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A video about my recent experience moving to a different country for love. Is my life a romcom yet?+ Intro song credited to: Via Con Me by Paolo Conte+ Intro Girl on Vespa photo credited to: kyrakendall.comHave any of you had a similar experience? Tell me about it below!Let me know what you'd like to see a video on next!Stalk me? K, thanks.♡ instagram:

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101 shades Of pink
Love can take you to places 💕
AA Adventures
Wow, that's a massive life change for you, Thanks for sharing your story.
Addy Angus
Hey girl! I’ve been in a long distance for 3 1/2 years and I plan on moving next year to AMSTERDAM from the states... I am excited! But I am also scared! It’s so crazy! Any advice? Was it hard?
Aida Muratov
I feel you, girl🙋\u200d♀️ I moved from Germany to North Italy for my boyfriend... I'm here for over a year and it wasn't the easiest thing to do but I honestly don't regret it bc I still feel he's just the right person ❤
Alex Andria
Could you perhaps do a video on your experience finding work/career in Italy? How has it been challenging for you, even as a dual citizen?
Andrex Flounder
Anne Lenington
I'm moving from Texas to New Jersey in a couple months for my italian love...can't deal with the long distance anymore...it's scary moving to a place where you don't know anyone...
Berna H
So your basically living under the Tuscan site and I have moved for love and career so we have so much in common :)
Brittany Bryant
This is awesome! My Italian boyfriend and I met while he was working in the USA, when he moved back I could NOT figure out a visa situation for us to stay together longer than 3 months. We're working something out now but long distance is super tough, thanks for sharing your story :)
Courtney Lynn
I moved from the US to New Zealand almost 1 year ago for love and I feel you! I couldn’t continue doing long distance indefinitely, so I had to make the move. We were hoping to move back to the US for a bit, as I’m struggling with not having a good job, homesickness, etc, but that isn’t in the cards. I’ll likely be living here for a long time— I love it but it’s so scary! Do you have any videos about homesickness or finding your place in Italy? I’m new to your channel and would love to watch more :)
Davide Rai
Che bella ragazza!
i left everything for love moved to Italy from Croatia now we are married for almost 6 years! My home country is very near but still i’m missing my real friends (becouse lets face it it’s so hard to make real friends with italians if you didn’t go to school or kindergarden with then 🙄) but yes our love gives me peace..xo
Eros Delorenzi
This is really odd all the Americans i ever met don't like us Sicilians and Italians, most Hispanics and Latinos don't like us either.
Fatima Carrano
do u still live in Italy
Federica Guzzi Susini
Omg I'm Italian and I've always thought Italy wasn't really interesting for people from other countries, but now hearing your story and reading the comments below is so heart moving♥️\nSometimes we Italian people don't understand how much Italy is beautiful and just want to go away, thinking that we could live a life like in a movie only abroad.\nWhatever, I'm glad you like living here...\nBuona fortuna per tutto💓
Gail Smith
Good for you girl!!! I’ll be moving to Rome in the Spring... for love... leaving a well paid job in England... my biggest worry is the language... that will stop me getting a decent job I’m sure... not even a waitress! Lol! Any advise will be appreciated x
Grazia Tafuni
Oh girl, you're extremely brave and I totally understand how you feel. I'm Italian (southern) and moved to Rome for love as well, but - yea hard to believe - I kinda feel the same, and this city is so huge that I still didn't manage to find a decent job and even a friend (although it's a fact I'm very very sociable and extrovert). I thought this may be a way of catching up as I'm (constantly) learning English among other languages and simply adore new different cultures and people. So..why not? Hope to get in touch :) xoxo
Intercontinental Citizen
Hi Sofie, was it honestly easier to do because of your Italian citizenship? I'm not in love with anyone overseas but wouldn't it be hard to move for a boyfriend/girlfriend if you don't have a right to live in that said country? I'm concerned that this may happen to me in Europe one day as I am only a citizen of the USA and Philippines. (I could've potentially gotten UK citizenship but my grandmother couldn't have it because she was born to a British woman and not a British man).
Jacen Starheart
I'm very happy for you lady Sofie, falling and being in love is a magical and beautiful thing, my best wishes to you, ciao! 😊
Katie King
great video :)
Kayla McMillan
I Have A Country
Kelia Mckinney
Thanks so much for this video I'm not alone!
Kia Lindroos
La Casavloga
What did you do in the states career-wise before coming to Italy? Can totally relate to everything in this video. It's still a shock to me sometimes that I live here, but at least we have our significant others with us so we're not completely alone. xoxo
Larisa Mamonova
Preach Lady! I totally with you on the whole \
Laura Bosamonte
You are me hero! You only live once! Live your dreams! BTW ...I love the video you are a natural! Keep them coming.
Lisa Belloso
Thank you for sharing your experience! What makes me anxious is to think that I'll go from having a career and being quite independent to... Like... Having no friends, no money (for a while), most importantly, no activity... But I try to focus always on our love. I'm moving to Costa Rica! It would be great if you could talk a little more on how you cop with being alone and far away from your family :) thank you!
Lisa Eicholtz
So what is ur boyfriend do for a job
Lourdes A
You're living the DREAM!!! I lived for 7 months in Madrid to teach English and moved back home because I got a great job opportunity. However, I can't wait for the day I return to live in Madrid permanently!!!
