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most of these aint funny theyre actually disturbing and I also didnt like the way these animals were treated in some of these clips, had to dislike it.
Aditi Singh
Not cool giving a llama Mt Dew, it has bad things in it like caffeine and all sorts of chemicals that can be harmful to animals.
Aerin Gossett
The elephant on a pedal bike is Goddamn animal abuse!!
Aethestical Møøn
The first one is sooo gross and weird wth is that??
Angy White
Excuse me do you hav- *touch* OW! Lol
13:00 Disgusting
Belle Anderson
at 20:10 i can not stop laughing
Benjamin Way
no noo nooo noooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Berno Warro
Not a good video, with regards to animal welfare. Very poor and a lot of over heated animal's. It rubbish.
Birgitte Korup
Too many animal abuse videos. :(
CK Media
Tiger Bones are again legal in Chinese medicine! Can't believe it! \nWatch my video to be informed!
Cake Baker
Remove the bad clips everyone agrees on: the circus elephant and the people feeding a bear. Those really kill the mood of the other clips. Yes, there will be people complaining on any video about supposed animal abuse, but it’s well documented how the two things I mentioned are genuinely harmful.
CaseClickerOfTheRich AndTheMan
0:03 looks like it’s the human massaging the dog. Bcuz of the hands under the pillow
Chellie's Creepy Dolls
Adorable clips. Just wish there wasn't so many that I'd seen already lol
Wow... so many lovely, cute and heartwarming clips... but unfortunately they've been packed together with various different disturbing, creepy or even downright (dare I say it??) abusive clips (and no, I'm not one of those people who like to scream abuse willy nilly at innocent animal videos, this is actually the first time I've felt a strong enough urge to say this for an animal video (which is mostly harmless) for as long as I can remember!! :/)\nIt's a real shame too 'cause I was really enjoying the sweet silly clips but then you go and add in an elephant that's being forced to act unnaturally and cycle around for people's entertainment and also a few creepy-ass bugs (and spiders... ;-;) being generally creepy or even jumping into the camera and scaring the ever-living crap outta me!! .n.; Ugh... I thought this was meant to be a nice, decent, consistently relaxing and funny animal video compilation, not a bag of yummy sweeties with a few dollops of smelly old cow dung thrown in!!! \u003e;O \nAnd lol okay, sure, maybe that's not the best way of explaining it but I mean come on, seriously guys, what's up with some of these clips?! :/ Do you even check them all before posting them????
DBeazRN 3
Please screen the clips to remove any that encourage cheap laughs watching an animal in distress or unnatural settings.....the cat with the container on it’s head (cruel), baby monkey, any monkey kept in a home (😔😔) and that poor elephant (😢😢). Our fur babies can be funny need to video them in stressful, unnatural settings or situations.
DarkRose Leopard
What is this in 00:01
Doc Moore
0:58 -- Total Lover Dog
Donna K
Adorable!! Thank You for Sharing!! 😄
Dusty Rusty
A terrific compilation. Thanks for the great job...except for the elephant on the trike. That is animal cruelty. The rest are just fine. Please, no more circus snippets.
EMS 76
In many of these the animals aren't \
Eva Habič
Some of the videos are ANIMAL ABUSE!!!
Frances xx
some vid's are cute. the others are heartbreaking, so sad
Freddy&Friends Flamestone dragon
5:26 he winks!
Gasper Cortes
0:31 hello there its me😂😂😂😂
Elephant at 13:00 is abuse. not cool at all.
Goldentuf KittyKat
the dog at 13:26 nah THATS A FREAKING BEAR
Greta Pferdeliebhaber
The rabbit are so nice!!!
Hailahnah Walcott
Poor cat, doesn't know where the heck the water's coming from!
Haven Sabaini
DON’T FEED THE BEARS, PEOPLE!!!!!! Seriously, more and more bears are getting euthanized due to this irrational need that some folks have to feed them.\nThey start relying on human food, they acquire a taste for it, then they come into closer and closer contact and get shot for their behaviors.\nDo NOT feed the BEARS!\nIt’s selfish.
4:20 and 10:18 :,,,))))
Hobart Zardozerton
Hate the bugs, yuuuck!
Holly R
9:40 is so cute
Isabella German
Snaily and another snail
Jacob Camerupt
0:59 that... that is an alive stuffed animal
JanDanielle Alexis Paraan
4:19\nDog:HELP!,HELP!\nDog:**looks**\nDog:he took my ball and everything
Jessica Stringer
Haley is the most awesome bird in the world
Joey Gagliardi
Totally enjoyed every second of this video,,, this is what I revert to rather than the News of today. My Cat even enjoyed the last half of it,, the noise got her attention,, and she jumped up to see what it was. Please keep these awesome video's coming. Do not exactly understand exactly what the 2 comments below are saying, however I also would not want any animal to undergo any type of pain to do a video... However I do LOVE all animals. It seems the more I hear of what humans are consisting of today on a daily basis,, the more I LOVE ANIMALS.. Happy New Year!! 2019!! to all Animals and Some Humans,,, LOL!!
