Learn Italian Ep.12 - How to say "I like" in Italian

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I like how how to say I like in Italian imparare imparare l'... in italian l'inglese like raga say to tom tomtxxytu txxytu weila weilatom weilà

Aiden Johnson
Why wouldn't we just say Mi piacero instead of Mi piacerebbe?
Alejandro Abner
How would you say something that you liked in the past for instance: I liked the concert or they liked the movie.\nBy the way I'm glad I discovered your channel, thanks for making this videos!
Ashley Howard
Thanks so much for this! It's always confused me :)
Aslan Jacint
Mi piacerebbe prendermi una pausa e dormire un po'. :D
Really cool guy, and explains things so easy. Thank you Tom.
Hi to everyone! Who would like to learn/improve his skill in Italian language?\nSkype: Chinotto-kun
Carlos Ruas
Hey Tom! First of all thank you so much for sharing your knowledge for free with us...I randomly ran into one of your videos and got back my will to finally learn italian properly again! I really enjoyed this video and I know that now you're going to the advanced stage, so I would like to suggest you that you would talk about the IRE verbs with +isc such as \
Chiachi Wu
Mi piace il tuo video!!! Grazie mille~ :)))
Chigazola Merchants
Tom. Great job! I understand the verb Mancare (to miss) is similar to piacere. Is that correct? So, to say I miss you, \
Christine Larson
I love your videos. I have never taken a formal course, only used books and videos. I am now studying in Siena and got placed in A2. Your videos really help explain the grammatical concepts. Thank you!
Cinthya Colindres
Mi ha fatto piacere vederti.☺️☺️ Mi piace il video. 😋😋
Daniel Pineda
4 haters :/. You can't pleased everyone. Thanks for your videos! I'm learning Italian right now and they're really, really helpful.
David Nguyen
Mi piace la pizza. How do you say pizza?? :'D Would it be pronounced the same or more like \
Devo ringrazi, sto imparando L'Italiano & era confuso dal verb piacere, perchè vedo non è il coniugato come altri. Grazie per il consiglio utile!
You are beautiful!!
Desi K.
In most European languages, they don't make words like video plural in their own languages because they are foreign. For example in Greek, the word 'stylo' means pen, but when we say that we have multiple of them we don't change the ending because the word is foreign.
Dom Travers
Do you not have to put io before vorrei?
Pronunci il suono \
Fabio Casabianca
I'm native italian, trust me, he's the best italian teacher I have ever seen. My compliments.
Francis Aboagye
Please i 've been watching your video everyday but still i can't speak this italian language, so please can you help me in anyway?
Franken Stein
Hi Tom! Can you do a video on definite articles?
Gustavo A.
You should do podcasts!!
Hamilton Rice
good example on the tense of piacere. How about \
Harp Time 하프타임
I like your approaching way to Italian.
Haupia Nacorda
How can anyone not like this guy (I see you there, thumbs down!).  He's articulate, charismatic and knowledgeable.  Mi piace.
Btw you don`t change the ending of the word video because of the rule: \
Hicham Essalehi
Mi piace la tua lezione d'italiano.Grazie.
you speak italian and english very well... which of them is your mother language ?? I'm learning italian now it's a niiiiiiice language but i find some difficulties of learning ...specialy in the conjugation of verbs ... even that it's so similar to french ....plz complete the lessons !!!
grazie mille! I do not why but this is comlicated topic for me still
James Reale
dude your the man, thank you for this video.. super helpful
Jamie H
Thank you for sharing!! very useful :D\nGrazie tante :)
Jane Castro
Mi piacci you!
Jennifer Hoge
Clan Hoge loves your videos! We r a homeschooling family of 7 and we r learning so much from you. Keep it up!!
Joseph Madawela
great TOM an excellent video
Is there a difference between, e.g.    \
Joyce Ann
Great instructive videos. Thank you very much!
Julitza J
Fantastic channel! saw you on AmeliaLiana channel :)
K. S.
Fantastic job, Tom. You have a gift of explaining things with such an ease. Thanks a lot! Subscribed!
Kamil Abdini
ciao, Gracie . fantastico , da Iran.
Kasey Ainsworth
These videos are amazing and so helpful; the pace is perfect.
Khianna Sprock
Is anyone else binge-watching this Tom's videos like he's a netflix show?
Lee Cox
One more thing about the verb piacere: like all other impersonal verbs, it takes \
Lei Zhang
Leila Khaleeji
Video is considered a foreign word and therefore the foreign word rule is applied here, which is keeping the singular and plural form of the noun the same. Example, i film, i club, i bar, etc
Leonardo Pompeo
Yesterday I've listened your lesson about \
Li Mun
Come on Tom! Video is a latin word? Sure...
Linda Ham
My Italian teacher told me that the plural is the same as the singular with words that are loanwords (like l'email) and other words that don't 'fit' the system (like il tè). Isn't it possible that video is also a loanword and has the same plural because of this?\nGreat videos btw, I just started my Italian course in uni and it's nice to have your videos to look up certain things :)
Great job Tom! 'On my way to making Italian my 3rd language.