Luca Iceman
ok... because i want to be a waiter ;-) maybe the chief of waiters one day
Aww so sweet !!! Romantic !! I just came across your channel and I subscribed !! Would love to support each other !!!! xoxox
Mai Vang
Your story needs to be in a movie lol. Great content, just subbed :)
Melissa Marie
I moved from Boston too, but to Lebanon!! It’s completely worth it.
Michael Sylvester
That sure was an amazing story!!\nI live outside of Boston myself.\nMy mother is from Roma Italy now has been in the United States for 53 years she didn’t speak one one of English.Mr. Rogers help her has well her passion to learn America.\nI myself love Italy very much.
Mirae Kim
lol i love your humor!!
Mirko Cecchini
Personally no, I have not found the right guy yet (David Gandy is still busy 😂😂😂) 😊 But in the family it's just happened that just like yours: My cousin met an American girl and now they are married and live in Florida 😊
Naomi Niedenthal
im currently in a LDR UK-SWISS and we've been talking about ending the distance next year. I would be moving to Switzerland. Im excited and scared, since i dont speak the language and would like to be able to get a job there. Any tips??
Binge-watching Sofie 😅👌🏼
Pupo Rossi
Brava Sofie noi uomini italiani siamo troppo affascinanti :D congratulazioni
Rick Chollett
My wife and I are planning our move to Rome in January. We are curious about what a realistic budget looks like. We spent 2 1/2. months un Belize this year and it was a little too primitive.
RoaM 22704
I’m Italian and I’m 13, but I (think/hope) can speak English quite well, I like watching British/Americans YouTubers, I started watching them about 3 years ago so it’s been a while...and you’re really nice, I’m glad we’ve got you in our country :) cheers! (I wrote all this in English because I would like you to see what I do, because you learned Italian and I’m learning English and no, I didn’t use Google Translate so that’s why there might be some errors, I’m sorry AHAHA)
Rocco and Geraldine
Yeaaa, Boston. I currently live in Boston with my bf who is Italian but we are thinking of moving to Florence in a couple years.
Safiya Jamal Mohammed
Are you trans? Wow good for you
Sarah Robyn
I moved to Switzerland from Canada to be with my boyfriend!! I could totally relate to your story!! \u003c3
Sen Chao
Just subbed. Good stuff.
Tannia Chan, Sincerely an EXO-L & AROHA ᄉ_ᄉ
Just watching this types of videos make me excited.
Traw Jr
Happy for you but jealous
Tsvetomira Ivanova
Watching this video on the 2nd week after I moved to Milan for love \u003c3 Thanks a lot! I feel everything you said in the video! :)
Wander Wealthy by Tess Wicks
I've JUST started binging on your videos (I'm moving to Italy for love in 1.5 weeks!) and I met my Italian boyfriend in March in Barcelona, but in 2017... Did you meet at MWC by chance? Or just a coincidence? Hope we can connect sometime! I'll be in Milan but hope to explore Rome soon!
Yanni Leroux
Amore mio I wish you the best in your new adventure
Zenzen Reseller
Thank you! I need to at least know! 11 years on and off. Just 2 states over! Planning a move scared AF
andrea g
Even though you used to have a few videos, I've always been a fan of yours and have wondered where you've been! So glad to see you're back!
such an interesting video loved it! can't wait to see more of your videos!
Hey girl! I'm from Toronto. I met my husband (an Italian 7 years ago) in Canada and then I moved to Italy to be with him. I've been here for over 6 years and we got married in July. :) We live in the North of Italy.
Oh. My. God. This video is like oasis in the desert. I am in this exact same situation, and I fell in love with a guy in Rome. I am clueless on what to do, and listening somebody else’s experience makes it comforting. You mentioned that it took you one year before you could work - why is that so? I’m thinking of moving there, and finding a job when I land.
Ciao Sofie. La mia storia con il mio ragazzo e simile alla tua. Quindi posso capirti e ti stimo tanto. Spero che tutto vada per il meglio e enjoy your time in Rome :) sei una persona coraggiosa e hai fatto la miglior cosa che potessi fare. Un abbraccio
i. ADMIRE. YOUR. SPIRIT. !!!!!! 💛💙💚💜❤🌷🌺🌼🌸🎉👑💑. much - love. !!!!!
Thanks for sharing your story! I'm going to Italy for university, and this video was very inspirational! ♥
madison pierce
my loves moving to the usa from canada
nemoxx96 xx
I am currently in a long distance relationship with my Italian bf. I live near London and he lives in Milan. We've been together 6 months and plan on closing the gap toward the end of next year. It's been very difficult.. Trying to see him regularly and also family issues are putting a strain on our relationship. What is keeping me going is the fact that by the end of it all, I'll relocate and be with him even though my parents disagree. Sometimes life can be very unpredictable, never saw myself being in such a situation in a million years😂. But I love him so much and I see a very long and beautiful future with him. Sometimes it's best to follow your heart and go for it despite the risks because life is too short. I love Milan and I love the Italian way of life. It will be a whole new chapter in my life but most certainly a beautiful one. Love your videos btw 😍
stephanie rossi
you're my hero!!