omg ich war so überrascht als du plötzlich deutsch geredet hast. Ich bin übrigens auch aus Deutschland und meine Mutter ist aus Ghana.
Felicie Deprez
C’est incroyable tu as vraiment pas d’accent quand tu parles francais
Love it! Much love from a Brazilian learning French \u003c3
Forever Eva
this is very impressive! i’m learning spanish and i’m pretty close to being fluent. after that i want to learn french, norwegian, and indonesian! i understood the part you spoke in spanish (and of course the english one because english is my first language). your english pronunciation is perfect!
Georgia Twomey
I can't even speak English properly...
Haruka F. N.
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Your Spanish pronunciation is absolutely perfect! I got surprised when you started talking with that normal Spanish pronunciation, you just talked like me. Woah, freaking incredible.
I Suck :v
I just speak 3 languages \nEnglish:my third language because I live in U.S.A\nKorean:my second language because my dad is korean \nSpanish:my first language because my mom is Hispanic and my parents taught me Spanish first then korean and then english
Immie S
Giving me inspiration, I’m learning Chinese on my own at the moment and learn French and German at school and I’m aiming to become fluent in all 😬😂
I’m speaking \nGerman: live in Germany\nMandarin: my mum is from Shanghai and I’m learning mandarin in a school \n(Shanghai dialect: as I said)\nCantonese: my dad is from Hongkong and it do is very different from mandarin \nEnglish: school\nFrench: school\nSpanishh: school
Jessica Nikita
I'm 17\nI speak Dutch,French, English & Thai. I'm also learning Arabic & German it's not yet perfect.. thinking about learning Spanish & maybe Mandarin as well.\nI learned Arabic writing in 1 day 😂 people think I'm crazy but they find it normal because it's me
Jonny Carter
Felicitaciones por tu aprendizaje, el acento de tu español es muy bueno, suena muy bien para el oído de un hablante latinoamericano, no es tan fuerte como el acento de los hispano-hablantes de España, seguro la pasarías muy bien si vienes a America ( me refiero a cualquiera de los paises del continente americano, en especial los que hablan español)... Me alegro también darme cuenta que puedo comprender 5 de los idiomas que hablas.\nMuy buen video.\nGracias
Yo hablo español porque nací en españa y es mi lengua materna.\nEu também falo português, eu o estudei e depois morei em Lisboa\nAlso I speak english becouse I have started to learn English at the school and I’m learning yet.\nAnche può parlare italiano, io ho imperato l’italiano tre ani fa e già parlo bene.\nAussi je parle français, j’ai etudié francais à l’écolé et a la université.\nNow I’m studying romanian but I’m not fluently yet
Jose Noh Dzul
hablas español usando varios acentos.
Joseph Price
Just admit it, your IQ is insanely high. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast, no way I could learn eight languages. 😂
Kaley Harris
you should work for the fbi they could use someone like you!
Karsen Rose
so she speaks 8 languages... AND she's gorgeous?!?!? no fair!! xD
Katie Scanlan
God. This is my dream. You're beautiful and have inspired me to get back to practicing Spanish! 🌟
Lann Reads
Soy española, y tengo que decirte que tú español es increíblemente bueno, incluso tu acento parecía español.💕
Life Shimmer
OMG u look so cute
Hearing you speak German made me realize it can be beautiful
Your French is perfect you have a little accent but your accent is beautiful and your prononciation is perfect ❤️😊
Malu vaz
I’m Brazilian 🇧🇷 I have just 15yo and I speak Portuguese (obviously because I am Brazilian) I speak English (British english and American english ) because I live in London but I learned english with movies and video on youtube, I speak a little Spanish, I speak a little sign languages \u200b\u200band I want to learn to speak French😁😘 \n\nVc falou português muito bem, com sotaque de português de Portugal heheh
Manuela Alejandra
UAU! Línguas tão difíceis, você está de parabéns! Meu sonho é aprender japonês, estou na luta!
Marguerite de Pompadour
You mentioned your mother tongue is a language from Ghana why wasn´t it included?