Marcelle Y.
Hi Tom. I wonder if you could make a video about Italian hand gestures? I think it would be interesting.\n\nOr maybe you have it already?\n\nThanks.
Maria ramos
Weila I am from Philippines and I am very interested to learn an Italian language...your videos are so helpful and very well detailed.... Grazie mille....
Mariko Thompson
Hi, Thank you for give me good lessons always!  You are doing a great job.\nI' glad that I found your channel and I love seeing then all!  Grazie mille♥
Mario Gaggero
La tua lezioncina mi ha riportato alla mente un'espressione Italiana un po' old fashioned: \
Medical Technical Athlete
why don't they teach this way in school? it's far more effective to learn the details of a language in this manner? in other words, your style of teaching is on a level that makes it easy to understand and remember how to use Italian in both reading and writing.
Merel Ellen
thanks for all your videos! i'm dutch but the half of my family is from Sardegna, Italie. I want to go live there in 2 years and have to learn the language. But i'm still in school and i don't have time for lessons. your youtube lessons are really helpfull because they are short but you learn very much! :)
Where did you learn Italian?
Messias Souza
Good work guy. Very good video. I like it so much!
Michael Malabanan
Good looking..
Mr Quark
You are a very good teacher...you have a natural talent for explaining things clearly. Good job!
Musa Umut Akdeniz Dogan
The very first Italian sentence I've learned was mi piace mangiare :D
N Ballaminut
Does not sound better to say \
Nada Sokkar
Great job,This video is very very useful to me.\nThanks a lot.
Nick Cittadino
My family speaks italian, and I know a lot of italian, and honestly you're helping me understand what I'm saying a lot better when I'm talking to them, your videos are amazing, keep doing what you're doing!
Noah Elkins
Weilà, Tom! La ragione per cui la parola 'video' non cambia al plurale è perché è un prestito linguistico inglese. É la stessa ragione per cui che la parola 'il bar' in italiano non cambia in plurale: 'i bar'. 'il hobby' diventa 'Gli hobby', et cetera. La maggior parte delle parole italiane sono latino-derivati\u200b\u200b, visto che è una delle lingue più simili a Latina. (Non scrivo italiano molto bene, scusi la mia grammatica.)
mi, ti are pronouns... thats why they change with object...
Peter O
Tom, as an English speaker, piacere never really gave me a hard time except to remember to make the verb plural with a plural subject. English can use the verb \
Good Day To You My Friend ^-^
Sabry Chloe
IO TI ADORO!\nPerò attento, se dici ad una persona \
Sara Pagliarani
Ciao Tom! questo è il tuo primo video che commento! Concordo con quelli che poco sotto hanno detto che parli italiano meglio di tanti italiani.. è proprio vero (e lo dico da italiana 100%). Complimenti per i video!
Such a great teacher! Awesome. Thank you!
Sebastián Gonzales
Brah you are the best!!
Sergio Arteaga
reflexive verbs video is private now. how come??
Shahid Hattar
This video not playing bro
Tom Peach
Great video. I have a question though...\n\nInstead of the STATEMENT \
Vivian Benedetto
This is one of the most useful videos I ever saw about italian! Thank you so much!
Do you speak any other languages?
mi piace
Come sempre un grande -\nAs Always the top!!
bernadate ngwenya
i am just starting to learn Italian and i think you explain in a way that its easy and interesting to learn, thank you very much.
parli italiano meglio di tanti italiani
gabry ella
Ciao volevo chiederti se il tuo inglese e uguale a quello parlato a londra? ????grazie mille cmq i tuoi video sono fantastici
Grazie mille per il video. Could you please do an extension of this video and include (1) How do I include a me in response to the piacere verb. (2) How to use the past tense of piacere. If you have already done these videos, could you please include the links. Thanks for the wonderful videos. It's a great help for beginners like me.
This is so confusing but you explained it very well ;) 
lala barras
ciao sono lala e sono una filippina.guardo spesso i tuoi video e mi aiutano molto.ti ringrazio e ti faccio tanti complimenti..comunque per quanto riguarda la parola \
laura mancuso
Per voi dev'essere difficile :) ma lo stai spiegando molto bene
noorbakhsh mahtab
Praticamente in inglese non si dice \
okukpon sebastien
I love this video thanks friend.
pan thi
excellent I try to learn Italy language.......................Love this from Phuket Thailand
rattakorn klamsukh
Hi! I just started to learn Italian and I think you're doing a good job teaching it. Thank you for your videos.\nAnyway, I'm just wondering how to say that I like something of your possession in Italian? For example; I like your video!!
rising surfer
so \
sandy kelly
Excellent video Tom, keep up the good work! Sandy (Ireland )
shaikha M
Anyone thinks he sounds like Ryan Reynolds!!
soffy Kok
that's so complicated 😭
sojoud jebreel
this was so professional thanks
Excellent as all your videos.   Explanation about the plural of \
Mi piacciono ti video...sonno molto interressante. 
yeraldin mostacero