Karinna Tonantai
the tiger be like DON'T TOUCHA MAH CHALD
Katarzyna Zdunek
I hate insects
Katherine Dohnalek
Definitely some sweet clips but the elephant clips were not. Those should go under animal abuse. Unfortunately, most people do not have a clue that for a few pennies from tourist's, the elephant's owners torture these elephants to \
Kevin King
What animal is that @ 7:26 ?
Lacey Anderson
I stopped watching the video at 13:00 not cool
That baby wasn’t smiling cause that dog had the better ride! He realize he wasn’t living his life right!
Louise Widdrington
A camel drinking out of a can -disgusting, height of cruelty, treat them with love and respect. Don’t get me started about the elephant on the bike,
Lynne Qing
13:08 is so sad
MICKIE Carreon
I agree with most people on here that the elephant one sucked. ☹🐘
Manny V
Poor dog on the plane aww poor rabbit to
20:11 \nBaby: Why did we stop?\n*Three second later*\n*Dog pulls up in his car*\n*Baby looks over at the car*\nDog: I'm too cool for ya 😎👌👌\n*Drives away like a boss*
Mark Samus
At 3:20 aww twins
Mary Shelton
All of the animals in this video are adorable except for the insects.
Matsu 7u7r
Murray the Dog
Nelson Lee
NikkiClipz TV
Nora Daly
Don’t give a animal a can to eat wtf
At first i saw this dudes balls massage this dog! XD
What did we do to deserve animals? :o
Warning to people with arachnophobia looking through the comments before watching:\nThere are spiders in this video and some of them are big
Peter Jones
If you have pet's you have worms , Look it up ,best thing for your pet's
Peyton Stazel
0:11 soooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaddddddd
Rachael Morrow
3:36 Fabio!
Raven Soren
Oml, that poor elephant. That's so cruel
Raymond L
The current world and systems is just evil, unjust, unfair, and oppressive, or otherwise less than good. Watching these animals videos lifts the mood.
14:16 when i do that girls think i'm weird but here it's adorable :(
Ross Davis
What the hell kind of bug is that at 9:35?
Ryno McDanio
Chows are evil...
Sajal Randhar
10:18 Truly Inspirational
Sandra schönberg
the camel deating a can of soda?....hilarious.not.
Shelly Currier
I wish they showed more of Eric the crazy bird!!! I love him he is hilarious he starts at 19:16
Why is the elephant riding a bike such a bad thing? Its not like the elephant is getting whipped and beaten and forced to ride.... well, i mean, i guess i see a slight problem but only if the animal is abused behind closed doors because just based on the footage i saw i wouldnt say any of it is bad.... @ 13:00
I can't watch this animal cruelty
Sophie PinkPug
Fourteen is sooo cute
Ssj Smoove
That Snell is so big
Steven Spencer
Susan GB
I stopped watching @ 13:00 Disgraceful.
Sylvia Young
goats in sweaterrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tia Grayson
Mom! Mom!! Where are youuuu?!?!
Tiffany Elliott
elephant on a bike.....disgusting! dont put cruel stuff on an otherwise good clip
22:00 I almost cried 😭😭😭😭
Vangie LaVelle
down voted for have disgusting parts... My kid did not like seeing a praying mantis eat a fly and I did not.... NO HATED the spiders how in the bloody heck was that funny... IT WASN'T
Vanilla Cat TV
I loved the first one
WOA Pando Channel
13: 50 lol
Yim Ying Lam
It was all okay until spiders
beau simmons
I swear that the cat in the last vid looks exactly like mine.
cyber babe
Some of it was funny but then you threw in the the elephant and her calf and you could clearly see the elephant was in captivity.
I wish you had warned me about the horror at 9:34\nIt really doesn't belong in here. It's not funny and really gross.\nThat will genuinely terrify small kids.\n\n13:00 The elephant on a bike is distasteful.
heather haze
9:45 HIDEOUS!! What the hell is that demon creature? Straight outta my nightmares!
7:02 can someone please tell me what that sweet little thing is #melting
john mac
0:01 am I the only one who thought this guys masaging his dog with his ballz ????? lol
julie egan
Im lost for words hahahahaha 😃😂😄 enjoyed every minute 😚👍👧🎅🎅🎅 merry Christmas 💖
Thank you very much for the uploads. Much appreciated. I am asking that you might from now on avoid including any video of circus animals. Like the elephant at 12:58.
leena kanwrva
I stop looking at the elephant. What kind of people are you? Answer me!!!
mary poppins
I was enjoying the video until 13.00. Had you not featured an elephant riding a bicycle i would have subscribed.
mixer tv
pandamay 369
The dog on 3:42 Is soo cute.
stupid girl
8:32 OMG sooo cuuute😍😍
elephants make to ride on the bike???!!! and this is consider funny, seriously???