Paul Simon - The Boxer (from The Concert in Hyde Park)

Music video by Paul Simon performing The Boxer (from The Concert in Hyde Park). (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment

Legacy Recordings Paul Simon with Jerry Douglas Pop The Boxer

Betty Calderley
Paul Simon... \nMusical wizard... Still delivers.. \nThis guy is a genius... \nGodbless you Paul 💖 xx 😃
Cintia R S
Danny L
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
Darren Reilly
It's better with art 👍🏻
Dave Brewer
Paul Simon is a True National Treasure . One of America's Greatest Song Writers & Poets . And my Musical Life would not be complete were it Not for Simon & Garfunkel .
Dave Carroll
Where's Garfunkel and why's Paul almost crying?
Gary Cunliffe
Amazing and the slide guitar guy rocks too
Graeme Knowles
If you wanna write a great song. Here is the template. Friggin awesomeness.😉
Gustavo Barbosa
hermoso...que más?
Henri Dudu
proche des larmes
Jazz Bourne
This video clip made me buy the whole concert on BluRay & CD and iTunes Film. Worth the money, excellent concert. Joy to watch and listen over and over again.
Jiří Březina
I don't like album's version of this song so much. But live versions are magnificent, especially that with Artie at Central Park. God bless Paul Simon.
Marco Michelis
Giant of music and words. Bravo!!!
Phantastic. No more words needed.
Paulo oliveira
Com certeza na Musica, assim deveria ser na vida, todos juntos é muito melhor, sozinho só na tristeza e no sofrimento, devemos dar o nosso melhor juntos pois sozinha não somos nada, apenas uma pedra perdida no tempo e sem nenhuma importância para a o mundo, no qual damos sentido e significado com nossa vida neste mundo.ANO 2018
I realize that I'm getting old...Love this guy.
mauro gomes
muito bom top de mas
Peace and love!! from Australia!!
mike collins
Brilliant artist, Paul Simon is on the Mount Rushmore of American songwriters.
shi chiu Ho
I like this song so much
lot of nostalgia, Tks for sharing !
oh! old my friends.