Maria Parreira
Wow! I’m quite impressed at myself I understand everything just not everything In Italian (I’m 14)\n1. German: I’m in a German school\n2. English: in school\n3. Portuguese: because I’m Portuguese\n4. Spanish: for Portuguese its very easy to Unterstand but not really the other way around\n5. French: I understand I lot and I’m learning to speak it better\n6. Italian: only a little bit because of Latin (but I’m totally going to learn it when I’m older)❤️
Maria Yecenia Arrubla Calle
Eres mi ídolo, perfecta, hermosa e inteligente, además mi sueño siempre ha sido aprender varios idiomas y la verdad que me ha costado mucho, aprendí inglés ( aun sigo aprendiendo algo nuevo todos los días) también estoy estudiando francés e italiano y la verdad no es fácil, estoy muy sorprendida contigo, eres maravillosa. Un saludo desde Colombia!
Masha Makarenko
I can speak:\n1. Russian school\n2. Belarusian school \n3. Ukrainian learning home\n4. English school\n5. Polish learning home\n6. And French little. learning home\nI live in Belarus and I'm 12))\nYou very beautiful and cute. I your subscriber now😁
Melanie Liss
Omg !! Tu español es perfecto😍😂 Me encantaría aprender más inglés ❤️
Midnight Lover
You could easily find a job anywhere
Mireille Kiala
That’s awesome 👏🏽! You’ve inspired me to continue putting more effort and learning the other languages I want to learn.\n\nMy father was fluent in 13 languages, but I just wanna be fluent in 12. I love learning and it comes easy to me, and it gives me joy speaking the ones I already do with the natives :).\n\nI’m fluent in 7 and learning 5 more. I speak Portuguese (from Portugal) and French because I lived in countries that speak those languages, but learned the other 5 on my own, including English. I can speak Portuguese in at least 3 different accents (Portuguese , Brazilian and Angolan) because they’re quite similar. I can also speak English in at least 3 different accents (Canadian, British and American). \n\nThe other 5 languages I speak are:\n-Spanish,\n-Lingala (from RDC),\n-Creole from Cape Verde, and\n-Kikongo, from my parents’ tribe.\n\nThe 5 languages I’m currently learning are:\n-German,\n-Arabic,\n-Hindi,\n-Mandarin, and\nJapanese.\n\nI’ve only out in 3.5 weeks in Mandarin and I can write and count till 10,000. I’ll keep going :)\n\nThanks for the video cutie.
Mohammed Jawal
Am a Ghanaian also learning languages by the internet, and am on my fourth language which is Spanish.Well done my dear
She the type of girl you introduce to your parents
Natalia De Dompablo
I am Spanish. I don´t know how you talk too many languages. I only talk english, spanish, and I am learning french
Natalies Outlet
GIRL YOU ARE A GENIUS! Amazing! Amazing! Hablas el español perfecto! Bravo! 🙌🏼
Nefertiti Negus
Girl you are amazing!!!
Omphemetse Barei
She obviously cannot speak all languages flawlessly but she sure can communicate with people much more easily than most of us here. She could go to all the continents of the world and she is most likely not gonna struggle that much conversing, asking for directions, etc. So all you haters need to get a life and do something about it.
Queen Sofia
This is my dream.. To speak at least 5 languages\nThanks for this video you inspired me a lot
Quinetta Barley
Wow you are sooo good I have learned Spanish and a little mandarin, trying to learn Filipino currently but great job, is it hard to keep up with so many languages? You should try to learn Filipino next it’s pretty easy 👍🏽
Raghad sy
I can speak Arabic, Dutch, English and a little bit French ❤
Rax the Idiot
For Spanish the only thing I could here is yyyyyyyyyy
I'm honestly soo impressed by this :) she so young and already knows so many languages
Roxana Fuentes
Me encanto tu video ... es mi sueño aprender varios idiomas ... me encanta mucho ❤❤❤ eres HERMOSA un beso
Sabri Mina
woowwwww me encanta!! can i be ur bestfriendddd? i want to learn french, italian and Portuguese. I already speak english and \nthen spanish is my native language.
Sabrin B.
Ich liebe es. 😍
Scarlett Wang
You are amazing! So happy here to hear someone speaking Chinese!😆 You are a wonderful Chinese speaker!❤️
Simply Sharon
Has no subtitles!
Sitron HD
So ich geb dir Noten für die jeweilige Sprache im SchweizerStyle, das heisst 1 Schlecht 6 Sehr Gut.\nRein nur von der Aussprache her, Grammatik wird hier nicht mit einbezogen, weil ich ein paar Sprachen nicht einmal kann. xD\n\nAlso...\nDeutsch: 6\nEnglisch: 6\nFranzösisch: 6\nSpanisch: 5.5\nPortugiesisch: 5\nItalienisch 4.75 - von der Grammatik her aber ne 2 weil es echt grotten schlecht war😂😂
Skye Ruža Rakitic
I‘m 15, about to be 16, and i’m 100% german. So I grew up hearing and speaking only german obviously but i started learning english in primary school, i think. I continued with french when i was in 6th grade. I added italian in 9th grade and i started learning russian at a language school 3 months ago which means i should be able to speak 5 languages. Tbh, i’m not that good but i’m practicing my skills and it made me happy that i understood everything you said in English, German, French and Italian.
Sonhos e visões
seu português é muito bom... Parabéns
Stephanie chimchim
Girl your Spanish is more fluent than mine and I’m Hispanic but I understand everything you said though 😂
Tania Artavia
Yo soy de Costa Rica y soy bilingue , hablo dos idiomas el español y el ingles
Tathy Creativity
I'm brasilian! You speak Portuguese very well!! You is very pretty!!
im; English (native)swedish (A1 level)german (also A1)french(also A1)korean (beginner very basic knowledge)
The Compilation Kid TV
I can speak Russian, English, Dutch, Afrikaans, and a moderate amount Ukranian fron using Duolingo for a year and a half now.
Best place to study in China!
Tia Taylor
omggg, I understood the German part!! ;___; hahaha you are goals though xD
Top Ten Youtube Top 10 LIST
i also speak many damn languages..
Tummy Yummy
I wish I spoke duestch :(
Zuzana Vackova
Leute was denken sie über Duolingo? Es ist gut für Sprachen zu lernen?... Ich komme aus Tschechische republik, lerne English und Deutsch ( ich liebe Deutsch) in der Schule und jetzt will ich Französisch lernen. Ich bin 18 aber ich denke, dass nie zu Spät für lernen ist.
anonyme anonyme
Hi ! I'm 4 years old and I only speak 19 languages.. I'm getting better at Mandarin and Japanese although I speak some Russian too. By the time you read this I'll get fluent in Italian 🇮🇹 thank you
fekhar fekhar
you have skills / you thought one day to learn Arabic? I recommend you to learn it, it's beautiful and challenging
itsvanesa x
well I’m 10 and I’m quite proud of myself:\n\nEnglish : (I live in England)\nBulgarian : (I am from Bulgaria and it was my first language)\nGerman : (My dad speaks it fluently so I hear it from him)\nSpanish : (I’m half Latina so I had to learn it)\nFrench : (We learn it in school)\nRussian : (It’s really similar to bulgarian so I understand it but can’t speak it)
jfjejbxkikskcx gutkeicjjairkcjd
I‘m 13 and i really wanna learn as much languages as you! I can speak German (because i live in austria) i can speak english (because i learned it since 4 grade) i speak a little little bit french (because i learn it since 2 years in school) and i speak a little bit sign language and this year i have to learn latin in school :D
That’s AMAZING!! Wow I’m jealous. But I’m proud to say that I understood half of the video without subtitles 🎉
moussa fakih
1.German 0:25\n2.English 1:32\n3.French 4:09\n4.Spanish 5:10\n5.Portuguese 8:48\n6.Italian 13:29\n7.Chinese 14:07\nEnjoy
it amazes me how someone's voice can change so much depending on the language they speak.
i understood spanish cause both my parents are from mexico and i’m here from US but i’m learning portuguese!
#blownaway 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Why someone gives dislike bc they jealous?
taehyungs shoe
your spanish is so casual it shocked me when you started speaking 💪🤧🎃
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